The Truth on No Fap, Sex and the Law of Attraction (My Perspective)

The Truth on No Fap, Sex and the Law of Attraction (My Perspective)

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this video I’ll share with you my
personal opinion and perspective when it comes to know that the law of attraction
and sex I’m gonna share with you the way that I see the whole process and how we
can really use that kind of energy to create what we want welcome back to
another video my name is Erin and I help people expand their consciousness now in
this video I’m gonna be explaining to you something that is a question I’ve
had quite a bit actually I’ve had quite a bit of this question over the last
year and has to do with no fat which means specifically like not masturbating
and how that may correlate with like the results that we get in our emotional
clarity and at the same time talk about how that may fit in with the law of
attraction and creativity now this is something that actually I looked into
when I first learned about the law of attraction and when I first read the
book called Think and Grow Rich and for you those of you that don’t know Think
and Grow Rich is one of the og books for the law of attraction it was written by
Napoleon Hill back and think the 1930s and it’s the one book that really
referenced in the movie the secret and in that book there’s one chapter in
there that’s on what is called sexual transmutation now that sounds like kind
of a weird word I remember that I had at the job that I worked at this is when I
worked at Nordstrom’s like six or seven years ago I read about that it is there
was something about it that I knew was just very interesting to me and I
remember I had a co-worker that I went up to that was kind of sharing these
ideas with he was a very open-minded dude and I kind of told him about that
and when I said there were sexual transmutation he looked at me kind of
funny like what the hell are you talking about
and I so I didn’t really mention it from that going on for just cuz I knew people
thought it was this weird thing but this is the 1930s and he was talking about it
basically what it does is it has to do with understanding that one of the most
potent forms of energy and life is that of sexual energy and you may notice that
if you remember like flirting with someone how much like tension that can
create you may notice that when they talk about Kundalini a lot of it has to
do with bringing that sexual energy up through the body so that it like raises
into our head that’s kind of similar with this process now personally when it
comes to nofap I don’t masturbate now I know this is kind of a
personal type thing but the way that I view and/or
the way that I view this process is that that energy is very potent so one thing
that I do is what I intend to do is when I do some deep breathing exercises is I
bring the energy through my body and I bring it up to my head and I feel like
that may or may not I’m not totally sure help when it comes to the process of
being more creative I believe that that there is some type of power that comes
with that potent type energy so therefore I choose not to waste it you
know back in the day I probably would you know look at porn maybe twice a week
or something like that and are some people I know that just you know they do
it probably like five or six times a week or every night before they go to
bed and personally I think that you are just completely letting go of all your
creative energy you’re deciding to just kind of like you know let it go and it’s
like then your energy levels are much lower and maybe some people disagree
with me but my personal opinion is that what we can learn to do is to channel
that creative energy is to channel that kind of potent energy into the direction
of what we want to experience now this is what he called sexual transmutation
is where when we have a desire what we do is we use that sexual energy and we
put it in the direction of that desire so I don’t know if that means
necessarily that we’re supposed to like get aroused and then focus on what we
want but I do think there could be some level of truth in that when it comes to
the amount of energy we’re giving to our emotions or the amount of energy we’re
giving to whatever we’re thinking about so personally I think and I remain
open-minded with it but I believe that if we are able to use that energy
instead of letting they go twice or five times a week with no actual purpose now
I’m not saying to not have sex I think that that’s an awesome thing I think
that that’s something that you know if you if that’s what you want to do then I
think that is great I don’t hold back from that but the idea is holding back
from the idea of just with no purpose there’s no purpose behind it to just
watch porn and do it other than just to get off real quick it’s a very
short-term type thing I like to think a little bit more long-term so I like to
think of cultivating that energy putting it in the direction
what I want to experience and knowing that that adds to my creativity you know
I’m also you know I have a lot more creativity in my life than I used to you
know I create videos every day I’ve been creating like two or three videos a day
for over the last like month and in order to do that in order to have this
kind of flow I have to have a lot of energy so I like to use that creative
energy in this way and that’s one of the ways that I do it so how can we
practically apply this in our own life well what I would recommend and of
course I’m not like one of those no fat guys and there’s nothing wrong with them
and I think they’re doing a great thing but I’m not saying to not do it I’m
saying to listen to your own body listen to yourself be aware of whether it’s
your head that’s telling you not to do it or to do it and get more present to
the moment and realize that what you can begin to do is realize everything is
energy and when it comes to emotion emotion is a powerful part of the Law of
Attraction process and one of the strongest desires there is is to express
ourselves sexually so knowing that like knowing that you know if you haven’t met
someone in a long time you may feel like that desire to go meet someone and to
have that kind of intimate connection and maybe even that sexual experience
the idea is that energy is so powerful and that will push us to go out that
will push us to do things and in the same way well we can realize is we can
channel that creativity and that energy in the direction of our desires and
that’s what I do that’s why I choose to only save it for either a physical type
thing with someone else or just for you know doing deep
breathing if I feel like the urge maybe what I’ll do is I’ll do some type of
deep breathing and I’ll move the energy from the base of my spine up and into my
heart or into my head and what that does is that allows me to be more creative
that’s something I’ve done for years that’s something to talk about and think
and grow rich with Napoleon Hill I think that if you you probably find that
little section online somewhere maybe you can even get it’s an amazing book
it’s one of the classic books there’s more millionaires that have said I mean
there’s a lot of millionaires and we rephrase this there’s a lot of
millionaires and successful people that have said that that was the one book
that transformed their lives or that made them become wealthy because they
started to apply the principles of that book now of course it was a taboo
subject so it was a small section in the book but it was nonetheless mentioned
and it was mentioned in the way he talked about it was that it is some of
the most potent energy and if you look to a lot of the people especially in
that and like athletes for example a lot of them have this kind of dark side and
then I’m saying we need this dark side in order to really attract what we want
or anything but a lot of there’s many of them have this kind of dark side when it
comes to sexual energy like you look at someone like maybe Tiger Woods or you
look at somebody there’s a lot of basketball players for example and you
look at them and sometimes if they have that kind of conspiracy or that like
controversy around that idea I think that there is something powerful about
sexual energy now whether it’s used for good or bad that’s debatable or whether
you know it’s a negative our positive thing for some people because it can be
constructive you know some of those people may have an addiction to it but
the idea is to be aware of how you relate to the subject be aware to where
your energy is going and to if you are more so putting your energy into just
wasting it for example and be aware of how you could channel it in a very
powerful way do something creative put yourself out there creativity wise and
find that maybe it channels in a completely new way do some deep
breathing exercises and bring the awareness and bring the energy from the
base of your spine up into your body up into your head and see if that makes you
more energized try it for you and see how it works that’s what I recommend and
me personally as I said I believe that nofap can be powerful I believe that at
the same time we can channel that energy and we can use it in the direction of
what we want to create in our life but at the same time I still believe that
having that connection with other people is important so I’m not saying to not do
that but it’s all up to you and what you believe so remember our beliefs create
our reality I encourage you to get to the core of what you believe and that if
you’d like with this awareness that I’ve shared with you today maybe you can
start to use the sexual energy in a powerful way so with that being said I
hope you guys enjoyed this video I put a free PDF in the description on the top 5
Loa books that have changed my life two of those books are less than 50 pages
can be read in like two hours and some of them you can even find for
free online so feel free to click the link in the bio in the description box
if you guys want that and then other than that
I will see you guys on the next vid peace much love namaste

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