Ted Cruz Thinks The National Science Foundation Is Spreading Liberal Propaganda

Ted Cruz Thinks The National Science Foundation Is Spreading Liberal Propaganda

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Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz believes
that science is propaganda or at least that is what he and three other Republican senators
said in a recent where they’ve basically called to cut some funding from the National Science
Foundation, and they want a criminal probe for potential violations of the Hatch Act
into the National Science Foundation for doing nothing more than their jobs. Here is what has Ted Cruz so mad at the NSF,
which he claims is now just a propaganda outlet. Ted Cruz and these other Republican senators,
James Lankford, Rand Paul, and James Inhofe are all mad that the National Science Foundation
is granting out about $4 million a year to help meteorologists around the country understand
climate change and learn how to report on how it affects local communities. That’s what has these senators so pissed off
right now. That a science foundation is helping to fund
science and educate people. They can’t stand it. Do you know why? I’ll get into all the specifics of climate
change in just a moment, but here’s the thing. These Republicans, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Lankford,
and Inhofe, they’re pissed off because the National Science Foundation is actually trying
to educate people about what’s really happening to our planet. You know why it makes them mad other than
the fact that these four receive more money from fossil fuel companies than other group
of four senators in the country? It’s because if people become educated, if
they learn about the issues, they’re less likely to vote Republican. Republicans need stupid people because that
is their base. Their base is stupid people. If they learn more, if they educate themselves,
if we’re out there teaching them what science actually says, they’re not going to be stupid
anymore and therefore they will be less likely to vote Republican and that’s what terrifies
Ted Cruz. Now, he’s also mad that his donors in the
fossil fuel industry, along with James Inhofe who takes more money than anybody from them,
they’re mad that their donors might get pinged if everybody understands that we’re destroying
the planet for fossil fuel production and consumption. But, that’s kind of secondary. The big thing really is they don’t want people
to understand anything. Back to the actual issue here. They’ve sent this letter. They want the office of ethics to investigate
the National Science Foundation because they believe one of the groups that they are funding
to provide some of this climate research and teaching is an activist group, advocacy group
actually. They think it violates the Hatch Act because
government agencies aren’t allowed to get involved in politics and they want an investigation
even though this group has complied with everything regarding the Hatch Act since they started
receiving federal money. In fact, they actually go through yearly training
to make sure that they do not violate the Hatch Act. On its face, Ted Cruz’s claim falls apart. They’re not funding propaganda. This group has been in compliance with every
regulation available and they go out of their way to make sure that they do that. Can you say the same about the guy in the
White House that you’re supporting? No, you can’t. Probably can’t even say the same about yourself,
Ted and Jim and Rand and other Jim, but you guys don’t care about that. You want to let your donors continue to destroy
this planet and you want to keep people in the dark about what science actually says
because you think that somehow having a dumber populace, having a populace that gets poisoned
by emissions from corporations, you think that’s somehow going to continue to win you
elections. Good luck with that strategy.

100 thoughts on “Ted Cruz Thinks The National Science Foundation Is Spreading Liberal Propaganda

  • BraniusBalki Post author

    He is not a smart man… Is he the guy that spoke to a god that endorsed him as the next president?… cause that is fucking nuts.

  • Sam South Post author

    Lol omg stupid ppl! Exactly!!! ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜…

  • Cristobal Rodriguez Post author

    TED Cruz is an ASS HOLE

  • Autumn Blues Post author

    Ted Cruz is that dog shit you stepped in that won't come off your shoe.

  • Larry White Post author

    Trump likes the poorly educated . He said so at a speech on February 24, 2016.

  • Brooks Anderson Post author

    According to Open Secrets.org, 2016 campaign contributions by oil and gas companies were No. 1 Ted Cruz $1,509,723, 2. Donald Trump, $924,782, 3. Hillary Clinton, $900,905, 4. Marco Rubio $749,051, 5. Paul Ryan $682,108. The USA has the best politicians money can buy!
    In a sadly ironic twist, Mother Nature, in 2017, via Hurricane Harvey, handed the Houston area 125 billion in damages, second only to Katrina. and killed 88 people. Those damned Chinese surely whipped up a one hell of a hurricane hoax! Irma too appreciated all that extra AGW generated energy too.

  • what's up yaul Post author

    Well if Trump and his cronies can believe the world is flat then Ted Cruz and his stunard buddies can believe that science is nothing but propaganda.

  • MrCrazyLeprechaun Post author

    Just because science validates left-leaning politics more often doesn't make it propaganda.
    It makes it Fact.

  • Marc Touss Post author

    i have snot in a petri dish smarter than ted cruz..

  • lisa novak Post author

    Cruz you need to break away fro trump because he is brainwashing you. I hope you lose your seat

  • Gary Sinnott Post author

    Did Cruz bang his head during that 1-on-1 with Kimmel the other day? That's mad! Oh… No – it's the money paid to politicians again; do the bidding of the fossil fuel companies or the cash cow dies. So they want to waste more public money investigating a bunch who are so straight up you could climb them to space. Well, at least it will keep Trump's mob entertained while attention is diverted away from them. Those douchebags have to go, not just because of what they're doing to the USA but because of the potential for fucking up the rest of the world – it's the only one we have and It'd be a bugger if they get to trash it for everybody.

  • Zucchinna Post author

    lyin Raphael

  • Jerome Hugh Post author

    How the fuk is this any different than iran where the religious leaders constantly try to enforce their bullshit upon the people.
    Anyway Teddy Rafael Cruz is someone who does not even want people to know of his Cuban ties.

  • Terrell Roberson Post author

    Ted should just stick to watching porn….science is way out of his league

  • Bennie Crawford Post author

    TEXAS FOR BETO ! Cant wate to see the last of Cruz.

  • Wayne Plaisted Post author

    More proof of Science than god .Doctor 's save people through Science .And then you Have people thanking god for saving there lives .Not the Doctor's or Science . this is sad . A lot of people are to simple minded to understand this .

  • tombell12 Post author

    Farron's expression @ 1:36, I can't help but keep watching that over and over ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Aj Meyers Post author

    "Reality has a well-known liberal bias." – Stephen Colbert, The Colbert Report

  • Random May Post author

    Religion is propaganda

  • Alicia Martinez Post author

    Texans, here is another reason to repeal and replace Ted Cruz. We must not let these ignorant people destroy our planet. They are systematically killing our planet and we must speak up and fight against their lies. They want Americans to remain uneducated so that they will believe all the lies they are told. Americans need to realize that global warming is real and it will affect every single one of us. This is the time to vote them out of office and replace them with people who care about our planet. Replace Ted Cruz with BETO in the senate in November.

  • Carol Mello Post author

    Without science: no engineering, no electricity, no cars, no airplanes, no medical care, no tornado warnings, no hurricane warnings, no flood warnings, no volcano eruption warnings. No epidemic control, just let people die. No food safety, just let people die. Ted Cruz wants to waste taxpayer money on an anti science investigation. All of my life, I have watched the GOP wasting taxpayer money. I am glad Ted Cruz is not president.

  • Carl Malone Post author

    Less than 6 % of scientists in America are republican. Their organically defective brains prevent them from tolerating uncertainty which is crucial to being a scientist.

  • Space-Cadet David 'Spanky Bonespurs' Dennison : Post author

    MAGA = Make Americans Gullible Always.

    Thoughts & Prayers wonโ€™t build a Space Force.

  • jmtnvalley Post author

    They are pissed off because their donor/masters told them to be pissed off.

  • Kimberly Post author

    How does that saying go again? "Facts have a liberal bias."

  • Dakers11 Post author

    The Republican base actually believes Science is evil.

  • kallebaah0 Post author

    Fuck you Lyin Ted

  • In truth we trust Post author

    Uno: Not necessarily stupid, ignorant, more likely.. And yes they can say the same, t would be a lie, but they can say it….and science, they don`t believe in it…..

  • Jackyboy335 Post author

    Who did Teddie's lobotomy ?

  • nosuchthing8 Post author

    Well he's correct because most liberals base their world view on science

  • nosuchthing8 Post author

    To be fair their base is best described as the ill informed

  • LadyJAtheist Post author

    of course the weeping penis doesn't want people educated, he and his kind… exactly like Farron just said… want people stupid so they'll continue to vote against their own interests by voting rethuglican.

  • billy the dead Post author

    Damn Ted we know your not the sharpest tool in the shed but this is showing your stupidity full on that and your an ass. Do your own independent research get informed get involved get registered and vote people like Teddy boy here use your informed mind and make a informed vote

  • Ramani Visvanathan Post author

    Womp Womp mother fuckers.

  • Non Sense Post author


  • Luรญs Gonรงalves Post author

    This Ted Cross is an ass. One day he will need medical treatment, if he does not believe in science he can not believe in medicine and all the scientific knowledge that it generates, so who will treat him ?! The divine supposition that this imbecile believes ?!

  • Asher Tye Post author

    How is that blobfish holding onto political office? Is the slime he generates adhering him to the office?

  • Vern Thorson Post author

    DUH, welcome to Texas

  • chokinonashes61 Post author

    Facts have a liberal bias.
    Stephen Colbert said at the WHCD in 2006.

  • Acacia Volkerts Post author

    How can the GOP hope to get their military Space Force without SCIENCE?!!

  • Roedy Green Post author

    Cruz has no understanding of science so he has no business expressing an opinion on the NSF.

  • Carol Schneider Post author

    They want ignorant people. Ignorance can be helped with information and education. Stupid is forever. Well, I guess they do want stupid people.

  • I can still sk8 Post author

    I know why? He wants the money?

  • I can still sk8 Post author

    How can people come on here and judge people political views or just assume if some is liberal or conservative. We don't truly know.

  • sailormanariel Post author

    Liberal propaganda, also known as the TRUTH.

  • Cindy Demambro Post author

    Oh no not facts them be too scary for them.

  • Darius Brown Post author


  • Joel J Post author

    These Senators all suck up to their evangelical base in the Bible Belt. Ignorant people enable fascism.

  • Monica Corona Post author

    Pretty soon having books will be illegal.

  • Markiel Davis Post author

    Start living in the 21 century, Ted Cruz.

  • Landscaper Garry Post author

    Doesn't matter anymore what anyone thinks or does…
    we're going to sail past the 2 degree Celsius 'final warning' into oblivion.
    Doesn't matter how many lights you turn off…
    a few feet of ocean rise is coming soon.
    Name one port getting ready.

    Glad to be an older person getting out of here in a nick of time…
    can't begin to imagine what things will be like for younger people when they're 70.
    I think my kids and grand kids will die about the same time.
    How lucky they are.

    Most rational people realize our planet is trashed…
    most irrational people couldn't care less,
    as long as the 'trickle down' theory
    keeps working so well for them.

  • xamarmm Post author

    In a way they ARE promoting propaganda. The point is that to republicans, truth is leftist propaganda. This is because GOP is all about lies and alternate reality.

  • P I Post author

    Watching from Canada, I have to say that I honestly think that the Right will, sadly, win again in November!!!
    The Left is just not strong enough…
    You guys need to get your shit together, SERIOUSLY!!!!!!
    You need to NOT be complacent be ORGANIZED, have EVERYONE on board!!!
    Never mind personalities, figure that out later…

  • Stormey Danielz Post author

    I canโ€™t sleep, that thumbnail is giving me nightmares ๐Ÿ˜ซ

  • Edward Miessner Post author

    The facts and the truth have a liberal bias. That's why the GOPsters are increasingly relying on alternate facts (lies) and their own "truths" (delusions).

  • enhaxed X Post author

    The facts have a liberal bias.

  • Mr. D. Post author

    Theocracy States of America is a Kakistocracy

  • Supa Hamster Post author

    LOL bahahaha holy shyte these people just keep getting funnier and funnier!๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Francisco Mendoza Post author

    Totally true! Republican base are either rich or stupid.

  • Francisco Mendoza Post author

    Repรบblicans hate science, unless they go to the doctor, that's when they're glad someone actually studied science.

  • Goran G Post author

    Ted Cruz and a small group of Republican Senators are [email protected] MORONS….!! Science is not republican nor democratic, science is fact, science is reality….SCIENCE IS PROGRESS….!!!
    How about applying the HATCH ACT to members of the GOP and see how many survive the investigation…!!! #DUMBASSREPUBLICANS

  • James Redic Post author

    U r absolutely right sir. The republikkklan party r a bunch of hoodlums and criminals

  • J T Peebles Post author

    I'm sorry, but ignorance is not stupidity! Ignorance can be helped, education is all you need. Stupidity can not. By calling people stupid you poison the chances of reaching out to these folks. That gets my goat. Since those are exactly the people we need to reach.

  • trsk Post author

    Wow, and here I went thinking "well here's a well balanced spokesman that aligns with my values" and the you go and equate Republicans with stupid. That's the same type of overgeneralization that got us in this predicament.

  • Carl Taylor Post author

    I've said it before and I'll say it again – Ted Cruz is a fucking idiot. He looks like an idiot, he talks like an idiot so it's a pretty safe bet that he really is one!

  • Unruly Simian Post author

    As a liscenced sciencetitian, I can confirm that Climate change is a liberal hoax. Brought to you by the yuge "Green" industry which funds the vastly poweful Global Warming lobby.

  • Left Is Best Post author

    WTF is wrong with that photo of Cruz in the thumbnail?? Looks like he's got no teeth… ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Nicholas Hylton Post author

    DOWN WITH SCIENCE!!! Right after I use my GPS to find the my way to the nearest President Trump rally… Oh! And after I pick up my blood pressure meds & MRI results back from from my doc… And buy 10,000 gallons of clean purified water… And check the weather forecast… And email my daughter's picture to my sis… etc.
    BUT AFTER THAT, I'm demanding my congressman de-fund the CDC & NASA and get God's truth back in the science classroom where it belongs.

  • Jesus Jimenez Hernandez Post author

    Republicans need idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Period!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! โœ…โœ”๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ’ฏ

  • gen mainion Post author

    he always looks like he want's to cry

  • Mr K Post author

    Ted Cruz shows himself to be a walking, talking example of liberal propaganda by showing how idiotic a conservative can be.

  • Mate Jebach Post author

    Republicans agenda about climate warming is as usual. Let things go in worst possible way, we will get enough money to run on what will be safe place. Or we will cool it by nuclear war on China and Russia. And China will have bigger devastations then we will by flooding. That stupid who vote for us and believe us, who cares, let them die dumb-asses.

    OK, well known logic, but logic about wining next elections? There is no such plan. It is thing of democracy, but they are not Democrats, they are Republicans. They are turning off democracy. There is no democracy anymore, only remain voting for offered candidates and that also not for long. Soon will be discovered that there is no need for voting anymore, people already see who becomes elected past decades and they already talk: Who cares about voting it is all the same. Corporations will elect their representatives in houses and president directly, Fox News will explain people that it is perfect solution and exactly what founding fathers wanted. So what will be with science and allowing science to teach people? There would not be allowed that science teach people, it is matter of churches to teach the people, not science, duty of science is to work for corporations.

    Only, it is not quite sure does churches work for corporations or corporations works for churches? Nobody knows real owners of banks which owns corporations.

  • Satria Kurniawann Djaenal Post author

    Shit, Ted Cruz and his buddies should be sent to a deserted island with nothing but the clothes on their back and see how fun it is to survive with no product born of science.

  • Jesus Jimenez Hernandez Post author

    Well yeah, the Republican Party is White Propaganda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #WhitePropaganda โœ…โœ”๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ’ฏ

  • Mango Mussolini Post author

    Heard a great argument for this on JRE. If they dont want to accept science then we should force them to live without the benefits of science. No more cars, phones, computers, medicine or anything derived from science. Works for me.

  • 3natey Post author

    Ted Cruz and Imhoff and all the lot are fucking morons voters do your duty and kick them out of office dump their belongings on on the curb and tell them to scram.

  • Kyle Cannell Post author

    Fuck it let them investigate if they are teaching truths and peer reviewed theories it will show nothing is wrong. Expose them.

  • Jonathan C. Post author

    The reason it works is that the majority of Americans ARE actually morons. Their strategy could not work without them. Heck, they could never have been elected without them!

  • Abram Davidson Post author

    Science is the way we learn about the world around us and began the Enlightenment Movement. Weโ€™ve treated and even eradicated some illnesses, made medical care more safe, sanitary, and convenient. Made land, sea, air, and space travel possible, created all the modern luxuries we have today, and SO MUCH MORE!

    And yet Republicans call science โ€œPropagandaโ€….. just…. just WHY?!?!?!?!

  • sailormanariel Post author

    Jimmy Kimmel owned Cruz on the court. Cruz backed down on every insult he tried to throw at Jimmy.

  • Joanie Adams Post author

    Science needs to demand mandatory birth control.

  • Karl Marx Post author


  • Dander Spat Post author

    DUH !

  • Lord Dice X Post author

    Don't forget they are religious fundamentalists!

  • Mr Flibble Post author

    Cruz is an uneducated moron!

  • Jim-James- Jimbo Post author

    Dam Trump will be fucked for his Space Force will out sciences

  • Jesus Jimenez Hernandez Post author

    The Republican Party is the party of idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! โœ…โœ”๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ’ฏ

  • Chuck-U Farly Post author

    Ted Cruz is a vile piece of human garbage.

  • cheryl bullen Post author

    I call it BS!

  • Samsonian Post author

    Ted Cruz should be checked out to find out what he HATCHED OUT OF…not the NSF.

  • Charla Lee Post author

    When the planet goes to hell because of climate change I say we eat Ted Cruz first.

  • Brad B Post author

    why isn't there a fyring squad for these ignorant assholes? ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  • Katie Adams Post author

    Facts and science aren't part of the conservative ideology

  • Manuel Munoz Post author

    I am not Liberal or Republican. I am me the best person I can be. It's a sad Trump. Ted or even the nillpbares in Mexico. We'll at least is less "transparent " its corrup down in my home country. People don't understand that Trump just li ke many billonares run our country here. Heck at least in Mexico everyone seemeds to be fucked ad anyone will tell you.

  • Mark Carter Post author

    Climate change is real. Think blue storm this year folks!

  • Alldae Media Post author

    I don't do the Left Right paradigm thing. What i do, is teach myself things. One of the things I taught myself is that the NSF was created on the marching orders of the Director of the CIG, know what the CIG is? Let me educate you smarty pants. That is the CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE GROUP. Now why would they want to have a National Science Foundation created? rhetorical! So just a few years after the CIG, OSS, etc became the CIA, the NSF was enacted by congress. The unclassified CIA document is available on their website. The Category Code is far too long to remember, however, ITS there. So I support the man in the WHITE HOUSE, as i did when I was Navy Pres Ceremonial Guard at the Inauguration of the Last man in the white house. Does that make me dumb? rhetorical because my iQ is 160+ via MENSA, i dont care what they say about TELLING PEOPLE YOUR iQ or How much money you have, you know who says that crap, PEOPLE WITH LOW iQs' and LOW BANK ACCOUNTS. SO i suggest you go learn sir, I am happy I am digging into the CIA's relationship with the NSF because I came across this UNEDUCATED VIDEO. NOW YOU KNOW so will you now make a video about the Military Industrial Complex and the Intell Community being involved with the NSF who "EDUCATES" people on "MAN MADE CLIMATE CHANGE" formerly known as Global Warming, Global Cooling, and whatever else they CIA wants to call it. The only thing MAN MADE about the climate change is HUMANS spraying shit to make it rain, increase Albido, etc, ITS called TERMINATION SHOCK, cant stop it, or the climate goes haywire, now thats not the complete cause. America and the EU are the only Governments which have a Climate Prediction model which left out the Antactic Current You know that one which brings the COLD water up from the BOTTOM to the top, then wouldn't you know it, IT does not actually show a HEATING trend, it shows a COOLING trend that will get much much cooler, if you think this week , Jan 30 2019 was cold HAHAHA just wait as we DIVE into the HEART of the Grand Solar Minimum. CARBON EMISSIONS is BS, you know why the PETROchemimcal industry was chosen as the ENEMY? Because JUST so happens, AMERICA does not exist independent of the PETRO DOLLAR, So not matter how hard you huff and puff about FOSSIL FUEL, Man Made whatever, YOU WILL NEVER succeed. ITS like WRESTLING, its fake. An educated individual would almost certainly have started questioning the science when the Paper which it was published and "hypothesized" in did not mention the SUN as a contributing FACTOR in CLIMATE change. Hmmmm Do you remember what I said about Intelligence in the NSF business. Where do you get GRANTS to cover your COURSE Funding which is not provided by the Institution? Substitutes 2months of pay? OH thats right the NSF. Would it benefit the CIA to know what is happening in the world of Scientific discovery at its infancy? Rhetorical PATENTS its all about that Dough, Rey, Money and Control! If you were a reporter you may have actually dug a bit. However you aren't. You are a mouth piece with a popular youtube channel because what is POPULAR is almost never TRUE and what is TRUE is almost certainly NEVER popular! Don't care about misspelling and grammar. If its an issue oh well, time is the only finite resource perceived by man! PIN THAT iSH

  • Edward Jones II Post author

    That is rich, considering that's the same mouth (well, ONE of the same ones) that hide behind religion as the one sole truth.

  • The ZigRat Post author

    Republtards like their voterstupid. GOP is truely the stupid party

  • Mike Perkins Post author

    Religions are the intellectually lazy man's science.

  • Phyllinda I Am Post author

    Just one more reason to vote Blue in 20 20
    We the intelligent of America are the majority.. so let's give these republikkkans a repeat of 2018 & vote them out!!
    Vote Blue in 20 20 and beyond save our country.. save our planet..๐ŸŒ

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