The SECRET of the Subconscious Mind That Leads to INSTANT MANIFESTATION! (law of attraction)

The SECRET of the Subconscious Mind That Leads to INSTANT MANIFESTATION! (law of attraction)

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law of attraction the secret of the subconscious mind that leads to instant manifestation the secret of the subconscious mind that leads to instant manifestation what-if manifestation could be easy effortless and instantaneous we’re all constantly manifesting but what if we could consciously and intentionally direct the manifestations and attract what we want in our lives through the use of the mind and emotion there’s a way to do this that can be free from tension and anxiety that blocks what is desired you may already know that the language of the subconscious mind is emotion emotion is how this portion of the mind knows is something is important or if it can be ignored but you might not know that the subconscious mind can be used for quick near instantaneous manifestations your subconscious mind is built to help you to achieve your goals in fact the results you are getting in life right now are a direct manifestation of what your subconscious mind is programmed to bring to you even if you’re unhappy with those results the subconscious mind always brings you what you’ve told it to bring to you but for most people there isn’t an understanding of how they told their subconscious mind to bring them less than desirable results consider this simple explanation every time a person allows their limitations to be more important than their goals on an emotional level they relate to the subconscious mind that those limitations are what is most important and in turn flow more energy to them therefore it produces more results that reflect those limitations back in real-life experience the only reason the subconscious mind does not bring a person what they want is because they have not told it what they truly desire in terms it understands or rather the language it uses to communicate when we tell the subconscious mind what we want it works tirelessly behind the scenes to make it happen have you ever had the experience of dwelling on an issue for a while you seem to be stuck so you decide to walk away for a bit and when you come back to the problem the solution is evident this is because you told your subconscious mind that you wanted to solve this problem when you walked away your subconscious mind was still at work gathering all its resources to do just that once you detached and came back to it the subconscious effortlessly presented you its findings it is like a computer it will only act on whatever inputs we give it if those inputs are flawed in relation to what you want that’s not the responsibility of the subconscious mind “law of attraction” the secret of the subconscious mind that leads to instant manifestation it was simply given inaccurate inputs to work with where the true desires are concerned if you want different outputs or results we must give it different inputs to work with following is the method in which to do that the subconscious mind will always immediately follow what’s being focused on take a few moments to think about a time when you felt abundant or loved or healthy choose just one of those for the time being or another state of your choosing as you think about those memories notice the feelings associated with your preferred memory sometimes just thinking the words abundance love and healthy can trigger an emotion that is related challenge your subconscious mind by asking it what would it look like if I were abundant or loved or healthy don’t spend a lot of time searching for the answer just ask the question and let it go subconscious will have to answer it because that’s what it’s designed to do in fact it can’t ignore the question due to the way it’s programmed to work notice how this doesn’t take a lot of effort on your part you don’t have to try to feel abundant loved or healthy you only have to very slightly access that state and notice how it feels for most this happens within a few seconds subconscious mind will always immediately respond to what is being focused on by delivering a corresponding emotion per your request it does this effortlessly without any work on your part there were likely no limiting beliefs or even resistance when you simply took a moment to access the state desired in instant manifestation terms when we focus on a particular desired state the subconscious mind delivers the emotion to really grasp how instant manifestation works you have to understand that everything is made out of energy therefore vibration as a result everything manifest in a vibrational form first before it can be translated into physical reality recalling the state desire doesn’t necessarily mean you have your physical manifestation right in front of you however what you do have is the seed of the manifestation law of attraction the secret of the subconscious mind that leads to instant manifestation and if you nurture that seed it will grow into your physical reality it’s no secret that the way you feel attracts to you people experiences and opportunities that match those feelings the key to unlocking your vibrational vault and letting all that you’ve ever desired manifest in physical form is to vibrate at the frequency of your manifested desires remember emotion is the vibrational signature of any manifestation or you may choose to think of it as the seed of the manifestation the plant that results from a seed has the same nature as the seed itself but you can’t simply have a plant pop out of thin air in order to see growth you plant the seed and nurture it with all the elements it requires to survive and to grow abundance the seed of an abundant life love is the seed of a relationship feeling healthy is the seed of a physical health we each have the ability to plant the seed of abundance or of love or of health or anything else once we water those seeds care for them and allow the time and room for them to grow they will naturally turn into the plant that holds the same design that was within the seed in other words accessing the state that corresponds to what you want most in a very relaxed way adds to that seed and gives it the energy required to grow the key to instant manifestation lies in the understanding that it is the dominant emotional state which determines the speed and content of the attraction process fleeting moment to moment emotions are not as relevant operative word is dominant an emotion you practice constantly is much more powerful than your momentary emotions even more significant the happiness level of the dominant emotional state determines the pace of the manifestation process the happier we are the more relaxed we are about the fact that we can feel good about what we want anytime we choose faster we manifest our desires instant physical manifestation occurs when we have raised our dominant emotional state to such a high and consistent level of happiness that the door to our vibrational vault remains constantly law of attraction the secret of the subconscious mind that leads to instant manifestation open when this is achieved everything that is ever desired flows into life instantly but at the perfect timing this means it manifests in our life due to our genuine readiness for it they’re all of the subconscious mind and this process is crucial because its focus determines the dominant emotional state think of it as a lens the lens will not focus itself it will focus on whatever the conscious mind directs it to focus on the conscious mind has the ability to be in charge rather than letting the subconscious mind run on default if a person has not spent a lot of time allowing the conscious mind to be the dominant of the two it will take practice to form the habit point being if we direct our focus towards lack then we will get lack if we direct it towards abundance we will get abundance and we always have the choice to stop a particular focus and its tracks and replace it with what is truly wanted the subconscious mind doesn’t really matter which one we choose it will merely follow the direction given and serve accordingly whatever we choose to dominantly focus on carries a dominant emotional state likened to it and in turn manifests correspondingly the emotion is the instant manifestation and how we know where our lens is focused in time when we’re able to keep this lens focused in the same direction toward our desires it will clarify and get bigger focus thought and emotion turns into more powerful thoughts and emotions those will turn into thoughts and emotions of the same nature which will in turn become bigger and bigger physical manifestations like attracts like and this is true where our focused thoughts are concerned also we always have the ability to immediately know where our lens is focused by the emotion that we feel the emotion never lies if you don’t like a particular emotion it is up to you and you alone to change the focus no one can do it for you with consistent practice and observance you’ll have a moment-by-moment awareness of exactly where your lens is focused and you can make instant adjustments as necessary if you are focused on lack and limitation evidenced by the anxiety you feel around money your focus that lens on abundance to do this remove the current focus by entering a zero state in other words clear your mind and emotions think of something unimportant such as how the clouds are extra white today or how “law of attraction” the secret of the subconscious mind that leads to instant manifestation there are an unusual amount of cars driving down the road it doesn’t matter what you choose to focus on to clear the focus and emotional state that corresponds just make it mundane and unrelated then refocus your lens by simply intending the emotion you want as in the example previously given ask your subconscious mind what it would look like if you’re already experiencing your desired manifestation or you may want to phrase the question like this what if I were already abundant and all of my needs were met once again the subconscious mind cannot ignore this and will diligently search for a way to access that information and therefore the state that corresponds you don’t have to fully visualize your goal at this point I merely plant the seed by focusing on the essence of the goal maybe you find it difficult to focus on earning ten thousand dollars a month right now without a lot of resistance however you can focus on the light positive feeling of abundance that is at the core of your being as a part of the infinite whole may find that you focus on the unwanted quite a bit at first remember that your subconscious mind besides being a goal machine is also very habitual when the habit of focusing on lack has been formed the subconscious creates that behavior because again it doesn’t care where the lens is focused this is what we commonly call resistance in this instance this conscious mind is programmed to attract something unwanted and so when there is an attempt to change the program there’s going to be a time of resistance where it keeps following the old program as new programs or focus are introduced there is initial tension between the old and the new persistence is key and the subconscious mind will take the cue once you’ve adamantly told it that you’re choosing a new focus and new emotional States the subconscious mind will for a time try to follow the old it is your job to hold your vision of the new program you want to install eventually it will get the message and start acting out the new program and attached emotions instead during this portion of the manifestation process it’s imperative to make the emotion be enough for the present moment that is your instant manifestation obviously the goal itself is what you really want which will produce the feeling you’re seeking but just as the seed is enough until the plant grows the emotion must be enough 1 2 your creation grows be willing to do what it takes to put your focus where it needs to be focus on that gold daily give your manifestation the time it needs to grow and mature don’t law of attraction the secret of the subconscious mind that leads to instant manifestation worry about how or when if you’re accessing the corresponding emotional state it will give you the feeling you’re looking for with the physical manifestation let this consume you and relish in that state because it is your ultimate end goal anyway this doesn’t mean your manifestation will take a long time for those that are well-versed in this practice they may see their manifestation within a matter of hours however you have to be okay with the way things are right now and rest and knowing that you can feel great about your want anytime you choose to focus on it in that manner current reality is what it is and that is okay but you can create something new as long as you are willing to focus regularly on the vibrational signature of your goal and time the goal will make its way into your life but for now what you have is the seed of that goal nurture that little seed like a baby plant it love it spend time with it be happy with it and that seed will grow the secret of the subconscious mind that leads to instant manifestation is that whatever you focus on you receive the essence of or emotional match immediately if you have a goal you’d like to manifest simply think about that goal and how it makes you feel to have it or think about times in the past that felt the same way then allow the subconscious mind to effortlessly bring up the emotion that relates in time this conscious mind will automate the new program because of the energy being given to it and the old program will lie dormant from lack of energy and disuse the most important thing to remember is to hold to the vision you want to create no matter how persistent the old program is no matter what your subconscious mind brings up to the surface redirect to focusing on your goal won’t ever compromise your vision and eventually the subconscious mind will get the hint it will realize this new focus and state are more important than its old programs and it will set out to create the path of least resistance to a new physical reality of your choosing law of attraction the secret of the subconscious mind that leads to instant manifestation

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