The mysterious ball python ‘ALIEN HEADS’!

The mysterious ball python ‘ALIEN HEADS’!

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all right so I have a story I want to
share with you today I actually have a really good friend that I talked to on a
regular basis and he is terrified of snakes as a matter of fact he tells me
some of his nightmares about snakes and he goes at the detail like he’s in his
dream he’s waking up in his bedroom and the floor is covered with snakes or he
wakes up in his bed and there’s like all these snakes under the sheets I mean he
has a real terror a real fear of snakes and I told him you
know it’s it’s probably because you just haven’t met the right snake because if
you met the right snake you would probably change your mind
about how you feel about snakes especially if you were to meet Bobby
here around my neck Bobby is a really cool ball python he’s a bamboo ball
python probably one of the sweetest snakes that you could ever imagine he is
pretty cool if actually spent some time with Bobby you and fall in love with the
snake and the funny thing is is this guy is actually his native language is
Spanish and my native language is English and we kind of have this you
know I can understand it probably 99% of the time that’s what we’re doing pretty
good I know a little bit of Spanish just a little bit just a few words but I’m
nowhere near fluent enough to speak in Spanish so we always speak in English
and it’s funny normally when we get together I kind of strike up the
conversation about snakes you know I always initiate the conversation who
actually met the other day and he started talking about snakes and it was
kind of a weird conversation he’s talking about snakes in outer space and
he kept going on and on and on and after about five minutes I was like all right
he’s talking about snakes in space and I finally had to stop myself stop I’m
totally confused I have no idea what you’re talking about and he said oh yeah
I’m talking about alien heads alien heads on ball pythons and I think it was
supposed to be kind of a joke and I still didn’t quite get it
and I had to ask him what the punchline was this is kind of interesting so we’re
really talking about if you don’t know about alien heads we’re not talking
about snakes in outer space we’re actually talking about the pattern on
certain ball pythons where it looks like an alien head it kind of looks like the
the Roswell Gray’s I guess you would say if you look up Roswell Gray’s do a
Google search and then look at images you look at what we think an alien might
look like and that is essentially the same pattern that we see on ball pythons
so today I want to show you some alien heads and I want to show you how some of
the genes can actually change and enhance the alien heads all right so
take a look at this ball python this is a snake that I just hatched out this
year this is pretty much as normal as a normal can get this is a normal
wild-type classic if you’re actually to go over in West Africa and find a snake
in the wild it would actually look just like this and you could really see alien
heads really well on the normal ball python so what we’re talking about is
this pattern right here this alien head as a matter of fact this alien head
right here has a little nose on it look at that as the two little eyes and the
nose usually they don’t have a nose they just have the two little eyes and
sometimes they have a lot of alien heads and sometimes they don’t have any and
this this is actually like a floating alien head right here and depending on
the different morphs you can actually get them to where they’re actually they
actually turned into like little keyholes and different patterns
different morphs actually changed the alien heads this one has a lot of really
good-looking alien heads it’s kind of interesting how you can see the little
patterns eyes it looks like a whole family full of little aliens here it’s
pretty neat on this ball python this happens to be a male normal and I
actually have one that a ball python last year that I hatched out that was
really kind of interesting I think maybe it’s some kind of G
not familiar with it almost looks like a super Arroyo or a Rio and that’s really
interesting it was supposed to be like a hundred percent het pied is really all
it can be it came out of my coral glow one hundred percent had pied I crossed
it with a normal and I popped out this crazy-looking snake and really I want to
prove that snake out I won’t try to figure out what the genetics are so I’m
holding back this mail normal hoping I can breed it back to that really crazy
looking snake to see if it has anything kind of unique in it so let me show you
that snake and we’ll see if that one actually has any alien heads so this is
one I actually hatched out last year it’s actually a female it’s getting
really big it’s really big and chunky and really it’s only supposed to be the
only thing that really can be is 50% had pied I’m thinking maybe it’s a
crazy-looking het pied but if you actually look at the color compared to a
normal it is super yellow it has really bright yellow in it I don’t know if you
can really tell too much on the camera and the interesting thing is all the
alien heads kind of kind of went into like little keyholes he almost looks
like we put a skeleton key right in there instead of you know some of them
are like floating keyholes that’s it’s kind of the terminology we use in ball
python the alien heads and the keyholes that if you hear that this is what we’re
talking about we’re talking about the patterns on the sides of the snake we’re
definitely not talking about snakes in space it’s just kind of interesting
although you could probably make a good joke about snakes in space but I’m
really excited about this girl actually breeding her it’ll be really she’s
really interesting looking and if you look at the super Arroyo which is also
called the Rio it kind of has this line down the back with like little almost
like little like little holes that stick out of the line like this that’s kind of
what I was thinking but the funny thing is is the parents don’t really look like
they have a role in them so it’s a really interesting snake that has
keyholes instead of in heads so take a look at this thing
this is a really super bright pastel that I hatched out just this year and
this is actually one of the ones I’m gonna hold back it’s a female and I’ve
never hatch out a pastel so bright it’s amazing and if you kind of like if the
alien heads on this it actually has some pretty interesting alien heads still on
the pastel and usually the pastel will break up the pattern to the point where
you won’t really see any alien heads and almost reduces them to keyholes and I’d
say kind of seen some alien heads on here is kind of unusual for a pastel
usually you just see the keyholes or a really mixed up pattern but this is it’s
pretty polymorphic you can it really jumbles up the pattern on a pastel it’s
kind of hard to predict usually it gets rid of all the alien heads I would say
and sometimes you’ll still see kind of the remnants of a few alien heads on the
pastels alright so take a look at this snake this is actually one of Bobby’s
babies this is a little bamboo ball python and the bamboos are extremely
polymorphic which means the the colors and patterns are really variable from
one snake to the other you wrote do you don’t really see that much of they’re
almost like little snowflakes where everyone is a little bit different and
the interesting thing on this is you can almost see some alien heads on this like
like right in here like you can see almost like little alien heads right
here and some of the patterns which is kind of interesting normally you really
can’t see that many alien heads on a bamboo it’s kind of interesting this is
kind of a really neat case let me show you another bamboo that is extremely
reduced in pattern alright so take a look at this little snapper it looks
like looks like he’s coming after me wow this guy is fired up
that this is this is just another straight bamboo with no alien heads
hardly at all you can’t even see even the remnants of the alien heads it’s
completely washed out and this is the same as Bobby both of these are the same
this is just a straight bamboo with no other genes in the mix it’s pretty
amazing how just really the bamboo is really polymorphic as a matter of fact
on the very last snake the one with the alien heads actually I was gonna do an
assist feeding video on that one and it decided to start eating it’s actually
eating two rodents this one’s actually in more than six so this guy is
definitely ready for the upcoming show the Denver Repticon October 19th and
20th 2019 I’ll definitely have these hatchlings they’re for sale just put in
a little plug and anything that doesn’t solve this show I will sell on morph
market after that but these are it’s really interesting how the the alien
heads kind of come and go on the bamboo ball pythons so take a look at this
thing this is another one of my holdbacks this is actually a lesser
scale is head ball pythons definitely one I’m going to hold back really
beautiful snake just look at how that thing glows you can see the lesser gene
really brightens and enhances gives it a really bright yellow and it gives it a
lot of contrast it’s interesting the the lesser gene is actually allelic with
bamboos so if you actually have a bamboo lesser it is an all-white snake with
blue eyes which is kind of neat and you can see there’s almost the remnant of an
alien head on some of these it looks like the alien heads without the eyes
which is kind of interesting it completely changes it but it still
really keeps it and I’m pretty sure it pretty much across the lesser morph
these aren’t as polymorphic as the bamboos and I would say a lot of times
they pretty much all look like this like alien heads without the eyes all right
so take a look at this lesser this is kind of interesting another lesser that
I hatched out but this doesn’t have the scale is head gene on it this is
actually what I’m going to sell at the show and you can definitely tell there’s
the skills it only seems like the scale is head kind of thins out the scales
just with the scale is head and if you actually breed to scale its heads
together you get a completely scale us ball python that’s kind of what I’m
shooting for with the scale its heads and this one just doesn’t have any scale
set or anything and you can kind of see almost then it has like the remnant of
little alien heads right here which is kind of interesting that this one has a
little bit more but you can see most of them are completely wiped out from the
lesser gene this is just one single codominant morph and core dominance you
can breed actually you can actually breed to Lester’s together and get the
super lesser which is a white snake with blue eyes alright so I actually have
another they have more lessons than I thought I thought I’d break up this
other one then this one almost looks like it has pseudo alien heads I
actually see a couple right here which is kind of cool you can see the some of
our write down and some of them are still remaining this is kind of cool it
almost looks like a little Halloween thing right they it’s pretty funny so
here’s a little tiny coral glow that just took a little bite at me
this guy just ate his first row and so he’s like ooh I like that
I like actually eating something for the first time the funny thing is is I’m
going through these for the first time just feeding them and they get a little
confused about you know when it’s time to eat and when it’s time to be handled
and usually usually doesn’t hurt these these guys are so small and they kind of
have to train him to go into handling mode it’s not time to eat it is time to
go into handling mode it’s just kind of funny they get a little confused when
they’re young so I would say this one actually you can see some alien heads
even through a strong morph like the coral glow which is kind of interesting
nice kind of a nice kind of run he doesn’t know how to act he’s getting a
little bit of scared but if you kind of look at this he’s got most of the
pattern say I’d say if you can actually see that
most of the the alien heads are wiped out from the coral glow but he still has
a few remaining which is kind of interesting and see this guy’s
completely calm down he’s just he’s just kind of confused he thought he was gonna
get fed because he actually just ate his very first rodent which is kind of cool
is so far it looks like there’s there’s some that are lagging behind a little
but I may not have to force them hopefully I won’t have to assist feed
any of these hatchlings this year so this this is actually another codominant
morph if you breed two of these together you actually get a super coral glow
which is kind of a faded just a slightly faded coral glow it’s kind of
interesting here look how small he is he’s just like a little worms tiny he’s
a really good-looking snake and then the cool thing about core glows is my male
that I bred to all my other snakes to get these is actually a male maker so
every single coral glow that I’ve produced so far has been a male it’s
kind of interesting how the gender is linked with the gene here’s another
fired up little hatchling look at this guy hopefully you won’t take a bite on
me and this guy ate his very second meal which is kind of cool this one actually
looks completely normal you wouldn’t actually know it if I didn’t tell you
about the the genetics on this one this is actually one of my prized snakes of
the year and just by looking at it there’s no way that you could tell
there’s anything in this this is actually a triple het it is het albino
het pied and het clown those are three probably the three top recessive morphs
out there in the ball python game and you can kind of see that the head
sometimes jumble up the pattern a little bit here’s a little this is kind of
funny this one right here it’s like a little screaming alien there it’s kind
of funny but I would say the hets usually if you have hets in there
sometimes it’ll actually change the pattern so we won’t really get the
strong the the really strong alien heads on the
sides which is kind of interesting this guy so balled up and see if I can relax
some little bit he’s that’s why they call them ball pythons is because they
roll up into a ball when they get scared and these guys really haven’t been
handled that much I really haven’t handled them at all since they hatch
down here you can really see kind of on the side there’s some alien heads I
think it’s really kind of broken up because of the influence of the triple
head all right so take a look at this beauty this is actually one that I
recently purchased just this year it hasn’t been that long since I actually
bought this one this is actually it’s a ball python it’s it’s actually a clown
which is recessive and then on top of the clown it actually has banana and it
has an Chi and this one happens to be a mail maker which is kind of interesting
so the banana is essentially the same thing as the coral glow so everything
that this produces as a mail everything it breeds to all the bananas that come
on to this will all be males and all the non bananas will pretty much be 50/50
males and females which is kind of interesting but you can see in some of
these snakes there is actually once you start mixing a lot of genes in the mix
there is no remnants at all of any alien heads and usually once you start
stacking a lot of genes on top of each other the alien heads completely
disappear so here’s an example of a single gene animal just one gene where
it totally wipes out all of the alien heads this actually happens to be a
pinstripe this is by far one of my favorite morphs it’s almost like almost
like a gold in the snake this is so beautiful I just love the pinstripes you
can’t get over it this one’s actually a hundred percent head for desert ghosts
and you really can’t tell that it is head for desert ghosts based on the
color or the pattern just looks like a regular pinstripe these are pretty
amazing but you can see there’s actually not even any hint of any keyholes or
alien or anything on this genius it’s
interesting some genes completely wipe it out and some genes you can actually
see kind of a normal pattern of the alien heads bleeding through to the
pattern of that specific gene here’s another morph that completely reduces
pretty much eliminates the alien heads you can almost see just a little bit
maybe right here these two little spots this is actually a spider ball python
and usually the spider has a really intense pattern where it just kind of
overwhelms the the alien heads of the normal it’s kind of interesting how some
genes are a little bit more dominant to where they’re they’re pretty much you
know they kind of kind of you can always tell if there’s a spider ball python you
can almost always tell that there’s spider in it because it’s so dominated
it actually shows up in just about anymore
all right so take a look at this snake this is actually my super blast which is
a super pastel pinstripe and it’s also a hundred percent hat desert ghost and I’m
really excited to work all these genes back into my desert Gulf project if you
actually see a visual desert ghost it is like no snake you’ve ever seen that’s
it’s almost like fluorescent how the pastel desert ghost really pop and if
you take a look at this one the the interesting thing is you can almost see
a little alien head kind of a pattern almost kind of popping out there which
is I’d say it’s really super faint and I think that is the influence of the
Pinstripe really overwhelming the pattern of the normal alien heads you’d
see like in the wild-type which is kind of interesting this is a really
interesting snake this is the first time I’ve actually ever produced one of these
all right speaking of desert ghost I thought I’d show you my mail this is a
really impressive snake these things almost glow it is really amazing and you
can definitely see in this one it’s got the pastel in it which sometimes you can
see the alien head influence a little bit like right here the alien heads
out the eyes and then you have the desert ghost on top of then the funny
thing is is when you actually put desert ghosts on top of pastel it almost looks
like it has inchi in it which is a pattern reduction gene although it
doesn’t have any inch it’s kind of interesting how it really lightens and
brightens and reduces the pattern at the same time alright so it is time for the
question of the day and rapper guy asks do you keep your male rats with your
females all the time or only when you want them to breed and that is a very
good question as a matter of fact I’ve been breeding rats for quite a number of
years to feed my snakes and when I first started breeding rats essentially I
would take the males and I would move them through the female tubs and it’s
it’s I would say it’s kind of a double-edged sword if you keep the males
with the females all the time it’s kind of hard on the females and they burn out
a little bit quicker but if you actually cycle the males through you don’t
produce as many babies and a lot of times you can get some extreme fighting
between the males and the females as a matter of fact if you have a female with
babies and you throw in a male when she still has the babies that almost seems
like they could fight to the death it’s really super extreme and a lot of times
I had to intervene and actually take the males out of the tubs it was pretty bad
and I pretty much went to a colony where I keep the males and the females
together pretty much full-time the only problem with that is a lot of times the
females will actually have new babies before the old ones are weaned so what
I’m really doing now is kind of managing the babies I’ll take the young ones and
I’ll give them with with one colony and then I’ll take the ones that are ready
to be weaned and put them with another colony and it seems like if I mix and
match the babies there’s no aggression at all in any of the tubs which is
really awesome so that is pretty much it thanks for watching and I will see you
next time

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