THIS Will INSTANTLY ALTER Your Subconscious Mind! (MANIFEST ANYTHING FAST!) Law Of Attraction

THIS Will INSTANTLY ALTER Your Subconscious Mind! (MANIFEST ANYTHING FAST!) Law Of Attraction

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This Will INSTANTLY ALTER Your Subconscious Mind! (MANFEST ANYTHING FAST!) Law Of Attraction The Secret Your Youniverse when your subconscious mind believes
something to be true it will alter your perception and begin looking for that
thing to make it a part of your reality the following process will help you get
into an alpha state of mind very quickly an alpha state is the intermediate
ground between waking and sleeping and this state provides a bridge to the
subconscious mind it allows for vivid lucid imagery and can assist greatly in
manifestation because it anchors a desire in the subconscious mind so that
it can become a subconscious reality close your eyes and get into a
comfortable position with your eyes closed
gently roll them up slightly as if you’re trying to see the center of your
forehead rolling the eyes upward is an automatic response the body makes when
trying to access lost or hidden information in the mind
this causes the production of alpha waves in the brain by removing attention
from the images of the perceptual moment that may compete with what you’re
creating when you close your eyes and roll them upward you will make more
alpha waves as you do this begin to gently breathe slowly and deeply in
through your nose and out through your mouth just listen to yourself breathe
rhythmically and focus on the sound of the air coming into your lungs and then
leaving to ensure you are taking deep breaths
try counting in your head to seven as you breathe in and as you breathe out count to eight
this will assist you in pushing out your air slowly and evenly with your eyes still rolled slightly
outward do this five to ten times to get into a relaxed alpha wave state you can
take as long as you need to do this by pausing this video now now pick a time from your past where you
were extremely happy in this state you should be able to
easily access a memory that relates to this you’re looking for a positive emotion
that you can use to connect with a future event relive this memory in every detail and
feel how it felt then in that moment your mind can easily do this because it
connects your memories with emotional states remember what you saw who was with you
the smells and the sounds and allow yourself to re experience all of the
positive feelings that go with that memory so just take a few moments to
feel how happy and positive this time felt for you you can take as long as you
need to do this by pausing this video now “This” Will INSTANTLY ALTER Your “Subconscious” Mind! “MANFEST ANYTHING FAST” “Law Of Attraction” “The Secret” “Your Youniverse” once you are certain you’ve brought up
those positive feeling States through reliving this experience begin creating
a sensory rich image that represents which you want to create in your life a sensory rich image relates not only to
how something might look but it might also have a sound a specific color a
texture or even a taste to it use whatever works best for you when
creating this image and see it as though you already have it see yourself with
this thing in the experience of having it now imagine your friends and family
talking about how successful you are and having this thing fill yourself walking
around in a competent state and notice what is happening around you as you do
give your visualization as much richness and vividness as possible and fill in
all the details exactly as you would like for them to be in your reality you
can take as long as you need to do this by pausing this video now if you have difficulty with this type of
imaging realize that the more you practice this the easier it will become
and the more specifics you can add to your visualization the more the
subconscious mind will believe it and then an act on it once you have completed this process and
feel confident in your image and feeling states say to yourself I now allow
myself the experience of and then fill in which you’ve just visualized this
affirms the desire you’ve just programmed into your subconscious mind
this is crucial because if you dwell on it for too long in a state of wanting
you’re essentially telling your subconscious mind that you don’t believe
it to be true let go of this process and move on with
your day by letting this go you send a signal to your subconscious mind that
you expect for it to happen wanting creates mental doubt that is
possible affirming it and then releasing it creates expectation and faith that
it’s already done this is a language that your subconscious mind deeply
relates to the simple exercise immediately alters your consciousness it
allows you to take a positive emotion and psychologically connect it in your
subconscious mind with a desire that you intend to manifest in this way you
anchor that desire so that it becomes a subconscious reality and once it becomes
a subconscious reality the subconscious mind will seek and find ways to make it
a physical reality This Will INSTANTLY ALTER Your Subconscious Mind! (MANFEST ANYTHING FAST!) Law Of Attraction The Secret Your Youniverse

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