The DANGER of OVER Intention and OVER Surrender with the Law of Attraction

The DANGER of OVER Intention and OVER Surrender with the Law of Attraction

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this video I’m going to be showing you
the danger of over intention and over surrender with the law of attraction I’m
gonna be showing you exactly how to go through this process in a more powerful
way and how it can change your life welcome back to another video my name is
Aaron and I help people expand their consciousness now in this
video I’m gonna be sharing with you the danger of over intention and on the
other side of that over surrender why I see so many people going through the
resistance of these two sides of the coin and I’m gonna show you how to
balance this out since you really experience what you want and this is
something that I’ve realized from experience this is something that I’ve
realized from also helping a lot of people to attract what they want and
seeing the in a way this a lot of times is the thing that blocks people that
holds them back from attracting what they want and maybe the sound this feels
like you’re experiencing this in your own life do you ever feel like you are
having experiences where you really really want something to happen you
really literally try for it and then you feel that the more that you try for it
the more you end up resisting it or on the other side of that do you ever feel
like you are surrendering and giving it up and trusting the process but you
still feel like nothing is really happening or you feel like you’re
getting synchronicities and things happening that aren’t exactly what you
intend for or what you desire well that in the solution to that is understanding
the balance of these two forces these two ways of going about creating what
you want your life and in order to explain it what I want to do is I want
to show them from each perspective now first off what is over intention
intention is a determination and a declaration of what you want sometimes
people ask me what’s the difference between a desired intention it is.i or
something you long for it’s a feeling that you maybe don’t have something so
you want it and an intention is more proactive and intention is like I will
have or I declare this I intend for the now what a lot of people don’t know
about intention as well is intention is it has it includes that of the action
itself action is also intention if I said an intention to go pick up
something off the ground right now and I just set that intention that’s more
powerful than desired but that means also that to follow up
that intention I must go over there and pick it up so many times intention and
action or inter interconnected very powerfully now what a lot of people do
is a lot of people’s egos get totally immersed in the process of manifestation
and what happens is the ego thinks it must do everything so if the ego does it
the ego says this has to be this way so the ego points that out and then moves
forward saying this is the way things need to be and they start to intend for
it now what happens and I’ve experienced as many times in my own life because
because I’ve had a certain level of success with what I’m doing especially
on YouTube making videos there’s a certain blueprint of my mind the way
things need to be for it to be successful and if things don’t go
according to that blueprint I start to get resistant and then resistance you
don’t really create what you want easily so the key to this is knowing and
remembering that it’s not always just the ego the ego must be going in a
certain direction must be being in the frequency that you prefer the ego must
be doing what it’s passionate about but at the same time must be able to allow
something even greater to happen so that over intention is when we start to
create resistance now have you also I known people also that like really
really want to attract a relationship they really really wanted they’re
intending for it they’re setting the intentions every time they go to a
coffee shop they’re looking around like are you my soul mate
are you my soul mate are you my soul mate it’s kind of got that vibe behind
it and and because of that what they end up doing is because they’re they’re
qualified every single person they meet as argue this or argue that they end up
creating resistance because the moment they also i dead
fight that that person is not the soulmate that they thought they were
going to meet when they went out to be coffee in in what that does is that
causes the resistance and then it also creates more of an intention of what is
not more of an intention of my soulmates not already here so then the vibrational
difference becomes greater and greater but also it’s also really emphasizing
that we’re not good enough for already just in general when we’re over
intending for something it’s like I really really need this I really really
want this I really really want this it’s saying I’m really really not okay where
I really really am right now and I really want to get somewhere else so to
make this process easier it’s about understanding putting a fundus infusing
a fundus into manifestation for me you’ve probably seen a big change in my
energy if you’ve been watching me since November of last year when I went to
Costa Rica and I had a pretty big transformation my own energy before that
I was very much over intending for everything I was like I need to be this
kind of person I want to be like you know following and Tony Robbins
footsteps will do it all of this kind of stuff and I put myself into a certain
like you know certain expectation I was carried on this resistance I was
intending so much but I wasn’t really enjoying life as much you could have
looked at my the growth of my financial and business version of me like the
business aspects of my life but in the personal aspects of my life there wasn’t
much I was focused on there when it comes up personal growth when it comes
to my relationships when it comes to my connection with people in my life
because I was so focused on making videos that it’s like I almost put
everything else on the backburner and I was intending so hard for this one area
of my life but I wasn’t really paying attention to everything else in my life
and I felt like I felt like what I needed to do is to let go of the over
intention of believing that everything had to be really hard I realized I had a
lot of beliefs that success meant working hard because when I lived full
time on YouTube I was I was putting a lot of other things on the back burner
and I was just focused on making videos and I mean like you know I was working
like 1012 hours a day even when I quit my job at door working at Barneys New
York then I went full-time on you to just
working so hard but that led me to having this belief that everything had
to be for my ego my ego had to do everything and I also had this
protective mechanism where I was like protecting my ego I didn’t want people
to I didn’t want people to know certain things about me whether it was like me
doing something like plant medicine or you know I was I realized that I had
this big shield up but then what I did is I decided I said you know what I’m
gonna let go of this and I’m just gonna start to be myself and and some people
will like that some people won’t but it’s so Who I am you know I wanted
to make like videos on star seeds and stuff but I’m so afraid of what people
would think but I said you know I was gonna do it I’m gonna make videos that I
want to make that I’m passionate about and I did that and everything got taken
to new level I was working less I was surrendering more and I was getting more
success than ever before I stopped focusing on just my business
life and YouTube and growth and I started to focus on my personal growth
making me happy doing what I want to do enjoy my own life and it was like a
level of surrender that then allowed more more success to come than ever
before and I was doing way less I had the best like my everything took off
financially and business-wise my channel got taken to another level everything
once I surrendered more but then there’s the other side of this the other side of
this is an over surrender if you over intend you put things on a pedestal you
make things important and you create resistance if you over surrender you
then become more complacent and more lazy that’s what I learned from my own
lines especially before I went full-time on I started making videos on YouTube
Louis telling myself the story one day you’re gonna make it in some people you
know someone’s gonna find you I remember I met a Jack Canfield I helped him with
shoes for his wife everything was up this just meant to be I’m helping
someone like this this is a sign but I wasn’t really doing I wasn’t really
taking the action I wasn’t and but remember a part of the action is
intention I wasn’t his balance I was just surrendering like
oh I’m gonna eventually gonna meet this person one day maybe I’ll meet Tony
Robbins it’ll be like Herod you have a lot of potential let me just give you
this platform for you to express yourself on I look back at it now and
I’m like that was just so ridiculous they could think like that and maybe
some people say oh that’s limiting thinking you could have done that if you
would have believed but I believe that it’s a little bit of both you have to
meet the universe halfway so then I started to make daily videos and then
the intention was there and there was still a level of surrender but that’s
why things just got taken to another level but it was it was about going
beyond just that of the surrender but you see I think there’s different
personality types for this as well in a way I think for me a powerful lesson is
surrender like like the the the the answer to what I’m sharing with you
today of this over intention and over
surrender is that there’s something called the middle way the middle way
going down the path of the middle way where it’s you realize what do you need
right now are you more so surrendering so much that you’re not taking any
action or you’re not living in your passion you see when you’re in your
passion when you’re doing what you love you aren’t actually taking action when
you feel called to take action what I am being in my passion is Satan making
videos I’m in the flow state I this this does higher vibrational feeling that I
feel and I love doing it and that’s part of the intention is doing this but if I
were to like force myself to make more and more videos that would be over
intention when it doesn’t feel what it doesn’t feel like something I feel
called or or like I want to do but II have to be honest with yourself too
because in the beginning of me making daily YouTube videos it wasn’t always
easy to make daily videos I had to really kind of get used to that but I
knew that I had my vision set on I’m gonna wire the sense that it is natural
for me and it eventually became natural for me before this what you have to do
is have to just be honest with yourself because for me in my own life I think a
powerful lesson for me is learning to surrender more it’s learning that it’s
not all about the action all the time and the intention all the time it’s like
render enjoy life but surrender to the process and let the universe meets you
halfway the universe like you want it’s like you
taking action as you proving this is something I want this is something I’m
willing to work for this is something I’m willing to to give I’m willing to
give myself in this way and then the universe will give back to you but
there’s a certain level to where your ego doesn’t have to do everything and my
ego is very strong when it comes to this because my ego is like this is what it
takes to do this you know this how there’s a certain format in my own mind
and what I have to learn is how to surrender that ego that that egos desire
to try to control situations to try to control outcomes and I realize this is
my own life as well because there’s sometimes like I want to help people I
found out one of my family members thinks that sometimes about myself that
you know I’m trying that I try to control control family situations
too much and the thing is is like I have some people my family that are going
through some rough times right now and what I tried to do is I tried I’m a
fixer I’m a fixer that’s kind of like a way that I always saw myself actually I
never really saw myself as a fixer to be honest I wasn’t even really aware of it
but I had this conversation my dad the other day because I realized that I was
always struck you know someone said had gone through a rough time the way that I
helped was I’m gonna help you I’m gonna do this I’m gonna do this I’m gonna do
this I’m gonna help you to get on your feet again and it has good intentions
but sometimes that’s not what some people need some people just need you to
listen or some people just need they need to like do it themselves and they
don’t want you to give them things to help make the process easier and and I
had situations where I was trying to control and help someone get back on
their feet and I realized that I was just doing too much science time to let
go and when I let go then it’s like the person has the freedom to like figure it
out themselves that’s more empowering sometimes so in general it’s the egos
necessity to control that causes a lot of resistance and solving your own life
but if you’re trying to control other people’s way they can move into their
life with good intentions be aware that because you may be over intending for
yourself and you may be also all intended for other people and at the
same time though there’s a certain level of surrender that you may also there’s
times in my life when I’m over surrendering hey I’m going to light in
this area of my life maybe in my personal life I was to over surrendered
I was like just so focused on the business side the YouTube growth I
remember I used to go to this like a spiritual counselor
I still do every now and then but I remember that she’d always I’d be
talking to her and I would talk about YouTube you talk about growth content
all this stuff inventions debate okay let’s go on out of your personal life
and I’d be like personal life I was like I make videos like ten hours a day like
I edit I do all of this stuff like what do you mean by personal life YouTube is
my personal life no what is your personal life what about this what about
this what are you doing for fun what are you doing to fill up your own cup what
are you doing for this and I was like ah no but I was too surrendered in my
personal life I wasn’t doing enough things for me I wasn’t I wasn’t taking
enough action to fill up my own cup do you know what I love and now when I go
on vacation I got with jet skiing I know it sounds like well how is that but
that’s personal like I enjoy that you know I’ll go you know like the other day
Laura and I went to this fellowship you know Yogananda converted Yogananda and
you wrote the book autobiography of a yogi’ he’s got this place in LA it’s
like a fellowship place where you go and it’s got a lake and it’s just such a
high vibe and went there just like relax for like an hour you know things like
that fill up your own cup but are you surrendered in your business life maybe
too much and you’re just focused on like your personal life and maybe it’s about
balancing maybe what I would say you you can do that’s very powerful is find them
in a way when it comes to your business life and your personal life your success
and your your financial and then also your personal or maybe your health maybe
break these down into different categories like your health your
finances your relationships your success you doing what you’re passionate about
and see are you over surrendered or over intending because if you’re over
attending you’re creating resist if you’re over surrendering you may be
finding yourself lazy and not focusing enough need to focus more to get the
energy moving you see it’s like the more you focus the more laser-like your your
your vibration becomes but if it becomes too focused and too rigid it has to
happen in this way this is what the ego sees then the answer might be to
surrender so that then you broaden the scope set you can allow more amazing
things to happen and if you’re over surrendered then your legs are just too
popped out and it’s not focused enough so be aware of this middle way the
danger of the over intention is that then you create so much resistance in
your life that then you feel like locked in and you feel like your ego has to do
everything you feel like literally the weight of the world is on your shoulders
is dependent on your little ego and then on the other side of that over surrender
the danger of that is that you’re not taking action you remain the same and
you remain just in a stagnant energy for years I was that person
that was like I want to attract this in my life now just sit there on my couch I
want to attract going full time on YouTube and I wasn’t making videos and
the thing that I needed to hear in that moment was take massive action take
massive action and then I took massive action that I kept taking massive action
and then he got to a point to where said ok now surrender and then I would
surrender but then if I surrendered for a certain amount and it was just too
much and then eventually the universe was saying you need to take action again
but it’s not you have to go boom boom boom boom boom you could just instead go
boom the middle way just be aware of where you are and different categories
in your life you may be at a different spot you may have health that like
you’re just over surrendered with help there’s no focus
you might just be eating whatever but then the over intention sometimes I feel
over intended with my help I eat very very very healthy very clean and then
when I go and you know we’re eating at these nice restaurants and stuff I’m
like almost feel guilty you know and that’s an over intention because I can’t
enjoy life I can’t just enjoy life a little bit you know so it’s the middle
way I’m aware of what I’m eating I’m aware of eating high
food but sometimes if I eat a little bit of mix it’s not the hi– side through
the world I’m still enjoying my personal life I’m still enjoying life so life is
meant to be enjoyed you know this will sound esoteric but I believe that we’re
all spiritual beings have Ana temporary human experience we may not incarnate
very often into a reality this dense where we are able to eat and and touch
and smell and use our senses like this so I think we’re meant to enjoy life
we’re meant to come here and enjoy what it’s like to be visible to eat amazing
food and all these things but not to become identified with it not to become
overly identified with it just be aware of it to enjoy it and then to let it go
and then to just be in the present moment right now so these are what I
learned for this process and for this process it’s about finding that middle
way and understanding when you do find that middle way you’ll see that things
happen even easier for you maybe in a way you need like the prescription right
now what is it are you on the over intended resistant side maybe you need a
little bit of surrender and trust in the universe
that’s your prescription are you on the overly surrender side maybe your
prescription is to take more action to do something this week that puts you in
this direction and that by doing so you’ll begin to tap more into this and
you can even imagine now one of the meditations that I have that will help
with this process has to do with a feeling is the secret meditation which
is one that you listen to where it combines both of the feeling and the
intention and you put it over your you you do this guided visualization as you
fall asleep at night and when you do that you wire in to your subconscious
mind this state of already having that what you want it’s a very powerful
meditation you can read the comments to see how powerful it is I recommend you
listen to for 21 days minimum I think it will completely change your life it’ll
change your energy field it’s in the top of the description box below it’s from
the book the feeling is a secret by metal Gong art it’s a I was inspired by
that but it’s a guided meditation that you can listen to so listen to it as
you’re falling asleep at night you see how powerful it is also if you haven’t
already hit the notification bell so that you can see the daily vids that I
do though a way that YouTube does is you actually have to hit that button
to see the daily vids I have a lot more good stuff coming and I’m excited to
share it with you other than that hope you enjoy this vid
for you to like it if you liked it subscribe to be happen already and as
always peace much love and down the state

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    I mean, if what I care takes form It's great and if It doesn't It's great too.
    And most of the time I can see things happen because I've got a relaxed attitude.
    I don't wait for anyone to make me happy.
    I don't wait for anything to make me happy.
    I DON'T WAIT. I live each day at the present time, in the here and now.
    Sometimes I even don't see the hours elapsing, the day goes by so fast and I fall asleep.
    And I thank myself to be what I AM and to do what I DO.
    I'm passionate about horses. When I see a horse, when I ride a horse, nothing else matters.
    So the rest is just : I care but not that much.
    But people hardly understand that what takes form, what happens is only what we are genuinely passionate about because we vibrate it. There's no lie about that, there's no sham.
    Greetings from Paris under the rain ( I love when it rains) 🌧☔
    I was about to forget :
    Your video is great, very bright,

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