The Citizen Lawyer, Stay Away from the Kids, and Left on Red

The Citizen Lawyer, Stay Away from the Kids, and Left on Red

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(upbeat music) Mrs. Lopez She’s here with her lawyer. Good morning. [Judge Fran Caprio] Good morning, what’s the little guys name? Edvin. [Judge Frank Caprio] How old is he? Two. [Judge Frank Caprio] Two? Tell him to waive to the camera. Tell him to waive. Say hi, say hi. (laughing) [Judge Frank Caprio] How about the judge, is going to waive to the judge? Say, hi. Say, hi to him. [Judge Frank Caprio] No, I want some! (laughing) Por Pita Yeah, that’s it huh. [Judge Frank Caprio] Give me some. Una? [Judge Frank Caprio] Come on! No? [Judge Frank Caprio] No? No? [Judge Frank Caprio] Okay, you have five speeding violations. Yep. (kid grumbling) Shhh. [Judge Frank Caprio] Now, what do you want to tell me about these? All of these, your caught on camera. I’m going to give you some advice. My advice to you is with five speeding violations, that you probably should come back and have a trial. Alright, at the trial the city would have to prove, by clear and convincing evidence. (laughing) Who’s this? [Mrs. Lopez’s friend] I came with her also. She has five tickets. One is… [Judge Frank Caprio] Wait, wait, wait. Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait. We have a new judge here. Hold on for a minute. You taken over the courtroom? Wait, who is this? [Mrs. Lopez’s friend] My friend. My friend. [Judge Frank Caprio] Alright, where did you come from? [Mrs. Lopez’s friend] I came with her. [Judge Frank Caprio] You came in together? Court proceedings, judge. [Judge Frank Caprio] OHh, yeah. Your friends? [Mrs. Lopez’s friend] That’s my friend, yes. [Judge Frank Caprio] Okay, what is your name? [Mrs. Lopez’s friend] My name is Anne Logan. I’m here for my daughter, Renell Consell. [Judge Frank Caprio] Okay. So, what do you want to tell me about Mrs. Lopez? What do you want to tell me about her? [Mrs. Lopez’s friend] She has five tickets. [Judge Frank Caprio] I know she has five tickets. [Mrs. Lopez’s friend] One, yes. [Judge Frank Caprio] Only one? [Mrs. Lopez’s friend] One is good and the other five… four are defective. Defective ticket… defective ticket, no good. [Judge Frank Caprio] OHh, They’re no good. [Mrs. Lopez’s friend] Not good, yes. She only has one. [Judge Frank Caprio] Who told you they’re not good? [Mrs. Lopez’s friend] I was here Monday I had court, for myself. A judge explained to us what we should look for, on the tickets. [Judge Frank Caprio] Yeah. Well, you want to explain to me why they are not good? [Mrs. Lopez’s friend] It’s posted speed be the vehicle speed and the sign speed. So if you don’t have these three things, then the ticket the machine is not good. The three things here, the machine is good. [Judge Frank Caprio] Oh, So your telling me that (laughing) [Mrs. Lopez’s friend] One of the tickets is good judge Caprio and one is not good. [Judge Frank Caprio] Oh, let me see. [Mrs. Lopez’s friend] I will see Monday at five o’clock. [Judge Frank Caprio] Let me see… [Mrs. Lopez’s friend] Five o’clock judge explain to us. [Judge Frank Caprio] Get over there. [Mrs. Lopez’s friend] I went home and slept on it, and I study it. (laughing) [Judge Frank Caprio] Let me see it. Your, honor looks like I’m out of a job. This is my replacement. [Judge Frank Caprio] You gonna set up shop outside and start charging people for advice, now. [Mrs. Lopez’s friend] Thank you, judge Caprio. I’ll wait. [Judge Frank Caprio] Get back here! We need an interpreter. Get back up here. Judge, she just figured she got a half win here, she’s taken off… See ya, I’ll meet ya… [Mrs. Lopez’s friend] She understand, she can understand it now. I’ll meet ya at the car! (laughing) [Judge Frank Caprio] You understand that four of these are not… enforceable? Do you understand that? Yes. [Judge Frank Caprio] So, because these summons do not indicate the speed limit. I’ve made a ruling that the summons are not enforceable. Therefore, these four summons will be dismissed. Thank you. (upbeat music) Renell Consell. [Judge Frank Caprio] Renell, your back! Judge Caprio. [Judge Frank Caprio] Yes, that’s me. That’s my daughters car. [Judge Frank Caprio] Your daughters car? I borrowed it… and she new that I was the one using it. So she brought the ticket to me So, I have to be here. But, it was not her driving. I was the one driving it, that’s why I’m here. [Judge Frank Caprio] Your here for the two speeding tickets? Yes, I used, I borrowed her car. [Judge Frank Caprio] One of these summons is defective, because it does not state what the speed limit is. Yes, judge Caprio. [Judge Frank Caprio] I’m going to dismiss the summons that is the defective on it’s face. Okay. [Judge Frank Caprio] You have a second summons… That indicates the speed limit was 20 miles per hour. That your vehicle speed was actually 37 miles per hour. Yes, judge Caprio. [Judge Frank Caprio] But the city, took leniency and only charges you with doing 30 miles per hour. Yes. [Judge Frank Caprio] What I’m telling you is that if you don’t want to pay… And I wouldn’t want to pay if I were you. You don’t have to pay the 95 dollars today, because I’m pleading not guilty and come back and have the city prove it’s case. Not guilty, judge Caprio. (laughing) [Judge Frank Caprio] Okay. (upbeat music) [Judge Frank Caprio] Mrs. Logan is what I like to call a citizen lawyer. A person with no official legal training, who takes the time to study the law, to help in her own defense. I encourage everyone to come to court as prepared as Anne. She saved herself 95 dollars and maybe more! Plus she saved her friend nearly four hundred. Well done, consoler Logan. (upbeat music) [Judge Frank Caprio] Good morning. Good Morning, your honor. [Judge Frank Caprio] You have one ticket on Highland Avenue. Yes. [Judge Frank Caprio] Parking in a prohibited area. Well, it says… there is a sign up on top of the pole. [Judge Frank Caprio] Whats it say? It… No parking. But then right below it, it’s handicap parking. I’m handicapped… and push okay. Yeah. (laughing) She just taught me how to do that! Yeah, I guess you can see the photos. There is the top one says no parking and the bottom one says handicap parking. I had my handicap parking placard on the car. When I called the number on the ticket she said take pictures. So, I don’t know how to take pictures. But a little kid who got off the bus and he knew how. He took the pictures for me. [Judge Frank Caprio] You better be careful. Your approaching little kids, you get arrested. No. Not… that little. (laughing) He wasn’t that little. [Judge Frank Caprio] I want you to interrogate her. [Judge Frank Caprio] You park there all the time? Well, whenever I go and I go often. [Judge Frank Caprio] So, your a repeat offender? Yeah, well… I need help. (laughing) Got a good doctor. [Judge Frank Caprio] Alright, the motorist has a handicap parking permit, she shows… The photo that shows that the area is a handicap area. According to the matter, it will be dismissed. Thank you. I really appreciate that, thank you. [Judge Frank Caprio] Stay away from the little kids. It was a teenager, he was… [Judge Frank Caprio] Oh, it’s even worse! (laughing) Like my grandson. [Judge Frank Caprio] Alright, alright… Were only joking with you, you know, right? Thank you. (upbeat music) Elizabeth Daily. [Judge Frank Caprio] Elizabeth, your charged with running a red light on Service Road and 8th in Broadway. Um. [Judge Frank Caprio] This was at two o’clock in in the afternoon, we’ll take a look at it. [Judge Frank Caprio] Okay, the light is red. There is Elizabeth making a left hand turn. Is their a sign that says no turn on red? I didn’t see one. That’s why I turned. [Judge Frank Caprio] You made a left hand turn. Yes. [Judge Frank Caprio] The light was red. What is your argument? I didn’t see a sign there. Saying you can’t turn on red. [Judge Fran Caprio] You can’t turn left on red. Yeah. I am from Massachusetts… [Judge Fran Caprio] You can’t turn left on red anywhere. Oops. [Judge Fran Caprio] In certain situations you can make a right hand turn at a light. After slowing down and in many instances you have to stop and then go, other instances you can go through it without really stopping. To my knowledge, there wasn’t an intersection in the country where you can make a left hand turn on red. I guess it’s a good thing Massachusetts doesn’t have camera’s then. (laughing) Honestly, I didn’t know that, but now I know that. I appreciate that, Thank you. [Judge Fran Caprio] Okay, it’s 85 dollars. All rise and hit subscribe so you don’t miss the latest moments, like this one. Share these video’s and weigh in on the cases. You be the judge. Subscribe now!

100 thoughts on “The Citizen Lawyer, Stay Away from the Kids, and Left on Red

  • Shannon Sharpe Strange Post author

    A judge that don't Rob it's ppl….but that blonde needed to be charged before she killed someone

  • tpaxatb Post author

    In Michigan, it is legal to turn left onto a one way street from a two way street against a red light. It's how "Michigan Lefts" work. As a Californian, it's weird….

  • Yokasmiro Post author

    well im sure she checks for cars before she turns left, but still haha

  • Raed Post author

    Left on Red ?! The question is how did you get your Driver Licence?

  • uhavemooface Post author

    Doesn't the drivers hand book say that you can't make a left hand turn on red light at all? Because I live in California and it says that in our driver's hand book. Just wondering why when she took her driving test that she didn't read the drivers hand book before she took the driving test.

  • Tetet Estanislao Post author

    Hi . Iam fr. Phil. And iam always watching you episode sweet judge carpio .. your amazing judge … god bless you 😍..😘😘😘

  • T Mox Post author

    You can turn left on red onto a one-way street here in Seattle.

  • Louis Foster Post author

    Can't you make a left turn on red if your on a one way street and turning onto another one way street? You can in Florida

  • Jaw Co Post author

    Michigan has left on red in some areas

  • Julia Bell Post author

    Actually…the judge is wrong…there is one, AND ONLY ONE, exception to turning left on a red light…you MUST be turning from a one way street to another one way street…and then and only then can you make a left hand turn on a red…providing the way is clear of course. ( My Nana is a driving instructor and I get a lesson every time she starts the car…lol )

  • ClassicRock4007 Post author

    That last one. Wow. Really?

  • Too Real Post author

    The blonde is a danger to society hahaa

  • Jay Martin Post author

    Left on red that crazy. She should have he license taking away we do not need people like that on roads

  • andrew frazee Post author

    There are two case were it would be legal to make a left on red
    1. you were all ready in the intersection before the light turned red
    2.. This not a common but there are time where you can do it if both roads are one way streets so it will be like making a right on red.
    I also have to check this out but the federal highway code make them place sings if the turn on red is not allowed.

  • Erinne Kennedy-Dock Post author

    Reminds me of when I was in adoption court and my youngest (age2)grandson asked " Is he the King ?"

  • 2ohProductionsJayke Post author

    Of course "Left on Red" Girl just HAD to say she's from Massachusetts. That one stung. I promise we're not all that bad

  • Ciony Bunda-Paja Post author

    Thanks for the info Judge Frank Caprio. Good episode.

  • Content Spotted Post author

    these tickets are good πŸ‘Œ

  • michmadman52 Post author

    they cant replace you bud lol

  • stefan hoimes Post author

    In PA, you can make a left on red…but only if it's onto a One Way going left that's not marked as being no turn. Stop signs and lights included….so technically, the Judge is incorrect that it's everywhere. πŸ™‚

  • Dylan Bell Post author

    Left on red lol whoever passed this ladies license test should be jailed

  • alambert147 Post author

    The last one really shouldn't have driving licence.

  • Paul Hawkins Post author

    There are a few places in MA that allow for left turns on red.

  • Keith Bird Post author

    This judge lets everyone off! Come with a sob story and you're home-free.

  • ksolo1960 Post author

    Michigan you can turn left on red in a left turn lane as long as there's no on coming traffic

  • Gene Fairbrother Post author

    Sorry Judge but you are wrong. I live in Texas and if you are on a one way street turning onto a one way street you can make a left hand turn on a red light if it is safe to do so.

  • Daniel Cook Post author

    In most states you can make
    A left on red if it is from a one way to a one way, although where
    I live, most of those intersections are posted no turn on red.

  • She's a medical mystery Post author

    You can turn left on red when doing so onto a one way street. Surprised he doesn't know that at all that there are states where you can do that.

  • Sudhir Peter Post author

    I wish we in India should have Judges like Judge Caprio, who is Strict with thick skinned and Kind and Humble with innocents. May the Supreme Judge, I mean The Almighty Father bless him abundantly.

  • Fat Louie Post author

    lol that lady came out of no where. And then it was her turn. But she has no manners. She doesn't have basic politeness. I mean she won but she has to learn to slow down, say hello!! then proceed.

  • Fat Louie Post author

    lol left on red. Good gravy she's not bright.

  • Fat Louie Post author

    I STAND CORRECTED!!!!!!!!!!! I saw the comment about the MA law, she is RIGHT!!! In MA you can turn left on red as long as it is a one way street to a one way street. She's not guilty seeing as she is from MA. Oh wait, it says you must make a complete stop at the traffic line, she didn't bother to stop. They owe her $85. "A left turn against a red light can only be made from a one-way street onto a one-way street. Signal and stop for a red traffic light at the marked limit line. If there is no limit line, stop before entering the crosswalk. If there is no crosswalk, stop before entering the intersection."

  • Don Meihost Post author

    I think you can turn left on red on to a one way.

  • JPS13Laptop Post author

    @3:34, geez, did anyone else hear that?

  • terano soor Post author

    last one must dismiss because there is a man on the left side she must say ( I'm afraid to stop he look like dangerous)
    i know the Judge will understand. ⚘πŸ₯€πŸŒΊ

  • 13KuroNekoXIII Post author

    I like how you can hear sirens blaring in the background right after the last lady in the video said "Its a good thing massachusetts has no cameras then"

  • Jag Girl Post author

    I can't believe you have to go to court for all these violations. Its such a waste of courts time. In my country you get a ticket that's it. You pay it or make arrangements to pay it off in installments. If you don't make any effort to do either one they cancel your licence until contact is made.

  • Angie Charleboix Post author

    In Oregon you can turn left on a red light if it is a one way street going to the left.

  • Krist Martin Post author

    I would point out that there are several states where you can turn left on red if there is no oncoming traffic and it isn't a dual carriageway. Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, California, and I believe Colorado have these laws. Essentially, if you have a one way road and you're turning left onto a one way road, you can legally treat the left hand turn as a right hand turn is.

  • Richard Lovell Post author

    Judge need to check out Michigan they have where you can turn left on red on one-way streets

  • Azim Petra Post author

    I'm so triggered by her negligence of proper driving and court etiquette.

    She was blasting through that left turn, even IF it's allowed to turn left on red. You still need to slow down if not stop, before making the turn.

  • godfrey phiri Post author

    A friend in need a friend indeed!! Wow, saved her friend a lot of money

  • fawaz A Post author

    "I didn't see a sign that says no turn on red!"???????????????? I would have revoked her license and sent her back to driving school.

  • loot Post author

    she turned left on red WTF she most be been doing this all the time how scary

  • John Powell Post author

    In wv a left turn on red is legal when on a one way street turning left onto another one way way street.

  • Pranay Srivastava Post author

    Are these cases real?

  • Benjamin Kent Post author

    Town where i grew up had several one way streets with traffic lights. At one in particular was a sign that did permit a left turn on red. Driving south on one way to turn east on one way.

  • Gabriel A Post author

    β€œOkay… It’s 85$” πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Julius Garrett Post author

    Love the honesty amongst all parties and the judge having grace and mercy is awesome

  • Gabriel Dambrosia Post author

    yes birdssss

  • Ron George Post author

    According to the Indian rule two free rights make a free left … Or more precisely to free lefts make a free right πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • tibb3t Post author

    Man if I drive in the US I'll get like 10 tickets a days. Wtf cops ambushing drivers, cameras everywhere, people go to streets give you fines. What a free country. More like big brother is watching you all the time!

  • Tim Estep Post author

    What a dummy..alibtarded millennial who got her drivers license for free at Acme RRWC/AOC ignoramus for free bureau.
    I didn't know that I couldn't turn left on a red light. He should have taken her license away right then and there. Then made her take 80 hrs of vehicle driving coursework to get her temps and then after 1 year of safe driving with someone else over 35 who had there license take the written/verbal and driving exam with a 90% or higher grade before issuing her license.
    What a nut job!

  • ST Havoc Post author

    Some areas of England you can make a left turn on a red light but then they drive one the wrong side of the road.

  • Chad Bond Post author

    Actually Indiana has a couple of intersections that you can turn left on RED after coming to a stop and it is clear to do so

  • DC5 LEO Post author

    I feel like the lady was a child predator she got nervous lmfao

  • Spia Domesta Post author

    law documents defective making Judge looks ridicule really…and offenders looking good to reoffend again.


    The girl who didn't know you couldn't make a left on red…. Good god. Who is conducting these drivers tests in Massachusetts.

  • Patrick Meaden Post author

    My local city(Poughkeepsie NY) has many places where left on red are legal

  • Marcus Post author

    In Pa u may make a left hand turn on red after stopping if u r on a oneway st turning onto a oneway st. This was one of the questions in the test I took.

  • The Dreaming Journal Post author

    Massachusetts didn't only not have cameras, but they must not have driving tests either.

  • Angela Lirette Post author

    In Houma Louisiana you can make a left hand turn on red if it is a one way street JS every state is different

  • Brian Jones Post author

    IN Philadelphia (all PA?) you may turn left on red, after a stop, if you are turning into a one-way street that runs right to left traffic.

  • Billie Bergmann Post author

    you need to go in front of a Jury when you have parking tickets?

  • Evan Norman Post author

    I have represented myself in pro se so many times. I’ve gotten things dismissed due to technicalities as well. I’ve had things thrown out after I begin to fight. I file a motion to dismiss as well as a motion to provide me with any of the discovery materials that I am entitled to. At this point they normally just drop it because they go oh crap this girl knows what she’s doing forget about it lol

  • litoweirdo27 Post author

    dont blame MA….

  • Lisa Gaffaney Post author

    You can make a left on red onto a one way street unless otherwise indicated in NY .

  • Mpume Phakathi Post author

    Where did they find such a WONDERFUL judgeπŸ’•

  • James Setzer Post author

    Your honor I must question your remark you can make a left hand turn from a one way to a one way. Wait but not a red light I'm sorry.

  • Jordan Brown Post author

    In WA, making a left on red is ONLY legal when you are turning on to a one way street. Unless there’s a sign saying you can’t.

  • Birju Yagnik Post author

    3:47 Caption That Look πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • kifdaaaga Post author

    I'm Moving To RI…NoW.

  • DSK LYCAN Post author

    I LOVE you judge

    Only one thing to say

    I think red yellow green light system in confusing in US compare then INDIA, Our Govt use directional errow on green light to show that which way can a driver turn, but also this is an other thing that we(INDIAN) follow these or not 😜

  • jose Valenzia Post author

    Really thank God they don't have cameras does this knucklehead have any conception of how dangerous it is to make a left hand turn on red you're going to directly in front of traffic oh my God

  • Jay Lowe Post author

    Deep south Texas we have a legal turn left on red. Of course the red light has to be accompanied with a green light or a green arrow which is protected left turn.

  • rodey piper Post author

    The bad part is the lady knows her rights so she gets off her tickets. There are thousands of people who the judge could've help out that had incorrect tickets.

  • Kas Al Post author

    Wow…we'll done to the first friend

  • Denise Moore-Walton Post author

    What do you mean you don't know you can't turn left on red anybody with any sense no you can't turn left on red they need to come get you for that mean you've been making a lot of left hand turned on red

  • Michael Clark Post author

    Left of Red is okay only from a one way onto another one way, unless a sign is posted that prohibits it; however, typically the vehicle must come to a complete stop.

  • Michael Clark Post author

    Left turns on red is something that big city folk know about. I'll admit that it feels weird doing it. I've done it in Columbus, Ohio; Seattle and Tacoma, WA.

  • joe blow Post author

    Some you can turn right on red after coming to a stop but absolutely no left turns on red. Wow how did she get her license.😟😳

  • Yashmilan Kaur Post author

    30-40 % of road side accidents are due to cows in india. And I found not even a single cow convicted. How pity we are!

  • seas garage Post author

    Lol left on red! Hilarious! I know you can turn left on red down a one way πŸ˜‚

  • T T Post author

    Judge Caprio is the bomb

  • Monster Dad Post author

    Yes you can make a left turn on red come to lansing michigan

  • Monster Dad Post author

    If you are in a one way road turning onto a one way road you can make a left turn on red

  • Levi Brown Post author

    On one-way streets there can be an exception, got me honked at in Atlanta, which was my first experience with them.

  • The1thelast Post author

    I'm gonna go to providence and get a ticket just to meet this great, honorable, heart of gold judge!

  • Mark1130 Post author

    The blonde one at the end, she clueless. She needs driver retraining.

  • William Mickelson Post author

    Left on red can be done, if the road your turning o to is a one way. Can you not?

  • Pi Noy Post author

    Just maybe…the RED light is the sign.

  • Ser ka Post author

    Without joke is always good to have some law knowledge i liked Anne but the last case JEZZZZZ WOMEN YES THANK GOT MASS doesnt have cameras because trust me, HMMMM I WONDER HOW SHE EVEN PASTED THE DRIVING TESTE LOL

  • steven sparkz Post author

    1st girl had a nice phatty dayum

  • Christian Elgin Post author

    Only 85$ send her back to driving school.

  • Jenae Scoster Post author

    Left on red is legal in Oregon on one ways..

  • Chansophon Long Post author

    I'm from Massachusetts and we have left on red after a stop. Only when there is a sign posted.

  • Joshua Johns Post author

    AT 3:39…. these 4 tickets will be dismissed…. "Thank You…" Speeeeeed, gets her son, gets out. Don't stand to hear no mo bs… not even the fate of the last ticket. lmao

  • Rodimus Prime Post author

    eh..i don't think her friend is doing her any favors by being there

  • Peter Goezinya Post author

    What? Left on red? She needs to go take driver's education class a few more times. Scary to think people like her are actually out there driving. How did she even get a license.

  • Peter Goezinya Post author

    The last video finally explains to America why Massachusetts has some of the crappiest drivers around!πŸ˜‚

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