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(chill electronic music) – Hey, good morning everybody
and welcome to the vlog. I hope the start of your day
is absolutely incredible. We’re actually gonna start the day with collecting colubrid eggs or at least checking for colubrid eggs. We only have, like, 10
or 12 more females to go. So there’s not a whole lot
more of colubrid production when it comes to actual egg laying. But, of course, the
hatch season is upon us so we’re gonna go ahead and check to see if there’s anything else
hatched here a little. I’m gonna check this girl. Oh, she hasn’t even got an egg box, so, again, I’m not expecting much
in the way of colubrids today but maybe. Ow, ow, Jesus, gosh. Oh my gosh, what the heck is goin’ on. Momma, what are you doin’ to me? It’s very unusual for a gravid
female to be unbelievably. Ow, jeez! Did you guys see that? I literally just opened the
thing and she just crushed me. What in the world is going on here? Oh, god. Okay, she let go, but
now she’s got me so tight that I know if move, don’t move. Oh my god, that was a very surprising way to start the day. Momma, you better not bite
me, you better not bite me, don’t do it, don’t do it, don’t do it. Oh my gosh. I cannot get her off my hand. This is the downside of
daily vlogging sometimes is that when you only have one hand, you now have a snake that is
completely constricting you and if I can’t get her off, she’s definitely gonna bite me again. Ah, come on, girl. Don’t do it, don’t do it. Okay, I’m in trouble here. I’m gonna set this camera
down for one second. Okay, got momma off there. Okay, girl, it’s all right. I have a feeling that’s
she’s actually not gravid because, again, gravid
snakes don’t act like that to be totally honest with you. She’s acting like a hungry snake. This will be a second clutch for her so sometimes that happens
when you breed a snake, you think she’s gravid because
she’s a second time ’round and sometimes they just
don’t go for a second time so I have a feeling that this girl has definitely not got eggs in her. I think she needs a meal later on today and I think I’m just gonna go ahead and chauffer until we get
done with the breeding season, get ’em all into brumation,
but, oh doggy momma, you are upset aren’t you? Get in there, get in
there, come on, don’t. Get, get, get. Okay, get this shed out of here
real quick while I’m there. Look at her, she’s crazy. Oh my gosh. All right, well I’m gonna
keep checkin’ snakes and see if there’s any other eggs. I tell ya what. It’s been a while since I’ve had a good snake bite like that. That was actually pretty cool. Of course this Mexican black
king is due any day as well. Doesn’t look like we’ve
got any eggs in there yet, but again, she’s gettin’ goin’ too. And usually Mexican black
kings are pretty good. This is another girl that
is a Mexican black king but I wonder if she’s gravid or not, to be honest with you, I’m not 100, ow! God, are you kidding me right now? Oh my gosh, and this one’s
got me right in the cuticle of the hand. What kind of a morning is this? Oh my gosh, oh ow. This one hurts, guys, I’m not gonna lie. She’s got me in a real
tender spot right now. Did I handle mice before
I came in this morning, what is going on? And again I think it’s the
same thing as the brooks king where she’s probably not gravid. Oh my gosh, guys, I am
gettin’ tore up today. I tell ya what, you know,
snake bites aren’t that bad. They’re not as bad as people
think they are, typically, but every now and then, a
snake that has a food bite like this one here, it’s just, you know, it’s a good bite and she’s
clamped on pretty hard and if it’s in a tender spot,
it does hurt a little bit. And I don’t have anyone
with me that’s gonna help me because Jay over here is just worried about getting the shot. All he cares about is the shot. In the meantime, I’m over here in pain. Thanks, Jay, I appreciate it. – Hey no problem, man,
you know, I just got, this is what I get paid for. – Exactly. Oh, come on girl, ow, oh my gosh. Holy cow, okay, all right, all right. I’m not gonna lie. I’m not a baby. I’ve got a pretty high pain threshold. This hurts a little bit so I’ll tell ya what I’m
gonna do really quick is I’m gonna actually
hand this camera to Jay and I’m gonna use both hands. Okay girl, come on baby, okay. Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow. Ow, jeez! I’m not, ow! Oh my gosh, do you see that? I feel like a total wimp right now. Let go, let go, let go, let go. Ow, you can feel the skin ripping. – [Jay] I could hear it ripping. – Okay, okay, okay girl. It’s all right baby, you’re okay. Okay, I’m just gonna set her down so she doesn’t bite me again. Whoa, Jesus! I think this went really well. I think that checking the
eggs today has been a, it’s been a, it’s been a success. Okay, I think I might
need a little a break. I hope that you have a great day and let’s set all our problems aside and have a great day together. Just one clutch of ball pythons today. – Yep, just one. – [Brian] Okay, all right, what do we got? – We have an albino het clown
female bred to a clown male. – Okay, all right, cool. So we’ll have clowns
that are het for albino, which is pretty cool. And the reason we didn’t breed this girl to our albino clown was
last year we did that and we had some deformities. Sometimes when you bred albino to albino, with ball pythons and
some other snakes too, but in particular with ball pythons, sometimes you get mutations
and stuff like no eyes and one eyes. Like, as a matter of fact,
Helen, this is her mom right here so we decided not to go
albino to albino this year. Let’s go ahead and see what she’s got. But absolutely incredible female. Here we go, come on girl. Oh, and again, half of
these are gonna be clown that are het albino and the other ones are just gonna be double
het albino clowns. So, not a bad clutch at all. It looks like there’s quite
a few eggs in there too. What do we got? – We got one, two, three,
four, five, six, seven. – Seven eggs, that is absolutely good. Seven completely fertile eggs. Absolutely incredible. Again, with any luck,
half of ’em will be clowns that are het for albino, the other’ll be double
het for albino clowns. So, Kelsey just has to
get these eggs apart just a little bit ’cause they’re stacked a little bit too high but that’s it for ball
python clutches for the day. But, I tell ya what, I can
definitely get used to this almost every day, pulling
ball python clutches. So, good job Kelsey.
– Thank you. (upbeat electronic music) – Remember this absolutely gorgeous set up that we had with the geckos? We’re super happy with it
but one of the problems that we had is it was so, kinda, built out that Jessica actually put
a little nest box in there and today she was going
through and doing it and what happened? – Well, I took everything out. I actually replanted it a little bit ago. But I took all the
plants and everything out and they laid under the laybox, so. – Under the laybox, so. – Silly little dudes. – So we did get a couple
crested gecko eggs, so it looks like we got.
– Yeah, these are our first crested eggs. These one maybe sat in the dirt too long and they maybe got too wet
but these two look perfect. – [Brian] Yeah, those look good. – So, we should at least
have a couple babies in a couple weeks. – So, so yeah, that’s good news but that was the one downside to having an overly planted cage is
that sometimes the animals are gonna lay their eggs underneath things and in this case we may
not have caught a couple of ’em in time. But, regardless, we kinda
redid things a little bit. Little bit more sparse,
plus the other thing is is that now you can see
the animals much better. You can see they’re right out in the open and stuff like that and hopefully now we can actually start breedin’
some crested geckos here. Plus, people can see ’em a little better. But, the good news is we did. Wanted to take a quick
break, because, you know, I always like to kinda
keep you guys updated, keep the kind of personal vlog
thing happening like always and I hope that you guys
are enjoying the new style that we’ve been loving bring you. Me and Jay have been having a great time. So lemme know in the
comments if you’re, like, really into that style and
we continue to improve it. And, listen, the reason
I wanted to give you a little bit of an update,
not to mention I love to show off this
beautiful rhino rat snake, absolutely still lovin’ these guys. They’re, they’re such interesting snakes. But, regardless, you know, we’re just getting started, people. I mean, the first start or first wave was to kind of really
change and feel the style of the new vlog where
we’re gonna get a chance to show you a lot of beautiful shots. You know, a lot of people
had mentioned before that when you’re really
just runnin’ and gunnin’ with one camera, you know,
it’s hard to really punch in on an animal and see the
beauty and the detail of it. So, that’s what we’re trying to bring is like telling that story, not
to mention I’ve talked about telling the story of the
day, pulling that veil back on BHB and the Reptarium,
how we run things, me and Laurie, kind of, the family thing as well as the crew. So, I hope we’re doin’ a good job. We’re gonna continue to improve on that. But, you know, as we get going, like I’d mentioned, we’re
just getting started, we wanted to bring a new level
to Instagram, to Facebook. We also really want to recharge
to Animal Bites channel. Some of you guys may not know, I have another channel which
was really my first channel, was called Snakebites originally, then it got rebranded as Animal Bites, link in the description if
you guys wanna check that out. But, of course, we’re gonna
do the Australian adventure, hopefully hit South Africa, Indonesia, maybe, who knows what the other
adventures we’re gonna do. You know, again, like I talked about. Little TV show type stuff that we’re gonna release
that will be, like, 20 minute kinda of Animal Planet, NatGeo style television shows hopefully that you guys’ll really love. Shot high end, multiple camera angles. You know, just really high production. We’re super excited ’bout that. With any luck, by the end of September, we’ll head to Australia
for probably 14 or 16 days. Do an amazing adventure
with, you know, taipans, and brown snakes and some crocodile stuff as well as some cute mammal stuff. We’ll see what happens. We’re tryin’ to hopefully
hook up with Bob Irwin, Steve Irwin’s dad who’s
a good friend of mine. Maybe go out and do some stuff with him. Regardless, we’ll keep you guys updated. We’re gonna do a number
of series on that channel that are really high end. I’m not sure about that. We’re definitely gonna need
a sponsor for that, I think, because it’s gonna be a
pretty high end production, gonna cost a lot of money, so, hey, if you’re a sponsor and you wanna sponsor, let’s say a year of crazy
adventures or something, then let me know. ‘Cause we’re definitely gonna be looking for probably financial backing ’cause it’s gonna cost
a lot of money to do it. But, think about it, if
you wanna watch kinda the old Animal Planet
animal adventure shows, I would love to bring
that back to Animal Bites. But for now, we’ve gotta learn to crawl and walk before we start running, so, I just wanted to get
you updated to tell you, guys, I hope that you’re enjoying this. I wanna know in the comments
if you guys are enjoying it and just went to the P.O. box, or I should say Laurie
went to the P.O. box, and we got a handful of things here. So we figure we’ll just do
a quick unboxing of what’s. I’m gonna wreck this, aren’t I? – I know you are. – Should you open it?
– Yes. – Okay. – Should we do an instructional
video of how to open mail. – I just, I get so excited about things, I usually just like tear into ’em. I don’t have time for this, let’s go. – I’m just trying to
make sure that I’m not. Okay, there it is. I’m actually opening it the
way it’s supposed to, versus. Oh, yes.
– What is that? – See you would’ve cut whatever this is. – Oh, I would’ve cut whatever it is. What is it?
– What’s this? Damn Good Beef Jerky. – I do love my beef jerky. – Death by jerky. Oh no, not for me. – We’ll have to wait
for Eric and Noah to do the Death by Beef Jerky here, but, but this is awesome. I love it. This stuff looks good, too. Sweet and spicy. – This is Stephanie.
– I like that. – She just found your vlog
about three weeks ago. – Aw, thank you Stephanie.
– And she is hooked. – Aw, thank you so much and thank you for the beef jerky, I mean, that’s, that’s awesome, so, let’s see. I think you should get t-shirts made with that say Laurie Barczyk
is my spirit animal. Okay, what do you guys think?
– Probably not. You could make your own.
– Yeah, I think, well. This is actually from China. Again, it’s kind of a weird package. I’m not really sure what is in here. Last time I opened up
a package from China, it was actually somethin’
that I ordered from Amazon and I thought it was maybe
someone sent us something but it turned out it was just from Amazon. There’s no real name.
– He can’t keep track of his purchases.
– Is there a name on there? Feng Guan? Is the name. So, thank you Feng Guan. If I didn’t pronounce it.
– I would love to know if you said that right.
– Yeah, I probably, I didn’t probably pronounce.
– ‘Cause my money’s on not. – That right. So this is definitely not camera
gear which is interesting. What is that? Ooh, that is cool. Are you kidding me? – So it’s like a little
egg with a turtle in it. – Oh my gosh, take a look at that, guys. It’s a little. That is super dope.
– That is cute. – Does the turtle come out? Well, I don’t think, oh yeah.
– Oh, it. – Oh it’s a little magnet.
– Oh, okay. – Oh my gosh, the magnet
actually goes like that. – Keeps it in place. – That is awesome. This one is from Amazon fulfillment, so I’m not sure what it is. Yes, I really do need all these reptiles. So, the book says, “Yes, I really “do need all these reptiles”. And then it’s just pages
of loose leaf nothing. I can just fill these up. This is fantastic.
– This is a perfect gift for Brian and or Eric. – Yeah, me and Eric’ll share this book and I’m sure Laurie and Mary
will absolutely love the pages. – Cross ’em all off.
– That we have. So, thank you Megan.
– I’ll go behind with the black magic marker. – Thank you Megan, seriously.
– No, you don’t. – And then lastly we’ve got this here. This is, let’s see, it’s
from Jody Fitzpatrick. – I’ve been watchin’
the vlog for over a year and you were one of their
first subscriptions. – What, thank you so much, guys! – A box of treats from Canada,
most of which you can’t get in the States.
– Nice. – Treats for dogs. – I know, this mega beef flavor. – Oh, awesome.
– Mega beef flavor. That’s awesome. – Try and, you can try. I think that was my idea
right from the start. And this is perfect, because, guess what since Phoebe always
wants to get in on that, we can just have the
bone right on the table while we’re tryin’ and she can have that. – Ooh, there’s some great stuff in here. I mean, there’s tons of really cool stuff. So we’ll try these over on Noah, we’ll do a mukbang on
Noah’s tasting of Canada. We haven’t done Canada yet, right? ‘Cause it’s so close, but this is awesome. So, thank you so much. That concludes the mail time for the day. No colubrid clutches today but
I do see a little baby snake over here that is crawling around which tells me that there’s
some more baby colubrids hatched which is always exciting. So, let’s go ahead, set these guys down and see what we have here. This is actually a, oh, look at that. A little baby Pueblan. The first Pueblan milk snake of the year. Oh, he’s a feisty little monkey, too. What is, oh, what is wrong with you buddy? It’s okay. He hatched into the world
with a big attitude. Oh my gosh, and it must’ve
been this egg right here. Looks like we’ve got three other eggs that haven’t even pipped yet
and some people have asked me, like, why don’t I cut colubrid clutches and the truth is is that
the eggs are just so small that cutting ’em doesn’t
really do a while lot. You know, it can aid in having them hatch, but to be honest with you, the majority of the time when
I’m cutting python clutches, it’s, it does help them hatch but, to be honest, it’s more
just about being excited about what potentially is hatching. Whereas we know that these
are all gonna be Pueblans. They may be apricot Pueblans,
they may be normals, they might be interesting patterns. But when we cut an egg this size, you’re really not gonna
see a whole lot anyways. So, the fact is, we don’t really
typically cut colubrid eggs but nevertheless a beautiful
little Pueblan milk snake. And it’s a really pretty one too. And again, very feisty. But we’ll go back and check on
these guys probably tomorrow and see if the rest of
those animals hatched out. As for this clutch, this clutch
pipped out the other day. Remember then that the greatest. And look at that, ooh, doggy. Of course that’s our first
Mexican black king snake of the year. And you can see this one has
a little bit of pattern on it. With Mexican black kings
that are solid, jet black, glossy black, they actually
sometimes can hatch with some pattern like this. And within a couple sheds, they’ll actually be completely patternless and really glossy black
like the other ones. The other eggs have all pipped out but none of ’em are out yet and you can see all
the bubbles and albumen kind of leaking out. So that’s pretty exciting too. But regardless, we’ve got
a couple little babies right there and then lastly, this is the last clutch
I saw the little babies. Oh, look at this. Wow, oh my gosh. There is a bunch of little cool
little corn snakes in here. And these are all motleys except for this one little snow corn over here. The rest are motley. These are actually anerythristic motleys or black motley corn snakes right here. And then these guys are all
just motley corn snakes. Oh my gosh. And the motley is actually that pattern. See how the pattern is
kinda striped and blotchy and this one’s got little
hurricane patterns on it and stuff like that. And ironically enough,
the original motleys were called motley mutant corn snakes. It’s funny how that things
progress over time, right? It was a guy named Ernie Wagner
probably 25, 26 years ago, actually produced the first recessive motley mutant corn snakes. And now it’s just been
shortened to motley. The same thing happened
with cinny ball pythons. They used to be called cinnamon pastels. As well as pastel jungle ball pythons are now just called pastel ball pythons. So these originally were
motley mutant corn snakes. Now just known as motleys
and then of course the anerythristic is
another recessive mutation. Not exactly sure where this
little snow corn came from, to be totally honest with ya. Doesn’t really fit in that clutch. I wonder if there’s an early egg. Oh, there it is right there. And that was actually a snow
het scaleless corn snake. Oh, I’m lettin’ snakes out. Look at this one. This one’s gettin’ away. Come on buddy, get over here. That was actually a snow corn
that’s het first scaleless bred to a snow scaleless so we should have some snow scaleless in here as well. But nevertheless, a bunch
of little baby corn snakes. Absolutely incredible. They’ll all be hatched out pretty soon. I always set this thing
and I check for heads. You wouldn’t wanna pinch
any heads in the things. Oh, and bye the way, I
am, the worst at this. Laurie hates me. There is a corn snake that
got loose right there. So, as I was picking up the
box, Jay actually noticed that there was a corn snake so oops. Laurie’s gonna kill me if I
do that the rest of the year. There you go, a few clutches
of colubrids that are hatching. Oh my gosh, look at all
of these eggs up here. Oh my gosh, there’s gonna be a lot of incredible babies hatching
over the next couple months. A few people were asking me
about an update on Verdi. So she is doing absolutely incredible but still only eating live chicks and then choo choo training rats and unfortunately, the last couple weeks, I haven’t been able to find live chicks so I have to order some
in for this next week to give her some food. I’ve been trying every trick in the book so I know that lotsa people are like, “Have you tried this? “Have you tried that?” Trust me, if there’s a trick,
I have somehow figured out how to try and Verdi is
just being a little bit of a turd when it comes to tryin’ to eat but nevertheless she’s doin’ great. She’s definitely growing. She looks fantastic but I am
so wanting a large anaconda, so, so bad, so if any of you guys know of any, like, 12 to 15
foot tame green anacondas, I would love to buy one. I mean, it’s like my dream animal and I love Verdi. She’s such a sweetheart and I just can’t, I mean, she’s gonna be incredible when she gets big but it’s
gonna be like five or six years before she gets big. And with the way she eats, it might even take longer than that. So, if you happen to know anyone, please let me know. In the meantime, I’ll just
continue to love Verdi. And with that said, I’m gonna go ahead and shut the vlog down. I wish you guys an amazing day,
I love your beautiful faces. Be kind to someone and I
promise, I will see ya tomorrow. (chill electronic music)


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