The Judge’s Brother

The Judge’s Brother

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(slow rock music) Miguelina Hernandez. Good morning, Sir. Miguelina, good morning! You have an overnight parking ticket. Yes, Sir. Is there anything you wanna tell me about this? Oh yes, on January 1st, January 27th and the 17th, I had my first overnight ticket. They put, I pay that for that time. But I working overnight. I work at Amazon, Massachusetts, Fall River. I work through, I leave my house at five, and go back at 4-4:30. And I park like just ten minutes. And for that time I work nights and I don’t for come over here. I pay my $20, but now I think it’s like, it was Sunday, the 13th and it’s not overnight. Just ten minutes parking. I park my car at 4:30, and he gave me a ticket at four, I park my car. Sorry for my English, I’m nervous. You’re doing good, you’re doing real good. I park my car at 4:30, and he gave me the ticket at 4:48, exactly. Like he was waiting for me on the corner. You know, I’m a single mom and I have four kids. I raise them, I work like a man in the nighttime, and I make my work in the daytime. So, this is an overnight parking ticket, you have four kids, you’re working, you work nights. You came home, you were there for ten minutes. And there in that ten minute period they gave you a ticket. You got an earlier one and you just paid it, and now you’re getting another one. So I have to make a decision. Now if you were the judge, and I gave you that story, right, I’m gonna ask you two questions, alright? Yes, Sir. I gave you the same story you just gave me. Okay. Alright, would you believe me? I believe you. Alright, you believe me! I got an honest face
Because you are the Judge! I got an honest face, right? So you believe me? Yes, Sir. OK
(laughter) Like you believe me, I have my proof. But I don’t have to show you because I think you trust me. Next questions is, what would you do? Would you fine me or would you, you would have three choices. You could fine me $20, $40, or $60. What would you do? Mmmm, $20? $20? You charge me $20. I’m not gonna do that. Why not? I’m not doing any of that. You are very tough on me. Alright, I’m going to dismiss the case. Thank you so much.
(laughter) And I have the discount for him. He said “Give me the discount for Amazon.” What’s the discount for what? For Amazon. I work for Amazon. And he want my discount. (laughter) Are you going to give him the discount? Are you gonna give it to him? Yeah
You are? Yes, why not? I can give it to anybody. Oh well, look at everybody else in the courtroom, don’t discriminate. No, just one person. No, no, no, what about… Find somebody else that’s deserving, forget him. Oh no, no, no, no, nobody else. Miguelena, see his guy? Him, him right here? That’s my brother. (laughing) I hope that’s on camera. Um, with all my respect, for the, same father? (laughter) Oh wow! You having fun with me, no? (laughter) Absolutely. Thank you. Miguelina, have a nice weekend You too, thank you so much, buh-bye. Come on, how cool was that. If you’d like to see more cases like this one, tune into Caught in Providence every weekday. Excuse me? You didn’t know Caught in Providence was also a T.V. show? Oh wow! Your life just got substantially better. To find out what channel we’re on, go to, click on your local listings, scroll down til you find your hometown, then start doing your happy dance. That’s it, move it, move it. Nice. All rise, and hit subscribe so you don’t miss the latest viral moments like this one. Share these videos and weigh in on the cases. You be the judge! Subscribe now!

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