This Was a Trap

This Was a Trap

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(electric guitar and percussion music) Gregory Sorrentino. Mr. Sorrentino, you have a red light violation on Dave Gavitt Way. Yes.
You want to see it? Yeah, but don’t hit play. It’s right there, there’s a jaywalker two white steps in already on the…
(voice fades from microphone) Get in front of the mic, please. Don’t hit play. It’s real fast, it’s a… Go back. We come in 52 times every Saturday to Friendship Street when I give ’em my friends’ kids back. Look how far she is, wait look at the light, it’s yellow. But she started on green, go back. Right at the beginning, the whole thing. Listen, why don’t we let the, why dontcha let me look at– I’m watchin’ her, I can see her. We go in every Saturday. We were accosted that it came through the mail. We were like, “Are you kidding me?” It’s a, I call it a snake in the grass trap. It’s too easy to kill some of the 85 bucks. Put it back to the beginning. She’s already out jaywalking in green. Then she’s in yellow. Then all of a sudden, bam the light goes red. I go, “I could make 85 bucks on that all day!” I watched it with them. I says, “You ever seen that sign before?” No, we’re too busy giving out water to people on the left side of the highway. Right, Mr. Sorrentino. You came in from Franklin, Massachusetts, is that right? We come every Saturday for almost two years. Ah (clears throat) Mr. Sorrentino, I want to take a look at this. The issue here is whether or not you went through a red light, okay, so– You’ve got me there then. Wait.
But it’s too easy. It’s not really a feasible trap. And we never saw those signs, we’re too busy watchin’ that. Every Saturday morning, no one’s out there except beggars. We just give ’em water. (takes a deep breath) No more money or butts. All right, slow down.
They pay to park here. I want to take a look at this, okay? Okay, let’s take a look please? The light is yellow, it’s red. ‘Kay, what was the time–
She made quite a distance. She walked all three colors. What was the time on that please? All right, how fast was he– 32 miles an hour, second gear in a Suburu? I don’t think that’s possible. I watched her slow, decelerated, accelerated to go through. I couldn’t even see the light at that time. Mr. Sorrentino. The issue here is whether or not you went through a red light. Yes, I did. But I believe that the trap is a real, really (scoffs) that’s ridiculous. That’s all I have to say, pardon me. Are you working, sir? Yeah, I do everything. Life’s kinda short, I try not to sit. All right (clears throat). You have a court, that record you had before. Well you have an unblemished driving record here so I’m gonna dismiss this with payment of $35 court cost. It’s gonna cost you $35, I gonna allow to you. Can I pay that some other day? ‘Cause I don’t have an of my–
Sure. I’m sorry for being rude. Good on to you. (electric guitar riff) Come on, how cool was that? If you’d like to see more cases like this one, tune into “Caught in Providence” every week day. Excuse me? You didn’t know that “Caught in Providence” is also a TV show? Oh wow, your life just substantially better! To find out what channel we’re on: Go to
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  • Ddog Post author

    Seems like the guy was giving frank a attitude and frank didn’t even do anything. What a fluke the Mmmm frank is.

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