The Power of Affirmation – Forming the Habit of Positive Thinking (law of attraction)

The Power of Affirmation – Forming the Habit of Positive Thinking (law of attraction)

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law of attraction the power of affirmation forming the habit of positive thinking an affirmation is a statement of truth consciously used so as to become the directing power of life’s expression only he can who thinks he can the world makes way only for the determined man for the man who laughs at barriers which limits others at stumbling blocks over which others fall the man who as Emerson says hitches is wagon to a star is more likely to arrive at his goal than the one who trails in the slimy path of the snail confidence is the father of achievement it reinforces ability doubles energy buttresses mental faculties and increases power your thought will carry only the force of your conviction the weight of your decision the power of your confidence if these are weak your thought will be weak and your work futile some people are incapable of strong deep conviction they are all surface and liable to be changed by the opinions of everybody else if they resolve upon a certain course the resolution is so superficial that the first obstacle they strike 2 flex them they are always at the mercy of the opposition or of the people who do not agree with them they lack strength of decision positiveness of resolution unless conviction takes hold of one’s very being there will be very little achievement in life does the man whose conviction is rooted deep and takes hold of his very lifeblood the man who is strong and persistent in “law of attraction” the power of affirmation forming the habit of positive thinking its determination that can be depended upon he is the man of influence who carries weight he is above the influence of any man who happens to have a different opinion if young people only knew the power of affirmation of the habit of holding in the mind persistently and affirming that they are what they wish to be that they can do what they have attempted it would revolutionize their whole lives it would exempt them from most of their ills and troubles and carry them to heights of which they scarcely dream we are always talking about the power of will it’s exercises only another form of affirmation the will the determination to do a thing is the same as the affirmation of the ability to do it no one ever accomplishes anything in this world until he affirms in one way or another that he can do what he undertakes it is almost impossible to keep man back to as a firm faith in his mission who believes that it can do the thing before him and he is equal to the obstacles which confront him it is more than a match for his environment the constant affirmation of ability to succeed and of our determination to do so carries us past difficulties devised obstacles laughs at misfortunes and strengthens the power to achieve it reinforces and buttresses the natural faculties and powers and holds them to their task constant affirmation increases courage encouraged the backbone of confidence furthermore when a person gets in a tight place and says I must I can I will you not only reinforce this is courage and strengthen sins confidence but also weakens the opposite qualities whatever strengthens a positive Rican the corresponding negative you can do a difficult thing only with a positive state of mind never with a negative Plus force not- does things the dominant qualities are all positive assertive aggressive and they require a corresponding attitude of mind for their exercise and application the man who has law of attraction attract create manifest positive thinking not these dominant qualities can never be a leader independent he must be a trailer an imitator until he changes his thought from negative to positive from doubtful to certain from shrinking and retiring to asserting and advancing it is the decisive positive soul that wins if you wish to amount to anything in the world never for one moment permit the idea to come into your mind that you are unlucky that you are less fortunate than other human beings deny it with all the power you can muster discipline yourself never to acknowledge weakness or think of mental physical or moral defects deny that you are a weakling that you cannot do what others can do that you are handicapped and must be satisfied to take an inferior position in the world strangle every doubt as you would a viper threatening your life never talk think or write up your poverty or unfortunate condition cut out of your life all thought that limits hampers dwarfs and darkens it these are ghosts of Fear the Creator never made them or intended them to haunt and torment you he made you for happiness for joy for conquest over your environment persistently affirm that the Creator handicapped no one that our limitations are all our own resolve that come what may you will be an optimist that there shall be nothing pessimistic in you believe in the final triumph of the right the victory of all that is true and Noble affirm that you are one of the most fortunate beings congratulate yourself that you are born just in the nick of time and in just the right place that there is a definite work for you to do that no one else can do and that you’re one of the most lucky persons in the world to have the opportunity the health the education to do the things you are bound to accomplish if you’re out of work and poor just throw out of your mind every idea of pin law of attraction the power of affirmation forming the habit of positive thinking you areum poverty hold the thought of plenty of abundance of all good which the Creator has promised you Stalley deny that you are poor or miserable or unlucky claim that you are lucky that you’re well vigorous and strong as you must succeed and you will succeed always affirm that the Creator who gave you the longing to be somebody and to do something in the world has also given you the ability and the opportunity to realize the ambition when you set your mind toward achievement let everything about you indicate success let your manner your dress your bearing your conversation and everything you do speak achievement and success carry always a success atmosphere with you you will find a wonderful advantage in starting out every morning with the mindset towards success and achievement by permeating it with thoughts of prosperity and a harmony whether by repetition of set formulas as some advice or not it will then be so much the harder for discord to get into the day’s work if you are inclined to doubt your ability to do any particular thing school yourself to hope self-trust thought firmly and persistently is the assumption of power of self trust of confidence in yourself and in your own integrity or wholeness that cannot be shaken that will enable you to come strong and to do with bigger and ease the thing you undertake you will find that the perpetual holding of these ideas will change your whole outlook upon life you will approach your problems from a new standpoint and life will take on a fresh meaning the perpetual affirmation will put you in harmony with your surroundings it will make you contented and happy and it will be a powerful tonic for your health it will help you to build up individuality and personal power it will make your brain clear your thoughts more law of attraction the power of affirmation forming the habit of positive thinking effective keeping the mental machinery clean makes for vigorous thinking decisive action if you are deficient in inequality you can strengthen it by constant affirmation if you are a coward anywhere in your nature and most people are you can strengthen courage by constantly affirming that you are absolutely fearless that you are courageous that nothing can harm you fear is simply the sense of danger and when you have perfect confidence than create creators purpose when you trust it implicitly there will be no cause for fear if you have convinced yourself that there is only one great cause that the opposite must be a delusion you will gradually lose the sense of fear and gain the courage you desire every time you feel a sense of fear come over you say i am absolutely fearless there is nothing to fear beer is not a reality it is not the truth of being it is only the absence of courage based upon ignorance of the great cause Emerson knew the virtue of this philosophy when he said nervous with incessant affirmation don’t bark against the bad but chant the beauties of good stoutly determine not to harbor anything in the mind which do not wish to become real in your life tion poisoned thoughts ideas which depress and make you unhappy as instinctively as you avoid physical danger of any kind do not entertain a discordant or unhappy thought or a thought of weakness and misery but replace all of these with cheerful hopeful optimistic thoughts when you feel out of sorts blue discouraged disheartened if you form the habit of suggesting to yourself some agreeable or pleasant subject to dwell upon or think about or take up some word or idea which will suggest pleasure happiness and “law of attraction” the power of affirmation forming the habit of positive thinking harmony you’ll be surprised to see how quickly you can change the whole course of your thought and when this is changed the feeling will change also you will increase your courage and confidence and this is half the battle you will soon find that your environment will begin change Pope will brighten you will have a healthier outlook upon life then thought instead of depressing your mind will be a perpetual tonic of encouragement and light will soon break and drive out the darkness I’ll let you dream of I’ll let you yearn for and long to be will be within your reach if you have the power to affirm sufficiently strong if you can focus your faculties with sufficient intentness on a single purpose it is concentration upon the thing you wish that brings it to you whether it has health money or position constantly affirm that which you wish hold it persistently and thought concentrate all the power of your mind upon it and when the mind is sufficiently positive and created the desired dang will come to you as certainly as a stone will come to the earth when left free in the air through the attracting influence of gravitation you make yourself a magnet to draw the condition you wish our thoughts while most powerfully acting on our own lives by no means exhaust their force there they are not held prisoners within our minds or bodies potent with influence they fly from us every instant working for wheel or for low every thought which genius and piety throw into the world alters the world says Emerson this must not be taken merely to mean printed dots or thoughts Spoken from pulpit or rostrum or even thought spoken at all our most secret unwanted thoughts go forth and affect the world the people all about us law of attraction the power of affirmation forming the habit of positive thinking

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