The Untold Truth Of Judge Judy

The Untold Truth Of Judge Judy

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Judge Judith Sheindlin, known to most as Judge
Judy, made a name for herself with her no-nonsense attitude, tough talk, and long, belittling
lectures she gives to people who appear before her. But there are some other details about
this legal lady and her show that she doesn’t talk about all that much. Since she’s too
modest to reveal them herself, we’ve compiled them here for your viewing pleasure. Ambulance chasers The defendants and plaintiffs who appear before
Judge Judy are neither assigned to her, nor do they seek her out. All of that is handled
by the honorable judge’s producers. According to a letter obtained by Radar Online, the
producers headhunt through small claims courts for cases that’d be fun for the rest of the
country to watch on television. In the letter, producer Julie Turner entices a defendant
into bringing his or her case to Judge Judy with the promise of appearing on television,
because let’s face it there’s no better place to have a personal matter settled. Producers pay the fines Even though the show claims all of the decisions
are legally binding, they really aren’t. That’s because the fines Judy doles out aren’t paid
by the cases’ losers, as would happen in real-life court cases. They’re actually paid by producers.
In the same letter inviting the unknown defendant to appear on the show, Turner promises that
even if this anonymous person loses the case, he or she won’t be responsible for any fees
or penalties. Any money comes from the producers, which is a sweet deal for most of the people
who appear on the show, as they tend to have little money. If only real court cases worked
this way! And that’s not the only money to switch hands on behalf of the good judge… Everyone gets paid While it may not be as profitable as hitting
the Powerball, appearing on Judge Judy is a financial win-win situation for both the
plaintiffs and the defendants. If anything, it’s probably the closest thing to an all-expenses-paid
vacation that some of them will ever see. Turner’s letter goes on to say that in addition
to paying for the case’s outcome, the show also pays appearance fees to all litigants
who appear on the program, along with travel expenses for them and any witnesses they wish
to bring along. Of course, those witnesses have to have something to do with the case,
but still, a free trip to Los Angeles will entice anyone to say anything, which often
leads to Judge Judy’s next little known fact. Fake cases? Obviously, learning that parts, if not all,
of a reality show are staged isn’t much of a surprise these days. But the makers of Judge
Judy can deny responsibility for some of the fakery…because some of the people who appear
on the show simply fabricate entire cases for them. Back in 2010, Vice reported that
Jonathan Coward and his friends Brian and Kate concocted an insane story involving two
broken televisions and a dead cat in order to get on the show. Coward got the idea from
another friend who appeared on the show in the ’90s, with an actual case. Producers took
the bait and flew Coward and his three friends out. After the taping, the trio celebrated
by renting a convertible and drinking champagne in a hot tub for the rest of the day. How
did it feel to take advantage of Judge Judy? When asked, Coward said, “It felt awesome!
It felt so good.” And no, he shouldn’t feel bad, because… She’s not a judge Though Judith Sheindlin was appointed a judge
by Mayor Ed Koch in 1982, she does not preside as a real judge on television. The set has
all the accessories and details of a courtroom, but what Judge Judy does at most is arbitration.
As reported by Consumerist, Judge Judy, and other television courts, operate under a contract
of adhesion, meaning they “are not bound by real rules of procedure, evidence, or even
behavior.” So on her show, Judge Judy isn’t a judge making a legal decision. She’s more
of a mediator trying to solve other people’s problems. So at most, she’s just a glorified
middle school vice principal. She might’ve taken down a school When Tony Robb’s mother sent him to Cornerstone
Christian School in Clearlake, CA, she didn’t think her son would get locked in a storage
closet for hours a day, but that’s what happened. They later appeared before Judge Judy, hoping
she could get them their tuition money back. They never could have predicted what followed.
The defendants’ testimony revealed that the majority of the staff not only lacked the
necessary skills to deal with special-needs students like Tony, but they even lacked Bachelor’s
degrees. The principal only held an Associate’s degree. In case you’re not informed about
the requirements of a school administrator, they go far beyond attending a two-year school.
Even worse: the superintendent only had a high school diploma. Following a justifiable
tirade, Sheindlin awarded Tony and his mother the total of the tuition money. Sometime later,
the school was apparently closed down completely. She’s inspired others to do good Marilyn Mosby, who prosecuted the 2015 case
for the wrongful death of Freddy Gray cut her teeth on Judge Judy. Back in 2000, the
then-Tuskegee University student appeared before Judge Judy, suing her neighbor for
throwing a baby shower in her apartment, which destroyed the residence. That must’ve been
one wild shower. According to the Daily News, Mosby handled herself like a pro, bringing
photographic evidence of the destruction with her. She ultimately won her case, and from
there, went on to study at Boston College Law School. The rest is history. Talk about
stepping up in life. Thanks for watching! Subscribe to our YouTube
channel to see more videos like the one you just saw. And leave us a comment to tell us
what surprised you most about Judge Judy…

100 thoughts on “The Untold Truth Of Judge Judy

  • Bobby Knight Post author

    I'll bet Judge Judy was very attractive when she was in her 20's and 30's? Well, she still is attractive for her age now.

  • Micheal Winlow Post author

    WHAT a fake -shes a QUACK!! ILL NEVER WHATCH AGAIN !

  • Keyser Sozie Post author

    I think they should show an episode where she's being an asshole talking down to someone, as she always thought does,, then they jump over the bench and start choking her.
    That would be entertainment!!!

  • Pamela Turner Post author

    This obnoxious,arrogant, delusional,crude,& unfair unappealing,gets on my last nerve Witch Judy can take a hike forever.Annoying &

  • 59Ameri59 Post author

    This is an attempt to put Judge Judy in a negative light but it doesn’t work.

  • Flower Post author

    So everyone wins? How is this justice? Oh I am sorry to hear this. Its kind of ruined the show for me.

  • Vincent Naidu Post author

    how about Ross, Karen, mablean are they fake to ?

  • Purr Cat Post author

    This Swine-ette and the piglet of Court TV, Nancy Disgrace, should have millstones tied to them and tossed into the abyss

  • Equalizertime Post author


  • Kevin Ramsar Post author

    But how the plaintiffs and defendants, have talked over judge judy, in some episodes. How suspicious.

  • Willard Farr Post author

    Have a Cuz was on the show , Everything is played for and Each time his Case Appears he receive's $100 check.

  • Willard Farr Post author

    Sorry Paid for

  • April-Showers Anderson Post author

    She has a dominant side about her.

  • Trucker Ray Post author

    I wish they'd pull this bitch off tv she's got a big fat mouth and respects nobody. How the hell do they consider this idiot entertainment. Total crap that's all she is. Old bitch needs to stay home and get a f ing life.

  • Larry Hunt Post author

    Justice should NOT be about the the ratings on a TV show..
    This is totally wrong and so is judge Judy..

  • Poukkaa Ganeska Post author

    Judge Judy is one of the biggest legends in today's society. She is such an inspiration and she is an absolute lady behind the scenes and in her every day real life. She's also a total anti-feminist like myself and that gives me some reason to believe there is some hope left for us women yet. I wish more youths were given women like these to worship and idolize rather than the likes of the Kardashians and the Lena Dumb-Dumbs of society. Judy Schiendlen, Elizabeth Smart, Michelle Knight, Holly Willoughby; these are the real women of the world who we should be plastering over our magazines (I know Holly has a bit of media attention but not near enough for what she deserves) and enticing young women to research and follow instead of allowing our TV's and social media to raise our children and instill immoral values in them because we are too arrogant and ignorant to admit that we need to have one of either parent at home to properly raise your children and bring them up to be stable, happy, truly confident and unconditionally loved. Stop thinking it's ok for someone else to influence your child when you don't even know what the influencer's ethics and opinions are. It's not fair to your child and it's not fair for you to think you can do it all when it's clear we can't do it all. It's funny how much our younger generations have changed since women were allowed to work. I'm not saying women shouldn't work and if you think that you obviously didn't even bother reading my comment properly as I've already stated that one of EITHER parent needs to stay at home to bring the kids up, NOT the woman. The sooner we get that into our thick skulls, along with proper parenting skills and techniques that don't involve negative reinforcement, violence, fear-inducing comments and unnecessary aggression, the quicker our children will grow up to be all-rounded, stable, self-assured and self-motivated, responsible and sensible individuals instead of the rude, vile, thoughtless, highly-confused, aggressive, violent, irresponsible, ignorant and arrogant feckers we have in today's first-world societies. I don't know why we can't admit we went wrong as a nation and as individuals and aim to fix it instead of sticking our thick heads up our own arses to get away from the harsh reality of what we have allowed to happen. There's nothing wrong with admitting failure, sincerely apologising and working extra hard to make up for all the short-comings we've caused with our self-entitled and lazy behaviour and attitude. It's easier than allowing this bollocks to continue.

  • eleanore Musso Post author

    great entertainment. 😀

  • NvrMissBravo Post author

    I'm watching it right now , and there it is !

  • Marcellus Lab Post author

    well thank you very much for fucking up my favourite show LOL

  • Abebayehu Mengesha Post author

    So this is fake?

  • Hatlou Hotmess Jackson Post author

    She's very rude and disrespectful!

  • cally pann Post author

    sorry to hear this information… it's all a show…not watching anymore

  • Jellybeantiger Post author

    I can’t stand her,her show is designed for masochists.

  • George Himes Post author

    So called Judge Judy is over paid and a joke take her off the air .

  • Paula Clark Post author

    Judge Judy should not be practicing law in any capacity. She is disgustingly rude, condescending and obnoxious. I can't imagine sitting under her tutelage. Although, she appears very knowledgeable, her conduct and style of abritration seems irrational and very confrontational.

  • Jasmine Houston-Burns Post author

    I'll keep this in mind the next time I see a case that makes absolutely no sense.

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    i think judge judy is a sorry bitch

  • B Mandel Post author

    I have never liked that show. This video answered a lot of questions and just confirms why I detest 'reality' shows…because they're not reality. So lame.

  • Mark Winstock Post author

    If producers pay all "fines", where's the "justice"?? … I guess that's "showbiz"..

  • craigslistrr O Post author

    I dont this old dishrag much credit for anything except fleecing the public for her own personal gain…

  • Mama Crow Post author

    I just realized something, we just have a mandatory law school class in the public curriculum (highschool). Nothing huge, that certainly wouldn't replace having to go to law school, but I feel like all Americans should have a better understanding of how all laws work.

  • peter58peter Post author

    all judges r fakes.

  • Gigzy Art Post author

    On the show itself judge Judy has used that contract of payment and Free travel in board as a weapon, she tells them if they do not follow out with her decisions they will not fulfill judge Judy side of the contract. In other words if you do not Do as judge Judy says they will not pay you nor will they pay for your trip back home. The judgments are real. Also in judge Judy's defense she does a lot of time weed out the fake stories.

  • Jade Shannon Post author

    I really like Judge Judy and I don't care what other people think about her.

  • Steve Post author

    She's an obnoxious misandrist. Invariably, if one of the litigants is a younger male and the opposing litigant is female, there is a 99% probability that she will utter one of her stock lines (which she imagines is indicative of her great wit), "She may have found you attractive, but I do not." I can imagine the furor if a male judge told a female litigant, "He may have found you attractive, but I do not." Someone needs to explain to this hideous, obnoxious old crone that 20something males do not care if a cranky old bitch who's at least three times their age thinks they're cute or not. And like most of her taglines, "She may have found you attractive, but I do not" stopped being funny about the same time as "The Simpsons". I sincerely hope that the children she periodically refers to were all girls- God knows what this hateful bitch would do to her sons- she would probably have cackled with schadenfreude while they were being circumcised and yelled "DON'T STOP!"

  • La Red Post author

    I feel she's probably a really nasty person IRL. I really do….

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    i bet judge judy never had to work through high school, college and live in a dump, drive a old junk car, she had her Jewish family support, but treats everyone like a POS for not being model citizen.

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    no one seems to have pointed out that anybody that goes on this show has basically just WON. other than the humiliation ,they did something wrong, somebody is guilty, somebody is the loser but somebody else is going to pick up the tab for them. the show's producer are going to pay for them which means they didn't really have any consequences. so basically it's a show that does not give any punishment to the guilty. BOOOOOOOOOO

  • Joseph Rochester Post author

    Judge Judy is the most incredible judge in the whole wide world i watch her everyday only if i could get some of her money really need it

  • Alt Post author

    I would describe her as "no longer a judge" rather than "not a judge." And the idea that she's really just helping people solve their problems is definitely true but she's using her past experience as a lawyer and as a former judge to do so.

  • jorge S Post author

    Arbitration Isa judge

  • allah son Post author

    Judge Kendall's a well known racist bitch,n just like this hoe,somethings gotta give ,all her ties,n belittling,hatfuk orders r unthinkable going to the country teaching division stop Kendall immedieafuckinglylee

  • LV-426 Devasher Post author

    She is an entertainer – Nothing more nothing less.

  • H.L Post author

    Do Dr Phil next!!

  • jazz4asahel Post author


  • Jade Shannon Post author

    We like to watch her for a laugh!

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    And still the sheeple believe TV is real!!!!

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    She is a 70 year old girl, with really no legal knowledge. All hopeless television.

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    She looks like a chicken. Can't stand that disrespectful bitch. Overbearing dumbass.

  • Jody Grove Post author

    The alleged Judhe Judy makes my stomach sick. I never couldn’t


  • t4705mb6 Post author

    Sheindlin used rude bitchiness and the legal system to haul in nearly $1M for a day's pay. Good for her. If I had to have her disgusting conniving mindset I wouldn't trade places.

  • carol nelson Post author

    I would LOVE to see her RIP into Casey Anthony, now that I WOULD watch!!!

  • Mary Cahill Post author

    Everything in this video is accurate, as Judge Judy has explained in interviews before. You got it right.

  • Lynda White Post author

    Clearfield Trust Doctrine: no real judges anymore.

  • izeizei Post author

    Whadda load'o'bollocks!

  • AvaBrown60 Post author

    Wow….I thought this show was real smh.

  • Greg Horn Post author

    You're wrong about her not being a real Judge. She is a Real Judge. A Judge is much like a Marine Once a Judge always a Judge unless said Judge is charged with a crime and Judge Judy has never been. She may be retired from her New York Judgeship But She is A Real Judge worth around 200 million depending on which site you visit.

  • KrazyVideoChick Post author

    Regarding the real/fake cases…. Judge Judy has been catching on to this the past few years…. she will dismiss a case with a quickness if one eency weency thing seems off to her. There were two gay guys that were exes. The plaintiff tried to sue for his broken laptop, the defendant tried to sue for his smashed cell phone. The plaintiff showed a video of the defendant throwing the laptop, and JJ noticed he had on shoes and a hat. This guy was supposed to be just woken up by the plaintiff…. I laughed so hard when she dismissed their asses.

  • AMERICAtheBEAUTIFUL9 Post author

    Mosby is a piece of shit !

  • Sonya Debi Post author

    It's a circus everywhere

  • Azuraz Dandaridae Post author

    With all the "fake news" on the internet now how do we know this video is factual? This could all be a lie just for you to get your 4:45 of internet fame?

  • Tatiana Post author

    She is one fine, great lady hoping to tell everyone how dumb some blondes can be.

  • Boofer T. Washington Post author

    The real truth? She's a fraud and a cunt.

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  • Angry Mike Post author


  • Caleb Mandrake Post author

    4:07 – Marilyn Mosby lost every case against the police officers. She followed politics instead of following the evidence

  • Ignition Liquid Post author


  • Fat Tony Post author

    *Uncross your arms!
    *Take your hands out of your pockets!
    *Don't look there. Look here.
    *Stand up on your own feet.
    *Don't play with me.
    *You are a moron/idiot/deadbeat.
    *Don't tell me what anybody said. That's hearsay.
    *I am speaking!
    *Get a job!
    *The questions are going to get harder.
    *Don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining.
    *On your best day you're not as smart as I am on my worst day.
    *If it doesn't make sense, it is not true.
    *If you tell the truth, you don't have to have a good memory.
    *If you interrupt one more time, I'm dismissing your case.

  • Hobojoe Kel Post author

    I would love to see her sued for the way she talks to and treats people and have to face a REAL LIFE JUDGE who talks to and treats her the way she does other people. Honestly i dont know how she keeps from getting attacked and having the crap beat out of her the way she treats people.

  • Ryan James Post author

    You forgot to add that she sees anything that isn't human as a lifeless object that bleeds.

  • Judith Thomas Post author

    I watch Judge Judy because I like her show. She is a real judge and if I had a civil law suit, I'd want her to be my judge.

  • Hoary Dragon33 Post author

    Bog deal. Everybody knows that realiyu tv is mot real.

  • Ydontcha Blowme Post author

    Fake jewy bitch lookin for fame. BURN THE WITCH!

  • Kimberly Andreson Post author

    If she decides who should pay a fine, and then no one does (except the producers of the show), there is no real case or controversy and the entire program is a circus show.. She is not doing binding arbitration, and she is an "acting judge".

  • Brian Foster Post author

    She's a crook and a liar who makes 30 million dollars a year. She's rude and condescending to people. I'd like to see her in the joint. The other inmates would put her in her place real quick.

  • Sky Lines21 Post author

    I knew it was fake, it's obviously scripted.

  • RavenclAwesome Post author

    At least she actually is a licensed judge, even if not on set. Unlike "Doctor" Phil.

  • freedom is mine Post author

    JJ …if things doesnt make sense to me … thats not true

  • Evil Queen Post author

    I don't get it, so why do the people look legitimately mad when she rules them to pay? It looks realistic! Lol!

  • Kevin Healey Post author

    Any publicity is good publicity.

  • LeroyBright Post author

    It seems bad that the last person shown, (Marilyn Mosby) is currently the State's Attorney for Baltimore City! And many people DESPISE her!

  • Texas Tate Post author

    That's not true they give them an incentive and help them pay the wins Loser still has to pay them back.
    But they do get an all-expense-paid vacation with dinners and stuff like that to give them an incentive to want to take their case there.

  • Deen Andrews Post author

    What a BUITCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BitterVoid Post author

    Ugh. That just sucks that they don’t have to pay the fines though. It’s stupid. And most of the idiots who go on there are horrible people. They don’t deserve a free trip for some air time.

  • Jay P Post author

    It's been stated by Judge Judy that even though it technically not a traditional courtroom, litigants still have to sign a contract stating they waive all rights and agree to allow her to make the final decision on their case. And Judge Judy reserves the right to cancel paid flights home if the litigants refuse to cooperate with her.

  • Remi Skidmore Post author

    Fake @$$

  • brendan909 Post author

    @0:44 you can see the letter refers to her as an arbitrator.

  • trevor Post author

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  • trevor Post author

    if that disrespectful creature ever pretended to have authority over me, i'd tell her to kill herself and curse her and her shitty family.

  • NEM Post author

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  • Abra Kadabra Post author

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  • Fred Smith Post author

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  • toppa toppa Post author

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  • G00GLE CHR0ME Post author

    So the defendants get away with bad behavior and financial damages because the shows pays the judgement amount to the plaintiff… What a scam!

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