The Judge’s Daughter and The Law Abiding Parking Person

The Judge’s Daughter and The Law Abiding Parking Person

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(lively music) Haley Odell. Good morning, Haley. Good morning. Haley, you’re charged with going through a red light on Waterman and Gano. Do you remember this? I was actually working at the time. Where do you work? The Whiskey Republic on the weekends. Where? The Whiskey Republic on the weekends. What do you do? I bartend. How are the tips? They’re okay. Real good? Yeah. You’re doing pretty good. Yeah. Okay, now you’ve already established the fact that you can afford to pay. (Haley laughs) You’re supposed to say, “They’re terrible.” They’re o– They’re really n– I’m only working there because my day job doesn’t– You’re supposed to say, “The tips are so bad. “I try so hard. “Nobody’s leaving tips. “I have no money, Judge.” But already you’ve established you can pay. I know, right? Sure. You can pay. (chuckles) Trying to get a new place. My roommate’s pregnant, so I have to move out. So I’m trying to save every bit. Oh, she’s pushing you out? Yeah, (chuckles) I get the boot. This is Summons Number 1-7-4-0-9-6. The light is red already. Oh, you made a right turn. I wasn’t actually driving, I was working too. That must’ve been valet. They have access to our keys. I’m having trouble with this one. Marissa, come up here. Come up here. Come up here, come on. Come on. Come here. I never do this. I never hug girls that come up here because it’s terrible, right? I can even kiss them, like that, right? Now why do you think I’m doing that? She’s your daughter. Why do you think I’m doing that? Is she your daughter? She’s my daughter, right. And she drives your car. (chuckles) Lovely, charming Marissa, my only daughter, so you know she’s very special, right? Now Marissa, you saw the video, right? No. You didn’t see it? I was in the corner over there. Well, we’re gonna look at it, okay? Got it ready for you your honor. She said she wasn’t driving. She said it was the valet that was driving, so we’re gonna look at it, and you’re gonna help me out, okay? Okay, the car made a right-hand turn, Marissa. It appears that there’s a sign after the intersection saying you can’t make a right-hand turn, but she says she wasn’t driving it, and she’s being evicted because her girlfriend is pregnant. So she’s gonna undergo some financial hardship and she’s tending bar nights only because she’s not making enough money during the daytime. So, what do you think I should do? Dismiss it. Dismiss it. Thank you. (chuckles) Because if it was the valet then… Okay, I see, on that basis? And also, she’s going through some financial hardship. So your heart goes out to her? Where’d you get that kind of sensitivity, Marissa? Is that part of your bringing up, where’d you get that? Your mom. (laughing) Did you get that from mom? The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. (laughing) Thank you, Marissa. You called in the big guns, huh? (Haley chuckles) Well, Inspector Quinn, what do you think? You’re not gonna overrule my daughter, are you? Of course, I’m not allowed to. (laughs) It’s a judgment I would have made, as well. Your matter is dismissed. Thank you. Good luck.
Have a good night. Many people assume that I’m the compassionate Caprio, but the truth is that title belongs to my daughter, Marissa. She has a long and colorful history of helping others, including the time a Boston department store hired her to help shoppers apply for Insta Credit loans. The requirements were very stringent. It broke her heart when she had to tell people that their applications had been rejected. So she began coaching the shoppers on how to successfully fill out their applications. Suddenly, everyone was getting approved, and the company was delighted until it came time to collect payment. They eventually caught on, but not before Marissa earned the nickname, Myristant Credit. (funky, rhythmic bass guitar music) Lashara Newkirk. How are you? Good morning. Okay, Lashara, you have… Let’s see, you have one, two, three, four, five. You have six parking tickets. These are all on a Hyundai. You have a Hyundai? I’m sorry? Do I have a hundred? No, I said do you have a Hyundai vehicle? Oh, Hyundai, yes. Okay. (chuckles) What did you think I said? I thought you said do I have a hundred. I’m like $100. Do you have 100? She might have more. No. (laughs) You got 500? I wish. If we gave an award for best personality, so far the best personality is Lashara, today. Thank you. Yeah, she’s been having a good time in the courtroom, your honor, we caught her smiling and laughing a little bit in the back. We’re going to find out if she keeps laughing after I fine her. (Inspector Quinn laughs). We’re going to check her personality then. (Lashara laughs) So these are all expired meters. Is there anything you want to tell me about these? Yes, so I work at the Providence GPub downtown. I’m the lead line-cook, so around 12, I always got the tickets because the time I come out, we’ll get a rush and I can’t get off the line, and then the parking lady will be there. I brought a little evidence to show that I pay a lot when I park. I tried to explain that to her too– Lashara, Lashara, I have your record. I know you paid 15 tickets already. Well, these are just the parking meter things that I wanted to show you I pay, like I park there all the time. You have to speak into the mic. Oh, that’s just to show that I do pay the parking meter. So I saved them all. What you were attempting to show me were receipts from the multi-space meter and that you put money in the multi-space meter, and so you have the receipts, right? Yes. So you’re trying to show me you are a law-abiding parking person. That is correct. That’s a new one, right? Law-abiding parking person. Law-abiding parking person. Get some shirts made for that, Judge. So you inspired me to say something. Thank you. Now why don’t you explain to people who don’t know what a line-cook is what a line-cook is. Well, I prep the food, I cook the food, and I send it out, and I make everyone happy, and that makes me happy. So you’re in the kitchen? I’m in the kitchen.
So you don’t get the tips, the waiters and waitresses get the tips, right? No, no, but I get the other part. I get to go out and see everybody eating and enjoying theirself, and that’s good enough for me. You get the satisfaction of making people happy and feeding them well. What’s the best thing that you make. I make a good steak. You do? Mm-hmm. All right, we know that if we need a good steak, we go there. We should go there, Inspector Quinn. We’ll split a steak. You can pay 3/4, I’ll pay 1/4 because I’m only going to eat a little bit. I’ll bring Joe ’cause he picks up the tab. (laughing) He picks it up and hands it to me. (laughing) Well, Inspector Quinn, here we have Lashara, she works hard. She’s on the line. She can’t get out of the kitchen. Most of these tickets are around noon time. She can’t get out. She has displayed a number of parking receipts, so she does attempt to pay her tickets. So she has one, two, three, four, five. She has six tickets and they’re all $25 tickets. So the original fine is 150, but they have all tripled. I think what we’re going to do is we’re going to charge you $75 for the tickets. Okay. What’s a Federal Hill steak? Spaghetti and meatballs. Fair enough. (laughing) I was gonna say veal cutlet. Good luck to you. Thank you, have a good day. All rise and hit Subscribe so you don’t miss the latest viral moments like this one. Share these videos and weigh in on the cases. You be the judge. Subscribe now.

99 thoughts on “The Judge’s Daughter and The Law Abiding Parking Person

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    Respect from India ♥️

  • Nito Jimomi Post author

    Thank you mr.judge for your kind form nagaland

  • A K Post author

    If you in America running stops will get you $250, six parking tickets will take your license and slam you with $1000+ …..than go to traffic school spend 8 hours there and also pay traffic school fees and your vehicle will be impounded if can’t get it within 30 days it will be sold or crushed and recycled. Oh impound fee is $200 per day that if you delay.

  • asim riaz Post author

    He should have been the president of USA

  • anonymous anonymos Post author

    Marissa is so wonderful and warm. Like father like daughter! The Apple certainly does not fall far away from the tree! Your family is so so so precious and full of Wisdom and charm! Love your family as well, from Kerala!

  • BootsNsaddle Post author

    I LOVE this judge. The ONLY thing I ABSOLUTELY disagree with is MANY of these folks have 5, 10, 15 or MORE tickets * ALWAYS for the same thing. I have NOT had a ticket in more than 30 yrs & sure enough NONE were for some of the stuff I've seen on here. There was that mother & son, who continued getting tickets, then, they would put different license plates on their vehicle, get MORE tickets on that plate, get another plate, put it on that car, get MORE tickets, COME ON, WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?? Then, she needed a translater to repeat everything in Spanish, then English. WTF ?? I know he is a good hearted judge, & an even better person, but COME ON, JUDGE Caprio. The Judge lets them off. They've learned NOTHING. They've ALREADY learned to take a child with them, to court, & it's a cakewalk.

  • emmany matthew Post author

    I'm very sure the city won't be happy with Judge Caprio, they wished he can retire and go home so that they can make more money…

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    This judge is making a mockery of our system. Cops are putting themselves out there enforcing our laws and he's undoing their work and playing for the audience. Shameful!!

  • Vito Corleone Post author

    She must be so proud of how great is her father and him is blessed to have a daughter like her. 🙂

  • Hazem O'Neall Post author

    Are why going to ignore the fact that the judges daughter made people lie on their applications???

    Good job, LoL

  • Michael Then Post author

    Very interesting judge, love this judge!

  • Sparky Runner Post author

    But that is not how the law is supposed to work !!! You are supposed to throw her into prison an confiscate all her stuff !!!!

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  • Mike Scott Singh Post author

    What a sense of humor. For me it's all business I am ashamed to say, but my mitigating circumstances are I think only about "justice" with no room for distractions. If the Defendant can explain their innocence I am not going to retort with you can afford it. He must be a "crazy" liberal, not all are, but most have some issue.

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  • Paul Paul Post author

    A good seed gives good trees , good tree yeilds good fruits , judge caprio so as her daughter , so compassionate and generous , very good and exemplary judge and his daughter , god bless both of you sir

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  • Aleks Martini Post author

    Just keeping it nice in front of camera while the whole world is corrupted corruption is in our DNA

  • GAVIN RUSSELL Post author

    i,m in scotland and wish we had judges like him ? he adds a human touch to bad times ? its helping people get back back on track NOT SMASH them over the head when on the bones of their butt

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    It runs in the family…like father like daughter… Great judge

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    Great judge, nothing like that in my country 🙂

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    I wish this judge long live with his compassion and healthy. World love you.

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    ‎‏Would u accept your offspring to be an animal, plant…anything other than the normal logical extension of you; ie Human?

    ‎‏You would expect the answer to be; surely not!

    ‎‏Then using the same logic; if u reject that notion for yourself, as illogical and irrational; how can u project it on your creator the almighty Allah?

  • Golden Age Post author

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    Im from Iraq 👋

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    Filipina in Dubai

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