The Law Of Cosmic Habit-Force

The Law Of Cosmic Habit-Force

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Before describing the law of Cosmic Habit-force
in detail you may be interested in knowing what benefits it offers those who adapt themselves
to it. First of all, you should know that this law
is the climax of the entire philosophy of individual achievement. To get a slight degree of understanding of
the importance of this law, consider the fact that it is the Master Key to the principles
previously described, and its benefits are available only to those who master and apply
the instructions in previous chapters. In order that you may approach the study of
this chapter with a favorable mental attitude you should be informed at the outset of the
promise it offers those who learn how to adapt themselves to the working principle which
it presents.

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  • Gaye Paul Post author

    An organised mind!! This is why keeping a diary is so important!! If we prepare for the next day, organise our thoughts and don't be distracted, we can achieve anything.

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