The SECRET to MANIFESTING MONEY EASILY! With Law of Attraction Guided Visualization (Meditation)

The SECRET to MANIFESTING MONEY EASILY! With Law of Attraction Guided Visualization (Meditation)

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law of attraction the secret to manifesting money easily guided visualization (meditation) manifesting money doesn’t have to be as
difficult as many believe it to be there is often great significance placed on
how powerful money is which increases the amount and type of energy it carries
in one’s personal experience however money is merely a means to new
experiences and comforts it’s simply a middleman to what we really desire in
our life it’s not actually money that we want rather it’s the experience security
luxuries and fun that we seek money itself isn’t worth any more than the
paper it’s printed on we only give it value based on the equivalents that
others have given it by teaching our mind a new belief through repetition one
that money actually is an abundant object that comes from nature itself
which is always lavishly abundant any way we can remove the subconscious block
that holds the perception that money is a scarce commodity due to the freedom
that the value of money offers many people will spend the majority of their
time wanting more of it this type of energy causes the mind to believe in its
unavailability because a wundt is something that we don’t actually have
and believing that something is unavailable or scarce will produce just
that this causes resistance that holds the object of the want away from us once
there is a firmly embedded belief that abundance is available for all there is
no longer a need to have a desperate feeling state regarding it with the
correct energetic application we can “law of attraction” “the secret” to manifesting “money” easily guided visualization (meditation) allow the things we desire to show up in
our daily physical existence manifesting money is all about the
energy you bring to the experience and the more playful you can be with the
universe the more likely it is that your vibration is radiating an excellent
frequency to welcome abundance the following visualization process changes
the energetic equation between money and those that seek to have more of it in
their life parts of this visualization may seem odd or foreign to you but as
I’ve said many times sometimes we have to offer unexpected information to our
minds in order to receive the results we wish for close your eyes and imagine
that you are sitting in the most beautiful open field you’ve ever seen
there is nothing about this field that isn’t dripping in abundance and large
quantities the hundreds of trees that outline the grass of this field hold
thousands and thousands of leaves there are millions of tiny insects that call
this field home and literally billions of blades of grass as far as you can see nature doesn’t have the capacity to
produce anything in an inadequate manner and you can plainly see this in the
large number of each item that you observe as you sit in this field you are
able to realize the abundant manner in which nature always operates take a few
moments to relish in the fact that you are also a part of the natural order of
things which clearly makes you an abundant being now imagine that as you
are sitting in this beautiful and abundant field it begins to lightly rain
think of the millions and millions of law of attraction the secret to manifesting money easily guided visualization (meditation) raindrops that are beginning to fall all
around you as you intently listen your mind begins
to absorb just how many drops of rain it hears cascading around you this is just
another example of the way in which nature is only capable of supplying in
an abundant way as you sit in this field feeling the rain wash over you you begin
to notice that this rain doesn’t feel the way rain normally feels to you this
rain isn’t wet in fact it feels like paper or fabric you may now start to
realize that this rain that is coming directly from the abundance of nature
itself is actually Bills of money falling all around you feel it fall on
your head and on your shoulders notice that it brushes past your face and that
there are stacks of it beginning to accumulate in your lap place your hands
out and feel the fabric of this money between your fingers pull several pieces
up to your nose and smell its natural scent hear how it sounds as it falls
into piles and notice the quantity of money that has gathered around you
Nature has chosen to abundantly supply you with wealth and financial freedom it
has selected you as the perfect candidate now as as it may sound you’re
going to have a conversation with this money
the symbolic faces on the money surrounding you begin to ask if it’s
okay if they can live with you Nature law of attraction the secret to manifesting money easily guided visualization (meditation) has told them that you are a good place
for them to take up residence and they each take turns asking your permission
to do so they want to make sure that they are safe cared for and
we sent out into the world when it’s their time to be used in a productive
way and they have chosen you as the perfect host for this as you graciously
allow each one of them the opportunity to stay with you you hear more of them
asking can I live with you also see their faces as they ask and observe
their distinct personalities take a moment to nurture this money as
you would a child that is seeking shelter and a place of security tell it
that you’d be happy to let it come home with you imagine each piece of money’s
ecstatic response when it hears it has been chosen by you as a new member of
your home it knows that you will care for it and allow it to perform what it’s
designed to do at just the right moment realize that everything around you
responds to your feelings even money by developing a nurturing
caring and kind relationship with money you no longer have a reason to feel
frustrated or disappointed with it you can now see that money is about love and
joy it wants to give and receive these things as much as you do realize how
nature has perfectly married you with this abundance and be joyful in this
flawless decision just by the mere fact law of attraction the secret to manifesting money easily guided visualization (meditation) that you are absorbing this
visualization process you have been given an abundant gift mother nature
takes great delight and offering grand supply to you because you are her
offspring give gratitude not only for your gift but for the fact that you are
able to provide such a good environment for this money to grow and flourish show
appreciation for the opportunity to take care of this money in the way it needs
to be supported as you’re sitting in this field surrounded by your new friend
abundance begin to affirm I can now afford everything I want or need in my
life without stress or worry my new friend money allows me to have
the freedom and security that I’ve always desired because I am a good host
to money and because I have formed a new relationship with it it freely brings me
new experiences it visits my home for a while
goes back out into the world to find new things for me and then visits again this
simple process can completely change your feelings about money it quickly
imprints your subconscious mind with the energy of abundance instead of focusing
on how much money you need which keeps it from you you change your vibration to
one of allowing yourself to manifest money easily with this exercise money
desires you as much as you desire it and this is the secret to manifesting money
fast stop to ponder whether you’ve ever considered this to be a possibility if
you’ve endeavored to intentionally law of attraction the secret to manifesting money easily guided visualization (meditation) create money in your life ask yourself
how much power you give it the dance of energy between you and financial freedom
is delicate but once your mind believes that money freely desires to be in your
existence you may find it showing up in ways you’ve never dreamed of place your hands out and feel the fabric
of this money between your fingers as it falls from the sky notice the texture of it now pull several pieces of this money up
to your nose and smell its natural scent hear how it sounds as it falls into
piles and notice the quantity of money that has gathered around you realize now that nature has chosen to
abundantly supply you with wealth and financial freedom has selected you as
the perfect candidate law of attraction the secret to manifesting money easily guided visualization (meditation)

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