The Trump Administration Is Officially A Criminal Enterprise

The Trump Administration Is Officially A Criminal Enterprise

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On Tuesday, Kellyanne Conway was slapped with
two violations of the Hatch Act by the Office of Special Counsel within the federal government. This means that Kellyanne Conway now has three
Hatch Act violations under her belt. The first one taking place last February when
she went on TV and told people to buy Ivanka’s stuff. Now this week, two more Hatch Act violations,
a federal law that Kellyanne Conway was found to have broken, which means by definition,
Kellyanne Conway is pretty much a criminal at this point. The White House, obviously, they are the ones
who get to decide what to do with Kellyanne Conway, how to punish her after her third
strike. They issued a statement that basically said,
yeah, we don’t care. Specifically, the statement said that by violating
the Hatch Act, Kellyanne Conway was actually showing how much he tries to adhere to the
Hatch Act. Their defense of her crimes was saying that,
yeah, she broke the law, but by breaking the law, she showed how much she doesn’t want
to break the law. Now and any other administration, that would
pretty much seem like one of the dumbest things you could say, but that’s exactly what we’ve
come to expect from the Donald Trump White House. A circular sentence that basically makes absolutely
no sense, but it’s what they’re going with. That’s the statement that they issued, and
so they’re going to do nothing about the fact that Kellyanne Conway has broken the law three
times in the last 12 1/2 months. Again, that was totally predictable. This White House has completely become a criminal
enterprise. Kellyanne Conway has broken the law three
times since last February and has yet to be punished for it. I mean, we’ve got Jared and Ivanka under investigation
by the IRS and the FBI respectively, completely separate from the Robert Mueller special prosecutor
investigation. This is a criminal White House. These people long in prison, not serving with
the White House. You have conservatives out there, the Fox
News followers on social media tweeting out these stupid things like, “Yeah, Kellyanne
Conway violated the Hatch Act, but so did Obama.” Completely showing their ignorance of the
law, because the president is actually exempt from it. They also tried to attacked Hillary Clinton
as allegedly breaking it, and John Kerry as allegedly breaking it, although those things
never happen. But that’s what happening with the conservative
base right now. They say, “Yeah, they did it, but what about
them too. You got to get them to.” That’s not how it works. First of all, there’s no evidence to suggest
that those people violated the Hatch Act. Second of all, they’re not even in power anymore,
and if you’re not going to punish your people, then why would you Worry about punishing someone
else? They’re not worried about it. They just want to deflect away from the fact,
and draw the public’s attention away from the fact that we basically have a gaggle of
criminals, an organized federal political mob, running this country today. It all flows from the top. It all flows from Donald Trump. I mean, this is a guy who is currently being
sued I guess, by at least 19 different women for sexual misconduct, and he’s the President
of the United States. He’s under investigation for possible collusion
with foreign superpowers to help win the election. He’s under investigation by that same special
prosecutor for some of his financial dealings around the globe, and some shady investments
and loans that he’s received. Jared Kushner, same thing. These people do not belong in the White House. They belong in the jail house. If there is any justice left in this country,
that’s where all of these people will end up by the time all of this is finished.

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  • Michael slaucitajs Post author

    My God America, your supposed to be a beacon of justice. Politicians are not supposed to be above the law. Why do you not have laws and prosecutors that must do their jobs regardless of who's in power. It shouldn't matter if one party controls every branch of government they should still be vulnerable to the law and have no power whatsoever over it. Other countries have done this why can't you as well? Your public should be demanding it. Sorry for the rant I'm just so very tired and confused by it all.

  • G String Post author

    True……….. But what are they going to do about it……. NOTHING !

  • dangerouslytalented Post author

    Trump is probably furious she isn't promoting his businesses more.

  • Kazadi Kashama Post author

    Icannot believe you guys !!! You're not a country, you're a circus !!!

  • Joe Blow Post author

    Oh please

  • Andrew Velonis Post author

    So if I ever get a speeding ticket, I'll just tell the judge that in breaking the law, that proves how much I was trying to obey it. Besides, everyone else is doing it.

  • Coffee is for closers Post author

    The Trump white is basically no different to the Mafia. The only they are led by literally the stupiest man on the planet. Putin must be rubbing his hands with Glee at all the current chaos.

  • Lena P Post author

    That happens when there are criminals in office. How comes they are still there? Everybody else would already find himself at court.

  • bite me Post author

    Why is it taking so long to get these morons out of office

  • G-Man Post author

    Why is she still in the white house ?

  • ( O_〉O)? Post author

    Just wait till the November mid terms.

  • Aleta Mize Post author


  • Don Post Post author

    The law is dead.

  • Aleta Mize Post author

    Kellys dark soul is showing lies will show on your face look at hers her darkness is showing. Evil liars liars all. You cannot take back lies they are hung on your soul. Enjoy .

  • BETTERWORLD SGT0589 Post author

    Kelly Anne Couchway and The whole bunch, out with them!!!!!!

  • CastAway_Dave Post author


  • SKINNYPIMP1973 Post author

    Are you kidding me. All the politicians do the same all the time. The only people that need to go to jail is Hillary and all her criminals around her . TRUMP 2020.

  • SKINNYPIMP1973 Post author


  • billy the dead Post author

    I normally agree with you but this administration has been criminal sense before the beginning. If you want better demand better get registered get informed and vote for better

  • Bad80y1 Post author

    Seems like Kellyanne could care less about her crimes. Amazing how brazin they all are cause they're boss does it almost on a daily basis. Would be nice if she joins Trump and many of his crime family alongside them in Prison if they are and should be on trial for their illegal crimes. Have to wait and see.

  • Ken Bugbee Post author

    Such a big deal ? Not really .

  • Nicholas Camp Post author

    Most people could care less.

  • Rick Morgan Post author

    Everyone in the current administration and those identifying themselves as Republican are the same as criminals, the only difference being actual convictions, and should be arrested, tried and LOCKED UP. lock them up; Lock Them Up; LOCK THEM UP!!!

  • Grey Bar0n Post author

    In 1985 when my father was alive he said Donald Trump was a bigoted money laundering POS. Oh well… Merika'

  • Bleu Eyze Post author

    From alternative facts to alternative logic. Doesn't that make sense?

  • nakiro1 official Post author

    Sweet! I'm number 666 in the likes for this video. Keep up the good work Farron!

  • Dave G Post author

    Trump is not the leader of the free world you idiots, Putin is. Get that through you stupid blind moronic heads.

  • Bezz80 Post author

    When in the past 50 or so years has the White House NOT been a criminal enterprise. Please spare me your faux outrage, while you openly support the current war criminal model, just evidently not run by Trump. Take it from a former life long Democrat, you psychos are as bad as the Trumpanzees, new progressive party on the way, we don't want you anymore, any more than Tea Parties wanted RINO's.

  • Green Energy Post author

    The Future

  • Prodigy Post author

    The Jail House.

  • Simon 's Post author

    So, everyone else should be given a pass?

  • kristabella222 Post author

    I can't take it anymore. How can the Trump administration get away with so many ethics violations, conflicts of interest, corruption and absolute insanity? Please, someone make it stop.

  • Big DWP Post author

    Come on Trump, you could get a BJ out of this.

  • ThreePalmsII Post author

    It hit me like a ton of bricks Trump is a low class reality TV star and he has made the presidency a low class reality TV show. He does not care. Chaos and discord is planned and his bas loves it. We need to look at Trump's term thru the eyes of an insane person and quit looking for sanity.

  • Scniff Kenauser Post author

    scum bags galore

  • sohaib agouba Post author

    Painfully dumb

  • Richard Fernandez Post author

    Conservatives are too stupid to acknowledge that 2 wrongs don't make a right.Even if Obama or Hillary did something illegal doesn't mean it's now okay to do!Wtf is wrong with these people?The conservatives are always going to lie because they aren't truthful people to begin with.

  • streamline6666 Post author

    She looks like the crypt-keeper in the thumbnail, sorry crypt-keeper.

  • stoeger 2 Post author

    What, was that the excuse ( really)

  • Fire Iscoming Post author

    What aboutism is a sign of desperation and guilt.

  • James williams Post author

    #REMOVE TRUMP& this administration!πŸ˜’

  • Kelly Schittenhelm Post author

    That thumbnail will give me nightmares.
    Hire fire so quick in this administration

  • James Skelton Post author

    George Orwell would like to remind everyone that 1984 is a warning not an instruction manual.

  • Freptboy Post author

    If she have all these violations, she probably run red lights, fail to stop at stop signs or speeding tickets.

  • tallicafan987654321 Post author

    sophistical is the word you were looking for at the start, in reference to the cyclical arguments of Trump

  • Oblivious Post author

    Serving in the White House? Trump and his cronies only serve their own interests.

  • Omar Nore Post author

    If.nasa.lab.chimp.pleads.not.guilty & goes to trial,the jury will find him not guilty by treason of insanity.

  • The P Post author

    Donald and kellyanne can suck my soft limp cock

  • saigonbond Post author

    Kellyanne ConJob is looking more and more like Gollum every day.

  • Barnaby ap Robert Post author

    Trump will die in his shit smeared cage at Gitmo while begging to the guards to piss on him while speaking Russian.

  • Jake Thomson Post author

    When it was enacted in 1939, violating the Hatch Act was a misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in prison or a fine up to $1,000 or both. It has been amended several times since it originally was enacted. The current version enacted in 2012 makes it a civil offense and no longer a criminal offense to violate the Hatch Act. Ergo, Conway did NOT commit a crime by violating it. Not that she's innocent of committing OTHER crimes like obstruction of justice, conspiracy, misprision of felony, misprision of treason, and accessory after the fact but she didn't commit a crime by violating the Hatch Act.

  • Khalifa Of The Most High Post author

    Lock her up!

  • confucius12012 Post author

    How does this child have 165k subscribers talking about things he knows nothing about? What a bunch of dumb fucking people you are who listen to this complete fucking moron. Do any of you idiots know how many people violated the Hatch act during the Obama administration which he did nothing about it? You people are just a bunch tumbling dickweeds lost in the desert.

  • Schiff/Sanders 2020 Post author

    She looks so TIRED.

  • BundesRepublic Murica Post author

    Why would the White House be the determiner in wether or not she is charged? I would think that a law enforcement organization such as the FBI would be the one to do that. A complainant speaks to the law enforcement organization, they take it to a judge get an indictment and go arrest her. The white household doesn’t perform any of those functions.

  • Marianne Cheronis Post author

    Eee Gads, that thumbnail! Dreadful creature inside & out.

  • Spider Man Post author

    that's a logical and grammatical redundancy.

  • Peter Lorimer Post author

    I notice the old gun control conversations have started to fade into the distance… As usual. Until the next time.

  • Ndhzb Hhdhhs Post author

    Is it just me or does this sickly looking bitch look like shes starving herself to death someone give this anorexic cunt a double bacon cheese burger with fries onion rings & a coke & choco shake & apple pie to go with it.if she doesn't she'll end up looking like a 5000 yr old mummy.

  • Bryan Boyle Post author

    They're the moron whisperers.

  • Rene Van alphen Post author

    Its not only trump Its the whole of the us that is a criminal enterprise!

  • Dai Lee Post author

    Hasn't it always been a Criminal enterprise? Moving from NYC to Washington DC?

  • BertyFromDK Post author

    Just paint the jail building white, D.T. won't notice the difference!

  • nosuchthing8 Post author

    The crime syndicate

  • griffinwm Post author

    Don Corleone and the Republican Crime Family.

  • TheGholiday Post author

    Don’t forget the misuse of the presidential seal at mar-a-lago and on mugs at the trump gift shop.

  • Peter David Post author

    No laws work for Trump. He is a free lucky person. Let him Fuck you all.

  • Brian Johnson Post author

    What??? 😑
    Lock her up!!! 😠

  • Atsard- Dali Post author

    Jailhouse Rock

  • Jason Hosea Post author

    by the time this is over trumpgazi will be too weak of a term to begin to describe it

  • Chuck-U Farly Post author

    trump is also being sued by a porn star. Trump and his crooked family have been involved in criminal activities for decades now. He just lost control of a hotel in Panama that was being used for money laundering. Most if not all of trump's real estate deals are money laundering schemes. Trump even aided Iran in money laundering which is treason.

  • Nikita Perrigill Post author

    OH WELLl! Another beautiful day in the office of an IMBECIL, CRIMINAL, LIAR, SCUMBAG, CON MAN, NARCIST, RACIST & a PIG 🐷etc. etc. etc. !

  • End-Gamer Post author

    OMG that Thumbnail The Crypt Keeper

  • Natalie Mae Post author

    Going Green Or Bust, Time to create a non corrupt 2 party system and Fix our issues instead of indicting every wrong in this circus of a Government Mafia

  • waffledude111111 Post author

    The US is becoming North Korea. The leader can break the law all the fuck he wants, and citizens don't dare to say anything or else they get prison camp or family execution.

  • The Resistance Post author

    Why does every single LIAR who works for t-rump look like they were recycled from hell?

  • Denita Wright Post author

    Kelly anne looks like the walking dead. Make-up please.

  • Denita Wright Post author

    Learned from the master's.

  • Little Dorrit Post author

    KAC can KMA.

  • Dennis Phippen Post author


  • Barb Shamb Post author

    Kellyanne, find a new make up artist, you look like you've lost a year of sleep. Honestly sweetie you need some serious attention.

  • Idowebs Post author


  • Bardolino Michele Post author

    C'mon Farron. Get with the program. Don't you see that this is "alternative facts?" Just like her statement that microwaves could be cameras. Just like her statement of the Bowling Green Massacre. Silly boy. Hee, hee!

  • HoneySiegalSurvivor Post author

    Trump and his hustler associates in perpetual business is personal . . Especially important for Mueller to indict quickly because of the NWO plans for the dissolved US. Honey R Siegal Stober (see more evidence from this link here

  • James Phillips Post author

    How many times has trump broken the law, even just since putin put him in office. Or how about his entire cabinet? All of them should be in jail.

  • michael preston Post author

    Lock her ugly ass up !

  • Brock Samson Post author

    For anyone who wants the truth instead of this bald prick's lies.

  • Grace Bertrand Post author

    What's new…

  • Amy Marie Post author

    Lock em all up…..

  • Terri Suder Post author

    RNC is now a criminal enterprise!!!

  • The Flight File Post author

    Kellyanne is a moron

  • Billy Crutchfield Post author

    Lockem UP LOCKEM UP Lockem UP

  • Shantorey Wilkins Post author


  • Numba One Pike Countian Post author

    Conway looks like a 90 year old version of David Lee Roth in the thumbnail.

  • Pam Kimmons Post author

    Vote against the Republicans this year and maybe Russian and Trump influence will be contained! (Since they have shown through their actions that they don't care about another country influencing America's voting!

  • Ghostwriters' Corner Post author

    I'm moving to Canada until this NAZI sack of garbage is forced to leave the White House, if that ever happens. The risk of being forced into a concentration camp by this Trump' Gestapo is just too great. Good luck everyone. PLEASE, MUELLER, RESTORE LIBERTY AND FREEDOM TO AMERICA.

  • Jimmy Hall Post author

    Bald fuckface.

  • Frances S. Post author

    Bull Shit wishful thinking

  • Nuance6 Post author

    She’s proven if your white and rich , you can get away with anything

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