Thought Vibration – The Law of Attraction in the Thought World – Thought Waves & Mind Building

Thought Vibration – The Law of Attraction in the Thought World – Thought Waves & Mind Building

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the law of attraction in the thought world thought vibration thought vibration or the law of attraction in the thought world by William Walker atkinson recording by algae park thought vibration or the law of attraction in the thought world part one chapters 12 for chapter one the law of attraction in the thought world the universe is governed by law one great nor its manifestations and multiforme but viewed from the ultimate there is but one law we are familiar with some of its manifestations that are almost totally ignorant of certain others still we are learning a little more every day the veil is being gradually lifted we speak learnedly of the law of gravitation but ignore that equally wonderful manifestation the law of attraction in the thought world we have Amelia with that wonderful manifestation of law which draws and holds together the atoms of which matter is composed we recognize the power of the law that attracts bodies to the earth that holds the circling world in their places but we close our eyes to the mighty law the drawers to us the things we desire or the “law of attraction” in the thought world thought vibration fear that makes or Mars our lives when we come to see that thought is a force a manifestation of energy having a magnet like power of attraction we will begin to understand the why and wherefore many things that have here 24 seemed darkness there is no study that will so will repay the student for his time and trouble as the study and the workings of this mighty law of the world of thought the law of attraction when we think which in doubt vibrations of the fine material substance which are as real as the vibrations manifesting light heat electricity magnetism that these vibrations are not evident with our five senses is no proof that they do not exist a powerful magnet will send out vibrations and exert a force sufficient to attract to itself a piece of steel weigh a hundred pounds but we can neither see taste smell here nor filled the body force these thought vibrations likewise cannot be seen tasted smelled heard or felt in the ordinary way although it is true there are on record cases of persons securely sensitive decide impressions will perceive powerful thought waves and very many of us can testify that we have distinctly felt the thought vibrations of others both whilst in the presence of the sender and at a distance to lengthy and its kindred phenomena and not idle dreams light and heat and manifested by vibrations of a file our intensity of those of thought for the difference is solely in the rate of vibration the annals of sides throw an interesting the law of attraction in the thought world thought vibration life on this question professor Elisha gray and eminent scientist says in his little book the miracles of nature there’s much food for speculation in the thought that there exists sound waves that no human ear can hear and color ways of life that no I can see the long dark soundless space between 40,000 and 400,000 billion vibrations per second and the infinity of grains beyond 700,000 billion vibrations per second we’re like seasons in the universe of motion makes it possible to indulge in speculation m williams in his work entitled short chapters in science says there is no gradation between the most revered undulations or tremblings that produce a sensation of sound and the slowest of those which give rise to our sensations of gentlest war there’s a huge gap between wide enough to include another world of motion all line between our world of sound and our world of heat and light there’s no good reason whatever supposing that matter is incapable of such intermediate activity or that such activity may not give rise to meet immediate sensation provided their organs for taking out and since affiant removals eyesight the about my authority merely to give you food for thought not to attempt to demonstrate to you the fact that thought vibrations exist the last name effect has been fully established to the satisfaction of numerous investigators of the subject and a little reflection to show you that it coincides with your own experiences we often he repeated the well-known mental side statement thoughts are things we say these words over without consciously realizing just what is the meaning of the statement if we fully comprehended the truth of the statement of the natural consequences of the truth back of it we should understand many things that have appeared dark to us and we’ll be able to use the wonderful power thought force just as we use any other manifestation of energy as I’ve said when we think we set into motion vibrations a very high degree but just as real as the vibrations of light heat Sound electricity and when we understand the laws governing the production and the law of attraction in the thought world thought vibration transmission of these vibrations we will be able to use them in our daily life just as we do the better known forms of energy that we cannot see here weigh or measure these vibrations is no proof that they do not exist there exists waves of sound which no human ear can hear although some of these are undoubtedly registered by the ear of some of the insects and other court by delicate scientific instruments invented by man yet there is a great gap between the sounds of registered by the most delicate instrument and the limit which man’s mind reasoning by analogy knows to be the boundary line between sound waves and some other forms of vibration and there are light waves which the iron man does not register some of which may be detected by more delicate instruments and many more so fine that the instrument has not yet been invented which will detect them with our improvements are being made every year and the unexplored field gradually listen as new instruments are invented new vibrations are registered by them and yet the vibrations were just as real before the invention of the instrument as after ward supposing that we had no instruments to register magnetism one might be justified in denying the existence of that mighty force because it could not be tasted filled smell heard seen Wade or measured and yet the mighty magnet can still send out ways of force sufficient to draw to it pieces of steel weighing hundreds of pounds each former vibration requires its own form of instrument for registration at present the human brain seems to be the only instrument capable of registering thought ways although our culture’s say that in this century scientists one event apparatus sufficiently delicate to catch and register such impressions and from present indications it looks as if the invention named might be expected at any time that amount exists and undoubtedly will be soon supply but to those who the law of attraction in the thought world thought vibration have experimented along the lines of practical deliver theme no further proof is required then the results of their own experiments where cindy had thoughts of greater or less intensity all the time and we are reaping the results of such thoughts not only do our thought waves influence ourselves and others but they have a drawing power their track to us the thoughts and others things circumstances people luck in accord with the character of the thought of emotion in their minds thoughts of love will attract to us the love of Alan circumstances and surroundings in accord with the thought people who are of like thought thoughts of anger hate Envy malice and a jealousy will draw us the foul brood of kindred thoughts emanating from the minds of others circumstances in which will be called upon benefits those vile thoughts and will receive them in turn from others people will manifest in harmony and so on a strong thought or thought long-continued will make us the center of attraction for the corresponding thought ways of others like attracts like in the thought world is she so so shall you reap birds of a feather flock together in the thought world curses like chickens come home to roost and bring their friends with them the man or woman who was filled with love sees love on all sides and attracts the love of Alan’s the man with hate in his heart it’s all the hate instead the man who thinks tight three runs up against all the fight he wants before he gets through and so it goes each gets what he calls for over the wireless telegraphy of the mine the man who rises in the morning feeling grumpy usually manages to have the whole family in the same mood before the breakfast is over the nagging woman generally signs enough to satisfy her nagging propensity during the day this matter of thought attraction is a serious one when you stop to think of it you’ll see that a man really makes his own surroundings although he blames others for it i have known people who understood this law to hold a positive com thought and be absolutely unaffected by the in harmony surrounding the law of attraction in the thought world thought vibration they’re like the vessel from which the oil has been poured on the troubled waters they rested safely and calmly while the tempest raged around them one is not the mercy of the fitful storms of thought after he has learned the workings of the law we passed through the edge of physical force onto the edge of intellectual supremacy and are now entering new and almost unknown field that of psychic power this field of energy has its established laws as well as have the others and we should acquaint ourselves with them or we will be crowded to the wall as are the ignorant on the plains of effort I will endeavor to make plain to you the great underlying principles of this new field of energy which is opening up before us that you may be able to make use of this great power and apply legitimate and worthy purposes just as many using steam electricity and other forms of energy today chapter 2 thought waves and their precious of reproduction like a stone thrown into the water thought produces ripples and waves which spread out over the great ocean of thought there is this difference however the waves on the water with only on a level plane in all directions whereas thought waves moving in all directions from a common center just as do the rays from the Sun just as we here on earth surrounded by a great sea of air so are we surrounded by great sea of nine thought waves move through this vast mental ether extending however it all directions as I’ve explained becoming somewhat lessened in intensity according to the distance traversed because of the friction occasion by the the law of attraction in the thought world thought vibration waves coming in contact with the great body of mind surrounding us on all sides these thought waves have other qualities different from the waves on the water they have the property of reposition themselves in this respect that resembles sound waves rather than waves upon the water just as a note of the violin will cause the thin glass vibrate and seemed so will a strong sort tend to awaken similar vibrations in mines attuned to receive it many of the stray thoughts which come to us about reflections or answering vibrations to some strong thought sent out by another but unless our minds are attuned to receive it the thought will not like the effectives if you’re thinking high and a great thoughts their minds acquire certain keynote corresponding to the character of the thoughts we have been thinking and this key night once established we will be able to catch the vibrations of other minds key to the same thought on the other hand let’s get into the habit of thinking thoughts of an opposite character and will be soon be echoing the low-order of thought emanating from the minds of the thousands thinking along the same lines we are largely what we have thought ourselves into be the balance being represented by the character of the suggestions and thoughts of others which have reached this either directly by variable suggestions or telepathically by means of such thought ways our general mental attitude however determines the character of the thought waves received from others as well as the thoughts emanating from ourselves we receive only such thoughts as are in harmony with the general mental attitude held by ourselves the thoughts not in how many affecting us varied at all as they awaken no response in US the man who believes thoroughly in himself and maintains a positive strong mental attitude of confidence and determination is not likely to be affected by the adverse negative thoughts of discouragement and failure emanating from the minds of other persons in whom these last qualities predominate at the same time these negative thoughts as they reach one whose mental attitude he’s pitched on a low-key deep in his negative state and the law of attraction in the thought world thought vibration add fuel to the fire was consuming his strength or if you prefer this figure serve to further smother the fire of his energy and activity we attract to ourselves the thoughts of others of the same order of thought the man who think success will be able to get into tune with the minds of others thinking likewise they will help him and he them the man who allows his mind to dwell constantly upon thoughts of failure prove himself into close touch with the mines and other failure people and each will tend to pull the other down still more the man who thinks that all is evil is apt to see much evil and when we brought into contact with others who will seem to prove his theory the man who looks for good in everything and everybody will be likely to attract himself the things and people corresponding to his thought we generally see that for which we look you’ll be able to carry this idea more clearly if you will think of the Marconi Wireless instruments which we see the vibrations only from ascending instrument which has been attuned to the same key while other telegrams are passing through the air in near vicinity without affecting the instrument the same law replies to the operations of thought we receive only that which corresponds to a mental attunement if we’ve been discouraged we may rest assured that we have dropped into a negative ki have been affected not only by our own thoughts but have also received the Edit pressing thoughts of similar character which are constantly being sent out from the minds of other unfortunates who have not yet learned the law of attraction in the thought world and if we occasionally rise to the heights of enthusiasm and energy how quickly we feel the inflow of the courageous daring energetic positive thoughts being sent out by the live men and women of the world we recognize this without much trouble when we come into personal contact with people feel the vibrations depressing or invigorating as the case may be for the same law operates when we are not in their presence or they’re less strongly the mind has many degrees of pitch ranging from the highest positive note to the lowest negative note with many notes in between varying in pitch according to their respective distance from the positive or negative extreme when you emerge operating along positive lines you feel strong . bright cheerful happy confident and courageous and are enabled to do your work well carry out your intentions and progress on your road to success isn’t that strong positive thought which affect others and causes them to cooperate with you or follow your lead according to their own mental keynote when you are playing on the extreme negative into the middle keyboard you feel depressed week passive dowel fearful cowardly and you find yourself unable to make progress or to succeed and your effect upon others is the law of attraction in the thought world thought vibration practically nil you are led by rather than leading others and I used as a human doormat or football by more positive persons in some persons the positive elements seems to predominate and in others the negative quality seems to be more in evidence there are of course widely varying degrees of positiveness and negativeness and be maybe negative to a while positive to see when two people first meet there’s generally a silent middle conflict in which their respective nines test the quality of positiveness and fix their elder position awards each other this process may be unconscious in many cases but it occurs nevertheless the adjustment is often automatic but occasionally the struggle is so sharp the opponent’s being so well-matched that the matter forces itself into the consciousness of the two people sometimes both parties and sexual life in their degrees of positiveness they fail to come to terms meant to me they never really are able to get along with each other and they are they mutually repelled and separate or I’ll stay together need constant Broyles and wrangling we are positive or negative to everyone with whom we have relation we very positive to our children our employees and dependents but we are at the same time negative two others to whom we occupy inferior positions for whom we have allowed to assert themselves over us of course something may occur and we will suddenly become more positive than the man or woman to whom we have here too for me- we frequently see cases of this kind and as the knowledge of these mental laws becomes more general we will see many more instances of persons are certain themselves and making use of their newfound power but remember he possessed the power to raise the keynote of your mind to a positive pitch by an effort of the will and of course it is equally true you may lay yourself to drop into a low- note by carelessness or a week we’ll there are more people on the negative plane of thought and on the positive plane and consequently there are more negative thought vibration in operation in a mental atmosphere but happily for us this is a counterbalance by the fact that a positive thought is infinitely more powerful than a negative one and if by force of will we raise ourselves to a higher mental key we can shut out depressing thoughts and may take up the vibrations corresponding the law of attraction in the thought world thought vibration with her change mental attitude this is one of the secrets of the affirmations and other suggestions used by the several schools of mental science and other new thought cults there’s no particular mirror information of themselves they serve a two-fold purpose one they tend to establish new mental attitudes within us and act wonderfully in the direction of character building the science of making ourselves over to attend to raise the middle keynote so that we may get the benefit of the positive thought ways of others on the same plane of thought whether or not we believe in them we are constantly making FM nations the man who asserts that he can i will do a thing and asserts that earnestly develops in itself the qualities conducive to the world doing of that thing and at the same time places his mind in the proper key to receive all thought waves likely to help him in the doing if on the other hand one says and feels that he is going to fail he’ll choke and smother the thoughts coming from his own subconscious mentality which are intended to help him and at the same time or place himself in tune with the failure thought of the world and there’s plenty of athletic kind of thought around i can tell you do not allow yourself to be affected by the address and negative thoughts of those around you rise to the upper chambers of your mental drilling and kill yourself up to a strong pitch away about the vibrations of the lower planes of thought then you’ll not only be immune to the negative vibrations but we’ll be in touch with a great body and strong positive thought coming from those of your own plane and development my aim will be to direct and train you in the proper use of thought and will so that you may have yourself well in hand and maybe able to strike the positive ki at any moment the law of attraction in the thought world thought vibration you may feel it necessary it is not necessary to strike the extreme note on all occasion the better plan is to keep yourself in a comfortable key without much strain and have the means that command whereby you can raise the picture at once when occasion demands by this knowledge will not be the mystery of the old automatic action of the mine but may have it well under your own control development of the will is very much like the development of a muscle better practice and gradual improvement at first it is apt to be tiresome but each trial one gets stronger until the new strength becomes real and permanent many of us have made ourselves positive and the sudden calls or emergencies we are in a habit of bracing up on occasion demands that I intelligent practice you’ll be so much strengthened your habitual state will be equal to your bracing upstage now and then when you feel it necessary to apply the spur you’ll be able to reach a stage not dreamed of present do not understand me is advocating a high-tension continuously this is not at all desirable not only because it is up to be too much of a strain upon you but also because you’ll find it desirable to relieve the tension of time and become receptive that you may absorb impressions it is well to be able to relax and assume a certain degree of receptiveness knowing that you’re always able to spring back to the more positive State at will the eventually strong positive man loses much enjoyment and Recreation positive give out expressions receptive you take in impression positive you are a teacher receptive a pupil is not only a good thing to be a good teacher but it is also very important to be a good listener that time chapter 3 the talk about the mine man has but one mind but he has many mental faculties each faculty being capable of functioning along two different lines of mental effort there are no distinct dividing line separating the two several functions of a faculty but they shared into each other as do the colors of the spectrum an active effort of any faculty the night is a result of direct impulse the law of attraction in the thought world thought vibration imparted at the time of the effort a person in front of anything in the mind is a result of other proceeding active effort of the same mind an active effort of another along the lines of suggestion for vibrations from the mind of another thought impulses instrument and sister transmitted by the law and ready including impulses transmitted from generation to generation from the time of the original vibratory impulse imparted by the primal cause which impulses gradually unfold and unsheath when the proper state of evolutionary development is reached the active if it is newborn fresh from the meat whilst the passive if it is a Miss recent creation and in fact is often the result of vibratory impulses in patent ages long past the active if it makes its own way brushing aside the impeding vines and taking from its path distracting stones the passive if it travels along the beaten path a thought impulse or motion impulse originally caused by an active effort of faculty may become my continued repetition or habit strictly automatic the impulse given it by the repeated to active effort developing a strong momentum which carries the long passive lines until stopped by another active effort or its direction changed by the same cause on the other hand thought impulses or motion impulses continued along passive lives may be terminated or corrected by an active effort the active function creates changes or destroys the passive function carries on the work given it by the active function and obeys orders and suggestion the active function produces the thought habit formation habit and imparts to at the vibration which carried along the passive lines there after the active function also has the power to send forth vibrations which neutralizes momentum of the thought habit or motion head the law of attraction in the thought world thought vibration it also is able to launch and you thought habit formation heaven with stronger vibration which overcomes and absorbs the first thought formation and substitutes the new life all thought impulses or bashing possibly once started on the errands continue to vibrate along passive lines until corrected or terminated by subsequent impulses imparted by the active function or other controlling power the continuance of the original impulse edge momentum and forced to it and renders its direction or termination more difficult this explains that which is called the force of habit I think this will be readily understood by those who have struggled to overcome a habit which has been easily acquired chloroplasts good habits as well as bear the moral is obvious several of the faculties the mind often combined to reduce a single manifestation attached to be performed may call for the combined exercising several faculties some of which may manifest by active effort and others by passive if it the medium new conditions you problems calls for the exercise of active if it whilst a familiar problem or tasks can be easily handled by the passive effort without the assistance of his more enterprising brother there is in nature and instinctive tendency of living organisms to perform certain actions the tendency of an organized body to seek that which satisfies the once which organism this tendency is sometimes called evidencing it is really a passive mental impulse originating with the impetus in part by the primal cause and transmitted along the lives of evolutionary development gaining strength and power as it progresses the impulse of the primal cause is assisted by the powerful couple attraction exerted by the absolute in plant life this tendency is planning discernible ranging from Malaysia exhibitions in the lower types to the greater in the higher types is that which is generally spoken of as the life force in plants it is however a manifestation of rudimentary mentation function along the lines of passive effort in some of the higher forms of plant life therapy is a faint color independent life action a faint indication of choice or volition writings on plant life relate many radical instances of this phenomenon it is undoubtedly an exhibition of rudimentary active mentation in the lower animal kingdom a very high degree of passive metal if it is found and varying degree in the several families and species a considerable amount of the law of attraction in the thought world thought vibration active mentation is apparent lower animal undoubtedly positions reason only the lesser degree than man and in fact the display of volitional mentation exhibited by intelligent animal is often Milius high as that shown by the loud types of man or by a young child as a child before bird chosen it’s part of the stages in the physical evolution of man so it is a child before and after birth until maturity benefits the stages of the mental evolution of man man the highest type of life yet produced at least upon this planet shows the highest for presentation and also a much higher development of expectation that is seen in the lower animals and yet the degrees of that power vary widely among different races of men even among men of our race the different degrees of effective mentation of plainly noticeable these degrees not depending by any means upon the amount of culture social position or educational advantages possessed by the individual mental culture and mental development are two very different things you have got to look around you to see the different stages of the development of effective mentation man the reason you have many men is scarcely more than passive mentation exhibiting but little of the qualities of volitional thought they preferred let other men think for them active mentation tires them and they find instinctive automatic passive mental process much easier the mines worked along the lines of least resistance they are little more than human sheep amount of our animals and the lower types of men active entation is mostly confined to the grocer faculties the more material play the higher mental faculties working alone instinctive automatic lines of the person function as the lower forms of life progressed in the evolutionary scale they develop new faculties which will latent within these faculties always manifested in the form of rudimentary person functioning and afterwards worked up through higher passive forms until the active functions were brought into play the evolutionary process still continues the invariable tendency being toward the goal of highly developed active mentation this evolutionary progress is caused by the vibratory impulse imparted by the primal cause aided by the uplifting attraction of the absolute this nor of evolution is still in progress a man is between to develop new powers of mine which of course the first manifested themselves along the lines of passive effort some men have developed these new faculties to a considerable degree and it is possible that before long man will the law of attraction in the thought world thought vibration be able to exercise them along the line of their active factions in fact this Power has already been attained by a few this is the secret of the oriental or cultists and of some of the Occidental brethren the amenability the mind to the will can be increased by properly directed practice that which we are in a habit of referring to as the strengthening of the will is in reality the training of the mind to recognize and absorb the power within the will is strong enough it does not need strengthening but the mind needs to be trying to receive and act upon the suggestions of the will the will is the outward manifestation of the i am the world current is flowing full strength along the spiritual wild you must learn how to raise the trolley Paul to touch you before the mental car will move this is a somewhat different idea from that which you been in the heaven receiving from writers on the subject of willpower but it is correct as you will demonstrate your satisfaction if you will follow up the subject by experiments along the proper lines the attraction of the absolute is drawing man upward and the vibratory force of the primal impulse has not yet exhausted itself the time of evolution development has come when man can help himself the man who understands the law can accomplish wonders by means of the development of the powers of the mind whilst the man who turns his back upon the truth will suffer from his lack of knowledge of the law here you understand the laws of his mental being developed his latent powers and uses them intelligent Lee he does not despise his passive mental functions but makes good use of them also charges them with the Judy’s which their best fitted and is able to obtain wonderful results from their work having mastered them and train them to do the bidding of the higher self when they fail to do their work properly he regulates them and it’s not information for meddling with them intelligently and thereby doing himself how he develops the faculties and powers latent within him learn how to manifest them along the line of active mentation as well as peso he knows that the real man within him is the master to him both the active and passive factions arbit tools he is banished fear and enjoys freedom he has found himself he’s learned the secret of I am chapter 4 mind building man can build up his mind and make it what he will in fact we are mine building every hour of our lives by the consciously or unconsciously the majority of us doing the work unconsciously the law of attraction in the thought world thought vibration those who have seen a little below the surface of things have taken the matter in hand and have become conscious creators of their own mentality they’re no longer subject to the suggestions and influences of others that have become masters of themselves they assert the eye and compel obedience from the subordinate mental faculties the eye is the sovereign of the mind and what we call will is the instrument of the I of course there’s something back a bit and the universal will is higher than the will of the individual but the letter is in much closer touch with the universal will that is generally suppose when Congress the lower self and asserts the eye becomes in close touch with the universal will and how takes largely that’s wonderful power the moment one asserts the eye and finds himself establishes a close connection between the individual will and the universal will but before he is able to avail himself of the mighty power it is command he must first affect the mastery of the lower self think of the absurdity of man climbing to manifest powers when he is the slave and the lower parts of his mental being we should be subordinate think of a man being the slave these moods passions animal appetites and lower faculties and at the same time trying to find the benefits the will now I’m not preaching and cynicism it seems to me to be a condition of weakness i’m speaking of self-mastery the assertion of the eye of the subordinate parts of oneself in the high view of the subject this I is the only real self the rest is the non-self that our space does not permit the discussion of this point and we will use the word itself as meaning the entire man before man can assert the eye and its full strength he must have time to complete mastery the subordinate parts of the self all things are good when we learn to master them but nothing is good when it masters us just so long as we allow allow portions of the self to give us orders we are slaves it is only when the I mounts his throne and lift the scepter that order is established and things assume their proper relation to each other you find no fault with those who are swayed by the lower ourselves there in a lower grade of evolution and we’ll work up in time but we are calling the attention of those who are ready to the fact that the sovereign master surgeries will and that the subject must obey orders must be given and carried out rebellion must be put down and the rightful authority insisted upon the time to do it is now you have been allow your rebellious subjects to keep the King from his throne you have been allowing the middle kingdom to miss governed by irresponsible faculties you have been the slaves of ever type and worthy thoughts passion and negativeness the wheel has been set aside from 0 desire as usurped the throne the law of attraction in the thought world thought vibration it is time to re-establish order in the Middle Kingdom you are able to assert the mastery of any emotion appetite passion for classes thoughts by the assertion of the will you can order fear to go to the rear jealousy to leave your prisons hate to the path from your self anger to hide itself worry disease troubling you uncontrolled advertising passion to bear and submission to become humble slaves instead of masters all by the assertion of the I a surround herself with a glorious company of carriage love and self-control by the same mean you may put down the rebellion and secure peace and order your mental kingdom if you will but out of the mandate and insist upon its execution before your match forced to empire investor establish the proper internal condition to show your the law of attraction in the thought world thought vibration ability to govern your own Kingdom the first battle is the conquest of the lesser self by the real self-affirmation I am asserting the mastery of my real self repeat these words earnestly and positively during the day at least once an hour and particularly when you’re confronted with conditions which tempt you to act on the lines of the lesser self instead of following the course dictated by the real self in a moment of doubt and hesitation say these words earnestly and your way we made clear to you repeat them several times after you retire and settle yourself to sleep but be sure to backup the words with the thoughts inspiring them and do not merely repeat the parrot life form the mental image of the real self asserting its mastery over the lower planes of your mind see the King on his throne you’ll become conscious and in fact of you thought and things have seemed hard for you will suddenly become much easier you’ll feel that you have yourself well in hand and that you are the master and not the slave the thought you’re holding will manifest itself in action and you’re still be grown to become that which you have in mind exercise fix the mind firmly on the higher-self a draw inspiration from it when you feel led to yield to the problems of the lower part of your nature when you are tempted to burst into anger assert the eye on your voice will drop anger is unworthy of the developed self when you feel vexed and cross remember what you are and rise above your feeling when you feel fearful remember the real self fears nothing and the search carriage when you feel jealousy inciting think of your high nature and laugh and so on asserting the real self are not allowing the things on the lower plan of mentality to disturb you they are unworthy of you and must be taught to keep their places do not allow these things to master you they should be your subjects not your masters you must get away from this plane and the only way to do so is to cut loose from these phases of thought which have been running things to suit themselves you may have trouble at the start but keep at it and you will have that satisfaction which comes only from conquering the lower parts of our nature you have been a slave long enough now is the time to free ourselves if you follow these exercises faithfully you will be a different being by the end of the year we’ll look back with a pitying smile to your former condition but it takes work this is not child’s play but ask for Ernest men and women with you make the effort the law of attraction in the thought world thought vibration

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