The 2019 Volkswagen GTI Crash Test VS 2019 Hyundai Veloster Crash Test  Easy WIN for Hyundai Veloste

The 2019 Volkswagen GTI Crash Test VS 2019 Hyundai Veloster Crash Test Easy WIN for Hyundai Veloste

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Hey there folks, welcome to the auto universe,
now folks, if you have seen those videos or footage of THE VOLKSWAGEN GOLF GTI VS HYUNDAI
VELOSTER crashing against the wall, both of those car looks terrible after the crash,
but that isn’t going to be enough to determines which one is better, which is why we are going
to give you the analysis of those crash test, but before we jump into the analysis, make
sure you hit that like and subscribe button, now let’s just get right into the analysis
folks. The volkswagen golf GTI, the golf actually
has always has a spot in my heart. because this car is the pinnacle of a concept where
fun and sporty car doesn’t have to be expensive, unreliable or not practical, the golf just
decimates all off that sport car drawbacks and deliver it in such a great package of
a car. one of the golf gti rival is the hyundai veloster, which is a hot hatchback, sport
car, and weird car packed together. Why is it weird? because the damn car just has uneven
doors on the side, on the driver side it has two doors, on the passenger side, it only
has one door. I get that hyundai wants this car to have a sleek coupe like design, without
necessarily eliminates the practicality of a four door hatchback. But come on hyundai,
we still notice that rear back door. Anyway, let’s just get into the crash analysis as usual we also uses the same crash test
report from the IIHS organization, starting from the top The conclusion is, the hyundai veloster, surprisingly
wins this round of the crash test score. On the crashworthiness, the hyundai earns a perfect
score with good score in every section, while the golf have to move back a bit with one
acceptable score on the small overlap front passenger side. And also on the crash avoidance
and mitigation, the hyundai veloster earns a superior score even in the basic front crash
prevention system, while the golf only earns a superior score in the optional front crash
prevention system. So in terms of crash test analysis, the hyundai wins, but in terms of
performance? we better settle it on the racetrack there you have it folks, the volkswagen golf
gti vs the hyundai veloster, if you have request on any car that you want to see the comparison
of, let me know by leaving a comment down below, see ya folks

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