The Law of Compensation – How to Attract the Highest Good to Your Life! (You Must Give to Receive!)

The Law of Compensation – How to Attract the Highest Good to Your Life! (You Must Give to Receive!)

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law of attraction the law of compensation you must give to receive there is no such thing as getting
something for nothing life is action we must find work and interest of some sort
in order to prevent mental and physical decay there is a law of compensation
running through life in the universe and it cannot be avoided if we are to
succeed we must work and accomplish if we are to receive the riches of the
world we must give of our best in exchange then give to the world the best
you have and the best will come back to you this is where the law of attraction
operates not by sitting still but by giving in faith and confidence of your
best efforts to the world by calling upon your hidden powers and by creating
powerful thoughts you attract to yourself armies of thoughts of a similar
kind which passing into your subconscious mind are translated into
actions of the highest type the type that glories an achievement and that
wins success if you give your best to the world then in the form of rich and
abundant success the best will come back to you the principle of the square deal
runs through all life in the universe if an artist conceives a picture and is
content that it remains in his mind should he expect payment for his
creation would it be right if payment were made to him for a picture that
existed only in his imagination no because he has not rendered any service
to others he has not given any value for money when he puts his picture on a
canvas and brings joy to others payment for his services made life demands of us
a square deal a fair exchange if we are to receive we must give if we give we
will receive to see sharp practice underhand dealing and taking advantage
of other people’s weaknesses does not lead to success
there are plenty of men equipped for life brainy resourceful capable and not
lacking encourage but they have not succeeded simply because they are not
straightforward they may be clever and plausible and do well at first
interviews but they can never keep their clients or customers because they fail
to give honest service in exchange for honest money this world is crying out
for honest straightforward and sincere businessmen politicians preachers and
teachers it calls for men and women of integrity
men and women who live their lives according to a principle instead of
being mere opportunist for men and women who love honor and truth the world wants
people who will give of their very best and is willing to pour out his treasures
in rich profusion to those that do principle and sincerity are needed today
more than ever people who can be trusted “law of attraction” the law of compensation you must give to receive people on whom a nation a world can rely
on no great success is or ever can be possible without the quality of
sincerity no great achievement was ever won except by those whose honor and
principle were true look at the lives of the majority of truly great and
successful people and you will find sincerity of purpose a giving of their
very best service to the world the extent of their sincerity is the measure
of their greatness you may not want greatness your ideas of success may be
simply an increase of salary a moderate fortune or well-paid position and you’re
calling your profession to be a great writer or a politician or poet or
philosopher or leader of men or a person great enough and character to carve your
name on the history of your time may not interest you in the slightest degree or
on the other hand they may but whatever your ambition may be you can only
realize it if you are sincere to win success of any kind you must be
sincere you must give up your very best you must somehow find expression for
what it is is within you as you come into conscious realization of the powers
you possess you will have more to express therefore your best will be
constantly getting better with the consequence that your reward will be
greater in other words as you develop within as you build up in the unseen so
in like manner will your power to achieve be manifested in your life and
success and prosperity will be attracted to you all of this is dependent on your
giving freely if you give grudgingly you’ll receive limited reward if you
give fully and freely of the best that is within you you will reap a rich and
abundant harvest give the best that is within you give your best thoughts hold
nothing back give your most faithful service do not spare yourself for all
the cosmic forces are yours give to the utmost of all the powers the forces the
emotions the inspirations that are within you do this and you will never
lack the universe is not run by chance everything is according to law the law
of compensation is immutable it can never be evaded these are
scientific facts we hold our lives and destinies in our
own hands we can give our best to the world our best in service and love and
devotion and honesty and faithfulness and inspiration and beauty our best in
all that we do our attempt to do and back to us will come unerringly the
highest good the greatest joy the best that life can offer or on the other hand
we may give poor service try to get what we do not deserve endeavour by
cleverness to snatch an advantage at the law of attraction the law of compensation you must give to receive attract create manifest expense of others and in return we shall
reap a harvest of trouble disappointment unhappiness and failure you are entering
into the fullness and glory of the vast powers of your subliminal mind and
controlling an ever growing stream of creative thoughts these inward forces
are being translated into action and that action can only be better service
better work higher accomplishment more abundant success than you have ever
known before you now live in a more perfect present and press on to a still
more perfect future mistakes and shortcomings of the past will have no
more dominion over you in your hands is the key which opens up the way to all
freedom and accomplishment from now onward the new and wonderful life within
you will well up with ever-increasing power and find expression and better
work and tasks more perfectly performed in service more generously given in more
complete self control leave the past and its perceived failures today is yours
and the future will be according as you build today
use the following affirmation I give to the world the best I have and the best
comes back to me then visualize yourself giving the very highest and best service
of which you are capable and then picture the highest good coming back to
you in return make this mental picture very real it
will have a great effect for good in your life
meditate on the following words there is no need for me to anxiously hoard or
scrape I do not have to run after success and fortune
instead they kneel down at my feet and pay me respect everything I need is mine
all that I desire comes to me by the operation of natural law I realize now
that I am one with and form a part of the infinite mind I realize that the
infinite mind is everything there is and that everything there is is infinite
mind therefore as I am a part of the infinite mind I to him all things and
all things are in me everything that I can possibly require peace of mind and
help the body achievement of friends love prosperity success these are all
mine they race to assist in my eternal joy I am a magnet I tried to myself only
the highest good I am attuned only to the highest vibration of health success
accomplishment and happiness the lower vibrations of disease failure want and
unhappiness can find note echo in my mind no manifestation in my life I am in
my inner higher better self a radiant and sublime mental being joining in the
nature of the infinite mind of which I for my part and in whom I live and move
and have my being I pour out generously on others my best work and efforts my
richest thoughts and emotions I give to the world the very best of me the more
unselfishly I give the more richly I am blessed the more abundantly our life’s
choices gives showered on me give to the world the best you have not
only your labor your work your earnest endeavor but your inspiration the very
best that is in you not only work in the usual sense of the word not only labor
by accomplishing your daily tasks better than ever before but in addition work
mentally and creatively strive to do something fresh create something new add
something to the world’s total sum of joy and happiness this is accomplished
by spending your spare time and concentration in the silence still the
outer mind in the senses and then into silence listen to the still small voice
of inspiration then will you receive your message which will send you out
into life with a glow of passionate desire in your heart in this way you
will conceive that creative ability which until now may have eluded you law of attraction the law of compensation you must give to receive

26 thoughts on “The Law of Compensation – How to Attract the Highest Good to Your Life! (You Must Give to Receive!)

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  • Helen Patterson Post author

    I wish this were all true but when you look at people like Trump who got to the top by cheating, lieing, bamboozaling, making up untruths about others and propagating tje same….
    well you get the idea.

  • Indigo-healer kelvinSolomon Post author

    absolutely right… the universe just has a way of merging stuff…

  • Indigo-healer kelvinSolomon Post author

    wow… I really love this video. perfect!!!

  • A Anomie Post author

    This video is a direct example of exactly that. They are giving information to the users of YouTube and in return the creator of the video will make advertising money from YouTube .

  • martin peasah Post author

    if you are living in sin you are on your way to hell but if you turn from sin and turn to the one true God Jesus Christ you will have everlasting life.

  • BurgundyandBlue1111 Post author

    Some people lie, cheat and deceive and just keep getting more and more. I don't really believe this principle is true. Many super successful people got there on the backs of others, or they were born into a very well off family.

    Law of Attraction doesn't care about the "purity" of your motives to work though, so it's possible that it is still just LOA in action.

  • Florence Wasandra Post author

    Awesome video. Thank you!

  • Aaron Danaher Post author

    The clips in this video make me chuckle

  • Laura Belmonte Post author

    Love this

  • Thomas Walz Post author

    What do you consider "successful?" I knew corrupt scumbags who became millionaires because of their ambition and psychotic aggressiveness. They screwed over thousands of people, and made enemies everywhere they went.

    This seems to be mind control to create willing slaves to a corrupt system… those you encourage will be subservient to the corrupt. This video sugar coats that servitude.

  • Yolanda Young Post author


  • PONO 800008 Post author

    I slaved as a janitor for over ten years & got more work slave work to do more demanded of me when tried to move & transfer with in the government to better my life I got ridiculed for trying to better my life , while seeing the ones that kiss ass get ahead in the monetary game ,did I leave out I got I got to do others work that they left in done because they where to busy talking or walking around or hiding , I guess they went home smiling , getting a full day's pay for an hour or two of work , I take it as the universe telling me I didn't belong there because it would keep bringing people into my life that made it more difficult to deal with their demands lies & deceit ,

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    This is a great channel I really look forward to your uploads and like the shorter 5 – 10 minutes formats the best.

  • Betsy Post author

    We have to imprint this in our minds:
    "I give to the world the best I have and the best will come back to me."
    "There is no need for me to anxiously hoard or scrape, I do not have to run after success and fortune, instead, they kneel down at my feet and pay me respect."

  • Eternal OgaAqu Post author

    The law of compesation is great. It works in relationship, health, peace of mind and eventually the topmost on the list happiness. Yes, when we understand how some filthy rich people got their wealth, then in area of wealth the law is exception .

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    Incredible! I NOW understand this incredible law and how it all work's, truely immutable! Thank you Thank you!!!

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