Tekken 7 – Law Season 2 Changes

Tekken 7 – Law Season 2 Changes

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Law has gained minor buffs and quality of
life changes all around. Individually they’re not much, but cumulatively
he is certainly a better character. His df1, ws4 and db3 now leave the opponent
closer on hit for stronger pressure, which is what Law excels at. The reduced pushback also makes the notoriously
hard CH ws4 to DSS 3+4 a bit more consistent. Ss3+4 is now a launcher again but also more
unsafe, going from -10 to -12 on block. This would be amazing if Law couldn’t already
just SS tap forward and do 3+4, but it does have it’s uses thanks to it’s speed and
no risk of being ducked and launched. D+1,3 can now be confirmed into on ch, and
make sure you do because it is has gone from being a mid to a duckable high. On block it’s also gone from being -11 to
-9, making it safe. When it comes to combos Law’s legend kick
or DSS f+4 has a lowered hitbox, making his max damage combos easier. They’re still very tricky, but considerably
more lenient and not outright inconsistent in certain situations like they used to be. It also open up damaging new combo routes. On block the legend kick also gives you more
plus frames, +7 to be exact, which is a lot to work with. DSS 3 is faster, meaning it’s better at
catching steppers. It also has a lowered hurtbox, allowing you
to connect it from a ch 4,3 pretty easily, buffing Law’s damage from one of his most
important strings. DSS 4 does a bit more damage, and considering
the throw game from DSS was completely slaughtered in T7, this does help to make the stance just
a bit more threatening than before. Law’s rage drive now comes out faster after
the initial db+4 for greater consistency and is safe on block, though it does less damage
than before. In fact the only significant nerf is that
ff23 has worse okizeme than before because of the new knockdown animation, however when
used in combos after screw it can result in massive wall carry. In the 2.1 update which added Marduk and Armor
King, the hitbox on the first hit of 3+4 was extended for some reason. Not only did it make it an even more effective
i14 punisher, now able to punish nearly all pushback moves from any range, it also allowed
Law to get a full combo off of dragon tail. This for a short time made Law an absolute
nightmare online, but this combo has thankfully been since removed. Law’s wall bounce is ff3_DSSf3 which is
a mid power crush that is very unsafe on block at -17. Though thanks to the pushback many characters
will have to settle for less. If your opponent doesn’t have a decent long
range block punisher you can be a bit more liberal with this, otherwise use with caution. If ff+3 does connect near a wall though, the
damage potential is absolutely preposterous. The top 3 meme is no longer funny as Law is
now definitely among the best characters in the game.

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