The Burmese Python Problem In The Florida Everglades

The Burmese Python Problem In The Florida Everglades

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the Florida Everglades are
internationally famous for alligators but now there’s a new king the Burmese
python these snakes are devastating our native wildlife
99% of the fur bearing wildlife are gone doing nothing is not an option
oh shoot right there right there and now I’ve made it my mission to take out
these invaders Hey got it holy what’s all about right here my name is trapper Mike I’m known as the
Python cowboy I sleep out in the Florida Everglades now I hunt big-ass snake so I just got a call from Miccosukee
Indian I know and I guess word around town is this area in the Everglades is
totally ran over by snakes so much so that the local Miccosukee are scared to
go in the area they kind of they kind of treat it like the snakes of curse so
they said that the area’s slapped full of snakes and not only that but there’s
a monster out there so we’re gonna go and get it so when you’re looking for pythons the
main thing you’re looking for is their pattern it stands out from everything
else there’s nothing down here that looks like the Python they got a shine
to it they got a real beautiful exotic look and it stands out you know weather
is just a piece of the snake is showing or what you look for that little bit of
shine you look for that little bit of pattern and you know while while we’re
talking right now if something were to happen because people you know people
kind of take it as a joke sometimes but there’s real shit out here you know it’s
it’s really no joke these these snakes can kill you an alligator can kill you a
lot can go wrong I have a Glock up here on the dash it’s loaded ready to go just
bring that down don’t freak out put the gun directly to the animal’s head try
not to shoot me and and double tap it if you have to but it’s important you know
for you to know that yeah all right good I’m counting on you right yep you know we should be seeing raccoons we
should be seeing possums otters we but should be seeing a lot more birds hogs
here even and you know as you see there’s nothing out here
everything’s gone it’s all been turned into snake shit basically and it’s just
it’s sad to see you know it’s all it I love our native wildlife our native
wildlife is a big part of how I make my living and it’s just you know it’s
terrible and that’s why you know that’s kind of why I’ve gotten involved with it
it’s just you know I can’t I can’t sit around while this invasive species
totally wipes out all all of my native wildlife oh shit right there right there see you come up here he’s here these animals are so tough that I’m
forced to go hands-on with them little guy this is on the smaller size of what we
normally catch a beautiful snake looks like it probably just said recently this
is probably about a little over six foot they’re so tough
and and their brain is actually so small and you have to hit it directly to even
phase them guns just isn’t an option I catch them all alive with my bare hands
and that’s the most secure way to get them out of the Everglades and out of
our ecosystem that’s it as soon as I got I’m like that
it’s over let’s go get the next one yes these reptiles they can lay a
hundred eggs at a time out a year and you know once a year that that’s a lot
there’s a lot of snakes out here and they’re multiplying at an incredible
rate at this point it’s not an elimination effort it’s it’s just not
possible it’s a control and management effort we’re stopping the spread from
spreading to other parts of Florida and we’re managing the current population of
pythons you know it’s a real serious situation and it’s as far as I’m
concerned it’s a state of emergency so onto the way to this spot we’re going
there’s a real cool abandoned facility it was used her in the Cold War in the
effort to get to space it was actually think the company was called an aero jet
and it’s a little spooky out there there’s a lot of snakes out there and I
think it’d be a real cool area for us to check out we’re here driving back in the
restricted area and we see this someone took a lot of time to neatly make an
arrow out of rocks pointing down that road there which just so happens to be
the road that we’re going down so I’m gonna scan take a look with my thermal
monocular and see if there’s anybody out there what the hell’s going on
I found dead dogs out here too fresh off a dogfight I found dump cars that were in a crime
in this area specifically is notorious for gang crime and different things like
that so it’s just a little spooky that we see this here but we’re gonna keep
going and hopefully everything will be all right this is the start of the
buildings here here yet these are used for rocket shit I guess it’s all about checking out check this
first one pythons like it in there it’s a nice
warm climate gets them out the get some outside yeah girl told you we fly one here so when
you capture these things you know it’s you got to be ready to battle
it’ll they’ll lay there they’re not scared of you they’re not going to move
unless you know they have a real reason to and they’re on the top of the food
chain there’s no other predator out there for them as soon as I put my hand on a minute it
is go time they they they’re gonna fight they come
right back try to strike at me but when I dodge their strikes they’ll start
curling up on my arm when they do that they spray musk and
poop all over me it’ll leave me sneaking out here in the glades for few days
yeah and yeah it’s it’s a real battle it’s like WWF and the swamp you know
what I mean it’s especially when you get a big one you get a 13 14 18 foot snake
it’s it’s no joke if you’re out here by yourself and it gets around your neck at
that that could be it this is what’s eating our Everglades do
you know of our native wildlife beautiful snake that was great we caught
that snake it uh kind of sucks it wasn’t that big but uh you know a Python out
the Everglades it’s good no matter what let’s see what else we can go get
tonight we’re getting real close to to the place
we want to be at we got one more gate to get through up here I think this this guy that called me he
might be onto some of them here it’s kind of looking even more sneaky as we
get there so we’re coming up in the area now
they’re doing a bunch of construction out here on the levy out here never
glades it’s all you know Water Management and
given access to different areas since they’ve been seen a lot of snakes
out here a real big one yeah look they’re piling up all this
limestone gravel out here they digged us up to build canals little reservoirs and
things like that and they pile it up here I guess don’t even look like there
is a swamp here man changes everything I think I might want to get down and walk
around a little bit here yeah let’s do that it’s a good one it’s a good one man get ready shit go south you got my back
yeah I don’t know if this is the wine but it’s a good-looking
this ain’t no small one come on got it yes sir holy what people so
what’s all about right here this thing right here to get this big I
don’t even want to think about how many ambulances here this right here is the
problem this right here is why everything’s get out of the Everglades
look at the size of this is that least a 16-foot snake damn missing string believe it or not
this animal this snakes actually really skinny it should be twice as big as this
big around it almost looks like yeah it’s a female
this snake just came off the nest what they do is they’ll a nest and they’ll
sit on it until the eggs hatch and as soon as the eggs hatch they leave the
nest and they go search for their first meal I got her before she got her first
meal thank God whew one more out the glades you big – so
what’s all about boys right here things easily over a hundred pounds easily all right so uh I’m gonna need your help
bagging this new drives she’s wrapping up on me yeah yeah she’s crushed my lake
so we had a real epic night tonight we got it we got a couple good snakes we
got the big one we came for I’m really glad I followed up on this and we came
out here but this is my home you know this is how I make my living I make my
living off of wildlife and and I was born and raised in it and it’s you guys
wouldn’t believe with driving four nights in that truck staring at the
ground in the middle of the swamp will do to you getting eaten up by mosquitoes
and it will drive you frickin crazy man so you know it’s it’s something you got
to love it’s something you got to have a real personal mission for me that’s
that’s saving the Everglades I think we should call it a night maybe after that
one there but the leg bleed could dripping wet ain’t no joke wrestling one
that big I’m telling you right now who separates the men from the boys yeah
I’m ready for some sleep and cold ice Yeti let’s get out of here EB
David Raziel was the Ark’s Basile please subscribe to The Wizard of odd TV

100 thoughts on “The Burmese Python Problem In The Florida Everglades

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    How much do you get paid to go out at night and catch Pythons??? They are NOT paying you enough money…
    What happens to the snakes afterwards??? Snake Cuisine??? Snake Fritters???

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    Tiny brain and sprays feces and musk everywhere…. ground zero would be Mar a Lago then.

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    i think its so cool I LOOVEEE burmese pythons and they are so expensive, I could get one for free from here

  • brad g Post author

    Get these Mother F'ng snakes of of this Mother F'ing everglades– Samuel L Jackson

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  • Pat Cupolo Post author

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    12:50 Fuuuu-k youuu! "You have my back in case something goes down right?" Fuuuu-k youuu. Is this camera man experienced, or is he just some guy with a camera responsible for saving this dude's life while trying not to die? Does he at least have weapon training? Fuuuu-k youuu dude, that's a lot of responsibility

  • Deizel Mike Post author

    Idea : They should use crop dusters to massively spray pheromones across the land during mating season to lure (at least the Adult males) out of hiding. If you eliminate a large segment of Adult Males, then the females can’t reproduce so easily. Therefore their numbers will plummet. Its species specific so it won’t hurt other animals.

  • Billy Kuan Post author

    Gee who would have guessed. Remember the good people that had the python. Ya something like this snake ownership is STUPID and it is still done. Dumb to own an animal that naturally wants to kill you. HAHAHA cletus and dufus

  • beno7552 Post author

    Man is doing more damage then the snakes sad nature can recover form it’s self but it can’t recover from humans like he said where is the swamp the snakes didn’t drink all the water😪☹️🤔

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  • C Lo Post author

    As a Floridian these snakes are truly a big problem to the wildlife natural to the area. All due to careless "snake owners" that once they get too big they release. It also hurts the fish life also. This seems to be legit but i dare anyone to bare hand fight a python.

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    i’m a Floridian and i have lots of pets so when i see water moccasins (cottonmouths) i gotta take care of it. I’ve killed one at 13, one at 16, and when i was 15 i slipped up and was walking down the sidewalk and one jumped at me thank God my friend pulled me by my hoodie’s hood if he didn’t i might’ve lost my leg or worse life. I really like the Florida swamp vibe makes me a proud Floridian

  • Wes Troop Post author

    If 99% of the "fur bearing" native species is already gone, would the pythons starve to death when its 100%

  • M Post author

    And all the fault of dumb ass people that just release them into the wild. Smh. What does happen to these snakes? Are they euthanized or sold as pets, or ?????

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    Why do you waste your time capturing them? Pull them out, sure . . . then hack them with a machete. Or perhaps with the help of the mechanical engineering department at some local university you could develop something on the order of an Edward Scissorhands device that was spring loaded and would simply cut them in half when triggered. Or perhaps the pelts of the snakes could be sold. That would get the masses out there. but really, get some tools.

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  • Nick Baldwin Post author

    I graduated from Florida Atlantic. One of the coolest opportunities I had was being able to go out and learn how to trap and track these snakes, and study their reproductive habits and numbers with the FWC. Very tough creatures to find but man what an awesome research assignment.

  • Richard Bedard Post author

    It would be interesting to know just how far north they could actually adapt to, like North Carolina!

  • Morte Parla Post author

    Unless we eradicate everything in the Everglades, it's impossible too get rid of Burms. They're here, and we can't stop 'em. They'll continue too reshape the Everglades ecosystem, until nature equalizes itself.

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    *FaceShield_ PaintballMask with breathable scarf to protect neck.
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    Open Season on these Bad Boys ! Fla lets you hunt them with Anything but Explosives

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    Bush axe… battle over! WTF take alive??????

  • Robert Giese Post author

    I’m happy to let folks know that as of 2019, the FWC has authorized killing pythons by shotgun. In years past it was required for snake hunters to turn their catches in to the FWC, but that was proving to be too slow toward eradicating the invasive species. Now, certain hunters are authorized to shoot them on site. But, why not just stomp their heads when you catch them? And why are you out there solo?

  • Roz Johnson Post author

    HE TAKES STUPID RISKS…he doesnt have to catch the snakes this recklessly, smh, this was the dumbest shit i have seen in a minute, with his little butt, i dont even believe this, this was staged because nobody can be this dumb.

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    2. Yes they do have small brains. A shotgun would take care of that problem very easily though. He is just doing this for show. If you believe that he doesn't normally shoot them then you don't need to be on the internet by yourself.

    3. Asking an untrained camera man to fire a glock near you is idiotic. Especially since he seems to pretend that guns don't work. Rubbing alcohol would make the snake drop you faster.

    I've been struck by a burm, an anaconda, a reticulated python, indian python, and a half dozen smaller species. A bite from even that 6 foot snake would draw a ton of blood. The guy definitely has some balls doing this. I just don't like him making it theatrical. It's exciting enough without pretending you're fighting them like a WWE match.

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