The Perfect Law Firm Landing Page | ClickFunnels for Lawyers Landing Page Design

The Perfect Law Firm Landing Page | ClickFunnels for Lawyers Landing Page Design

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Hey everybody it’s Andy with ELOA and I am very excited to show you
this quick presentation on how to create a perfect law firm landing page. You know, we’ve been working
with a lot of law firms over the years. I personally work with about 50 law firms
right now doing their internet marketing and as we’ve tested things and as we’ve, you know,
driven traffic to websites and seen what works and what doesn’t. We’ve kind of started to perfect the perfect
landing page for a law firm and this is a format that we use
and if you see any of our client’s websites you’re going to see that
pretty much is a pattern here because we pretty much use the same format for almost all of our,
all of our lawyer clients because these elements to
this page really work. So, what I wanted to do was
I wanted to kind of go through this and I wanted to map down each element,
show you why we put where we, why we put the things we do, how it works,
everything is, there’s a purpose for everything that we do and maybe you can take some of these elements
and apply them to your own website or if you’re building a new website
maybe you can just copy this, you know. I’m giving this away for free because
I want to provide a lot of value here. So, with that said let’s get started
but before I go into the elements I want to talk about one very
important element with a law firm, a law firm landing page and that is do not under any circumstances whatsoever use sliders. And what a slider is that’s when you’re at the top of the website
and you see it’s got a really pretty picture and it says fighting for clients since 1992
and then the text fades down, the picture slides to the left
and then another one comes in and it’s a picture of you, you know,
sitting behind your desk and it says more than 30 million dollars
in verdict’s one since 1972 or whatever it says. Whatever you do, do not use the slider, use a static image with the elements
that we’re about to talk about and the reason that I say this is because think about how short
people’s attention spans are. Well first of all, actually it doesn’t
really convert well on mobile but second of all think about how short
people’s attention spans are. You know, I mean you got to get
someone’s attention span in half a second and basically what you’re doing is
you’re adding moving text and moving pictures and all kinds of stuff and people just have a
blind spot for these things. We actually have done tests on websites and I made a test basically,
we’ve had instances with websites where we’ve replaced the slider with a static image
and instantly we’ve doubled their phone calls. Or we’ve gone from a website
that was getting a lot of traffic and not getting any conversions to all of a sudden they get conversions and
it’s simply because we got rid of the slider, we put a strong code action,
we put some of these benefits in here that we’re going to talk about and it just works really well. So whatever you do, do not use a slider in your website. So the elements that we make sure that
we have on every law firm landing page are we have seven elements. There’s benefits, features, proof,
trust, image, offer and form and if you look on the right here you’re going to see that we have
all these elements on this page. This is what I consider to be
the perfect law firm landing page. This is a made up law firm that
I just created at Adelle & Lennox PA, Adelle is my daughter’s middle name,
Lennox is my son’s middle name, so Adelle & Lennox PA is what we got. So, I’m going to walk you through
this entire mock up and show you how all seven of these elements are used, why they’re used and
how you can apply them to you. So the first and most important
element on here are benefits and you know, next we’re going
to talk about features but benefits differ from features
because benefits are how is the client, how is your client going to benefit
from hiring you as their attorney. So in this case you can see
we’re really highlighting get compensated for medical bills,
lost wages and pain and suffering and then in the second box we have received
personal attention on your case, worked directly with an
attorney not a case worker and pay us nothing unless
we’re successful for you Now the reason that this is very important, most attorneys want to lead
with at the very top more than 30 million dollars
verdicts and settlements and you know, I’ve been an attorney for this long
and all this kind of stuff and, you know, all that great stuff about yourself and it’s natural to want to do that
because your favorite topic is you, my favorite topic is me,
most people’s favorite topic is themselves. But you need to remember that
the person looking in your website, their favorite topic is themselves as well. So, the most important thing for them
is not how long you’ve been an attorney; the most important thing for them is
what are you going to do for them? So that’s why we lead with get compensated for
medical bills, loss wages, pain and suffering. If you’re a criminal defense
it might be, you know, aggressive defense for your pending
criminal charges or, you know, we do whatever we can to keep you out of jail or, you know, whatever it maybe. I’m just kind of coming up
with these off top of my head. But if you lead with the benefits,
how you’re going to, how the viewer is going to benefit from
your service instead of how you, basically talking about yourself you’re going to see much better results. And another tip here, we found that adding a list, if you see it says, one, receive personal attention on your case, two, work directly with an attorney
not a case worker, three, pay us nothing less we’re successful. We found that using numbers
one, two, three are the most effective. We’ve tried checkboxes,
we’ve tried bullet points, different things like that and for some reason a numbered list
seems to work really well there so just kind of keep that in mind. I think that this is probably the most
important part of a landing page just because of the fact that,
you know, you’re using psychology here, you’re just appealing to
what the person is looking for and that’s how is this going to help me. Next is going to be the features
and as you can see we do highlight features because after they see what you can do for them
then they want to know that you are qualified. So that’s why we do highlight the features,
fighting for injury victims since 1992, more than 30 million in verdicts
and settlements won for our clients and that’s fine, you can make those bigger,
you can make them look good but you’ve got to make sure that you
balance out the features with the benefits and that’s the most important thing. You know, so this is a good example, there’s obviously other things that
you can say about yourself but, you know, these are just some examples of
what you can use for features. So, proof, now when we talk about proof
we’re talking about social proof. And social proof can be awards that you won, it can be testimonials,
And social proof can be awards that you won, it can be testimonials, we don’t have testimonials in here
but you could have a testimonial. I typically like to either have those logos
like we have right there. We’ve got, what is that? That’s the and Avo. Now, something that’s interesting about this, if you don’t have a lot of awards
you can list bar associations and things that you belong to. Lot of time people see these logos and,
you know, they think that there’s an implied credibility,
we call these credibility indicators. One tip, if you’re going to use logos,
don’t put 500 logos on there. We find three logos works best and
make sure that they’re grayscale. You can see these logos here
are all black and white. The rest of this website is colored
but these are black and white. So, make sure you use grayscale logos. If you add too much proof we found
that people think that its desperate or that it just doesn’t,
it doesn’t come across as, I don’t know, people think
that maybe it’s desperate or it’s not legitimate, I don’t know, but we found that three is
the magic number here. Now, the other thing you can do is
you can add a testimonial in this area. So, if you have a really good testimonial now don’t put a five, don’t put a 500 word testimonial in there but you can put maybe one or two lines
from a client, that works really well too. Now, don’t do both, don’t have a testimonial and these logos. A lot of times what we’ll do is
we put the logos in the top here and then we’ll put a testimonial
on the side bar in the website and that’ll go site wide or we’ll put it somewhere else on the page because we want to make sure
we do have testimonials but you don’t want to overload
this top apart with testimonials. Another thing on the right side here and this is something we put in here
five-star rated with Google and we put these five stars here. Now, it’s important to use the same
color orange that Google uses and that’s something that,
this works really well. People are getting trained
to look for those stars when they go to Amazon, when they go to Google,
when they go anywhere they start looking for those stars. So there’s a little bit of a psychological
factor there when they see those stars, you know, it works well. One thing that actually works
a little better which we did is we actually changed it one time
to 4.8 star rated with Google and that actually worked really well. The reason is because I think that its,
I think it feels more real because someone would say,
why wouldn’t they, why would they say 4.8,
why wouldn’t they just say, why wouldn’t they just say five stars. A lot of times you are not
five star rated with Google. A lot of times you’re 4.6 or 4.8 or whatever it is and this makes it a little bit more
legitimate, it makes more accurate, it takes away a false
advertising element from it. So if you can be accurate with that
be as accurate as possible and keep updated, you know. Now obviously if you drop down,
if you get some negative reviews there’s obviously some things
that need to happen both, you know, from a reputation
management stand point and also probably making this
so it is still accurate but when you add those stars in there. People sub consciously or not,
they do feel better about it. So, those are two things that
I think are pretty important. So, now another thing is trust. One thing that we found is the padlock
at the bottom of the contact form, it’s literally just a picture but we found
that it doubled conversions. For some reason people see that and they think oh, well this is secure, I don’t know but it works, it works really well in terms of
making, increasing the trust. The other thing that’s important
to note is at the top of the form we have no obligation case evaluation. Now some attorney’s
don’t offer free consultations if you’re, you know, we have some divorce lawyer clients
and some different types of clients that don’t offer free consultation. So if you don’t then you might have to figure out
something to put there but you’ve got to have something that
makes it safe for them to call you. A lot of people don’t,
you know, most people have never had an attorney before,
they’d never been in trouble, all they know is that attorney’s cost
a lot of money and, you know. So we found that basically including free
in depth no obligation case evaluation, that seems to work pretty well. People love the word free,
there’s no obligation so they feel that they’re not going
to get tricked into signing a contractor or whatever. It takes away the fear of commitment. Some of the other trust ideas
that you can put in there, you can put better business bureau, that can also, you know, you can use things like
better business bureau you can use things like better
business bureau over here as well and that kind of, that’ll service two for one. That’s, people love the better
business bureau for some reason. Over here you can also use
Verisign and MacAfee and different types of security logos. I just had a meeting with the guys
from trust guard a couple days ago. So you might want to sign up
for a service like that and anything in there they
don’t really mean a whole lot but people feel better about them
and, you know it’s just a lot of psychology to
get people to trust you enough to fill out the form or make a phone call. The interesting thing is,
these things also increase phone calls, so it wasn’t just that we got
more contact form submissions, we got more phone calls and in reality what we find from our clients
is that the phone calls are the better leads, typically the contact forms
are not the best leads but, you know, we still put it on there because
we do get good leads from the contact form. So, another thing is that you always want
to put these kind of sales one on one, you always put a picture
of the product in there. The product is the main attorney so in this case Adelle and Lennox
those are not my kids, my kids are like two and five but maybe that’s
what they’ll look like one day, I don’t know but, you know, we try to put the pictures in there, you know, if you’re the lawyer you’re the product. Sometimes we used to use black and white pictures for the, we used to use black and white
pictures for the photos and it worked really well
but the clients didn’t like it, you know, it kind of comes down to one of those. It’s a balancing act between
search engine optimization and conversion rate optimization and we, I always say there’s three parts to this SEO, search engine optimization
which is how does Google like your website, there’s conversion rate optimization
which is how do the clients like your website or the potential clients,
do they pick up the phone and call or do they book in a consultation or whatever and then there’s also kind of
the personal style of your website and none of those three things want
anything to do with the other. So if you have a website that
converts really really well. We found that our attorney clients
really hate it because it’s very salesy and a lot of times it’s not great for Google. So if you do something
that’s really good for SEO then the conversing gets taken away. So it’s kind of a delegate balancing act and
we try to keep that in mind with our clients. So when we use the black and white images it worked really well but we just got so many
complaints from our clients that we decided that we were not going to use it. So, if you want to try a black and white image
my advice is go with a black and white image but that’s totally up to you,
you can see what it looks like and kind of go from there. Now, the next thing is the offer and we kind of talked about
this with the trust also but there’s got to be a reason
for them to call you. So we have an offer, a free in depth
no obligation case evaluation, we’ve got free consultation on the button. Sometimes and I didn’t do this but sometimes putting something that’s actually
first person conversational works really well like, you know, instead of the buttons
saying free consultation we probably could have done
a little better with this one, we probably could have said something like,
book my consultation or contact me as soon as possible
or contact me for my free case of my free consultation,
something like that. We find that things like that
work a little bit better, again they’re a little salesy, sometimes they’re not as professional
as some of our clients would like so you could play around with
your comfort in that one. Also we have at the top,
call for a free consultation, didn’t highlight it but we have that as well
that’s another call to action in this form. Like I said free is always going to be best, we do have clients that
charge for consultations, they don’t get as many calls because people are expecting free consultations
for certain services, you know, it really depends on
your business model but we found that free is always going to be best. Now, the form and we kind of
talked about this also and a lot of these, you know,
a lot of these of kind of go together but the form, they have to have
some sort of way of contacting you and I know that this seems obvious but I’ve seen a lot of websites,
a lot of attorney websites that don’t have a phone number at the top
or they don’t have and a lot of times the contact form
is hidden below. I mean the main thing you
want them to do is contact you, you don’t want someone to go to
your website and just get information. If somebody’s been in an accident
or somebody’s getting divorce or somebody’s been arrested or
their family member’s been arrested, you want them to pick up the phone and call you or at the very least fill on
a contact form right away. So, a lot of times I’ll go to websites and
they have a contact us button and that takes you to
the contact page but there’s no, it’s just,
it seems obvious to me but in the header you always want to have,
I like having phone number at the top right and I like having a contact form in there
and you need to make it extremely obvious. We add elements like this red arrow right here and you can’t see it,
and we go back to this real quick. So, this one right here,
there’s no mark on this, so you can see the only thing in this color, the only thing in that color red
is that red arrow. So it really stands out. Something else that stands out
is the green in the contact, in the free consultation button and if I were to do this again I would probably make that
a little bit darker green but if you can make those two elements, two colors that don’t appear
anywhere else in the page, that red does not appear
anywhere else in that page and if we made that a darker green that green will not appear
anywhere else on the page. Those really get the attention
in the contact form and, you know, they just get people’s attention
and it just stands out and it works,
it works really well. Again, you know, you typically
want to have something, you don’t want to use the word
submit in your button, we talked about it a little bit
before free consultations, okay, it’s better to use conversational,
you know, giving you my free, you know, honestly what works really well is give me, gimme, for some reason
whenever we’re selling products, gimme my free this or
gimme my free, you know, gimme my free ebook, I don’t know why but it works really well, definitely not professional. So, use that, I mean I, you know, I don’t think there’s any risk to using it, it’s just a lot of times attorneys
don’t necessarily want them. Now, something else that
you can do with the contact form that really makes it stand out
and we did this a little bit but if your contact form is on light background
our background happens to be dark. It’s a dark blue background, it’s actually a courtroom
but it’s got a blue overlay to it but what you’ll see here,
if you look on the edge. We got this black line here,
it just kind of separates it but if you’re on a white background use a dark, a dark border around your contact form and I don’t know why but it separates it
and people like it when, you know, it just seems to work better when you, I guess it doesn’t get lost or
doesn’t blend in or whatever it is. So, you know, all you have to do is surround that with a dark line and I mean any web developer can do that but yeah if you can make a dark outline
then that’s a great strategy and it just kind of, we found that
to increase conversions a little bit. So these concepts are great to keep in mind
if you’re building a new website but you should also use these elements
if you’re running facebook ads or if you’re running a PPC campaign. This type of ads typically
require a landing page and this format works really well for that. Modifying your website to meet
these criteria will be really difficult if you don’t have a designer on staff
or a coder that you can call. So what you can do instead is
use software called click funnels. Click funnels is landing page software that
we use for almost all of our landing pages. Simply because its drag and drop
and it’s extremely simple to update. So what that means is that if we want to change any copy or
change a picture or change a color or just the formatting we can do so
with just a couple of clicks. We created this exact landing page
for you to use in click funnels, it’s totally free to use and
all you have to do to access it is visit Once you have the landing page loaded up
all you have to do is change the colors, change the copy, add your logo,
put your picture in there and then you should be good to go. It’s really really easy. So once you go to you’ll be prompted to set up
a click funnel’s account. Click funnels is free for 14 days and
then it’s $99 per month after that. However if you’re running a facebook campaign
or a Google ad words campaign it’s absolutely worth it. We use click funnels for all of our clients
that need landing pages just because it’s so easy to put one together. So there you go, that’s the perfect landing page. Wish you a lot of luck with it and
as always if you have any questions just let me know,

10 thoughts on “The Perfect Law Firm Landing Page | ClickFunnels for Lawyers Landing Page Design

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