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– Already I’m blown away. Wow, ho my gosh, there’s some cool stuff. Hey, good morning everybody,
and welcome to the vlog. I am just gonna jump into it, but first, we’re gonna have
a great day together, right? So basically, let me tell
you a little quick story, and we’re gonna go ahead and unbox this. Look at it, it says
“Live harmless reptiles”. The only thing that would be better, maybe live harmful
reptiles, I’m not 100% sure, but no, I absolutely
love opening up boxes, and this one in particular’s really cool. Remember when I was out at TSK in Utah, they had a bunch of really
cool colubrid snakes, and I basically told my
friend, “Man, I wanna buy “a bunch of colubrid snakes.” I said, “You know what,
just send ’em to me. “I don’t even wanna know
what you’re gonna send me, “just send me a whole bunch of snakes.” So, he literally just packed up a shipment and shipped it to me. So, I have no clue what’s in here. I’m either gonna be extremely excited or I’m gonna have a whole
bunch of normal corn snakes, which I love normal corn
snakes but, regardless, we’re gonna go ahead and
just see what he sent me and hopefully I’m gonna be blown away. All ready I’m blown away. Wow, ho my gosh, there is some cool stuff. Right off the rip he
sent me a bunch of these super extreme reverse Okeetee corn snakes. Woo my gosh, aren’t
these things incredible? I remember when we saw his adults, I was like, “Dan, I have
never seen such beautiful “reverse Okeetees,” which are basically just albino Okeetees, and he said these are what they
call super reverse Okeetees, so they’re really beautiful, unbelievable amounts of
pink, unbelievably cool. So he sent me a bunch of these. I’m not sure exactly how many,
I can see a couple right now. Which I’m gonna take a quick look and see one, two, three,
four, five of these. So it looks like we’ve got
two males and three females, and I think he actually
said somethin’ like he was gonna send me two
males and three females from a bunch of different things. Again, not sure right now, I
can see this one right here which is actually a High
White California King snake, woo, that is extremely high white. And you guys know that we
work with a bunch of these and I absolutely love ’em. So it’ll be really great to
get some different blood lines of these because we have our blood line and we’ve been workin’ on
it for like 15, 20 years, so now we have a different bloodline, kinda the same thing, so it’s amazing. Again, that’s a polygenic trait. Fancy word for meaning
that you’re just breeding the highest white animals
and over generations and generations you get more and more, but it looks like we’ve got one, two, three, four females of this. Okay, oh we got five, oh, what, oh my gosh, he’s got all kinds. So, looks like we’ve got four females and one male, I’m not sure. We’ll have to see if there’s another one
in there, regardless. Then on the other side we actually have the High White California King
snakes that are not albino, and again, woo-hoo doggy,
I tell ya what, that is one high white black and white California King Snake right there. Again, this is just gonna
really bolster our group which is fantastic, but oh my gosh, he sent me some cool stuff, guys. It looks like we have about,
meh, five of these too. Great, but I tell ya what, I
was excited about these ones because this is something
that we haven’t worked on in the last several years. We’re working with the High White Aberrant California King snake, or
basically almost all white, but I really love these guys, and it’s something that I
haven’t worked on in a while. These, of course, are high
white, but banded animals, so I like the contrast. You know, as much as I
like that really almost all white animal with just a little bit of black freckling in
it, or in the albino case a little bit of pink freckling, the fact that this has the contrast, almost like a piebald ball python, or a panda pied or something like that. It got solid black, it’s got white, woo, I tell ya what,
that thing is ridiculous. So I’m excited to finally
get back into these again. We stopped breeding these
probably 10 years or so ago, so I’m really excited about it. It looks like we have a
whole bunch of these as well, really beautiful animals,
oh my gosh, I’m excited. And this is, I tell ya, it’s almost cooler when you don’t know what’s coming cause you’re like, “What
is he gonna send us?” Oh, and this is actually a treat as well. You hardly ever see these guys. These are actually black and white California King snakes
but the stripe version. The majority of the
ones you see are banded and that’s kind of how the
whole high white thing started. Was they bred banded ones to striped ones and got what they called aberrant ones and then started breeding
the highest white ones. So the fact that we have some actual striped black and white cal
kings, are just really cool. And you know, the Mexican black kings I talk about all the time, how they kind of exploded in popularity. I kind of think that the
black and white cal kings are the next thing to do that because they amazing colubrids and just the contrast
with that black and white, oh my gosh, just take a
look at this one right here, oh my gosh this thing is incredible. Look at the white racing
stripe on that animal, I mean, oh my gosh, that thing is incredible. It is so cool, I haven’t had a black and white striped cal king in a long time, so the fact to get into these guys again, I am just excited, and it looks like we actually have some
really beautiful thayeri. These are called variable king snakes, and these are gorgeous ones, really nice tangerine, what they would call milk snake phase. These guys come in buckskin phase, they come in milk snake phase, they can even come in jet
black, believe it or not, like the Mexican black
king, but oh my gosh, and these are sometimes called
Nuevo Leones milk snakes, or just for short,
people call them thayeri because they are actually a
Lampropeltis mexicana thayeri. I didn’t want to confuse you
guys with the technical name, but sometimes thayeri is actually easier to say than variable king or Nuevo Leones king. Regardless, you can see
how variable they are, and this one doesn’t have
all of that tangerine or orange in it, and I think
it’s absolutely incredible. It’s more of the typical
almost like Pueblan like the triad with that red,
black, and yellow banding. I tell you, it’s awesome. I’m so excited to kind of be
adding a bunch of colubrids to raise up for future breeding stock. It’s kind of cool because
it’s been a while since I went on a colubrid buying spree. What do we have here? Ooooh, this is pretty! Now we do produce a
few of these but again, it’s gonna be good to have
some different blood lines. This is actually a hypo
melanistic Pueblan milk snake. So again, it’s just
lacking some of that black pigment but not completely albino. Because these guys have
something called tyrosine, which is almost that
brownish purplish pigment that’s in black melanin. Unbelievable, really
cool, again we produce a handful of these each
year so now we have some more to raise up
which will be really cool, some different blood lines which is really incredible as well. And let’s see if there’s anything else. Looks like just some more
hypos and stuff like that. So there it is, guys, this is the shipment that he sent me. I couldn’t be more happy. Unbelievable, I think he
said he’s gonna send me another shipment of some other stuff. Again, I told him the same thing, like just send me some cool animals. So let me know down in the comments which animals you would like to work with in the future and if you agree with me about the black and white
California king snakes being a really big up-and-comer. Regardless, uh, there you go, the unboxing segment of this vlog. – Hey you guys, so
today I gotta go through and shed all these little babies that didn’t get their shed off quite right. But I wanted to show you
guys this little babe. Look, he’s got a hat on. – So guys, I’m pretty excited about this. We’ve got uh, the first crested gecko eggs that we’ve ever produced, or I should say I have, well I am producing. – You must have been out of
town or something. (laughing) – There’s three sets
that I didn’t even know. Okay so. – Well we did collect a set
together at the Reptarium. – We did? Oh, we did,
that’s right, we did. No, so I’m a liar. – You were somewhere else last time. – Yeah, so call me a liar. We did produce, I knew of one clutch that we produced at the Reptarium and now we have another clutch. So, but I guess we have a
couple I didn’t know about. So again, we breed the gargoyle geckos. We’re obviously gearing up for leeches, but uh, it’s pretty cool to get back into some crested geckos. I think they’re absolutely amazing, so it’s pretty, oh there’s
a little egg right there. – These guys don’t bury them all the way to the bottom so like, I always have to.. – Oh and they look perfect! Two little eggs.
– Yeah, they look good. That’s awesome. And these are the parents over here, really beautiful animals. So there you go. For you guys that are
asking if we’re gonna have baby crested geckos,
obviously we’ve been producing them like crazy
and I just didn’t know so there you go. Good job, Jessica. – Thank you. – [Brian] Hey Laurie, if
you could choose anything, one wish that I could give you right now, what would it be? Anything you want. – Or what’s in your hand (laughs) – [Brian] That’s right, you get a shirt! That’s right, it’s merch time. – Oh my God, what did I want? Ben and Jerry merch, ohhhh! – Oh my God, that’s right guys. We’ve got a week and a
half left of Double Trouble Ben and Jerry, Bad Choice Noah merch,, put a
link in the description, get yours before it’s out. You guys are killing it. Best merch run we’ve ever had, thank you so much for the people that have supported us. Thank you so much for the people that have supported us so far. And I’ll get you some
merch, don’t worry, Laurie. – So excited. – Oh and by the way guys,
my day started like this. We’re at the Fox 2 Detroit studios and we’re gonna be introducing snake yoga cause snake yoga’s this
week at the Reptarium. We’re gonna come in and have some fun with the anchors here and uh, have a good time. So that happens any minute. (soft music) (music intensifies) Just wrapped up the segment here at Fox 2. I had a really good time though, it’s just awesome to kinda promote and see things like that. So back to the Reptarium. Down in the dungeon with Kelsey, we actually have two ball
python clutches today. The one we’re gonna
pull last is ridiculous. It is, what is it now? – It’s our pizza resistance. – [Brian] The pizza resistance? – Yes, the pièce de réistance. – Oh, I got it now, I got it, okay. (laughing) We’re gonna
start with the first clutch and then you gotta wait around for this other, trust
me, this is probably, I’ve said this a few times, but probably the coolest clutch we’ve
had so far this year or something like that. What’s the first clutch? – First clutch is a normal female bred to a fire yellowbelly. – [Brian] Oh, okay. Oh, she’s a little girl but it looks like she’s got a lot of eggs. – [Kelsey] Oh yeah. – [Brian] Oh my gosh, she’s
so good for such a small girl. Holey moley. – [Kelsey] Thank you, mama, good job. – [Brian] Holy cow, she did so good. It’s crazy, I mean look at these eggs, fit into that little girl right there, that is crazy. So all right, we’ll get
these into the egg box really quick. All right, good job, mama. What do we have as far as count here? – [Kelsey] One, two, three,
four, five, six, seven. – [Brian] Oh my gosh, seven good eggs. I tell you what, ball
python eggs keep going. All right, you guys ready
for the pizza resistance? Because you’re about to
see what that’s all about. And here we go guys, I mean legitimately, I was excited about this
clutch from the time that we saw the first breeding. What do we have? – We have a pastel lesser clown bred to a pastel leopard clown. – [Brian] Oh my gosh. That’s right guys, pastel
leopard lesser clown potential. Everything’s gonna be clown, of course. Oh my gosh, what do we got here? Oh, wow! What an absolutely ripper for a girl! Hoo, looks like a nice big clutch! – [Kelsey] Woo-wee! – [Brian] Big eggs! – [Kelsey] Wow! – [Brian] 100% fertile. Oh my gosh, mama, you did so good. I couldn’t ask for
anything better than that. Oh my gosh, how awesome is that! Again, everything gonna be clown, it’s gonna be pastel leopard clowns, pastel lesser leopard clowns, oh my gosh. All kinds of stuff. That is crazy. So we have two, four, six, seven eggs. Oh my gosh, and again
guys, I know I’ve said it before, but this really
is probably one of the most exciting clutches because you know, everyone loves clowns, they’re recessive, they’re super popular, and uh to be able to have a clutch like that,
absolutely incredible. Good job, Kelsey, you did great. – Thank you. – (laughs) I am so excited about the fact that these carpet
pythons finally came out. Again, this was a jag het albino that was bred to a Darwin het for albino. And these are the first
little baby albinos that I ever produced, baby
albino carpet pythons. How absolutely adorable. This one here is just a normal albino which would mainly be Darwin but there is a quarter jag which is coastal so it’s 75% Darwin albino
normal banded right here. And then we have another albino right here that is actually a jag albino right here. So they’re absolutely incredible. And we have some normals
here that are 75% Darwin and the red in them is amazing. That red color really
comes from the locality of the Darwins here. And again, we have some
normal typical ones and then we have some jags as well. And the jags are again,
are those just kind of really reduced pattern, kind of different, like sometimes striping
and so on like that. Absolutely incredible animals. I couldn’t be more excited,
it’s been a long time coming. I’ve wanted to hatch albino
carpet pythons forever and finally, even though
we only hit two albinos, I am over the moon about it. If you guys enjoyed this unboxing video, here’s another unboxing video that I think you will absolutely love and by the way, an entire playlist if you
wanted to check that out, of unboxing stuff. While you’re at it, if
you can do me a favor and go ahead and smash that
subscribe button over here. Be kind to someone, have
an amazing day, and I promise I’ll see you guys tomorrow.


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