The Judge & Ziggy agree to disagree!

The Judge & Ziggy agree to disagree!

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(funky upbeat music) Leslie Torres. Good morning, Leslie. Good morning, Your Honor. Who are these, your two lawyers with you, who are they? (laughing) My two children. Leslie, you have one, two, three, you have three red light violations and a speeding ticket. Oh, my God, the red lights is over there by Westminster, Mayor Ann. Yeah? That’s where I get them from, that’s me coming back home from work, I do overnight shift. Lisa, let me see 808. Alright, you see, here’s what happened, I want you to look at this video, you see the video? Right, you made a right-hand turn on red and you are allowed to make a right-hand turn on red, Yeah. unless there’s a sign that prohibits it. Yes. Now in this video, you will notice, this was in November, there is no sign prohibiting the right-hand turn. Yes. There’s one sign down on the corner, that says do not block intersection. Hm-mm.
Okay. So you are allowed to make a right-hand turn. Now three months later, let’s look at 558, same location, what’s this?
Hm-mm. Right on red after stop. Yeah. So you travel the route every day. Yes.
There’s no sign, you can make a right-hand turn, then the city puts up a sign. Yes, that’s what I told my sister. So you make the turn automatically, you’re not even looking at it, so I’m gonna dismiss the second one. Thank you. So it’s gonna cost you $50 for the speeding ticket and $85 for one red light, it’s gonna cost you a total of $135 plus a $100 boot fee. Is there anything you wanna tell me? Your Honor, all I brung with me was $100. You what? Only thing that I brought with me was $100. Yeah?
Rent is due today. Alright, tell me a little bit about yourself, are you working? Oh yes, I work at a group home in Warwick, I do a night shift. And take care of three kids by myself. You’re a single Mom?
Yeah, a single Mom of three, my oldest, he’s gonna be 21, he just started working painting houses and I have them two, my niece helps me overnight, I have to drop her off at school, by Hope High School, that’s why I have to speed, I was rushing to go drop her off, because she’s got to be in for nine at Bailey. He leaves to the bus stop alone and then she’ll stay with her, get her ready. Then I go and rush both of them to go drop them off so they can all reach school before nine o’clock. And then I go home and rest. That’s my plan every morning. Many people have an opportunity to view our court proceedings, and some people have taken the opportunity to mail in monies to help other people. And I have that situation I know that there’s a family in Legacy Oaks court in Midland, Texas a husband and wife: Steven and Tammy, who I’ve mentioned before. But they’ve sent in a check and I have a particularly moving letter from a woman by the name of Tia with an even greater last name. It just says that she lost her husband after 43 years and she’s alone, and that she wants to help somebody else who really needs it.
Wow that’s nice of her. She sent some money in, and we’re gonna use that. And we also have a Roberta Sheila, from Anderson, Texas who also is desirous of helping someone who is in need who has sent some money in, so all of that would be sufficient for you to get your car boot released on the amount of money you have and you won’t have to pay anything else. Oh thank you so much. Is that gonna leave you short? I don’t wanna leave you with no money. Thank you, I mean… If you pay the 100 is that gonna mean that you’re gonna be broke? No, my rent is due today, but I’ll speak to the manager in the facility. No we’re not gonna do that.
Judge we’ll pay the $100. We’re not gonna do that, we’re not gonna do that. Thank you. We’re not gonna do that, okay? We’re gonna find a way to help you out. Okay, I appreciate it, thank you. I have some visitors from California here. Yeah I seen them. You wanna come up here? Thank you guys, thank you. Thank you. You guys wanna say hello? Introduce yourself, introduce yourself. Hi I’m Charity.
Hi I’m Leslie. Nice to meet you, thank you. I’m Lauren. Nice to meet you, thank you so much. I really have to know your name and where you’re from. Lauren Nichole Hunt and I’m from Gilbert, Arizona. And? Charity Prestifilippo from Temecula, California. Okay and you’re visiting here, I know, visiting family, relatives who live in Rhode Isand and you came to view Caught In Providence today. Yes. And I saw you raising your hand as I was talking to Leslie, so what is it you wanna tell me? Well we wanna help her with the rest of the $100. Oh thank you so much. You’re gonna contribute the $100? Yes we will.
That’s wonderful, thank you, I appreciate it. You’re welcome. It’s a very moving moment for Leslie and her children. But also a wonderful gesture of kindness and consideration that you are displaying for your children who are here and for others, so God bless you for this wonderful gesture. Thank you.
Thank you. So you are dismissed, your boot is gonna be removed from your car immediately and Steve and Tammy, and Roberta and the other woman who sent in money have paid for all of your fines. Don’t get anymore tickets. I won’t, thank you Your Honor. Okay, God all of you, good Lord. Thank you so much, you two. Absolutely. That’s just wonderful. Thank you. Thank you guys. You’re welcome. (all chattering) 20, 30, 40, 90. (all chattering) God bless you. In court and in life, I try to treat everyone with kindness and dignity. And it’s extremely gratifying when I see others doing the same. I honestly believe that small acts of kindness when multiplied by dozens, or hundreds, or millions of people can transform the world. Remember, all of us rise by lifting others. Faith Podel. Oh, good morning. Faith, you’re charged with going through a red light on Pleasant Valley Parkway and Valley Street. And we’ve been looking for you for the last seven years because you have a parking ticket on Hope Street. Well, first of all, I’d like to say, I’ll address the one for seven years. I was out in California, taking care of my dad. I brought my dad back from California, living in Rhode Island, the car was actually registered to him, I bought it for him because he had Alzheimer’s, so I took him everywhere to the VA hospital for doctor’s appointments and so forth. I don’t remember anything about what happened on Hope Street because this is almost five, six years ago. The address that they have here on this notice is in California, so the notices could have been going to the California address. They were. What branch of the service did your dad serve in? He actually served in the Korean war, ’50-’54 I get emotional talking about him. And unfortunately he passed away, but I got to keep him home and take care of him. Faith. Yeah?
I’m dismissing that ticket. Okay thank you. If for nothing else, in memory of your dad and to honor his service to the country. I’m dismissing that ticket. Well thank you, and speaking about New Years Eve, I went to Twin River and met a guy I thought who was nice. That night it was pouring rain and he asked me if I would take him back to his house to get some money to go back to the Twin River- Who’s “he”? This gentleman I met. Oh, okay. And it was pouring rain, we were actually on route 10 there was a road that was cut off; he was starting to get a little bit aggressive in the car. I don’t even remember going through the light, I just wanted to get him out of my vehicle. Oh okay.
I couldn’t even see, driving that night. All right, Faith. Oh sorry. It was New Years Eve. I was just glad to be safe to get him out of my vehicle. You were at New Years Eve, you were at Twin Rivers. Yeah.
right? So those of you who don’t know, Twin Rivers is a gambling casino. (Faith laughing) So Faith is there, she’s gonna win her fortunes she’s gonna end the new year and start the new year with a big victory but she meets a gentleman and needs a ride to get more money. He wasn’t very nice. All right, but I understand but I… Well I was glad that I got him out of my vehicle and I was safe. But you volunteered to give him a ride to get more money. I did, I was dumb. And it was pouring rain. All right so he’s in your car at this point, you’re driving to get more money and you wanna get rid of him. Yeah. Now he’s becoming aggressive. Yeah and it was pouring rain and he was giving me all different sorts of directions so I don’t even know where this actually happened. Well this was on Pleasant Valley Parkway and Valley Street. It was late, actually if we watched, it was pouring that night. We’re gonna take a look at it, let’s look at it. Thank you. Yeah. Well I deeply apologize. With the rain and with this incident in my vehicle I was glad to get him out and be safe. It will never happen again. (Judge laughing) No more strangers in my car. So the moral of the story is: beware of strangers. Unfortunately that’s the way of the world. Okay.
You wanna be nice but you can’t. All right, based on that story I understand. This probably ought to be a traumatic situation for you, so. It was it was supposed to be New Years, but thank you and have a nice day. There’s an old saying we have down here: no good deed goes unpunished. We try to be trusting people but it doesn’t always happen. Good luck to you and thank you for taking care of your dad.
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