The Criminal History of Blueface

The Criminal History of Blueface

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Blueface has had one interesting career so
far. At only 22 years old, the Los Angeles born
rapper managed to sign a multi million dollar record deal with Cash Money West after the
viral success of songs like Thotiana and Respect My Crypn amassed millions of views online. Blueface even managed to remix Thotina two
times with fellow rappers YG and Cardi B and those two music videos on Cole Bennett’s
Lyrical Lemonade YouTube Channel have over 218,000,000 views combined. But despite being a rich and successful rapper,
Blueface has still managed to find himself in some type of legal trouble. The off beat sensation has paid almost $100,000
in total to keep his freedom over the last year and that’s not even including lawyer
fees. Curious on how Blueface got himself in this
situation. Well then we have you covered. Here is an exclusive inside look at the Criminal
History of Blueface. Now Blueface wasn’t always having run ins
with the law like he seems to be having now. Back when he was younger, Blueface grew up
in the rougher parts of LA and even had an older brother that was heavily involved with
the streets. But even though Blueface was around that type
of lifestyle, he focused his attention more on football then the street life. Blueface played football all throughout school
and was surprisingly the star quarterback of his highschool football team. This led to him getting offers to play college
football at various different schools across the country. Blueface eventually went to play for Fayetteville
State University but later dropped out and moved back to Los Angeles after finding himself
being extremely homesick and unhappy. With his Football dreams in the gutter, Blueface
started to hang around the “Schoolyard Crips” which he was affiliated with all his life
but I guess at this point, he was considered to be a “member” of the Schoolyard crips. Blueface then began to work various odd jobs
around the city but none of them seemed to work out for him. He was even fired for allegedly selling kush
out of an Office Depot. After releasing the 9-5 life isn’t for him,
Blueface became a full time dealer and was allegedly getting in frequent trouble because
of this. I looked everywhere to find some type of evidence
of this but I just couldn’t so either the trouble he got in was resolved before any
formal charges were filed or the records are sealed. Regardless, Blueface eventually quit this
type of lifestyle after he went to a studio session with a fellow school yard crip member
and recorded himself rapping for the fun of it. Blueface liked the way he sounded when he
rapped and was focused on becoming a rapper ever since. The newfound success of his music career seemed
to keep him out of trouble… until November 16, 2018. On that day, Blueface was at a Chevron gas
station in Newhill, California when a robber approached him and stole some of Blueface’s
belongings. The robber then hopped in his grey Dodge pickup
truck and fled the scene. Blueface was not going down without a fight
and proceeded to get into his car as well and chased after the fleeing robber. Once they were side by side on the highway,
a shootout occurred that eventually led to both cars crashing nearby. When police arrived, they arrested the robber…
but they also arrested Blueface as well despite being the victim of an alleged robbery. The charge Blueface received was “suspicion
of assault with a deadly weapon” which is a felony in the state of California. Blueface ended up spending that weekend in
jail and was later released on a $50,000 bond. This case went pretty silent for awhile but
it was later revealed that the felony charge was reduced to a misdemeanor weapons possession. Blueface ultimately plead not guilty to this
and apparently had a trial for this charge in August of 2019. I looked everywhere for an outcome of this
situation but nobody seems to have it but I’m assuming it got dismissed since he was
the alleged victim of this whole ordeal… also if he was sentenced to jail time, we
probably would have heard about it by now. Blueface’s second arrest happened on February
1, 2019. According to TMZ, Blueface and friends were
hanging out in a neighborhood wearing expensive jewelry and holding large amounts of cash
when nearby neighbors called the cops on them. They called the cops because apparently, the
neighborhood they were in has recently been targeted in multiple robberies over the past
few weeks and were allegedly just looking out for Blueface and friends since they thought
the group would be easy targets to the robbers due to all the valuables on them. When the cops arrived, Blueface and friends
scattered and a firearm was allegedly ditched in the process. The police recovered the loaded weapon and
proceeded to arrest Blueface and two other associates after they finally caught up with
them. Blueface was ultimately charged with felony
possession of carrying a loaded firearm. He was later released on a $35,000 bail shortly
after. Blueface’s manager, Wack 100, came out and
said that Blueface was completely innocent in this case and that evidence such as surveillance
footage and fingerprints will prove that the weapon was not his. Wack 100 also mentioned that Blueface was
unaware that someone he was with was packing heat. This situation happened months ago and there
seems to be no updates on this case. Once again, I’m assuming that the evidence
Wack 100 claimed to have helped get this case thrown out but I’m not 100 percent sure. Cases like this can take months and even years
to get resolved so maybe it’s just a long process. Hopefully it all works out in Blueface’s
favor. Ever since that incident in February, Blueface
has managed to stay out of trouble. I do think it’s worth noting though that
Blueface did have a close call back in June of 2019. TMZ reported that in the early afternoon of
June 28, 2019, Blueface was pulled over and cuffed during a traffic stop after allegedly
speeding in his black porsche through a residential neighborhood. This was quickly resolved though due to the
fact that police eventually determined that no crime was committed and let Blueface go
with just a warning which is lucky because getting arrested while you already have pending
cases can add a lot of complications which could end up with the person sitting in jail
until their case is resolved. That simple traffic stop could have put a
big strain on Blueface’s career. Overall, Blueface seems to have gotten pretty
lucky with the legal situations he unfortunately got himself into. Most of them seem to be going in his favor
and I hope that he can eventually put them all behind him and focus on his career. Well there you have it. The criminal history of Blueface. If you enjoyed this video then make sure to
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