‘The Law Is Going To Come After Him’: Obama Lawyer Warns ‘Lawless’ Trump After Pardons | MSNBC

‘The Law Is Going To Come After Him’: Obama Lawyer Warns ‘Lawless’ Trump After Pardons | MSNBC

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100 thoughts on “‘The Law Is Going To Come After Him’: Obama Lawyer Warns ‘Lawless’ Trump After Pardons | MSNBC

  • TheMrBennito Post author

    where is Lee Harvey Oswald when we really need him?

  • Gramma Post author

    Nope I don't agree, there will not be any accountability and there will be forever a change in government and how our country is looked upon. We are no longer a democracy and so many approve of that. I just don't get it, what about when it comes back to bite them? Will they still be okay with what's happening?

  • Michael Robertson Post author


  • eddiehnry Post author

    “ Just HANG to Death “ , O’l Clueless Psycho Orange Blob Donnie & “ Maybe “ Rudy, & his Spoil-Brat Kids and then “ America is GREAT Again !!!

  • Anthony Israel Post author

    Who will be the one to lock up Trump…… Nobody!

  • Anthony Israel Post author

    They had the chance and blew it… expect the same to continue

  • FiatDuster Post author

    MSNBC = More Seditious Nonsense By Communists.
    MSNBC = More Seditious Nonsense By Communists.
    MSNBC = More Seditious Nonsense By Communists.
    MSNBC = More Seditious Nonsense By Communists.
    MSNBC = More Seditious Nonsense By Communists.
    MSNBC = More Seditious Nonsense By Communists.
    MSNBC = More Seditious Nonsense By Communists.
    MSNBC = More Seditious Nonsense By Communists

  • Captain Tomato Post author

    What about obama ? He committed more TREASON than any president. He gave millions to the enemy.

  • Captain Tomato Post author

    Obama pardon much, MUCH More than any other president

  • Captain Tomato Post author

    Shut up berney.

  • Captain Tomato Post author

    We certainly dont want berney

  • JohnGalt009 Post author

    Who the heck is he kidding? What Law? What Justice? Bushes, Clintons, Obama, Epstein, Dershowitz, Weinstein, Wall Street, big Pharma, criminal court, family court, Astros, this guys a joke. Doesn’t get it.

  • Daniel Ceschini Post author

    All people of the USA have to put politics aside and tell the senators to stop russia interfering in are elections and tell trump to stop interfering in are justice system, if this goes on , we are headed for a dictatorship. And all people of the USA don't want this.

  • KM KoolGang Post author

    This comment is for all of you petty, jealous, envious, lowborn and uncouth "Trump haters." There is no hope for you.

  • Thumper Man Post author

    I do believe that Trump has lost his mind, the power of high office and turned his brain to mush, and he is getting more lawless as time goes on, and more like a dictator than the leader of the world's greatest democracy. How embarrassing for the USA …the world is laughing. Can't wait till it is hopefully all over in November. Heaven help us all if he gets a second term. Only in America!

  • Fransisco Zip Post author

    Neil kat….i like this guy..is he elligable to become vice president ?

  • Fransisco Zip Post author

    The law make a sitting president above the slings an arrows of outragious fortune…it winnows the chaff…it is proper

  • walcott70 Post author

    Arrested? Pshh Please people please. Trump's showing you what money can do right before your very eyes. So if seeing is believing where do you stand? Keep the top on your bottle, it ain't happening today or tomorrow.

  • Jean GALARNEAU Post author

    Panic panic panic mnsbc

  • Lou Frank Post author


  • Lou Frank Post author


  • ala ska Post author

    Americans know the DEMOCRATS ARE THE CORRUPTION.

  • Mark Dean Post author

    Wow, again, more opinions and more opinions. This laugh is better than stand up comedy. These two wouldn’t understand laws if they actually read what they are talking about. Again, Americans suffer with the void of facts and knowledge.

  • Jody Huston Post author

    Neal, I pray the Law will arrest trump/Russia , complicit GOP, and the criminal, devious Barr , sooner than soon. They have invaded our elections to favor Bernie Sanders and Trump , and conspire to, and are, destroying America , every day. Please , for God's sake Courts and Law, protect us and arrest every one of them ! Who is brave enough to save America ? We're working like crazy for a mega blue tsunami this November , but we need the law NOW.

  • Arden McConnell Post author

    When Democrats vote, Democrats win. There's more of them. Get up and vote! Your freedom could depend on it.

  • pica Post author

    Mr. Katyal, may your words be those of an Angel. Heaven help us if the ORANGE IMBECILE is again, mistakenly, made POTUS! This IGNORAMUS does NOT belong anywhere in government!!!

  • J O Post author

    Neal Katyal is wrong. This is a corrupt country: the Republican Senate is corrupt, 45% of the population is corrupt, FOX News is corrupt. People think that if the economy is good, there is nothing to worry about (Remember Germany?). The few people who stand by the law are fired, vilified or hunted down, as Trump just ordered his accomplishes to do…And the banks create money to play the casino of Wall Street. I do not see the light at the end of the tunnel..

  • Rat48541 Post author

    And how many people did Obama pardon! President’s all have that peer or privilege.

  • Dominican republic Post author

    The US justice system only works against colored and foreigners

  • Georgia Atkins Post author

    Not, "A Financial Genius." Trump-Lost $1.17 Billion Dollars, 1980s-1990s. Now Destroying US Economy. https://www.dailykos.com/stories/2019/5/12/1856223/-Donald-Trump-A-30-Million-Dollar-Yacht-Crazy-That-explains-so-much

  • Gary Hughes Post author

    Trump will worm his way out of any prosecutions aimed at him. He has loaded the Justice Department with his own gang.
    Barr does his bidding at the drop of a hat. He will be replaced by another “yes man”, believe it.

  • Michelle Lioness Post author

    Bernie 2020.

  • Michelle Lioness Post author

    If we women don't have our bodily autonomy respected, we are going to destroy the institutions that are forcing themselves on us including the christian religion. My body is a monarchy, and I am its ruler.

  • Vince Norman Post author

    Why President Trump's values are so important to America: Parents truly are the last line of defense against tyranny and the cultural decline of the west. Trump raised his family with the rules: No alcohol, no drugs, no smoking. He then educated them. Tyranny from the communist left tried to destroy his values by overthrow a duly elected President from the moment he won the election. That's REAL Tyranny.

  • Michael Doyle Post author

    God bless law and order.

  • Friend to Animal's Post author

    Trump,Putin and the GOP are the Law now. DARKNESS Rules America now.Who's going to stop them? CONGRESS? COURTS? Certainly an election won't stop them.Right Moscow Mitch?

  • Body-kitted 316-shed Post author

    It’s unfortunate that a third rate tv celebrity lucked his way into office as POTUS. However, his arrogance and stupidity will be his undoing. He will eventually face prosecution in law and hopefully be jailed.

  • Jasper Etale Post author

    "your sin shall catch you!"

  • Matthew Chandler Post author

    HAHAHAH does any of you think anything will change…no law no order… no checks no balances…its not going to get better, this is the beginning of the fall. Do you really think the Romans thought their empire would fall… not in a thousand years…now we stand in their shoes and say no…all is permitted. Trump will walk free and you and I and our children will suffer and NOTHING BAD WILL EVER HAPPEN TO TRUMP. He has an army of mindless idiots that would give their very lives for Mother Russia's puppet.

  • Sunny Wakefield Post author


  • Annette Griffin Post author

    He’s pardoning and giving less jail time for his friends. Who will be there for Trump when he finds himself in trouble? 🤔

  • ubuibme24 *u b u i b me 24* Post author

    Katyal is an irresponsible lawyer intent on deception as none of Trump's pardons has broken any law. Presidential pardons are completely legal and constitutional regardless of the reason and for any reason at all, even if the pardoned person is a'friend and/or campaign contributor'
    Both MSNBC and the lawyer are perpetrating a deception for saying Trump is lawless because of his pardons implying that his pardons are in some way illegal and breaking some law. (even though they do not ever mention any specific law that has been broken. FAKE NEWS PROPAGATORS! 😉

  • MrWisdomseekr Post author

    Donald "The Lawless One" Trump A.K.A. the not yet revealed "AntiChrist."

  • Richard Restivo Post author

    They don't like it when the shoe is on the other foot. Forget Trump and go back and see what they said about Romney and McCain when they were running and what they said about Boulton until they thought he could help them. Get rid of both parties, install term limits and quit electing career politicians who them and their appointees become millionaires when in office on our tax payer dollars.

  • Delano Moses Post author

    #trump2020. You fake news should stop

  • NTCC Marketing Post author

    Neil is cute talking about the "robust" sytem of law in the US. Its BS. Ask the ordinary people sitting in jails for some pot, and then ask the wealthy connected. U.S. is robust for people with money and power, the rest can work for free in the jails

  • Charles Farmer Post author

    The president has full authority to pardon anybody he wants to. ANY PRESIDENT. Nothing anyone can do about it. Absolutely nothing.

  • Carol Mccullen Post author

    He has done nothing wrong

  • hayward harmon Post author

    Barr and trump are sending mob type messages to America

  • Thomas Taylor Post author

    Who has Trump supposedly pardoned who bugs these people?

  • Bill Whitis Post author

    It worked for Bush, why would it be any different for Trump? Money equals impunity.

  • Su Sidd Post author

    Trump is now taking bribes for Pardons…

  • kathy Turner Post author

    People just remember the president and all his bed buddies are being paid by our tax money so they work for us and being someone who lived through the sixties I am tired of listening to people saying well what can we do about all this. We got rid of Nixon we can surely scrape this piece of crap off the walls.👿. Why do we let all of them get away with restoring our country,

  • Old southern white lady Post author

    We're ready for THE LAW to get him!

  • claudermiller Post author

    Mary please. George w Bush is still the man of honor at a multitude of public events after lying us into a war that has probably killed a million innocent people. The rule of law does not always triumph.

  • claudermiller Post author

    After the election I heard dozens of people on TV saying everyone in New York and Washington knew he was a criminal. My question is why was he never prosecuted during all those years before he was elected? BECAUSE HE WAS RICH! Rich people are never held to account like the rest of us. If they were Trump would have been in prison in 2016. Not running for president. Spare us. Our system is rotten to the core.

  • Richard Qualls Post author

    These people are idiots when they talk about Trump being lawless. They had better look at themselves and the last administration.

  • Judy Bodnar Post author


  • Judy Bodnar Post author


  • WPG S Post author

    The Law will come after Trump alright

  • Vince Norman Post author

    The problem facing the Democrats: They have absolutely nothing and nobody to make people feel better about the USA or themselves.

  • slobnoxious Post author

    LOL. Take a look at the number of Obama pardons and compared them to Trump's lately?

    If you did, you wouldn't be making yourselves look dumb by pushing this nonsense.

  • Skara Caesar Post author

    Abusing his power in broad daylight, not hiding it.

  • Rick Gunter Post author

    All politicians are Little piggies!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rick Gunter Post author

    All politicians are Little piggies!!!!!!

  • Jessica Merriman Post author

    People optimistic about tRump facing justice are just as unbalanced as tRump is. It will never happen. Sounds great, but singing kumbayah won't make it so.

  • robert McGuckin Post author

    Or WHATEVER……..indeed!!! Simps.

  • ron barnes Post author

    Barr proved he has no balls allowing trump to Walk over the constitution, the sad thing is he knows better and will also be punished.

  • sam felty Post author

    I wonder how much money and/or favors a pardon goes for? Republican Orange-Lippers sock from all that lip service they give Pimping Donnie.

  • Reinaldo Dominguez Post author

    Blah blah and blah

  • chief0129 Post author


  • Linda PS Post author

    LETS Wish for KARMA. It is Much HARSHER And Will ATTACK From ALL Sides. FAMILY Will NOT Be OFF LIMITS and With A STONE COLD BLOB OF FLESH Like SKUNK, He Only Have 1 Pride and Joy that is In His SLIMY SPITTING Image. Seeing KARMA Attack and DESTROY there FIRST While He is Still Breathing Would be MUCH MORE REWARDING and SATISFYING Before He and his GOP TRAITORS Are Taken Down. He Has Brought Out the WORST JUSTICE For Him IMAGINABLE IN People Who Otherwise Would NOT Wish the UNTHINKABLE Upon ANYONE. IT Will be JUSTIFIED in this Case for SATAN and his EVIL GENES.

  • alfonso stein Post author

    If he is not reelected, "everyone" will be going after him and his beautiful kids.

  • Zep Tepi Post author

    Dump Traitor Trump!! 🇺🇸

  • Scot Campbell Post author

    I believe what Trump reaps he will sow. The law will catch up to him

  • Dennis S Post author

    oh come on. Look at all the examples, there won't be any consequences.

  • Rolf Leseratz Post author

    I hope that the law will be uphold!

  • Margot Stewart Post author

    "We The People"of America must stand up to and Remove this "Head of the Mafia, Mob Boss, trump" from every aspect of Our Government ! Trump has Pardoned all these Criminals so that they can work for him to spread his contempt for the Law and his hatred of democracy and the Constitution, and these pardoned criminal fiends will do Anything trump orders them to do…No Questions will Ever be asked ! ! Patriotic Americans, We Must Bring IMPEACHMENT CHarges Again ! ! There is nothing in the Constituion that prevents bringing 'Articles of Impeachment' again. Contact Speaker of the House Noble Nancy and implore her to bring charges of "Abuse of Power" again against Currupted and Currupting, Evil, in putin's pocket trump ! Pray to God to help America be free of trump !

  • Julie Aucoon Post author

    Yea,well the law needs to come for Hillary McCabe, Coney, Strouck, Lynch,eyc… Y'all got a lot of nerve. Freaking Hypocrites. Trump 2020

  • John Sean Post author

    I don't share his confidence. Trump will ruin the US. it ends in civil war.

  • Jacob Farmer Post author

    I dont believe it. He gone keep getting away with it

  • richard brooks Post author

    Will they pardon the Biden's???

  • Ian Monam Post author

    As long as Moscow Mitch and Lady Lindsey are in the senate, trump will not be held responsible for his crimes.

  • M Modack Post author

    Breaking news ,breaking news ,breaking news,& yes it's all about Trump breaking another law- You say the law will eventually catch up over the lawlessness of Trump- Ya Right !!!! tell that to the Republicans until the cows come home,or after your President of this first world country( now very much debatable) does so much damage to the country that it would be beyond repair- & of what use would it then be for the law to eventually close in???The law either works effectively or it doesn't ,& at the moment it's a BANANA REPUBLIC.All what the media is doing is giving us continous breaking news by getting law pros debunking what Trump is doing & All Trump is doing is increasing his OWN powers debunking what the law pros are saying- I foresee Trump winning by a landslide victory ,not becz of the voters ,but becz he will feel that he can rig the whole process again becz it's like a drug- the more you get away with things,the more adrelanin rush to do it better the next time- & the law makers & journalist will merely continue with BREAKING NEWS on trumps succesful chananighans- What a democracy America has – let's rather give it a new Name- DE" mockery

  • Hector Beltran Post author


  • John F. Post author


  • AGWRATH3 Post author

    Another day of Fake News. Fake Fake Fake #walkaway #democratsforTrump

  • barlotboys3403 Post author

    Trump is just 1 of many Presidents whom abide by his own rules. It's a long list of Presidents & Government Officials who belongs behind Bar$

  • jim thomas Post author

    Lets get these socialist fuckstix in jail, then we can concentrate on repairing the damage theve done.

  • Robert Roland Post author

    Acquit a criminal. Then that criminal pardons other criminals.

  • Karen Reed Post author

    So what? The law comes after him on lots of things and he thumbs his nose and shrugs it off…he is enabled 100% by the GOP and the courts do nothing…did you not watch the damned trial? Pilot gave Jesus a raw deal in comparison…

  • bill wilson Post author

    Oh I bet Trump is really scared about an Obama lawyer threat. All of Obama's administration should be jailed. Starting with corrupt Biden and Hillary. Any president can pardon who ever they feel like pardoning. Obama had quite a few if you cry babies look back. Trump 2020. Let the crying begin once again you low life snow flake, woke, liberal pukes.

  • Onmyjourney Post author


  • Isidra Lopez Ortiz Post author

    Trump is after all Democrats, at all cost. He was to make this a One Party country.

  • Ivan Robertson Post author

    Exactly what we don't need …. TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP …. we've had 3 years of the 'leftist's' obsession with Trump …. how about some current information on the economy and the unemployment situation and other topics that immediately affect the living standards of Americans for a change.

  • Angel Star Post author

    The more exposure we give
    Trump, the happiest he becomes.
    He is on stage, as long as his face
    is televised across the country,
    like him or not, love him or hate
    Him, Trump is the classic PSYCHOPATH FLASHER……
    Trump,has the need to expose
    himself anyway available to him.
    TV, paying movie directors to get
    bit second rated parts in movies,
    and worst yet, raping women in
    Dressing rooms, raping his first
    wife Ivana, raping and giving drugs
    to the young beautiful girls Epstein
    Would supply to him. Epstein knew
    too much, he had to be vanished
    by murdering him…..
    Trump, should be going to prison
    with Harvey Weinstein, no doubt.

  • Robert Roland Post author

    Don't worry. What comes around, goes around! Karma is coming real soon.

  • Bill Geee Post author

    this is an absolute moron….a manipulative liar. i work all day and would get fired for missing details. these maggots manipulate the audience with their anti-white agenda.

  • Leo Barbato Post author

    Hey America’s, I think you don’t get it, Trumpasite is now the law, you have no democracy, you only think you still have, get use to it.

  • Graham Palmer Post author

    Giuseppe Romano whatever Trump sows he shall reap. polonium 210 in his breakfast cereal. Watch him keel over and die a slow miserable death. A prolonged death from polonium 210 where he bakes from the inside out. A well deserved demise for such a vile evil serpent.

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