The racism of the US justice system in 10 charts

The racism of the US justice system in 10 charts

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39 thoughts on “The racism of the US justice system in 10 charts

  • Vice Richter

    watch white racists deny the facts in their face and make excuses as to why more blacks are in jail. Lol

  • vinnydivino

    Bad research by bad journalists

  • Hn

    How about black stop committing astronomically more crime than white people and then the stats will be more similar

  • Goldsword Animations

    1:17 Well, no one should be executed anyway.

  • Gigastar


  • Ozarkmadness56

    If you think that these are lies, please tell us what makes you think so. Are you unhappy with how these statistics are framed? Are you unhappy with the statistics themselves? If you are, what evidence do you have to refute them?

  • de sp

    I want to see the charts that show that Blacks commit far more crime. I also want to see the charts that show how Asians are treated by police.

  • 0 01

    what source or article are you quoting for the 20 % longer sentencing of black males than white males for the same crime im a little lost thank you.

  • Jonanice

    anyone interested in this i recommend you watch the Netflix documentary film 13th

  • Elijah Wyatt

    Male female gap is bigger than the racism gap to the point white men are worse off in every aspect than black women in the criminal justice system.
    Are you complaining about that? Are you going to give reasons why there might be such a big male-female disparity? Then you cannot ignore the arguments that say the same against your race based interpretations. Either both are valid or both are open to debate and speculation about why these numbers exist.

  • Mark Brand

    These stats mean nothing, they range from opinion to correlation. Correlation could be explained by racism but also by blacks being more likely to have long rap sheets.

  • Caleb Sutton

    The charts move way too fast

  • Jenix Power

    Note things go into this then opinions.

  • Smedley Butler

    now do the one comparing men to women and tell me how different our experiences of the justice system is

  • Tesla Death Ray

    Why wouldn't you link sources in the description? Especially for a video like this.

  • Sebastian Zhou

    Every time people talk about racism in US, they mean whites to blacks exclusively, what about other races? Also what about other races discriminate other races. Whites are not the only criminals and Blacks are not the only victims.

  • Matthew Gillespie

    Umm they forgot to mention that even though blacks commit 5% less homicides than whites, they are 12.3% of the population compared to the white being 63%….

  • Paradite

    If police consistently stop black people and consistently come away with something illegal, it only makes sense that they're going to keep rolling the dice and continue to stop black people. What needs to happen is the black communities, as well as the individual, also need to play a part in making sure that when a black person is stopped, the cops up empty. Eventually, at least you would hope, the frequency of being stopped would slowly go down. The United States is a big country though and to expect something like this to happen is really unrealistic, especially when black people already have a "me vs them" mentality when it comes to law enforcement. If ever the mindset changes to something closer to working with the police to maybe sway this perceived racism maybe we'll make some progress.

  • LukeOfTroy

    Wow. 70% of black folk think black folk are treated less fairly than white folk. That's actually a much, much lower number than I was expecting. I'd be really interested in learning more about that.

  • Obr Kenobi

    It's all because of private prisons.

  • Snowy Foxs

    I think Asians are the real ones suffering it got so bad they don't keep track of it anymore.

  • Paradox Mind

    The Black and Latino Americans need to wake up and realize that the White Americans do not view or teat them as equals and most likely never will.

  • Mindless Turtle

    Did this video account the population % gap?

  • classic1984

    People don't want to believe it. Denial is easier.

  • Garrett Steven

    But…. Black people commit over 50% of crimes. A lot of black people live in areas with a crime problem. Could that be the reason so many more are being pulled over? Would a cop be more likely to pull someone over in a neighborhood known for crime, or an orderly suburb? With the drug issue, cops are way more likely to arrest someone for possession in a place where drugs are common, and a primary goal of theirs is to stop drug trafficking.

  • Ken M

    All of these statistics are grossly misleading. Seriously vox why poor gasoline on fire. You either are very incompetent or you know you manipulated.

  • Dillon Martin

    Usually you guys post great informative videos but this is the worst thing you can post. If you spread hatred for whites and white cops then the blood from the next cop killing might as well be on your hands too. I am disappointed.

  • Mathilde Durand

    wine does anybody hear one's better this video? saugking

  • Julian King

    Are blacks disproportionately committing crimes at a higher rate or are they disproportionately being punished? So you're looking at more blacks being in jail as evidence that blacks commit more crime. But really, its only evidence that more blacks go to jail.

    Let's create a scenario to see if your right. Lets have whites go apples to apples with blacks on crime. But to do that we're going to have to change a few things about American society.

    Lets take the opioid epidemic that's disproportionately effecting young white people … and lets do the following.

    1) Remove it's classification as a health epidemic. Remove the funding for methadone and other rehabilitation. Remove all the funding from insurance and remove the money going to hospitals and clinics that help people with addictions.

    2) Criminalize possession and distribution. Make it a felony to be in possession of or have any amount of these drugs on your person or in your possession. Create a mandatory minimum sentence for anyone caught in possession of opiods or even with opiods in their system. Push law enforcement routinely stop and frisk skinny white guys with bad skin as they are probably users of the drugs.

    3) Hire predominantly black and Latino police forces to enforce the law in predominantly poor white communities. Ferguson was 60% black but the cops where 90+ % white. We'll put all black police forces and DA's and Judges in charge of dolling out punishment in rural white communities.

    4) Remove all SSN disability payments for young white men. They need to get jobs not collect disability payments. (If they can find jobs that will hire people with a felony … good luck with that)

    So I only changed 4 factors and I can tell you that there would be a massive upsurge in white incarceration which would lead all our black scientists to conclude that whites commit more crimes.

  • Viraj Sanghavi

    Could you do a video about what happened to Kony 2012?

  • VitaBruti

    0:37 damn

  • Walter

    not to shout "biased video" or anything – but what are the statistics of people of color attacking policemen? that could easily be the statistical cause. And if more people in jails are black, isn't it smart for a cop to prioritize who to search using that statistic? I feel like equality is only possible when there are small statistical gaps between groups of people, not when 2/3 incarcerated are from a > 50% group of people. i bet you could make the same statistics in this video fit with bald headedness or having big tattoos

  • Bogdan Buda

    incarceration: prior convictions in your graph? black vs white.
    show us also the black on black killings graph.

  • Magnus Animus

    do a video on how police target men.


    Once again Vox cherry picking statistics and comparing percentages falsely. How about the percentage of resisting arrest, how about the percentage of being a multiple offender, how about a lot of other statistics that you left out.

  • pony centaur

    police recruitment is at an all time low, and with the drop of white officers, the black community has done all it can to NOT fill in those gaps.
    The reason: cops branded a racest for doing thier jobs, thus fired and loses lievely-hood. why get a job where you will be a 'racist' ?
    so how is it that people complain that:'there are no black cops" when no one is steppign up to fill in those positions that recruiters desperately want.

  • John Gonzalez

    Out here in Los Angeles the LAPD is one of the most diverse in the country. Yet, minority groups still complain that they're being unfairly treated. The same is true in New York City. Please explain this?

  • aroseland1

    I think there really is systemic issues of racism in the system but the problem is that some of the causality (some) of these statistics is not racism but the fact that Black people are simply committing crimes at a disproportionately higher rate. And that will inevitably result in disproportionately higher rates of interaction and attention by the police in several different ways that will be obvious in statistics.

    Now that is not intended to absolve the system of any wrong doing, stuff like 20% longer sentences cannot be explained by this (unless there were greater past offenses, I'm not sure if that has been factored in though).

    So then we get into theories of criminology (example: is it external or internal cultural factors that effect demographic crime rates?) which are very interesting, any body that wants to act like they have something relevant to say about this topic needs to read theories of causation in criminology. If not then don't advertise your lack of understanding to the internet in the comment section.

  • dronetalk 316


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