“These horrible people do everything” – Jordan Peterson on Price’s Law

“These horrible people do everything” – Jordan Peterson on Price’s Law

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Right You see you see how this works it’s Just well here are Ways you can Be creative and here are strata of Accomplishment Within Those Ways and so then The question is what Does it look like yes yes yes fair enough and and This probably Needs to be Updated to reflect That So so there’s There’s the distribution of Scores Now That’s Dismal That’s a Dismal Thing To look at you have to understand that Why look at this? Zero Right The median person has not done anything creative ever in Their life with anything on any Dimension Right It’s really important to know that and then You have These Horrible People out Here? Right They do everything They do everything price is Law Here’s prices Law This does something to hammer into your Heart? The square root of The Number of People in a domain do 50% of the Work Okay so let’s Let’s Go through That you have ten Employees three of them Do Half The Work Makes sense That’s reasonable you have a Hundred employees? Ten of them Do Half the Work That’s problem so the Other Ninety Percent are doing the other Half Who cares about them you have ten Thousand employees a Hundred of them Do Half the Work Right So Here’s That Here’s a Nasty Little law As Your Company grows incompetence Grows in It Exponentially and competence Grows Linearly Got It right Because It with ten it’s three who are doing half the Work but at ten Thousand it’S one Hundred that are doing Half The Work so nine Thousand Nine Hundred of your employees are doing as much as The best 100 you Might Not even know who the best 100 are but probably they know and maybe Their Peers Know Too and so One of The things That’s Really interesting When Big companies start to Shake Which means maybe They’ve had a Bad quarter too Bad quarters and the stock price starts to tip down And The People the hot People who have options are not Very happy about that and Maybe They start to announce layoffs all The Hundred People who have opportunities leave and They’re the ones who were doing Half The Work? So boy that puts your company in a Pretty Rough situation Because Now you’ve Got the ninety Nine Hundred People Left Over Who we’re only doing half the Work and the next time you announced layoffs the next most Productive Hundred leave and so Then You’re Left With Nobody Who’s productive at a Massive Overhead Payroll Prices Law You can look that Up to soul a price to soul a price Is a Guy who was looking at scientific productivity and One of The Things he found was When he was looking at Phd students is That The Median Number of publications for a Phd graduate When he did his Work Which Was in the Early 60s Was one okay half as Many Had – Half as Many as That had three Half as many as That had four it’s a Real Step down And One of The corollaries of that is that There’s a Certain Number of People Who are hyper productive and That’s These People Out Here? and If You were graphing the distribution Let’s Say You Graphed how many People in that Population of 300 had $10,000 in a Savings account It Would Look Very Much Like This Some of them would Have or Some of some of them Would most People Would have like no Savings Whatsoever? The Median person Would Have no savings Whatsoever and then You Go up here where the 1% is they have all the Money But the thing you want to understand about that 1%? Issue that you always Hear about is that It applies in Every single Realm Where there’s difference in creative production Every realm Doesn’t Matter Number of Records produce Number of Records sold Number of compositions Written so here’s Here’s an Example 5 composers Produce The Music That occupies 50% of the Classical repertoire right bach Beethoven Brahms Tchaikovsky Who’s Mozart That’s right Those 5 ok so Here’s something cool so you take all the Music Those People wrote 5% of the Music all Those People Wrote occupies 50% of the Music that of Their writing That’s Played so not only Do Almost all the composers never get a Listen But even among the composers who do get a Listen Almost none of Their Music ever gets Played So so then That’s a That’s another Example of This prices Loss Scaling so when It Applies to all sorts of Things Like Number of Hockey Goals Scored Is also distributed This Way Number of Basketball Basketball Basketball Successfully Put Through The hoop Follows the same distribution size of Cities Follows The Same distribution It’S a Weird it’S a Weird law and you can Think about it in part Why Does this Happen While imagine What happens when you play Monopoly What happens Everybody has the same Amount of Money to begin with right so then You start Playing it’s basically a Random Game Well some People start to win a Bit and some People start to lose a Bit and then if you win the hut probability That You’ll keep Winning starts to increase and if you lose Your Vulnerability Increases as You lose and then Maybe You’ve Got to say Six People Playing Monopoly Soon One person has zero What happens When they have zero? They’re out of The game so zero Is a Weird Number Because When you hit zero you’re out of the game so So then if you keep Playing People start to stack up at zero Right What happens at the end of the game One person has all The property and all the Money and everyone else Has none Right That’s What happens if you Play an Iterated trading Game to its Final Conclusion and That’s Part of The the law in a sense That’s Underlying This Kind of Distribution so it’s it’s really it’s it’s it’s not a consequence NeCessarily Of Structural Inequality it’s built into the system at a Deeper Level Than That so you know People Talk about all The time about how Unfair it is That 1% of the population has the vast Amount of the Money and 1% of The 1% has most of That Money and 1% of The 1% of The 1% has most of That Money but It is a It’s a it’s an inevitable conclusion of iterated trading Games and we Don’t know how to fight it we don’t know. How to take From The People Who have and move it to the bottom Without Instantly moving back Up to the top Different People Maybe But Still back Up to the top because even The 1% churns a Lot like i think you have a 10% chance if i remember Correctly you have a 10% Chance of being in The top 1% for At Least One Year of Your life and a 40% Chance of being in The top 10% For At Least One Year in Your life That’s in canada in the us it’s less so in europe So there’s a Fair Bit of Churning at The top end it’s not the same people all the time who have the Money But It is a Tiny Fraction of The People all the time who have all the Money yeah No Not usually i Mean They do but it’s attenuated Because The People Mean If you Reshuffle the entire company and Put everywhere somewhere Else There’s some Probability That some of Those People Would rise to the top that Weren’t At the top before but in that Company that that isn’t Generally What happens People Get stuck in their niche and they don’t move so yeah This is you cool you wonder sometimes well how can Companies die so quickly Well They go they go into a Death Spiral That’s almost impossible for them to get out of so and It Happened It can Happen Extraordinarily Quickly This is why you know the typical fortune 500 company only lasts 30 Years That’s it It’s not That Easy for These bam moths to continued Existence across Time So and it’s because it’s really easy for something to die it’s very Unlikely that it Will be built It’s very Unlikely That It Will Be Successful and Once Successful it’s Very Unlikely that It Will continue to duplicate its success because the Underlying Landscape Shifts on It and It Doesn’t Know where to go and That’s also partly Because It’s not That Easy to integrate Creative People Into your Company right You Certainly don’t want them at the bottom Because They’re supposed to be people who are doing What they’re Told to do So you filter Out a Lot of them at the bottom and then you need them at the top but They’ve already Been Filtered out and also creative People are troublesome to work with because They’re always how do You evaluate a creative person You all you almost can’t By Definition Because They keep coming Up with New Things and you don’t have a Good Evaluative Strategy for a New Thing It Wouldn’t be new if you had a Good Evaluative Strategy for It right It Would have to be the member of a Class That You’ve Already encountered Substantially so Anyway so the take-Home lesson from this is? Zero Right Right and Then That’s Like That’s like a Graph of Money Monetary distribution as Well and The Thing the problem with being at zero Is it very difficult to get out of zero This is also Why People Get stuck in Poverty You Know you can’t get a bank account if you’re if you don’t have any Money Right if There’s a Bunch of Things That start to move against you when you’re at zero that you can’t Shake it’s very difficult to get out of the out of the The Pit here because zero Is a Kind of Pit

100 thoughts on ““These horrible people do everything” – Jordan Peterson on Price’s Law

  • Roberto Orsi Post author

    "French philosopher Michel Foucault, paraphrasing a famous quote by Carl von Clausewitz, said once that “politics is the continuation of war by other means”. As political conversation becomes impossible, competing and irreconcilable authorities may go to war, and not in a metaphorical sense, as routinely in the past. Readers in the Western world should prepare according to their evaluation of the odds for a peaceful transition out of the current predicament."
    Read: http://blogs.lse.ac.uk/eurocrisispress/2017/05/05/the-politics-of-post-truth/

  • RoyBrown777 Post author

    I love most of the things he says but as someone who went from sweeping rat shit in a company to reporting to people near the Ceo 8 years later in a big company this concept is total bullshit. For a man who believes in individual value I'm not sure why he's even teaching this, seems to contradict he's own beliefs. I've never been in a workforce where I could honestly say that only 10% of the people worked hard. What a joke. Where do these magical places exist where 90% of the people just fuck around? Did an academic whos dad bought him his first car he never worked for and just laid off 500 workers come up with this shit?

  • Estevan Sanchez Post author

    I wish AOC watched this video.

  • Kali Post author

    that makes sense….Indians are less then 1% of the USA population but occupy some of the highest paid & most educated positions, Indians make up 16% of Physicians.

  • Krishna Mathur Post author

    Let me tell you why this happens so, the reason why the victims and incompetant exponentially increase as the competant linearly go by is because we have made up a predatorious structure that feeds itself by consuming the weaker but in the world where we live in, where the tiniest rock and the sharpest ones make up the hill, when the water falls, its distribution rely in the co existence manner the structure has been properly aligned. Bricks can appear the same in shape but the component they make up on various parts of the household are seperate yet so important. Even for human beings, there are a variety of aspects we need to concern ourselves of and if any one of them is eulogized above the other, perhaps that proportion of balance within that ever spinning cyclone might cease to be by dispersion simply because those layers are unable to handle the density. Once you accumulate beyond its appropriation by pulling out anothers, you will find yourself in a position where holding onto that itself brings a tremendous amount of struggle. What connects life is neither performance nor ability, for all these vanquish within a spec of time like a worn out fruit falling unto the ground. What uplifts life and moves it are the threads that intersects within the garland

  • MrRatherino Post author

    a man for our time

  • Justin Aime Post author

    This is Peterson at his best… Real understanding

  • Ryan Urbanek Post author

    God already fixed this.
    The year of jubilee

  • QuarterMan88 Post author

    Just more contradictions in capitalism. Whenever you children are done playing with yourselves and eachother…

  • Jack Snyder Post author

    Is this similar to Ziphs law? They sound really similar.

  • ayooo Post author

    peterson talking about wealth redistributions? sound commie talk

  • Keita Marislo Post author

    One might argue that the Price's law is strictly predicting the 'value' and not the 'work done' (or labor) , but we are also looking at the 'value' of the enterprise and not just the 'work done or labor done', it is obvious that the so called 'non performers' are still doing something but that is not reflected in the value as efficiently as the other 'performing' workers.

  • J G Post author

    Looks like a normal bell distribution curve

  • Jaded Cynic Post author

    I am a hyperproductive. "worker bee". Happy to be that way cuz the day goes by so much better. WHY DONT I MAKE 9X THE MONEY!!? One more little tidbit i hope gets fixed. Oh yes….am i the only one that wants Big H. dangling from a rope until the last bones fall to the ground?

  • Mr Kyo Post author

    aka the jews.

  • Christian Labor Post author

    "It's not structural inequality. It's built into the system deeper than that……."


    Dude, if you just described exactly why and how the inequality does not even depend on any sort of personal agency, you just described utterly impersonal structural inequality.

  • izz Hipp Post author

    Why why WHY do highschools NOT teach Americans HOW to succeed? Poverty is taught by parents and wealthy teach thier children ALL about MONEY and success. To equal the playing field for the KIDS…we've got TO teach them ALL how to succeed financially. The poor never see how the rich live…..and the rich don't mingle with the poor BECAUSE that's a rule TO STAY wealthy!!! So how can we HELP ? I know Peterson doesn't read comments nor answer questions on utube videos….so I'm asking the general public for ideas.

    Here's a story. When the offshore oilfield went belly up…we lost everything including our home. We worked our asses OFF for 2 years after THAT to buy land and and another home…ill be it a smaller home for much less money because we were older and don't have 30 years to pay a mortgage ( Not that we would get a 30 yr mortgage in the first place….but lets just go with that because most people get 30 yr mortgages on homes ) . We moved to a very poor rural area and drugs/crime/generational welfare are rampant. I rescue horses….I hire young people out here to feed and fill the water troughs…clean them and stalls for money because there truly is not any other way for these kids to earn money themselves out here. Its not like the neighborhood I grew up in …kids aren't mowing grass…raking leaves…feeding and walking dogs….ECT ECT ECT …. Thier family may only have one car if THAT and a lot of times they have VERY few THINGS such as clothes or shoes, and thier parents are mostly addicted. They don't have power or water for months sometimes…MUCHLESS FOOD after thier parents take someone shopping on thier foodstamp card in exchange for cash/drugs/rent. Its saddddddd!
    These ARE the kids that wind up in juvenile courts and then JAIL…then prison.
    Now that we know who I'm talking about….and thier situation, there was a family that lived up the road. 3 sons 1 daughter. The two oldest boys worked for me for about 2 yrs. We took them everywhere…..they had NEVER been to a baseball game at a stadium…never eaten at a restaurant that you went into and ordered off of a menu at. They had NEVER seen sober family interactions and holidays. They had never been taught anything without being screamed at in the process and or cursed at while trying to learn. They WERE amazeddddddd at how we lived. They did NOT know that everyone didn't live like they did. They truly didn't. Middle-class to them was as far away to them as being a billionaire is to a middle-class blue collar person such as myself.
    They told us as much. They wanted IT too!!!!! They were 12 and 14 ( perfect ages to catch them and show THEM there's another WAY to LIVE…and show them HOW wonderful it can be as well as help them get there by teaching them what you did to get there and you did NOT DO to get there imho) We tried so hard with them and thier younger siblings to show them the way and they wanted a better LIFE and a relationship like we have.
    Well unfortunately they moved at 14 and 16…..out of state a very long way from us. Recently on fbook the oldest got in touch with me and then the second oldest…and then the youngest boy. All three of the boys now are middle-class blue collar welders, like us, doing really well….never been to jail….and the oldest just had his first child. Imagine how much better they could have turned out if WE had the knowledge of a billioniare to share with THEM.
    Why is it the school system teaches our children how to be employees/slaves instead of being business owners/FREE ?
    WHY???? Is it because they don't want the competition or is it because uber wealthy people do not share the knowledge and pass it on with less priv youth because they're too damn busy ? Either way…we have got TO HELP our kids and other kids. Even if…it is just to lift them out of generational welfare /Drugs and crime to a middle-class blue collar healthy family !
    I guess I answered my own question…..we give our time…our knowledge…our love AND we show THEM a better way, listen to THEM…they will tell you EXACTLY what they don't WANT when they grow up. They may not can picture what they DO want but they certainly know what they don't want. Show THEM another option because if YOU don't…..they'll continue believing everyone lives like their parents do and nobody cares !!!!
    The day that we heard from those boys was 9 years from the last time we saw THEM to the day. The oldest got in touch to tell us HE heard us and he always kept those memories as fuel and he and his brother led thier little brother and sister by being good role models.
    I didn't know it then but every night he would go home after we fed them ( every day we made sure they all had dinner ) and he would write down some tip …or a story one of us had told them…. And also he made a list of things he had to do and things NOT to do or get caught up in in a notebook. Guys….you can NEVER know HOW much your kindness or kind words or time or care mean TO someone. Please remember this the next time you see a poor, druggie, mentally ill, alcoholic or just an overwhelmed mother or father living around you….reach out to thier CHILDREN with parental permission of course and definitely have boundaries with those kids to begin with because they are dying for attention …ANY ATTENTION….that can go sideways on you if you do not have boundaries before the relationship begins. BE a good role model …. It gives you MORE back than you could ever imagine and you could really HELP people.
    As for schools…..we have got TO GET involved and change our schools. Home economics and shop NEED to be in EVERY high school…..many other things as well and we NEED adults giving time to mentor. Mentor mentor mentor !!!!!

  • Walter Stucke Post author

    Jordan Peterson always expands my brain.

  • cskillet2003 Post author

    Remember guys, listening to Jordan Peterson is just going down a dangerous road to Nazism. At least according to YT's CEO, Susan Wojcicki.

  • Conrad Angel Post author

    The game of being on the top is our curse. Living your life for the sole purpose to acquire wealth and power is our inability to live in a brotherhood of men. We live in a state of slavery. Every body wants to be a slaveholder and nobody wants to be a slave. But we should be brothers and sisters 😢

  • Orion's Ghost Post author

    One solution is to limit landholdings, in line with natural law. We are the only animal that cannot freely build a nest or shelter. Imagine what would happen to birds (or any other creature) if a small percentage of the birds could seize most of the nesting space and did not allow any other birds to nest in it unless they worked and worked just to buy a nest. This would be devastating to the species. Yet, this is what we accept as humans. It's a violation of natural law.

  • TheBros2theend Post author

    God bless and save you.

  • Stephen Tumlin Post author

    Basketballs through the hoop! They're called field-goals sir.

  • Jonathan Alpart Post author

    There are nearly 350 million people in the United States. By Price's Law, the square root of 350 million, eighteen thousand and seven hundred people, should own 50% of the wealth. We know that the three richest Americans have more combined wealth than the bottom 50% of the population. I'm not sure where to go from here but I'm sure it is interesting.

  • Witherman1 Post author

    This happens at my job. There are those who want to work and those who don't. We have a manager who loves his time off but gets jealous when those below him get ahead because we work more hours. No matter how much manipulation is done…you simply can not change the nature of things. You can steal all of a man's wealth and give it to poor people but the rich man will gain his wealth back and the poor will spend it all and be back worse than when he started. The difference? Knowledge and Work Ethic. You need both.

  • Peter Velzen Post author

    I do not thinkthis is exactly true.

  • Janine Post author

    A true Canadian 😂 number of shots scored in hockey

    Number of… number of… basketballs.. um, successfully put through the .. hoop

  • Jimpossible Bananarchy Post author

    In what unit is the score in basketball measured? I only ever hear about 'points' but never anything like 'baskets' or even goals.

  • 2Hattered4you Post author

    when he talk about prince's law within the workplace i have to question if these kids have even had a job and seen it first hand, i myself have and it would be hard to imagine i feel like for atleast some of those kids, that application goes over their heads.

  • judged by time Post author

    literally yelling holy shit watching this

  • Andy Kashu Post author

    So, being a sole proprietor is a bad idea. You're only one worker, who does only half the work. You need two more people to do the other half. Or even better: three more people. Then you're four. Two do half the work, and the other two the other half. Problem solved. No?

  • David s Post author

    also look up Zipf law.

  • Patrick McCormack Post author

    Corporate economic behavior, what are the applications to salary, wage, shareholder interests? Is the game Monopoly a quality simulation for learning purposes?

  • Matt Bonneville Post author

    When I worked for the government (USN), I estimated that about 10-20% could have been fired with no difference in production. In fact productivity would skyrocket as the the next 20 – 30 % above them would have realized they better get their asses in gear.
    Now I was in a production facility where it was actually somewhat difficult to hide and not work as actual product had to go out the door, though. I could imagine that in many administrative type agencies, you could fire a lot more.
    Later, I worked in private industry in a manufacturing company and there was nowhere to hide. You put out product or you were gone.

  • Apollyon Post author

    242 people on the pit of zero.

  • L M Post author

    Excellent life and work place observations. Noticed this phenom but he articulates it clearly and categorizes it to where it makes sense. Btw you can get out of zero eg., change companies or if personal, use tenacity, determination and a reasonable plan (for your circumstances). You can catapult your way up.

  • Ron H Post author

    Price's Law- need to go look that up!

  • Beetle Bayley Post author

    This law is proven in South Africa….

  • Pain et Cirque Post author

    ¨How do you evaluate a creative people? You almost can´t by definition, because they always come upi with new things¨. There you have it. This professor comes to confirm something invaluable about reasons as to why outstanding people often fail…at integrating into systems. social and economic whatsoever. They simply cannot be controlled. They expand on and on. The only way to have them tamed is by taking their own reason of existence that is the very act of creating on and on. Then, once one stops creating, he/she also ceases to exist.

  • Ira Pennygent Post author

    Where does he get all these statistics? Feels more anecdotal than empirical. And Peterson is pretty much an empiricist.

  • Rv4 Guy Post author


  • Inayet Hadi Post author

    This video should be shown to anyone who believes in communism or socialism

  • Julian McQueen Post author

    Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates and Michael Bloomberg are essentially your hyper-productive few. At this point, they control a lion share of commerce and are, essentially, the U.S. economy's fulcrum. This is Price's Law in real-time.

  • Furlock Furli Post author

    What? Publication of scientific papers? You are kidding me and the public. The academic sector is so profoundly corrupt, that the publications of scientific papers is nothing else than a disgusting and even criminal scheme. The first 200 in this business in each country MAKE OTHERS DO THE WORK of the papers, employ them as slaves with little or none reward, and then publish under their own names. Come on.

    Composers? It is getting worse. So the industry of today, that PRODUCES the number one hits and occupies the whole sector with useless garbage… is different to the industry two, three or four hundred years ago? The composers you are naming were well connected to the establishment and all those who weren't are just not known to you, Mr. Peterson.

    You call it a weird law. No, it is not a weird law. It is the law of corruption, but you are unable to stand for the weak and make them responsible for not having licked sufficient ………… of wealthy and powerful, and clearly corrupt. There is no natural law behind all this, it is just greed, power and unfairness.

    You say "it is not the same people at the top…". How far can you come in your self delusion? Look up who sponsored or sponsors those, who are now on top.

    You keep defending the system, hitting those who do not want to defend it anymore.

    Kind regards,


  • Dakota Payne Post author

    I'm a MT4 trader and that sound at 1:45 scared the hell out of me.

  • durp 16 Post author

    So if I am the only one worker, according the Price's law, will I only do half of the work?

  • F Sharp Post author

    Every time he says "ZERO" I crack up. HAHAHAHAHA XD!!

  • aFreeman0409 Post author

    The solution is staring us all right in the face and laughing at us.

    If you play ANY iterated trading game, the game will ALWAYS conclude with 1 at the top, or the pyramid structure.
    666 stands the pyramid structure and is the sum of the first 36 natural numbers (1 + 2 + 3+ … + 34 + 35 + 36 = 666),
    and thus it is a triangular number and is ALWAYS represented by a PYRAMID!

    It ALWAYS refers to a man-made system of slavery of all to one at the top.

    Why do you think they call it a PONZI SCHEME?

    How to you beat it?

    Be sure the resulting 'pot of gold' is ALWAYS broken up and given BACK TO ALL, instead of the ONE.

    This is why the bible tells you REPEATEDLY that all land belongs to God and not mankind, and thus cannot be owned ,which being the PRIME FACTOR OF PRODUCTION (Land, Labor, Capital) prevents the PONZI SCHEME from forming and making us all slaves.


  • Jeremy McMillan Post author

    The implication is that MERIT is also distributed by power law, but that is also a testable hypothesis. What if there are multiple factors in the productivity of PhDs, for example, one of which is merit, and the other is institutional bias that creates preferential attachment?

  • LEARN. GROW. PROSPER. Post author

    Member of class that you’ve already encountered substantially. Zero. A graph of monetary distribution. It’s difficult to get out of 0. People get stuck in poverty. It’s difficult to get out of the pit. 0 is a kind of pit.

  • Gabriel Côté Post author

    That explains bureaucracy and government incompetence.

  • Persian Amazon Post author

    Wonder what he thinks of tall poppy hating Australia. I’ve never seen so many incompetent inferior people in management roles. It’s unbelievable. No wonder talent leaves this nation and stays away.

  • MarcadamiaNut Post author

    but how can one become the 1?

  • raviteja yakkaladevi Post author

    The quote in the title is not relevant to the video. It is happening on many of his videos

  • Pancake Circus Post author

    The unproductive workers make trouble for the productive workers. Why won't employers fire the troublemakers?

  • Stephan Post author

    This is such a freaky thing to hear, but it seems that's the way things go at those weird friction points between the "macro" notion of the world and our "micro" experience of it. We basically need to find the 1 percenter in the domain of creative solutions to Price's Law. That person will have the actual solution.

  • DmitryN Post author

    I usually tend to agree with most of what Prof. Peterson says, but this argument (although, quite rational at the core), is riddled with holes like a Swiss cheese.

  • Carl Lelandt Post author

    Wow… This was sure spot-on!! And absolutely fascinating too! Snippits like these could be used to jump-start college classroom discussions. Thought provoking.

  • Vance Biondo Post author

    Go for broke intead of fail go for.. ULTIMATE JOKES . THAT FAILED!☝️👌. I'm getting mad now

  • Vance Biondo Post author

    Are you trying to NOT DO ANYTHING HERE cuz your excellent with this science high school project dud joke u have

  • Jonathan D'Aguilar Post author

    Moral of the story: keep your circle small, it's more likely to be more efficient

  • Mr ThuGamer Post author

    Stop quoting him out of context

  • Hands Solo Post author

    Unable to negate shame, what is accepted is without its perfectly unequal blend of unmitigated order and creative expression.

    Shamed Chaos at the door,
    malevolent obstruction fell into lore.
    Advocate for one more, journey back,
    to the fore.

  • frilink Post author

    Price's Law is actually 80/20 rule on steroid…… because the 80/20 rule can be iterated multiple times until you have left with nothing……

  • SuperDeathgate Post author

    I figured out how to adjust the business model to keep money local and rotating. you just change the input and the output the input comes from philanthropy, starts the business. runs like a normal business of its type. and the output goes back to the people who turn the wrench and push the broom.
    minus a certain percentage. that percentage is held in escrow until it is great enough to start another one of the same business in the next town or the next state over. This would all require a management group. But it's still like handing something to someone. But it could work.

  • Alex Liger Post author

    Price’s Law is a seductive explanation but it has one fundamental flaw: it postulates that the 100% of the “work” used as data is … well, 100% of the work the unit had to accomplish. The problem is that Price was talking about university professors, and the “work” measured by Price (publications output) is just one line on the job description, along with teaching and admin, just to mention those two. What Price’s study could have highlighted is the (even at the time) increasing division of labor amongst a department faculty. Instead it became an intellectual trap that I’m really disappointed Dr Peterson stepped onto.

  • Sum Guy Post author

    Simple math refutes this "Price's Law".
    If one person is alone, does this mean he is only doing 50% of the work? The result is nonsensical, person could be working alone at 100% or resting alone at 0%.
    Or perhaps… is in a state of quantum uncertainty, DUN DUN DUN!
    Good luck accounting for gremlins in the machine, quantum computers.

  • tyler maloney Post author

    Its very unlikely it will be built.
    Its very unlikely it will be successful.
    Once successful, it is very unlikely it will continue to duplicate success.

    If you had a company that last for 5,000 years and was destroyed, would you re-introduce it?

  • Jamal Harris Post author

    This reminds me of that passage in the bible that says (paraphrasing here) "to he who has more shall be given and to he who has not; even that which he has shall be taken away.

  • Jason McCredden Post author


  • cr35t23 Post author

    He should come back to teaching.

  • Skye Walker Post author

    He's quoting the Pareto principle in a other terms. I'm surprised he didn't mention it

  • Helo Kitty Post author

    Which means uncontrolled trade is not fair game, Period. By the way, nobody plays a endless game.

  • Miha Brilj Post author

    replace lazy-(what gets mesured gets acheved)

  • Henryk Gödel Post author

    Corporations are doing these law of scaling just like in monopoly… today we have only a handful of major corporations that own almost everything, and I'm guessing the process will carry on until there is only 1 short of a manufactured reset to the entire system?

  • dragonhold4 Post author

    Prof. Peterson debunks socialism in under 10 minutes. . .

  • 1wing1 Post author

    bernie followers need to watch this. i mean social security and healthcare is awesome, but constantly trying to break up the 1% and crying how unfair it is that they made it while youre one of the incompetent workers is kinda an overused trope

  • Tyler Hargrove Post author

    Now apply this to governments

  • SevenRiderAirForce Post author

    4:09 adorably Canadian

  • sparky Mccormick Post author

    After a layoff the peopke doing 50% of the work find better jobs while the parasitic bunch breed and the co. Is doomed……

  • butt stank Post author

    thumbs up for linking the OG lecture

  • Vanessa und Max Hartmann Post author

    does someones know math here? when he says competence grows exponentially and intelligence linearly – does he mean the graph of the functions f(x) = x squared and g(x) = . And if so, doesnt an exponential growth have the function h(x) = some number squared (so the x were before there was the two)

  • SecularRaygon Post author

    Perry Marshall 80/20

  • Do Ma Post author

    I really appreciate Jordan Peterson and all his work, for sure. But I just have to say, with all due respect, that this moment reminded me a lot of Cosmo Kramer from Seinfeld. 4:59

  • Jørgen Oktober Storm Nestande Thyrum Post author

    Telemann has a problem with this video.

  • Nomo Sapiens Post author

    You have four engineering students, two of them do half the work, the other two just want to know which slide they're supposed to read aloud from the PowerPoint slides. Sound about right?

  • John Pederson Post author

    "the median person has not done anything creative ever in their life with anything on any dimension"

  • initialTRD Post author

    i recently got hired to a large company. i have always worked at small companies. i was shocked how many people don’t work hard and milk the company.

  • Amy Kline Post author

    Anyone who has ever been put into a group in college knows this all too well. Slackers slide by, the driven ones overwork, and the rest kinda hang on to the fringe of halfway between. I hate groups. I think they are a stupid idea in school. My kids had the same experience in high school, doing most of the work while half of them just ride coattails.

  • ChuckTheDuck Post author

    Not sure what the thesis was, ik I learned something but idk what

  • Trevor Jackson Post author


  • Bobby Ohnio Post author

    Is there a book on this law? Any recommendations

  • Tasunke Witka Post author

    So Pareto Principle is the top 20% do 80% of the work, and the price law is that the Square Root will do 50% of the work. I think Price's law is a lot more accurate here, and the Pareto principle is useful for looking at large populations only.

  • Cyber Taco Post author

    7:21 I finally found someone who pronounces the word the same way I do. Always knew it wasn't Buheemuth.

  • Blue Orbiter Corporation Post author

    My sister used to say that 10% of the people do 90% of the work.

  • Pioneer Valley Post author

    Pareto distribution

  • Graham Thomas Post author

    How does this distribution of work happen in companies where each individual is lone works.

  • Graham Thomas Post author

    I look at this speech and although it looks cool I don't understand it in principle. How is it that only 100 people are doing the work of the bottom 1000.

    Surly in a company everyone or practically everyone is doing a specific job that is useful to achieve the end product. Say in a hotel the cleaners keep the place clean the receptionists meet and great the guests and the cooks make sure there is food. How would you get rid of positions or claim that some of them are doing all the work.

    Isn't that the purpose of the manager to ensure that each person knows their role and is doing their fair share of this role?

  • Peter Welsh Post author

    Brahms Sucks. That's right, I said it. But this video is fascinating, THX 4 Posting

  • art american Post author

    I taught my kids the 80-20 rule I have followed for 30 yrs. That is, 20% of the people do 80% of the work, and 80% of the people do 20% of the work. I don't think I am too far off.

    I am glad to see J.P. agrees with me. Lol. Maybe I should write a book,, only one page, but hey.. it's funny though, it can be applied to almost every aspect of day to day.. just sayin.

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