Texas Protects Chick-Fil-A Against LGBT Law. Happy Pride Month!

Texas Protects Chick-Fil-A Against LGBT Law. Happy Pride Month!

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yes sir the stars tonight are big and bright deep in the heart of Texas now I don't have a whole lot of praise for the Lone Star State it is full and overflowing with all kinds of all Trikke trash but in this instance as an isolated incident it does bear I believe some measure of praise now here's what's been going on for those of you who don't know San Antonio City Council decided that they clearly are in the hip pocket of the LGBT Lobby and what they did was they passed a city resolution concerning the concessions contract at the San Antonio International Airport they basically said we're going to approve all the businesses there as long as chick-fil-a is excluded because chick-fil-a applied to be able to um get some space in the San Antonio Airport in order to set up one of their stores and the San Antonio City Council without the San Antonio voters approval by the way they didn't go the people to San Antonio and say let's vote on this instead they decided well this is too important to be left up to the unwashed masses we got to do this before the people get to weigh in so what they did was they they told San Antonio International Airport we'll go ahead and approve your new concessions contract on one condition chick-fil-a has to be excluded now why in god's name would you have a City Council that decides that they're going to come out for the sake of trying to attack a business chick-fil-a does not ban gay people from their stores they do not have a history of attacking gay people they don't have a history of discriminating against gay people so what did chick-fil-a do that was so wrong and so evil what chick-fil-a does is they make donations to a large number of groups a few of which happens to be organizations who are critical of the LGBT movement and as a result you had people in the LGBT movement who decided to tell the San Antonio City Council we need you to let chick-fil-a know we're gonna take you down we're gonna attack your business and this is something that they've been doing for years and years they've been trying to find a way to attack any sort of corporate raishin any sort of business to put a chilling effect on them because you see what happened was as they learned in California with the passage of Proposition 8 they don't have popular support from the public that was a watershed event for the LGBT movement so now what they've resorted to his Plan B Plan B is bullying it's a matter of to hell with the voters we're not going to get their support we're going to do everything that we can to do an end run around the voters yeah we know they don't like it in to hell with them that's what's going on here if the LGBT Lobby really thought they had all of this popular public support then why is it that they're not good running around trying to get some sort of statewide ballot initiatives that's because California showed him what would happen if they tried that why are they not going to the public and saying we want to make the case don't you guys want to have all of this LGBT active you don't you want to show the world that you approve of it and what they realize is nope country doesn't the cities don't so what happens is they spread some cheer around plenty of campaign donations and they also let these politicians know hey we got friends at the local TV station and we got editors and producers of local radio stations and the newspapers and hey we got poke at CNN and MSNBC Rachel Maddow she's on the team so you wouldn't want to be the lead story on MSNBC tonight would you you wouldn't want to have day-to-day wall-to-wall coverage in the New York Times would you hey the New York Times is softening up YouTube right now they're good theirs they're setting the stage for YouTube to do a massive purge you wouldn't want for your City Council vote to be next would you people may not know your name on the sand on the San Antonio City Council but we could change that if you don't do what we say and why chick-fil-a you might wonder chick-fil-a has basically been the target du jour of the LGBTQ rst uvwxyz plus movement mainly because the founder of chick-fil-a some guy who's got a ton of money he's sided the he was gonna stand by the Bible and he gives money to organizations that basically criticize the LGBT mafia and as a result of that the LGBT s they've been determined they're gonna take these guys down and it reminds me of something that I heard about the Roman Empire when the Romans got to Britain they realize that there was another landmass Ireland further to the west and the Romans said we got to go and get Ireland too and when asked why the Roman commander said because unoccupied lands would give ideas to the occupied ones and that's what's going on here the reason the chick-fil-a has to go down is the LGBT movement has largely been able to gain its support from corporations they see people in that movement spend a lot of time building up a very well-established well-connected Network they do it through business through government and through social groups so that's where a lot of their pull comes from it comes from the fact that basically they've been spending in the last 50 years pursuing basically a any hope no-holds-barred strategy of whatever it takes we'll make friends we'll course people we're just going to throw everything against the wall and when it comes to corporations that's where they've been able to enjoy their biggest success because what happens is they have people in the media many of them who are LGBT many of them who are basically just ideological fellow travelers and whenever they make a stink about something they can always counter their friends in the media to go ahead and force multiply it for them act as a as a signal booster and just broadcast it to the masses and say such-and-such does not waive he doesn't have a rainbow flag outside of his business and keep in mind that's what's coming next is going to be every place must fly a rainbow flag and if you don't then you ought to be shut down well what happened was a big wake-up call the one that really shook up the LGBTQ rstuvwxyz Plus movement was proposition 8 in California California's supposed to be the quintessential liberal parody supposed to be the quintessential out-of-control liberal state at least that's what you would think even by California's own description they're supposed to be so left-wing so progressive so very liberal but what happened was California in 2008 the voters of California put forward a statewide ballot initiative that was going to ban gay marriage in California and what a surprise what a surprise what a surprise a numerical majority almost 53% of the California population voted for it 53% did not want gay marriage in California now think about that California's the home of San Francisco more bathhouses per capita than anywhere else on the planet California is where Gay Pride Month got started California is the place that had Harvey Milk the first openly homosexual politician in America all of that happened in California and yet it was California who almost 10 years ago said to hell with gay marriage think about that I can promise you the LGBTQ rstuvwxyz plus movement they thought about it they were shook by that because if they can't even get California to not try to ban gay marriage if California of all places is banning gay marriage what that means is they don't have any support nationwide because as the old political truism goes as goes California so goes the nation the gay lobby was put on notice California has more electoral college votes and more voters inside of his boundaries that he where else in the United States so it means something when California says there's not gonna be any gay marriage here what it means is you have to find a way if you're part of the LGBT community you gotta find a way to go around the bow to circumvent the population and that's the reason why they put so much effort on the courts because at the end of the day they knew that they weren't gonna be able to get it done through the legislature sure you might have one or two wacko states to go for it but the truth of the matter is if these separate states decide to get in on it next thing you know it's not it's not too long and it doesn't take too much imagination to figure out somebody's going to say you know we need a constitutional amendment this needs to be part of the Constitution and you will have a number of states they will say we want gay marriage but the majority of them including California will say no and the gay lobby knew that they knew that if this came down to the states if it if the scenario that was playing out 10 years ago was allowed to continue that each of the states was going to choose whether or not it want to gay marriage then eventually someone was going to say we need a constitutional amendment pass it around to the states and we'll get 2/3 of the states to say no gay marriage and that'll settle the issue once and for all so they were like we got to do this before we got to try to find a way to resolve this in our favor before the states can speak on it next thing you know they try the old standby go to the Supreme Court which astonishingly actually went for it and then you had Barack Obama light up the White House he just happened to have some some red green yellow and blue lights on the front of the White House that is the government the federal government endorsing a bedroom activity that's what they're doing that's the government saying we're endorsing a bedroom activity now with the LGBTQ rstuvwxyz plus movement is excruciating ly aware of is that they don't have public support they also know that the corporation's who happen to be kowtow into them are bowing largely to internal basically internal elements who are advocating on behalf of the movement but also to the threat of all sorts of ruinous public PR you know it will destroy you in the PR except chick-fil-a isn't bowing their heads chick-fil-a is not bending the knee and the movement is scared that what this is going to do is this is going to encourage of their businesses who are tired of getting bullied who are tired of having people coming up to them and telling them go along with also stuff that they don't want to go along with that they're opposed to look if chick-fil-a is not go if does not support your bedroom activity then for God's sake don't go to them don't support the besides just even if you were so stupid as to think that bullying chick-fil-a into abandoning their financial support for organizations who advocate for heterosexuality even if you did bully chick-fil-a into abandoning their financial support for these organizations do you really want to give your money to a company that clearly doesn't like you apparently the gay lobby would like to you're literally funding your enemies but you know they don't seem to understand how that works because what happened was chick-fil-a dug in their heels and said no we're not gonna be moved we're not gonna be bullied you won't coerce us and as a result what happened was the public turned out and supported chick-fil-a those were the kind of optics that the LGBT movement hated and their allies in the media hated it too that's part of the reason why they didn't want to report on it a few of them did but most of them are like oh we don't want people seeing that chick-fil-a is now the third fastest growing fast food chain in America we don't want them seeing the lines out the door the communities rallied to support chick-fil-a instead we're gonna have CNN saying that Texas governor signs controversial save chick-fil-a bill it's a controversial bill it's controversial controversial it is controversial it's a controversial bill they never say that any sort of law legalizing gay marriage is controversial they never put that label there but then again if you look at the people who actually report on this well you start to understand why so the movement is terrified their support comes from corporations or at least getting corporations to kowtow and knuckle under and cower before them and if the corporations start deciding you know what instead of us helping to magnify and signal boost all of this advocacy for the movement we're just gonna drop it all together we're just going to sell our wares and that'll be that I don't know you have to you have to advocate this you people need to have this pushed on them so that so that people will see that it's everywhere it's everywhere it's everywhere that's the reason why they're relentless about going to these companies and saying you gotta push this you gotta advocate for this because what it does is it creates the false impression in the minds of the public that there's all of this support for it that oh these corporations just can't wait to get on board when in truth many of them can't stand getting on board that's just a reality Texas showed the reality and they know that what they're seeing is basically the first domino now for those of you who don't know in Texas they signed a law that helped to counter what San Antonio City Council illegally did and by the way during the debate on this law which was nicknamed the save chick-fil-a bill by its opponents and detractors what happened was you had one of the Texas state legislators who was saying why is it legal for the state for the power of the state to in direct contravention of the Constitution to be have the power to crush a business simply because you don't like their religious views the Constitution says that Congress shall make no law respecting religion but the same thing goes for the states the Constitution's of supreme law of the land whatever the Constitution says by extension applies to all the states the states cannot decide well the First Amendment goes but not in a city not in this town not in this state but that's exactly what the San Antonio City Council did they violated the Constitution so you had a state legislature who said why is it legal to violate for a city to violate the Constitution simply because you don't like somebody's religious views and you had another legislator part of part of the Texas Legislature's LGBT Lobby I suppose saying well they've got a First Amendment right they got a First Amendment so that covers them no one's gonna know they got a First Amendment that would protect them and the guy says that's the whole reason why we're here because the First Amendment didn't protect them and the San Antonio City Council violated it so they're lying through their teeth they know they're lying to their teeth they have to lie now one of the members of Texas LGBTQ rstuvwxyz Plus caucus somebody named Julie Johnson what she did was she and her pals have been ringing around talking this stupid idiotic talking point that this law that's passed it's gonna make it where private businesses can legally discriminate against gays oh because LGBTs now that's what that's all they said when you ask them wait a minute this is simply to make it where chick-fil-a is able to donate money to whomever they want and a govern city government cannot decide to single them out just because you don't like who they give money to so even if a business doesn't discriminate in its practices as it relates to its customers or its employees if they don't like where you give money to who you give which is your own personal affair and all of a sudden we're coming down on you so Miss Johnson doesn't actually tell anybody how this law is going to enable and promote discrimination they just kept saying it it's going to make it where you can legally discriminate you can legally discriminate what what does that even mean what it means is you're not giving money to glad you're not giving money to act up you're not giving money to whatever LGBT qrs tuv plus whatever movement so if you're not giving money to them that's discrimination you can't discriminate you got to give all the money to us this whole LGBT thing has become nothing more than a money-making scam that's all it is it's a money-making scam they're going to the city's going to the counties going to the states and saying give us money we need you to give we're we're fighting against LGBT discrimination I'll give us some money the San Antonio City Council needs to give us some money and that's what's happened here that's all that's happened here but before anybody goes getting too jolly in the behind keep in mind there was an additional bit of legislation that was attached to Senate bill 1978 which is the so-called save chick-fil-a bill there was one part that gave the Texas Attorney General the ability to prosecute states and cities and counties that decide that they're going to violate a business's ability to be able to exercise religious freedom what happened was before the governor got the bill it had to be amended to remove the teeth remember prosecution is the teeth of the law that's how it works prosecution is the teeth that will put you in jail we're gonna come after you those are the teeth that get put in the law well what happened was this law was defamed all that happens is sure you got the ability to at least on paper say something should be done but the thing is the fact that this could even occur that the San Antonio City Council pulled this stunt the people of San Antonio should be up in arms but unfortunately public apathy is at an all-time high and the movement is well aware of that they know that they've got far inferior numbers but they also know that they get off their butts and move while the heterosexual majority they just sit there and they just basically go well you know somebody else somebody else will basically speak for the public and that doesn't happen that never really happens you got organizations like the Salvation Army who are not in favor of same-sex marriage now when a group like a freaking Salvation Army is not in favor of same-sex marriage that's how you know the movement ain't got no freaking support so this is there this is their gimmick this of their scheme they're going to be running the corporation's constantly saying you've got to support the movement and if you don't we're gonna give you bad PR will chick-fil-a as shown if you said you know what I'm not scared of your little pals on CNN or your buddies at MSNBC I don't care what kind of article you write at the New York Times the public's gonna support me then what happens to the movement what happens to it Peters out and what used to be a nice little hustle goes away that's what occurs and they're fighting like hell to make sure that that doesn't occur they know exactly where this is going see when they talk about this is gonna open the door to legally discriminate against some customers no but they're really saying is the ability for us to walk in and make you quake in your boots and get you in a knuckle under under our boorish threats we're gonna crush your business that's going to be going away that's the reason why the movement has had to resort to all sorts of lawsuits they've been resorting to that because that's their end run they don't have any public support the public's not with them and if the public decided that they were going to start punishing lawmakers who defy what the popular will actually is well what happens is the country could very well go back to what it was 80 years ago were people who were not heterosexual were actually made to get mental counseling they were actually made to get all sorts of psychoactive drugs to try to straighten them out it could go that way they know where this could go is only a matter of time before somebody says constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage that would overrule the Supreme Court or overrule all of it and they know it would be permanent if there's one thing that John the moron McCain actually understood it was that there is value there is real value and necessity for bipartisan support when it comes to legislation and the reason the bipartisan support is so important is because it gives the laws integrity it gives the laws the ability to stand instead of having a seesaw of you got one law one day in another law the next is justice constant back and forth and public policy never stabilizes because there was never sufficient across-the-board support you never had a true numerical majority strong enough to make it where some group of malcontents a handful of nitwits could come along the very next day and just reverse it or upset it or otherwise shake it he understood the necessity of that so that public policy could actually be settled so you could have a firm basis for your laws and that's what the gay movement understands – that's what that's what they understand they understand that if you have the mast majority of Americans were not on board with the movement if you have corporations who refuse to knuckle under if you have city councils who actually are made to to act on the will of the people instead of trying to act as attack dogs for this or that group then what happens very quickly is this is the end of their horse and pony show going after caterers going after pizza parlors going after cake stores because you don't like because you know that they're not in favor of gay marriage so you're going to try to weaponize the law against them for the sake of creating a chilling effect they couldn't get any laws passed in Colorado they couldn't get any laws passed in most of the states so they rent so what they did was they manufacture lawsuits they find some business who's makes it very clear where they stand on gay marriage and there's a matter of okay we're gonna try to get you to do something that violates your conscience and when the people stand on principle ah good we knew you would now we got a lawsuit and everybody else looks and sees yeah we'll threaten your business license we'll have you dragged into court we'll make sure you get shut down we'll financially ruin you if not financially ruin you by having the state revoke your business license we'll have you financially ruined through caught through litigation costs they knew exactly what they were doing it's a dirty move it's a foul move it's actually illegal but they're being allowed to get away with it anyway as San Antonio proved there was no legal basis for what San Antonio did that forget about Supreme Court this wouldn't have if unless you got some zealots on the court which by the way is part of why this kind of stuff happens I do not believe for an instant that the San Antonio City Council did this under at the direction of the movement I don't think that they did this simply because keep in mind they go the movement like lots like lots of political organizations they go judge shopping they look around to find a judge or a circuit court or a state Supreme Court who they know is going to rule in favor and after they find that that's the area that they stick to I don't think that they chose San Antonio simply by chance what they were attempting to do in this case was what they were hoping was gonna happen was we're going to get chick-fil-a excluded from this Airport contract and if they decide that they're gonna make a legal issue out of it what will happen is it will be upheld in court and hopefully it'll be upheld all the way to the federal court test where it's going to go and who knows maybe the same Supreme Court who decided to allow gay marriage maybe they'll go ahead and allow this to and then next thing you know we've made an exception in the First Amendment you can say whatever you want so long as you make sure you support LGBTQ rstuvwxyz plus that's what's going on here this was judge shopping they knew exactly where they were hoping this would go well it turns out that the Texas Legislature upset their little apple cart but I for one am not terribly I'm not terribly impressed with what I'm seeing mainly because what happened to prosecution what happened to giving the Attorney General of Texas the legislative tools that he needs to make sure that whenever a city does something like this they get shut down well I know it was really going on here the same thing that always goes on you got to make sure that the cities and the counties and such are allowed to have a certain amount of autonomy and immunity from law you can't make it where the state attorney general goes after cities and counties because if you do that what happens to the illegal alien labor the same judicial principle that would make it where the Attorney General would have to go after cities who decide that they're gonna violate the Constitution what happens to cities who decide that they're going to ignore the law when it comes to illegal aliens and citizenship and people were in the country illegally now the state attorney general has to go after them too so keep in mind these guys got plans with them plans there's all sorts of games going on here you need to understand exactly what the nature of why some of this stuff passed and was why other parts of it didn't there's all kinds of constituencies who speak out whenever something like this comes along but for my part I thought that um Texas Governor Abbott he showed maximum sass with that Twitter tweet that he put out there where he was telling he put up a Twitter tweet showing his keyboard and a chick-fil-a on cup prominently featured saying what what are the chances that I'm going to sign the saved chick-fil-a bill and then he puts at the bottom I'll tell you after I've had dinner like that is maximum sass man that is okay he won the internet for the day Texas governor Greg Abbott won the internet for the day and yeah he's a total bastard now I'm not thank God I don't live in Texas and I damn sure wouldn't vote for him but at least today on this issue for this moment I do give him credit for that but please see what's going on here folks please see what's going on here the movement is admitting this is them coming up with the admission they understand that they are a tiny handful they also understand that they don't have support they this was their Hail Mary they can't get any laws passed if they have one or two states that go along with them so what most of them won't they also understand that if it comes to a constitutional amendment and at this point I think it's only a matter of time before some concerned group decides it's time to put this to the american people they know exactly how this will go no amount of LGBT movie studio executives or LGBT TV executives or LGBT filmmakers or television show writers or what had or studio executives are going to do anything to make it where the public is not going to say to hell with gay marriage . if you put it to a plebiscite give the American people state-by-state the ability to vote you will have a landslide in favor of banning gay marriage they know that yeah there are people who would be like well I don't mind seeing gay people on TV but you know what there's a big difference between what I willing to tolerate on TV and then what it is that I'm willing to tolerate as just part of what needs to be in front of me every day this the LGBT movement is outsmarted itself and I told you about how there has always been this hardcore element of coercion and force behind the lifestyle there has always been a very a hyper aggressive hyper odorous mood just absolute coercion you're gonna do this no matter what that has always been the case in the lifestyle there's always been that element of force which I shouldn't say element foundation of forces what it is there's always been the foundation of you're gonna be made to do this and now what's happening is this is they're attempting to enjoin this on the society the societies they're attempting to force this on a society if they weren't trying to force it then why is it that they didn't go to the people of Texas and say we need a ballot initiative we want Texas to vote on gate on gay marriage in fact we want Texas to vote on whether or not businesses ought to be allowed to um be giving money and if you're a business of the state of Texas should you be allowed to give money to organizations who advocate against the movement if they really thought that they had all that public support and that's what they do if they really thought they had that public support and it should be child's play to put chick-fil-a in hot water and make them bend the knee but it didn't happen and they're scared now they're really scared because if you got a corporation who has spent years defying the movement and you can't put their head on your trophy wall you're looking at that and going man this is bad because the longer chick-fil-a sits out there making money gaining market share they're now the third fastest growing fast-food business in America chick-fil-a third they've gone from basically what was it I forget what it was before but they weren't third-fastest but now they are they're only momentum only gaining speed only gaining support the public don't give a damn about what the LGBT says the chick-fil-a is impervious to the movement and what does that say to the LGBT movement when it says to them is they're weak they have no power and what it also says to a lot of corporations is you ain't gotta bend the knee to these guys you're not to do any of this stuff all of these threats that they're giving their paper tigers the LGBT movement is a paper tiger that's what chick-fil-a is showing you ain't gotta be scared of these guys you ain't gotta do anything you don't want to do and no you don't have to fly some rainbow flag and no you don't have to give money to these organizations simply because you don't want them to try to put you through some sort of PR nightmare you ain't got to do anything you don't want to do they can't coerce you they have no power and the longer chick-fil-a sits out there defying them it will not indeed ain't gonna be but a matter of time before other companies start talking back to the movement and the movement and be like we're gonna get you in trouble we're gonna do some pieces on your well didn't hurt chick-fil-a ain't gonna hurt us either hell it's probably gonna help business now that brings us to another question why is it that you do nonetheless have a number of businesses and a number of governments at the city low County state and even national level who go along with this part of it happens to be that the LGBT movement does give campaign contributions they're not a significant voting bloc two to three percent of the population they can't no one can lie and say that these guys put people in office they can't they don't have the they do not have the votes now they do have money not Atmore that not more than the straight community but the thing is truth be told voters are apathetic voters do not really get involved take a look at Ferguson if you want a good example of that so what happens is because the fact that most people don't most people who are eligible to vote don't vote then what occurs is groups who are organized have a golden opportunity to exercise political leverage political heft far in excess of their actual numbers in the population simply because they're the only ones who can bothered to get up and do something and when it comes to the movement while they do not contribute the most they do make it a point that they're very organized and very aggressive when it comes to letting politicians know you're going to be getting money from us and here's what we expect in return for it and we're gonna get out there we're gonna push to the hilt and we've got friends at the local TV station we got friends at the local radio station we got friends at the newspaper and the magazine why we're gonna be out there just stomping for you 24/7 you're gonna have a ton of support oh did you know that such and such is with us hey you probably didn't know that so-and-so is part of the movement too right you're gonna have all kinds of friends and all kinds of support you didn't even know that you had but of course that only works so long as they're the only ones out there pushing for what it is that they want now if people who are not LGBTQ rstuvwxyz Plus decide that they're going to push for what they want then it's game over overnight that's just the reality if Texas is doing this how long is it going to be before you see California try the same thing how long is going to be before you have some of the political swing states try similar things and all of this you're gonna be open this law is so so and so over here we didn't shut down his business he's going to be able to legally discriminate they'll be able to legally discriminate all of these bs talking points as they come up with don't accomplish anything don't do anything but it's the only thing that they know to do so that's what they've been reduced to repeating the same old crap over and over again this is what they've been reduced to and on a final note have you noticed that this is supposed to be what I'm told June is Pride Month do you think that this was some sort of coincidence it's kind of like that whole thing with that Carlos maza character who decided that he was going to be trying to although I agree with the fact that he went after Steven chowderhead which is okay I'll give him points for that but the thing is we know that this wasn't about Steven chowderhead this is part of a larger Genda largely aimed at the black media ultimately nonetheless it happened during this month so-called Gay Pride Month and now we see this thing come up at the San Antonio City Council during Gay Pride Month and the Texas Legislature crushed it during Gay Pride Month Gay Pride Month is barely a week and a half old and this is how Texas is celebrating their celebrating Gay Pride Month by standing up for people who protest the lifestyle that's what Texas is doing during Gay Pride Month these are the kind of things that political organizations and social movements do take note of oh you did this during a very time they're supposed to celebrate us and you supported our arch enemy when you know this is going to embolden other corporations that's what you had that LGBTQ rst uvwxyz Plus caucus in Texas talking about that's what they that's what they're terrified of where they're terrified of is that if you fail to make one of these big corporations bend the knee if you got a corporation out there who says you know what I ain't going along with this then what happens when you got others who do the same and that's a problem that they got if you got more and more companies who start following the lead of chick-fil-a then what's going to happen is you can't just start reporting that you can't say oh my god you had such and such company Kroger's just said they doing it anymore Barnes and Nobles isn't doing it anymore I'm such and such isn't doing it anymore one by one they're gonna start cracking and that's part of the reason why they've been so active when it comes to the tech spear it's no accident that these guys have been trying to solidify a lot of support from companies like Google and companies like Facebook and Twitter and such you might want to check out what the sexual orientation is of a large number of individuals in Silicon Valley large number of these tech startups a large number of these people who are highly active and highly placed in these tech companies and these big websites what you think that Alan Turing was the only lgbtq qrs tuv whatever who happened to be heavy into computers that what you think you think he was the only one not by a country mile so i hate to give the devil his due but the problem is texas even though they took the teeth out of the law which basically happens to show that this is not something where you want to give them a pat on the back but you do want to recognize that this happened Texas has done something and what it also means is this is an example of showing that it can be done showing that the people the companies who have tried to figure out how do we how do we bully people and coerce them into supporting things that they don't believe in or at the very least we're gonna make it where they're browbeaten and terrified and coerced into silence you better not say anything this is what you better not say a damn thing and if you do oh you'll be sorry well now that people are showing we're not scared of what you can do because we can push back and we could push back a hell of a lot harder than you then what what's what's the movement going to do now now that Texas is declared that now that the Texas Legislature has declared the state of Texas is a is happens to be a safe zone for companies who want to give money to come to organizations and groups who oppose the lgbtq rst uvwxyz plus lifestyle now that Texas is declared that you're going to be able to come here and you can give money these organizations that ain't a damn thing that the cities and counties or even the state can do about it now what's the movement going to do because you see that whole thing with the abortion bills spreading like wildfire that's what these LGBT legislators and Texas are scared of what they're scared of is it since they lost here they're like oh my god this is gonna be political contagion you know Louisiana's right next door to Texas they could go next and then Mississippi and then you could have Pennsylvania and Colorado and Florida and New York and California that's what they're scared of that's what they mean by they with all of this apocalyptic language what they're really trying to do is they're trying to sound the armed for where this trend could lead and you know what maybe they're not wrong maybe they're right maybe this is just the first domino to fall but here's the real question would this even have happened if the movement had decided to just leave chick-fil-a alone in San Antonio City Council had decided that rather than fall on their swords for the movement rather than make proper asses of themselves for the sake of trying to show yep all that money we got from you will submit we're gonna earn that money today instead of trying to figure out how to schmooze themselves with the inside crowd which what they see themselves as part of if they had simply left chick-fil-a alone and said hey they're gonna have this silly little outlet in the San Antonio International Airport you know this is not something that we need to be fighting a war over instead of just deciding to exercise the better part of valor which is discretion instead they decided we're going all-in and they just lost huge they would have been better off if they said nothing and did nothing but that's the whole problem the whole problem is every victory sets up the next victory and every defeat sets up the next defeat well the lgbtq rst uvwxyz plus they just suffered a big defeat in Texas and if the rash of anti-abortion laws that have swept the country in recent weeks are any indication Texas is going to be just the first of many

32 thoughts on “Texas Protects Chick-Fil-A Against LGBT Law. Happy Pride Month!

  • ProfBlack HQ

    As always be sure to give the video a Like. And you can also follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ProfBlacktruth. Since I'm critiquing the "movement" I expect a reprisal from PukeTube so download it before it gets censored.

  • Sars Brooks


  • Genghis Khan Wei

    In n Out Burger..puts scripture on their Cups..๐Ÿ”Them Burgers is Bomb..right up there with Fat Burger…

  • Darylifill Ifill

    As a Black Man with Cerebral Palsy on my right side it offends me when gay people say they're more discriminated against then anyone
    There was Gay Slave Owners

  • Beyoncca Boyd

    The media has attempted to over shadow any pro black movement. While pushing this gay agenda on our communities. Black people need to wake up. Interracial dating is another agenda being heavily pushed in the media. Iโ€™m against both.

  • Virtuous Woman

    These Alphabet soups are bullies. They called the police on pastor David Lynn in Canada for preaching publicly declaring he's "coming out as a Christian" and will he be tolerated …he was arrested and recently released on bail …Disgusting ๐Ÿ˜ฒ

  • Jay Real

    I donโ€™t give a Dam about gays and faggots I just donโ€™t want them using black people to push their agenda….

  • Nita Williams

    WTG Texas!!!!!!
    Motivate the other states to fight the LGBTQ, ETC.!!!!!

  • Genghis Khan Wei

    Raising Cain's Chicken..is the exact opposite of Chick Fil A..Open on Sundays..and backing Cain smoking Abel..๐Ÿค”

  • R JiZzLe


  • derrick325b

    Way to kick off alphabet month…with an "L". B1

  • Nock Nock

    Wow they pretend like they are bullied.

    Hell how do you think the woman got dethroned.

    Egypt, Phoenicia, Rome, Arab, all practiced in sodomizing their e enemies leader when they conquered them.

    It was law in their Organization These are the men who changed our world these are the men still in charge.

    They have power money and they want you to believe that their struggle is like the Black struggle of the world.

    When the truth is they are the cause of the black struggle.

    Their jealousy of the black vagina and how the black man loved their woman and the fact that the black woman had the Covenant with the Creator ( child birth) drove them insane.

    Now they are violating the creators path we are not HOMOPHODIC anymore…. the creator split us up. There is no true merge back.

    95% of Homosexuals became this way through sexual abuse by pedophiles…..

    And now these pedophiles want to be apart of their Organizations. ……

    Now these entities think they are from The creators truth they labeled themselves gatekeepers of existence although they are in seperate bodies.

    and most are obsessed with sex but they call themselves The Creators Gatkeepers

    And they have Sexual desire to be the same sex yet they don't tell you as I stated before they will not tell you sexual abuse turned them this way.

    We. Need to bring Awareness to this. CHILD SEX ABUSE!!!

    The truth is they hate women they want to force everyone their way to dethrone the Black Woman because she is returning.

    Not all of them are not bad because in our neighborhoods it is what it is.

    They're gonna burn and they want you to burn also. They want you to hate them. Don't hate them give them your love.

    Just like The caucasian tats why they tell us they tortured us.

    Remember you were taught slavery in their schools…. have you eeve wondered why does a dominate race tell another race" I tortured and raped your family and murdered your existence "

    The Caucasian spends your child hood life making you their enemy.

    Then they bind you as teenagers and make you worship them.

    Stockholm Syndrome just like this lifestyle

    They are the same people from 3500 BC Egypt.

    They are the invaders the haters of life…….

    And if your not right gay or straight your ass will burn

    Child Sex Abuse by pedophiles and other children needs to be discussed!

  • Awaken&Chosen

    Fuck the pride month!! Nasty ass bastards!! May YAH destroy them sodomites!!

  • A. Heru

    Those Alphabet Mafia weirdos want Chick-fil-A to kowtow, give them money, and open on Sundays…

  • Dylan Wong

    Late for session but thank you PBT the B1 admiral

  • Ten Bears

    June is gay pride month ๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ™„???


    Love you all, B1B โค๏ธ! STAY BLACK AND STAY HETEROSEXUAL!!


    B1๐Ÿ‘‘ and its getting to the point you have to act gay to even get a job,i know on some PAPER APPLICATIONS i have seen,gays put rainbows beside there names,i ask them why put that there,and i was told it puts fear in there hearts,so they know for fact there gone get the job๐Ÿ˜ฒ.I allready knew the answer,i just wanted to here them say it and there black๐Ÿค” so why not put B1 or even red,black,green ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ•ต๏ธโ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿ‘‘๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿน๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ

  • Ten Bears

    Kudos to CHICK-FIL-A!!

  • Desecration

    That's a bit of a gross simplification. Congress can make law that impacts religion. For example, polygamy is banned. This (negatively) changed the course of the Mormon religion. They passed laws that require immunization. While kids can be opted out of immunization by their parents they aren't allowed to attend public schools. It still has the same effect of a ban. They've also passed laws banning child marriage which was an utter disappointment to some religious zealots. Public accommodation laws is common means of Congress getting around religious restrictions. Congress cannot flat out ban any particular religion (although a case could be made for Scientology).

    Constitutional rights are also mutable at the state-level. The Constitution didn't prevent the gun-free zone and stop-n-frisk in New York. The Constitution didn't stop religious bakers from serving gays. The Constitution doesn't restore a felons voting and gun rights. The Constitution does not prevent sex offenders registration. The Constitution does not prevent child support and odious debt collection laws (using contempt of court as a means of getting around forcing payment of a public debt), for-profit cash bond system, nor student loan debt trap. The Constitution USED to only apply to citizens (i.e.disregarding us) but now illegal immigrants have successfully sued in court and won key battles to have the Constitution apply to them (the right to bear arms, search and seizure, anchor babies). Your constitutional rights are whatever white people say they are until they're not.

  • Ten Bears

    Mitch McConnell and that house negro Obama are one in the same. While the bill for healthcare, universal healthcare that was supposed to benefit ALL Americans was on the table, McConnell took that opportunity to make gay rights an issue to be debated instead of affordable healthcare. AND OBAMA, HOUSE NEGRO JIM, AND THE CONGRESSIONAL BLACK "TALKERS" FELL RIGHT IN LINE AND SUPPORTED GAY RIGHTS LAWS AND TODAY WE HAVE THE RAINBOW FLAG TELLING EVERY, "GAY FOLKS TAKE PRECEDENCE OVER YOUR HETEROSEXUALITY."

    I do not condone homosexuality and that is my AND YOUR RIGHT!!

    Do not ever allow any Government condition you for having your own ability to DECIDE WHAT and WHO you determine to be within the confines of your home, closeness to your family, hiring practices, etc, etc. Isn't that what this country has practiced for the last 500 years…SELECTION??




  • Nick Cavalletti

    Too bad. Chik Fil A is in. Good.

  • James Gilmore

    Right On

  • J J

    Homosexuality is white supremacy. You can't be pro Black and promote non reproductive lifestyles, that's oxymoronic. Liberal Demonrat white supremacy put Black men in dresses and called it courageous, while 50% of gay black men will be infected with HIV in their lifetime and infecting black women on the downlow. BLACK GENOCIDE #LiberalHypocrisy

  • TrillBev

    The LBGTQ reminds me of the alien from the movie "The Thing". Always trying to get something or someone else to assimilate.

  • CD

    Hold On To Your Wallets.The LGBT "Movement" Practices Extortion.

  • Think Tank

    I love it! Irony at it's finest…orders a #1 at ChicFliA โœŠ๐Ÿพ

  • Nzinga McQueen

    How about the alphabet organization harass other fast food chains for their shitty service, food, and cleanliness. Chick-fil-A is always packed where Iโ€™m from.

  • Against All Odds

    How did we go from pride week to pride month? I guess because black people got an month . gays jacked black people again

  • Yatora Remble

    This was pretty informative. I got a few things from this.

  • Shawn Edwards

    A twisted agenda, but a good example of how a minority should have control over its representation in politics and industry. They havenโ€™t cemented their position of power, this demonstrates that clearly. But they have very aggressively played their hand. Black people can learn a lesson here of how to get and stay on code, with our speech and our spending and our causes and our votes. Thank you for breaking this down PBT, as always youโ€™ve helped me to expand my knowledge for the battles in the streets.

  • Dawud Abdullaah

    REMEMBER: Trump banned federal installations from flying the gay flag during "Pride Month".

  • Blackpink Slave

    This is why the Supreme Court is so important. It doesn't matter how a normal un biased person reads the constitution. If you have an agenda, you will find a way to pass a law that you want.

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