“The 50th Law” | Book Summary Whiteboard Animation | by 50 Cent & Robert Greene

“The 50th Law” | Book Summary Whiteboard Animation | by 50 Cent & Robert Greene

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“the greatest fear people have is that of
being themselves they want to be 50 Cent or someone else,
they do what everyone else does even if it doesn’t fit where and who they are,
but you get nowhere that way. Your energy is weak and no one pays attention to you.
You’re running away from the one thing that you own what makes you different. I
lost that fear and once I felt the power that I had by showing the world I didn’t
care about being like other people, I could never go back.” -50 Cent What’s up
Internet? My name is Tridentlion and this is another book animation summary
on Robert Greene and 50 Cent’s books “The 50th Law” on this channel Tridentlion it
contains various content all geared to help you level up in various different
ways, so if you’re new to the channel consider subscribing. Now let’s get
into this book summary. What is the 50th law? simply put: “Fear Nothing!”
Fear is the oldest and strongest emotion known to people. It’s something that’s
deeply inscribed in our own subconscious and nervous systems. Fear creates its own
self-fulfilling dynamic as you give into it you lose energy and momentum. The 50th
law is based on the following premise, that humans generally have little
control over circumstances. However the 15th law states that there is one thing
we actually can control which is the mind. The mindset which we respond to
those events around us If we are able to overcome the
anxieties in our lives and force a fearless attitude, something remarkable
can occur. For you, those who practice the 50th law in their lives all share
certain qualities… supreme boldness, fluidity, and a sense of urgency. This
gives them a unique ability to shape their circumstances towards their
desires in this book 50 Cent and Robert Greene break down several chapters to
help you achieve a understanding of what this law is. Which is to fear
nothing. To efficiently go through this summary we’re going to break down each
of the sections as a principle. 10 principles total and each one of these
ten principles can play a significant part in helping you fear nothing. If you
haven’t already definitely pick up a copy of this book for yourself you could
find a link to it in the description. To execute the 50th law you have
to be bold and to be bold requires a high degree of confidence. For 50 Cent
growing up in Southside Queens(NYC) with lack of parents gave him a tremendous amount
of adversity that most people don’t have to face. For 50 cent to achieve the level
of success that he did he had to execute the 50th law, he had to fear nothing,
because there was fear all around. So now let’s talk about the first
principle see things for what they are. It was 50 cent that said that “reality is
my drug, the more I have of it, the more power I get and the higher I feel.” This
is actually very stoic as well. Rather than wishing for things to be the way
you wish them to be instead wish them to be as they are. It
takes constant effort to carve a place for yourself in this ruthless
competitive world that we have. By focusing your attention on what’s going on
around you, you will gain a sharp appreciation for what makes some people
advance and why others fall behind. By seeing through people’s manipulations
you can turn them around. The firmer your grasp on reality the more power you will
have to alter it for your purposes. Losing your sense of reality can play a
part in the collapse of entire empires. The citizens of ancient Rome’s minds
were hungered for newer and newer forms of escape. Petty political battles
consumed their attention more than larger dangers that were on the
outskirts of the Empire. Ancient Rome fell well before the invasion of the
barbarians, it collapsed from the collective softness of its citizens
minds who decided to turn their back on reality. You cannot stop the tide of
fantasy and escapism sweeping an entire culture or you can stand as an
individual who chooses to not give in to escaping and choose to embrace reality.
Appreciate and be grateful that you have the greatest weapon in all of nature the
rational conscious mind. you need to be able to assess what is
happening without your ego or emotions coloring your perceptions. During moments
when others lose their balance you will find your balance relatively easy and as
a person who cannot be easily ruffled by events this will attract attention and
power. Principle #2 – self-reliance. When you work for others you are at
their mercy, strive to work for yourself. the ultimate freedom is to be
self-reliant, true ownership however can only come from within. It comes from a
distain from anybody that infringes upon your mobility. True ownership comes from
the confidence and your ability to make your own decisions and from your ability
to control the use of your time in a constant pursuit of education and
improvement. Principle #3 – Opportunism. Every single negative
situation contains a possibility for something positive, it is how you look at
it that matters. If you lack resources then that forces you to be more
inventive with the little things that you have. If there are circumstances you
cannot control make the best of them that is the ultimate alchemy. To transform
all such negativities into advantages & power. 50 Cent that said “every
negative is a positive, the bad things that happen to me I somehow make them
good, that means you cannot do anything to hurt me.” I love this perspective, I
think it is amazing so even if someone brings something to him of harm, he’s going to
learn and grow from it. Principle #4 – Keep moving. Don’t
try to micromanage everything, you lose control in the long run. what you have to
do is let go with the chaos that presents itself to you keep moving,
changing your appearances to fit the environment, don’t let anything disrupt
your flow. Principle #5… Know when to be bad. You have to get over
any general fears that you have about confronting people or you will find it
extremely difficult to assert yourself in the face of those who are more
cunning and ruthless. Choose to master the art of knowing when and how to be
bad using deception, manipulation and outright force at the appropriate
moments. Everyone operates with a flexible morality when it comes to their
self-interest by becoming aware of this you’re simply just making it more
conscious and effective now the first step in overcoming this is to realize
that the ability to deal with conflict is a function of inner strength when you
are feeling scared and weak you have the sense that you cannot handle any kind of
confrontation. Principle #6 – Lead from the front. To gain a sense of power
and also influence is better to lead from the front lines. You must practice
what you preach, if you’re a leader in your fearful has attempt to take any
risk or if you’re overly concerned about your ego and reputation then this
variably filters its way through the entire group and makes effective action
impossible. Influence your followers through the proper spirit which is done
through actions not words. Principle #7 – Know your environment from
the inside out. To reduce the amount of fear that you have, know your environment
be aware of all of your surroundings have a relationship to your environment
get an inside feel for what is happening all around you and never lose touch with
your home base. Principle #8 – Mastery. Respect the process and one of
the great ideas from this book is to achieve either fearlessness or the sense
of being able to fear less. By fearing less it can give you more energy, more
momentum, more of a chance and a higher probability of achieving your goals and
dreams. Understand that if you want to achieve
something great it’s not going to come to you easily and it’s not going to come
to you fast. Get the get-rich-quick or become successful
quick ideas out of your mind. It is much more practical and it is much more
respectable to do it through a gradual improvement of becoming better and
better at something in achieving a sense of mastery. All the fools in life want
things fast and easy a lot of this comes from boredom. Boredom is the great enemy
as well as fear your goal is to reach the ultimate skill level and intuitive
feel for what must come next and one of the greatest ways to achieve this is to
choose to do something that you love by choosing to do something that you love,
it will naturally give you that energy and boost needed to take action if
you’re not fully in love with something that you’re doing it’s easier to give up
and quit and not want to progress forward. 50 Cent that said “most
people can’t handle boredom that means they can’t stay on one thing until they
get good at it and they wonder why they’re unhappy.” Fall in love with the
process, your pleasure should come in the mastering of what you’re trying to
achieve realize that the real secret the real formula for power in this world
lies in accepting the ugly reality that learning requires a process and this in
turn demands patience and the ability to endure hard work there are no shortcuts
so get those out of your mind. Principle #9 – Push beyond your
limits, believe in yourself. Set phenomenal goals, high goals when you
limit yourself you limit your results. When you limit your actions and your
goals. If you to reach is limited then you are pretty much helpless in the face
of the obstacles and adversity that you’ll face on the road to achieve the
vision that you have you have to believe in yourself if the
believe that you’re destined for something great attain a sense of
self-worth take risks that will increase your chances of success and people will
follow you if they know where you’re going so cultivate an air of certainty
and boldness understand that you are a mystery even to yourself you begin life
as something completely unique a mix of qualities that are never to be repeated
in the history of the universe you are much more chaotic fluid and awesome than
the surface character so realize your untapped potential and possibility and
choose to become weight and the last principle, principle #10 – Confront
your mortality. One of the greatest takeaways that 50 Cent got when he
was shot was that he overcame the fear of death. The fear of dying is huge for
so many people and is that fear that it cripples them.
Confront the reality that we are all going to die it will happen one day but
there’s no sense in suffering every other day that you are alive. It if
Steve Jobs speech where he said “if you live each day as if it was your last
someday you’ll most certainly be right. It made an impression on me and since
then for the past 33 years I’ve looked in the mirror every morning and asked
myself if today were the last day of my life what I want to do what I am about
to do today, remembering that all be dead soon is the most important tool I’ve
ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life. Remembering that you are
going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have
something to lose, there is no reason not to follow your heart.” If you can overcome
the fear of death and there’s nothing left to fear understand that to keep
death out of your mind by bathing your minds with routines we create an
illusion that it is not around us in any form but we lose all sense of connection
to something larger to life itself. We are not really living until we come to
terms with their own mortality. By being aware of the sublime
all around us it is a way to convert our fears into something meaningful and
active now in the end this is a book about a particular philosophy of life
that could be summed up as follows your fears are a kind of prison that
confine you within a limited range of action the less you fear the more power
you will have and the more fully you will live. It is our hope that the 50th
law will inspire you to discover this power for yourself one of the greatest takeaways that I got
out of this book with the help me see that going after your dreams is possible.
If you get anything out of this book animation summary I hope it gives you
some extra push to help you take action upon your dreams and reduce the fear
that you have. Thank you guys so much for checking out this video!
This has been another book animation summary on “The 50th Law”
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