Time To See A Lawyer

Time To See A Lawyer

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– What’s up guys? Welcome to the vlog. Today is preparation day. We are preparing for things that are out of our control today. – Yeah. – One being storms, the other being death. – Oh, my. – It’s gonna happen. There are things in life you
do not have control over. – It’s true. – Hurricanes and dying. Okay, we’ll let you know more what we’re talking about in a minute. Headed to a meeting. We’re headed in to see a lawyer in that fancy building, right there. Hope they’re not too expensive because they’re in a fancy building. I thought you’d give me crap
about wearing a T-shirt. – (laughs) I’m used to it. – But you didn’t. – I’m used to it. – Well, all I was saying
like I’m not the lawyer. They’re the ones that
have to wear the tie. This is what I wear to work. It’s a nice shirt though. It’s got Abbie’s art on the
pocket, isn’t that cool? So, this is a, an estate attorney. It’s who we talk to about
getting a trust for Abigail, planning for her future, that kinda thing. We’ll let you know how it goes. Okay, at least he’s not on the 25th. If he was on the 25th, he’d
be a real expensive lawyer. Great meeting, took a long time. Two and half hours later. – Yeah.
– Apparently, I talk a lot. – You do.
– I do. – It’s okay. – You know, but I want that person that is going to be helping us for many, many, many, many years to come and setting up the things
that are going to be the future of our children
and our children’s children to have a firm grasp on who
we are and what our wants are. – Right.
– Right. Essentially, for those kind of services, to get to where you’re set up with a trust with you know money going to
Abigail, money going to Isaiah, who is in charge of Abbie’s affairs for setting up a corporate
trustee, all those things, you’re looking at anywhere
from $1,500 to $3,000. – Right. – It’s like a one time fee you know, to get all that set up. There are other things involved. So, what’s it called when she turns 18? – Guardianship.
– Guardianship. I was thinking power of attorney. For guardianship, power of attorney is part
of that $1,500 to $3,000 but that’s power of
attorney over our affairs if something were to happen to us. So for guardianship for Abigail, it can be a little bit cheaper but you’re pretty much looking
at about $1,500 you know, once your kid gets to be 18 years old. That’s so that you can make
choices on their behalf. It’s a requirement, you have to do that. If you wanna continue to
make decisions for you child for the care that they need if they’re not capable
of doing it themselves– – Jeez.
– Holy cow. You’re looking at 1500 bucks. This is not hurricane
stuff. This is just rain. – Look at the sidewalk, it’s not even – Yeah, the sidewalk’s under water. So today is Friday. The hurricane is supposed
to be here Monday afternoon. Maybe you don’t know how hurricanes work. This has nothing to do with the hurricane, this is just rain, we just had a storm. We won’t see any effects of the hurricane until just a little while
before it gets here really. You get a little bit of a storm surge, little bit of weather ahead of time, but. – So, one of the most important things that I took away from the meeting is that when you do look
for these different lawyers, don’t pick someone that
has 15 different things they say they specialize in or. – Right, a divorce attorney, you know. – Trusts.
– They’ve Trusts and wills and like that’s not the
type of lawyer you want. – Right, you want someone,
especially for this topic, I mean, this is important
if it’s your child and you’re trying to
set up for their future for when you’re not here, you need to have someone and the guy that we talked
to, that’s all he does. – Yeah. – So you want someone,
it’s so important guys, because there are so many
rules that have to be followed with a trust and like a trustee so we’re actually gonna go
with a trustee corporation, right, corporation.
– Yes, yeah. – To make sure that
we’re following the rules because there are gonna
be government programs that your child
– And laws and – can qualify for.
– everything else. – Yeah. – Otherwise, Isaiah would have
to basically become a lawyer to learn all of the laws and requirements in order to become a trustee later on to manage Abigail’s money, you know and everything that she needs, so. You know, we will keep you guys updated throughout all of it just because, so many of you, I think, could benefit from this information and know what’s to come
in the years ahead of you as your child gets older and as you get to this point in life. – And I don’t think it’s ever too early to start at least like
you know researching and that kinda stuff. You don’t have to set it up right now, if you’re not able to, but at least get the information so that when you are able to and ready, then you can set it up. – Yep. So another important thing to note was about the corporate trustee that Priscilla talked about, – Yeah. – And the important thing about the reason for that is
that Isaiah can focus, later on when we’re gone, and he’s kind of managing his sister’s, her care and that kinda thing you know, that way the whole load isn’t on him. But the corporate trustee can make the, better. They can make the legal
decisions, stuff like that. He can lean on them for that and he can focus on being a brother. – Right – And that’s super important to us. – Yeah – Ab, it’s Friday. Three-day weekend. Mom and I have to go get stuff to get ready for the hurricane. OK?
– Yeah – Cool? Hey, Cool? Thumb, thumb a piece. – This one. – Okay, we’ll see you in a little bit. Bye and we’ll watch your
brother’s football game too. (clapping) (slight laugh) Do we have our list? – We do. – So they have a list for
hurricane and preparation, hurricane lists online readily available. I think they have them for
like most disaster type – Yeah things, stuff you might
need, ooh…we’re foggy. And it’s not like an end all, be all list and like hey you’ve to get
all this stuff right now. Because most of the stuff you have. – Yeah – a lots of people have especially – Just kind of getting
it like in a central area – Right
– is the biggest thing, so you are not like, oh the power went out
where are our flash lights? I know we had flashlights. – Yeah, so we’re gonna spend a
little bit of time doing that probably this evening, tomorrow morning. I’m gathering some things as well but there are some things that we do need, that we don’t have. – Yeah (various sounds in a large store) – They’re limiting us on waters. – That’s good though. – Yeah, so I guess that way
nobody starts a water business. Southern problems, they’re
almost out of sweet tea. Did you read the comments from video that went up yesterday? – No. – So a lot of people, a lot of people recommended for Abbie’s backpack routine takin it to the island first, having her unload it there and then take the backpack back to
the mudroom and hang it up. So that’s something that
we actually thought about. But with everything being so different like you also have to remember in that again that’s where you
get caught up in like that well that’s what she did before. – Right – But, she never ate at the other island. – Right – It served a whole
another purpose for that it was just a backpack
landing zone for Abbie. Whereas this is where
she eats her breakfast, a lot of times she eats
dinner when she has rest bit. It’s a whole another purpose. – Yes – But then also the resistance
of taking the backpack to the laundry room, back to the mud room. – Right, she is not gonna
wanna go back down there. – Right, because she’s now
at the island where she eats. If she didn’t eat there, that
would be, might be different. – Yep – But I think that we will get some pushback on that as well. So we’re just gonna, you
know, the mudroom has the flat surface for her to put her bag on – Right – So then we’re gonna stick with that. – Yeah – Seems like its a logical step by step, come in the door, unload her bag, go to the kitchen you know, it’s all in line too
instead of back tracking. I’m afraid the backtracking
will cause too much, too much frustration on her part. – You’re extreme – What? – You just like whipped out your camera and started blogging
– Well – All these people are staring – So I actually I watched
this guy on YouTube and he talks about intentionally making
yourself uncomfortable. It’s good practice, you know? – Well, he wouldn’t work for me – People, people are far too
comfortable in their lives you know, make yourself uncomfortable in certain situations. – Or your spouse. – Or your spouse. Hey, you wanna run us
through what we got here? – Yep – Starting at the front,
you better catch up – Cookies – Oreos, must have – Chips, bread, Power Aid zero, some soup. These sauces are for Abbie’s lunches Protein bars because Abbie
(mumbles) loves these – Those Nature Valley ones? – Yeah, we’re just really, I’m trying to make it
where Abbie has the things that she needs that are
gonna make her comfortable. If she’s not stressed out, then it’s gonna be (noise
drowns out speaker) for us. – We’re bringing in the champ! – Yeah – The Cinnamon Toast Crunch. So if you don’t experience hurricanes you may not know this, but it’s common to have hurricane food, junk food basically comfort food stuff you just you know it’s
like there’s nothing to do we got no electricity,
let’s eat dry cereal. So, its common. – I don’t think you need to take those out – Alright – And we’re not getting
any cold items right now because we’re actually not going back home so I’m just gonna have them (noise drowns out speaker) delivered. – Right (bag rustling noises) – Oh this sucks! – Yeah – Doesn’t the weather know
it’s supposed to cooperate until the hurricane comes, so we can get everything
ready and not get wet, Huh! Can you believe it? – Beat it to every person that
returns a cart in the rain. (slight laugh) It’s just like a good mark
of humanity, I feel like. Looks like all of South Florida is on I-95 and Jacksonville right now. – Yeah – They’re all headed north. Wow.
– That’s crazy – That’s a lot of people
– Well, Becca said that it was a two hour drive if she didn’t take another route when she got Abbie from school – To bring Abbie from school?
– Yeah – Wow
– Look at this – It is gridlocked.
– Yeah – And that was
– That was– – An hour and half ago
– That was at three o’clock – Two hours ago when Becca came that way – Yeah – So it’s still like this. (loud drum beats) – It’s half time
– It is – And we’re winning
– winning– – That doesn’t happen often. How many games did we win? – Like maybe two? – Two, sometimes three in a good season. – Yeah – It’s pretty awesome
– I’m super excited. – 7 and 0
– Yes – I’m also excited cause it
gave me lots of good footage for my football video – Yeah, they are playing really well today – Oh they are like you know, they’re jumping and they’re in the air and they’re doing you know crazy tackles because they’re hungry.
– You are gonna have to pick a really good song for this. – Oh I got the song. (child screams) I actually used a not
so good song last time just cause the song I wanted to use like I was like I’m saving
that for a good game. – (noise drowns out speaker)
has to come to every game cause he would be the good luck charm. – I thought you had said–
– Yeah, that’s why – I thought you had said
– they are winning Wayne, cause you are here.
– don’t leave it before– – (loud laughter) – They won! – I know
– Did you get the one where – it was such a good game.
– they ran in for the touchdown? – I got every play. – Yup
– Oh good! – Yep, I usually get about
a 120 different shots per game, every single play. – That was so good.
– Aren’t you glad you videoed it? – I am, yeah. Some good hits
– Yep and good plays, it was a fun time. – They were playing good! – Yeah – (mumbles) been here
– Good Job! – Dad’s been a good luck charm – Pretty much – Oh my gosh, you look gross – (noise drowns out speaker) a nasty field – You look extra gross – It was raining a lot – He wants to get a picture with you. – Come on Wayne – I wanna get in – Ready? Hold on, let me get one without the light OK, look at me, right here Wayne. OK, I gotta have my picture. – Yeah, let me get one on cell. That’s pretty. Oh it’s amazing (noise drowns out speaker) (footstep sounds) What’s up Hello Friends – Hi (crying sounds) – (cross talk drowns user) that’s rude. – Hey, we’re just your parents Gosh, good they won. (cross talking) – Good game – Thank you – I got a little emotional tonight down on the field while I was videoing. Just watching them, you know. – Yup – Slash last year, like
we’re counting down the football games that
you’ll ever play in your life. – Daddy, that’s super sad. – It is sad. – It’s not too late, you
can still play at upstate – Oh my god – Babe
– I’ll play fantasy if– – He’s half the size of the players at Appalachian State. – It’s okay – It’s not okay (chuckles) – They’ll like him. – Sweetheart – They’ll love his personality
– Yeah, as a punching dummy – They’ll love your personality. – Babe, Rudy was a movie actually it’s based on a true story but Abbie went to bed, I didn’t
vlog anymore with her cause she, she’s in a mood. She was doing her crying thing, every once in a while if you haven’t, I don’t know if we
talked about this before I know that we’ve kinda
showed part of it but – Like when we are on a plane – Yeah, when we are on the plane, yeah. She gets into this crying thing and she’s constant you know. And I think she is exhausted,
it’s the biggest thing. – Yeah – She gets super tired
and exhausted and she just you know how your body
feels when you’re exhausted so she cries about it
and it’s heart breaking. So I went up and laid down
with her and got her to got her go to sleep. She is out now though, hopefully she sleeps very well tonight. Maybe, just maybe we can sleep
in little bit in the morning? – I hope so. – That would be awesome. So the hurricane’s moved to like Wednesday before it gets here. – Yeah – It was going to be
Monday, now it’s slowed down which is not good cause
it’s picking up power as we’re watching on the news right now. Category four – And it shifted – And it shifted. So category four, it’s
gonna as of right now it’s gonna hit the coast
and go straight up the coast be category two by the time it gets here and so like 100 mile
an hour sustained winds so that’s pretty much like
Mathew basically, right? – Yeah – So we had with Matthew. Matthew was pretty rough,
it tore a bunch of stuff up, we lost power for several
days but we’ll be good. We’re ready, I gotta do a few more things but we got till Wednesday so. – Hey, somebody messaged me and asked for a video about how ya’ll prepare for how we prepare for hurricanes
everything with Abbie. Did you make one of that? – Yeah, we did actually talk about preparing for hurricanes with Abbie. – OK – In the past but it’s, it’s really Abigail is super comfy as long as she has a couch and some music. – Yeah – She’s relatively happy for
long periods of time, you know. – And snacks, all the snacks. – Snacks, yeah and I
think that’s a fair point like you know I’m sure there
are a lot of people like well, what do you do prepare Abbie? Storms don’t bother her, they don’t she doesn’t really get
scared or anything like that. Thunder and lightning doesn’t bother her. – She doesn’t really have
any fears that I know of. – (laughs lightly)
– Ever. – She’s a (cross talk drowns
speaker) fears nothing. So yeah, we just you know make sure that she has all the same fun stuff that we do, all the junk
food and entertainment. That’s it, that’s how we prep her. Hey, you know what’s amazing though? – What? – We don’t need her vest
for her pajamas anymore. – Yep. – So if the power does go
out and we don’t have AC, cause even with the
generator we won’t have AC, she can sleep much more comfortably. – Yep, that’s so true
– She won’t be hot. Do you guys like our sectional? I haven’t shown off our sectional. Priscilla found this, on Amazon? – Yep.
– Right? So this leg back here in the back wouldn’t attach to the couch right so I ended up just, I ended
up using just wood screws and screwing it to the couch, no big deal. But Priscilla called the company
and said it was messed up. Actually, two of the legs were. And what did they give
you off on this couch. – 300 and – They refunded you like 360 bucks right? – Yeah – That’s crazy. Oh and in the dining room table it has a tiny, tiny,
tiny little chip on it I mean smaller than my pinky nail and I called the company and said Hey you know I just wanna let you know that it has this chip
in it where the hinge is it’s because the way
the hinge was installed fit a leaf in the middle and they gave me like 260 bucks off of that. It’s crazy. Call people you know. We’re just play, we’re like hey you know this is kind of a bummer
and they gave us money off. – Yeah – Now, now Maverick,
Maverick’s another story. He does not like thunder. – Yes, he will be a hot mess. – He will be under your,
mom’s legs the whole the whole storm. – Yeah – It’s 1.30 in the morning
and I just realized that I forgot to close out the vlog. My bad, I’m working
right now, I’m editing. So we got a lot of
questions about Disney World cause we live near Disney World. And people always ask me
if Abbie’s has ever been. Yes, she has. We used to
be season ticket holders. Coincidentally, in our
memories in our Facebook, Disney came up when the
kids were much much littler. So that’s fun. I love Facebook Memories, it’s
the best thing in the world. Okay, that’s all, just a little you know, see you tomorrow, bye. (music playing) (people talking and yelling)

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    Hi guys, just an FYI, our little Missy is a 20lb bundle of love that we rescued 10 years ago. She gets horrible storm terrors whenever it's storming or fireworks. Our Vet prescribed her Alprazolam (Xanax)and PetSmart has a product called Pet Calm. About an hour before we know we're going to have a storm or fireworks we give her the proper dosages and she seems to be doing so much better with them now. When you said Maverick would be under Momma's feet I thought I'd share with you what we do with Missy. Stay safe and I love your videos!

  • Kathythat is horable thing to say Lunau Post author

    Mydauther has a mild autism , she can talk , they cut the programs , in ottawa

  • E Rose Post author

    As a fellow football mom, I LOVE Priscilla’s shirt!!

  • Anastacia Rodriguez Post author

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  • Anne N Post author

    Please keep posting updates on all the legal stuff. My daughter is 15 and we are working on all of that now. She is somewhat verbal but has some aggression issues. Thank you for doing what y’all do!!!!

  • Jillian Brown Post author

    Thank you for briefly discussing the importance of Guardianship. I am a social worker for folks with DD/ID and it amazes me how many people are in their 40s-50s who have very limited ability, if any, to make decisions for their personal well-being and have no guardian. Often it's an 70-80 year old parent who has just been the primary decision maker and somehow, they often don't understand the importance of getting that kind of stuff in place.

  • Angela Blackmore Post author

    Be safe

  • Megan Tedor Post author

    Heyyy I got a question for you guys, what kind of generator do you guys use? And do you guys have an emergency supply kit for hurricane use? What's your game plan with the new house

  • jani j Post author

    One thing great to have is one of those crank flashlights so you dont use up your batteries. You are also able to get on news channels and listen to see how the weather conditons are. We foud our crank flash light at an electronics store. The more you crank the brighter the light. I hope this helps…

  • Mary Royce Post author

    For maverick to help with the storm if yall get dog CBd oil it will help with his anxiety with the storm

  • Ace 123 Post author

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    "that's ok, they'll like him" lolll gotta love cilla

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    I have Legal Guardianship, it was a great decision. 100% agree and so true about choosing of a proper lawyer.

  • Paige Ailbe Family Post author

    Very random but I'm from Southern Australia and am surprised to see how much plastic is used in the supermarkets there. From packaging to carry bags.
    We don't even get free plastic bags to carry groceries anymore, instead we have a choice of paying for a recycled plastic bag or bring your own reusable bags. My child's school doesn't even allow any packaged food at all, no zip lock bags, no plastic cling wrap, everything needs to be packed in reusable containers. Problem is most food like Nature valley bars come wrapped individually so you end up buying them still and just unwrapping them at home, it completely defeats the purpose.
    I know it's better for the environment to limit plastics and we all need to start really watching what single use plastics we use but part of me is a little jealous about how much more convenient it all looks and the huge range of food you get 😁❤✌

  • Christina Soberon-Llort Post author

    Completely agree with the advice that you should seek an attorney who exclusively does trusts/guardianship/estate law. There's a lot of people who "dabble" in it and with special needs trusts, etc., there's a lot of nuance in the law that you don't want someone who isn't a specialist to miss.

  • Ylva Bjarnson Post author

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  • Elizabeth Jenson Post author

    We are working with an estate lawyer as well for our kids and have trusts set up for both kiddos but of course needed more things in place for our son who is on the spectrum. We really like our lawyer.

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  • Phyllis Montoroula Post author

    Just my my family when power gos out junk food city nothing wrong with that

  • Need Nature Now Post author

    Having an attorney who specializes in special needs trusts would be ideal, but I’m not aware of any attorneys in my state who specialize in just special needs. One attorney in the next county took it upon himself to help with a SN trust about ten years ago… most people in our area use him… So he is more educated on the topic than other attorneys in our area.

  • Akkhon369 Post author

    I was just wondering if you have ever tried the thunder vest for Maverick, I know I've had 2 dogs that thunderstorms really freaked them out well I can't afford the thunder vest but we have a body collar that just hugs them and our 1st dog it helped him but we found a stray that we took in and he's older and it doesn't help him so you might want to look into getting a thunder vest or going the cheaper way and get a body collar but if I'm not mistaken the vest just vecro's on where the body collar slips over the head

  • Stefania Angelina Post author

    Catching up on old vlogs, my process….
    1 hit play
    2 smash the like
    3 comment to get your engagement up
    4 watch and laugh and smile

    L♥️VE YALL❣️

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    I love these people. So amazing

  • Melinda Nash Post author

    My money will go into a "special needs" trust. That will protect the SSI, Medi-Cal and possible future food stamps. My daughter will obtain guardianship for her autistic brother when the time comes.

  • Jennifer Ventura Post author

    Have you looked up able accounts? They help you save money for medical expenses for children with disabilities. They are governed by different tax rules that help avoid having to do spend downs and disqualifications due to income limits.

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