The Law of Attraction | Dr. Joe Dispenza

The Law of Attraction | Dr. Joe Dispenza

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My interest is to prove to people that
they have within their reach all the tools necessary to make significant
changes in their bodies or in their lives and my passion is to take complex
scientific information and science is the contemporary language of mysticism
and to simplify it in a way that’s translatable and I now know that if you
give people that information based on science and you combine a little quantum
physics with a little neuroscience with a little neuroendocrinology with a
little psychoneuroimmunology the mind-body connection and you throw in
some epigenetics that all of those Sciences point the finger at possibility
and as we learn new information we make new connections in our brain there’s
physical evidence when we learn something that is left in our brain
footprints of consciousness that reflect our interaction in the environment but
if learning is making those connections and remembering is being able to
maintain them and sustain them so I now know if you give them the right
information and then they can turn to the person next to them and they can
explain it if they can explain that information and create a model of
understanding they’re beginning to install the neurological hardware in
their brain in preparation for an experience so the more people understand
what they’re doing and why they’re doing it the how gets easier so we start off
with theory we start off with philosophy we start off with intellectual knowledge
but as people begin to share that information if you can’t explain that
model to me then it’s not wired in your brain but if you can’t explain it now
the process of repeating it and understanding it is firing and wiring
new circuits in the brain now the person is priming their brain
for a future event if I can set up the conditions in the environment then give
people the proper instructions and they can get
their behaviors to match their intentions their actions equal to their
thoughts if they can get their mind and body working together they are going to
have a new experience now the experience of what they’re having embracing in that
moment enriches the philosophical circuits in the brain more connections
are laid down to what experienced us but the moment those neurons stringing the
place into networks the brain makes a chemical and that chemical is called a
feeling or an emotion and the moment they start to feel whole or unlimited or
empowered or invincible or compassionate or have a love for life now they’re
teaching their body chemically to understand what their mind is
intellectually understood so we can say that knowledge is for the mind and
experiences for the body and in that moment they’re embodying the truth of
that philosophy and now the research shows that genes don’t create disease
it’s a fact that it’s the environment that signals the gene that begins to
change its expression while the end product of an experience is called an
emotion so when a person begins to feel the emotion from the experience they’re
literally rewriting their biological program in signaling new genes and new
ways and genes are like Christmas tree lights they’re turning on and off all
the time so the moment the person starts to have a new experience that’s new
information so that new information begins to regulate genes and genes make
proteins and proteins are responsible for the structure and function of your
body and the expression of proteins is the expression of life and in that
moment they can literally down regulate a gene for disease and upregulate a gene
for health we’ve measured it so then that’s great doing it once means that
you should be able to do it again so if you’re able to reproduce any experience
it’s gonna become a skill or habit so the repetition of an experience
begins to neuro chemically conditioned your mind and body it’s begin to work as
one in other words when you’ve done something so many times that your body
now knows to do it as well as your mind now it’s
innate in you it’s second nature it’s who you are it’s who you’re becoming and
that’s my passion because when a person reaches that level now they’re beginning
to master that philosophy they’re embodying if it’s it’s it’s part of
their fabric and it becomes a almost a subconscious program it’s just naturally
who they become they know how they do it but they don’t know how they know how
because it’s become an automatic process so when my see emails where people start
off with you’re not going to believe this in the beginning it was exciting
but it’s happening so many times now that we have a community of people that
are applying a very specific formula and that all of the research that we’ve done
over the last eight years has helped us to refine that formula and if you follow
the formula and eliminate everything else that’s not part of the formula and
refine it it will become a skill and then you’ll have access to begin to make
those changes so for me we’re at a point right now where so many of our students
are experiencing the miraculous not just like changing their thyroid hormones
although that’s important and that’s we’ve gotten a lot of those but now
we’re talking about brain tumors disappearing we’re talking about blind
people seeing not once not twice not three times we’re talking about deaf
people that have that can’t hear all of a sudden get their hearing back tumors
shrinking in in seven days the person comes with a tumor at the end of the
event the tumors nanami these are the miraculous and I guess for me I never
thought in my lifetime really that I would be witnessing what I’m witnessing
today so how do I feel about that I’m super humble I’m super empowered and
excited and my interest is to push the envelope in other words if you just
healed yourself of some chronic health condition stage four cancer we have a
lot of those then the next question is if I healed myself why can I not heal
somebody else then once we’ve developed that skill we
see people healing other people it’s happening all the time in our work they
understand the science behind that then the question is well if I’m in the field
and there’s in the field I’m connected to everyone and everything do I really
need to be present to heal a person who’s sick you know all I need is a
picture of them and if I’m with a group of people and we connect to that field
then I don’t need to go there to heal them so now we have people as an example
we had a person in our event in Cancun in June whose brother had a massive
stroke and went into a coma he was in the hospital for two weeks and she was
there and she called up her healing group said here’s the picture of my
brother let’s we’ve healed somebody the in the last event we should be able to
heal him let’s let’s go to the next level of philosophical understanding in
one hour after that healing he came out of his coma he left the hospital that
night now that’s the next level so then you keep developing through experience
in other words if you don’t have the experience of healing yourself or
healing another you can’t do that really it’s methodical right so we have a group
of people that are stepping out of the known and pushing the envelope and
because they’re not afraid to fail because they know how to get beyond
themselves because they know how to connect because they know how to open
their hearts they put it all together and you keep adding more of the formula
and the skill sooner or later you’re gonna keep doing the uncommon and that’s
my that’s my interest 70 percent of the time that people in their waking lives
they live in a very protective state they live in a state of stress or in a
state of survival in fact it’s such a program that we don’t know that we’re
doing this we’re always spanning the environment to determine if it’s safe or
not and if something appears out of the predictable or unknown it alerts us
we move into a state of arousal and we begin to turn on the very systems that
begin to say danger threat possible scenario that’s not a safe and when that
happens we literally begin to anticipate an outcome and when we do that we’re
always preparing for what could go wrong and we begin to create the emotions
ahead of the experience of what happens if it goes wrong whether it’s fear
anxiety worry sadness pain we do that unconsciously that’s what a program is
and that becomes the habit so if you’re living in a world where men have to
provide and show a certain amount of success and be competitive then you’re
not gonna open your heart it’s not a time to do that it’s a time to survive
and thrive in an environment and yet in our work I see men that if they practice
yeah opening their hearts and it’s just being a child again being a boy again
being curious being wondering being free being allowing yourself to let go and
for men we have to lay down the very thing we used our whole life to get what
we want for something greater to occur now the side effect of that when men
truly do this I’ve seen them instantaneously heal from things from
serious heart conditions where they couldn’t take more than 40 steps without
having an angina reaction severe chest pain to stage four cancer the house of
cards when it falls energy moves into a different place in the body begins to
release thirteen or fourteen hundred different chemicals that begin to
restore and repair the body so to the intellectual mind if a man begins to
understand that when they open their heart they could heal when they open
their heart they can lead from a different consciousness that it’s
actually an advantage and they understand the science of why in their
rational mind then they go after it now they’re in hot pursuit of it because it
makes sense to them but there’s not a lot of evidence or support in our
environment for men to be vulnerable and yet the latest research shows that
vulnerability is one of the five top qualities for a great leader so when men
begin to think this through they start to slowly by slowly just like
a flower blooming petal by petal they start trusting a little bit more they
start opening up a little bit more they start getting happier they start
breaking down the wall of facade that they they’ve created to have an
appearance of being a certain way for the world and yet feeling so empty
inside of it they start realizing that that the joy that they want never came
from success never came from wealth or its popularity or whatever we men do but
it really comes from within so we give them numerous opportunities to practice
numerous opportunities to connect and the heart opens also when you care for
another person when you care for other people when you give when you experience
gratitude so a lot of times men when we do our healings when we feel other
people you got to be in your heart and in a very indirect and sneaky way I know
that when I get men in that state and they just they’re the passion to truly
give that’s why they provide with such intensity is framed in a different way
part opens up and and then they become more like a child again and they become
free and relaxed and less rigid so it goes against the program and it just
requires a little bit of knowledge our greater understanding me pushing them to
that point where they start really going for it and I’ve been setting up enough
experiences for them in becoming a different persona the
different personality that he left the old person behind and his body was
believing that he was literally in the new life and all of a sudden in a matter
of seconds if you feel homeless it’s impossible for
you to want how can you want when you’re whole when you’re whole you feel like
you have everything so I want people to reach that point where they feel so
whole that they no longer want and that’s when the magic happens
teaching them that allows them to understand that when they come back to
their senses they open their eyes they’re not looking for the experience
they feel like it’s already happened and if you feel like it’s already happened
why would you be looking for it then if your body is conditioned emotionally
into that future you’re not separate from the energy of your future connected
from it to it but the moment you get in traffic and you start getting angry you
get on the line at the bank and you start getting impatient or you’re
sitting at a staff meeting you start judging the co-worker you just
disconnected from the energy of the future and now you’re back to the energy
of your past and you’ve done nothing wrong you just lost your connection to
the future no now the importance of that is to notice that you’re disconnected
and if you say to me well that person made me feel this way and think this way
I’d say oh my gosh you’re back to the unconscious program of being a victim in
your life the victim is saying that someone or something is controlling how
I think and feel what a person who’s producing outcomes in their life all of
a sudden they say wow the way I’m thinking I’m feeling is creating
outcomes in my life now I’m a creator in my life and now I believe less that I’m
a victim of my way point 1 a point number 2 is that people think that they
want certain things because they’re experiencing lack and and so they
have to go about becoming the very person so then if we reframe it and you
say oh I really want to be wealthy I want all my needs met and I’ll say
really why you want to be wealthy and they’ll say because I want freedom and
say okay well let’s focus on freedom so now the person understands the
sponsoring font or the emotion why would you wait for your wealth to feel free
that’s the Newtonian model of reality of cause and effect
waiting for someone or something out there to take away this emptiness or
lack mm-hm and what if I’m feeling this emotion this emotion is influencing
certain Autzen how I think and feel creates my life if I’m living in lack
I’m not gonna create anything new but if I say to you hey when you become that
person once you become it then your your
reality is going to organize itself instead of living by cause and effect
let’s teach you how to cause an effect so then the person then is no longer
interested in getting something in their environment when they realize it’s about
who they become and all of a sudden now the emphasis or that interest is in
becoming that person and we have a week with those people and I want you to walk
as it sit as it stand as lay down us and I want them to get in the habit of
walking from their room to the ballroom it’s become the new habit that’s why
when we do our work yours we’re doing sitting meditations we’re doing standing
and walking meditation if you’re doing lying down meditations I want it to
become a new habit I want them to become that person so then this happens
thousands of times do people come for certain reasons they come to heal their
disease and once they heal their disease they realize it was never about healing
their disease know what it was it was about unlearning breaking the habit
deprogramming becoming conscious of their unconscious thoughts becoming
aware of their automatic habits and behaviors noticing that they’ve been
living in unworthiness and guilt for the last 25 years but they’re so so used to
living by that feeling they don’t even know it’s guilt it just feels like who
they are so point number two is that becoming the
Kherson requires you to stop being the old person that’s the work and so when
people come with a passion and enthusiasm to overcome that old self
they’re gonna understand then that people who live in the past or asleep in
the present and they have to die that old person has to die and the dying of
that old personality is an uncomfortable process but if you apply the formula
when you’re in that uncomfortable process you will literally begin to
become somebody else so when they start becoming that person they’ll say I
thought I wanted wealth I really don’t want well if I want this and all of a
sudden all of a sudden here comes the synchronicities the opportunities the
Serendipity’s the coincidences you know the wonderful wonderful events start
unfolding in their life and they’re gonna say to you
I’m not doing anything I’m not do I because they took care of the past
personality because your personality creates your personal reality your
personality is made up of how you think how you act and how you feel
so then after no longer thinking the same way no longer acting the same way
no longer feeling the same way they’re thinking differently they’re acting
differently they’re feeling differently and they were returned back into their
lives they’re able to maintain that modified state of mind and body that’s
the new habit we’re embodying that energy then all of a sudden people in
their life are gonna say something’s different about you something something
is your something happened to you because the person’s not showing up in
the unconscious predictable habit of themselves and they’re outstanding
because they’re not reacting emotionally they’ve overcome that sitting in their
meditations they’re no longer judging they took care of those circuits the
hardwired programs they’re no longer blame you know from cleaning they’re
making excuses because they sack for two hours and I left them sit in that
emotion in those habits until they finally got beyond them now that’s the
work so that that that person that they’ve had
to conquer that person they’ve had to overcome that they had to become
conscious of so they would not go unconscious again the side effect of
that is self-love the side effect of that is a level of satisfaction with
yourself that allows you to be satisfied with others and people who judge
themselves will judge others people who hate themselves will hate others people
who are impatient with themselves will be impatient with others people who
abuse themselves will abuse others people who love themselves will love
others people who feel a gratitude for their effort will have gratitude
authentically in their life people who are joyful because they sat in the fire
and something changed or gonna actually be joyful not not because they need a
car or a wardrobe or vacation to feel that they feel joyful because they
really feel joyful it’s not coming from out there it’s coming from in here they
will be joyful in their lives and it’ll be real so we’re just seeing a community
of people reaching that consciousness and they’re not relying on somebody out
there to bring them joy they’re their joyful because they’re in love with who
they are

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