Supreme Court To Take Up Challenge To Obamacare In New Term | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC

Supreme Court To Take Up Challenge To Obamacare In New Term | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC

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100 thoughts on “Supreme Court To Take Up Challenge To Obamacare In New Term | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC

  • Richard Delaney Post author

    Now is the time of the West. Judeo- Christian Trump judges will rule the next generation. Saul Alinsky's tower of lies is collapsing. The age of the liars is over.

  • Sheepless N Seattle Post author

    Elect Bernie Sanders. HEALTH CARE FOR ALL. Problem solved!!!!

  • Frank Musella Post author

    Government screws up most everything it touches, you want them in control of our healthcare???

  • Bobby AJ Post author

    Let's get rid of Obama Care. Then we we can go to the American Health Care Act where the rich will get a tax cut and the lottery winners won't have healthcare anymore. Good job America

  • J. Cheek Post author

    OBAMA CARE was a joke! Either have insurance for all or revamp the system to allow for cover for all at a much cheaper rate. I had OBAMA CARE and I could only afford a plan for my wife for all of one month, and it was the basic disaster plan!

  • Kevin Pham Post author

    millions of people lives are on the line in the US as this pandemic is on the rise, meanwhile this bought and paid for puppet that is Trump is now attacking health insurance… when something bad is already going on, Trump wants to be the next attention of the next new bad thing to hurt more people from the original impending crisis. He lives on the benefit of human suffering it's outrageous….

  • kimberly martin Post author

    What they don't tell you about Obamacare is. If you own your home and it's paid for. You sell it and did not buy into obamacare program. IRS has a right to take your money to pay your fines.. This is just 1 of the many reason's Obamacare is Unconstitutional.

  • Jim Menard Post author

    Say goodbye permanently to the NASTY LYING OBAMA was nothing but a LIE

  • Carmen Santana Post author

    No insurance people will be die. No insurance no medical care….

  • SJG SJG Post author

    Obama's plan basically turned Affordable Health Care into extremely unaffordable Health Care.
    But it's not very hard to fool a mentally deranged Democrat is it?
    They're all in full blown panic mode because of this BS flu hoax propaganda crap.

  • 앤더슨프란 Post author

    How's that Trumpcare working for everyone?

  • javie793 Post author

    Medicare For All Bernie 2020🇺🇸

  • Justin Miller Gaming -JM Gaming- Post author

    And they plan to replace Obamacare with…………….?

  • Rusty Shackleford Post author

    All you morons that support Bernie Sanders and medicare for all please go back to elementary school and learn basic math again, This country is sick of stupid misinformed socialist lemmings that don't contribute to society.

  • Merlin5by5 Post author

    This is the first bit of real news MSNBC has covered in a long time. 3 years of conspiracy and impeachment.

  • Andy Bouras Post author

    If Obama care is an individual mandate/ you have to pay for it're paying for it' or you're covered under your parents. until age 24-After that you're on your own you have to buy insurance/ and pay taxes on top of it . its not free..check it out you genius you can buy any insurance you don't Obama to tell you what to do! obamacare/ it's not Free. No wonder the people were not buying it when The Obama Administration first enacted it .. In 2010 -11 they were blaming a computers ..glitch.. to fix it .. The system so you can apply,
    – and buy Obamacare insurance!👽👤🐺👥💀

  • Leo Post author

    How many times is this now ?
    The GOP spent 7 yrs trying to overturn ACA & Trump gutted all of its funding.
    How about the GOP openly admit they love a for profit based system & have no intentions of ever trying to fix this issue .

  • Squirt Melvins Post author

    Cool. Sounds good. Next let’s let toddlers smoke cigarettes they’re old enough to praise Jesus

  • White Jesus Post author

    I'll take my coronavirus with a lime slice

  • sfgiantsmadhatter Post author

    How about looking at all these terrible gun laws.

  • Jesse Peralta Post author

    Cheetoh Has done nothing to improve healthcare. He stopped talking about it after McCain embarrassed him

  • Joseph Inman Post author

    Supreme Court Justice. High Reward, Low Effort. Lawyer Heaven.

  • Kirk Gibbs Post author

    Everyone has health care. The only fight is how and who pays for it.

  • george in-virginia Post author

    Republican Healthcare: "If the peasants can't work just let them die"

  • Nitty 1 Post author

    Obama care what a joke, he’s a clown himself

  • Ducati Dave Post author

    Here's the REAL news they're distracting is from. Repuke elites HATE Obamacare, because it's successful.

  • Oligarchs HaveControl Post author

    How many Americans will now go bankrupt because they couldn't afford private health insurance to pay for their critical care of weeks in a hospital from the coronavirus? Great choice, die or bankrupt my family for medical care. Maybe Biden's status quo health care will save us? Coronavirus affects mostly the elderly, 65 and above, oops their goes fox's viewers.

  • John L Post author

    They should get rid of OBAMA CARE as it is more of a hardship on people…
    I'm sure none of you in the main stream media or in the comment section would want to pay my medical bills would you!? Because that what Obama Care is… They take away your insurance and then tell you that you have to sign up for OBAMA Care but the discriminate you because your skin color, age, and wage, and not allow you sign up for it… Then because the denied you Obama Care they take your income tax return for the next 3years for a single your you didn't have insurance because of them to begin with… Their exact statement " your a young white male you make too much($10/hr) and you can get your own insurance it's not our problem you had to drop your insurance to try to get Obama Care honey,… NEXT!" Then they discriminate against gender by making MALES pay more in insurance to make FEMALES PAY LESS… And this was from an ADMINISTRATION who preached "racial and gender equality"… I'm sorry but yeah from my experience Obama Care was a thorn in my side type experience… I'm sure not everyone had the same experience as I did… But I'm also sorry I'm not going to pay for someone else's insurance I don't even know… Especially since I have to pay taxes that goes to the people on GOVERNMENT provided insurance and food stamps who don't deserve it or need it and abuse it… who is fully able to work but just too lazy to get out and just wants free hand outs and taking funds from those who truly need the assistance…. make them get a job like everyone else… Well that's my opinion… Have a blessed day and be safe out there every one!

  • dannydanou Post author

    Get rid of it quick 👏

  • kimberly martin Post author

    WOW i read your comments. Do you have any idea how many jobs were lost due to obamacare ? Million's. Business owners could not afford it if they employed over 15 people. That's why business closed down. Unemployment sky rocketed. As did the welfare lines.

  • CallMe Bert Post author



  • Chanchol Roy Post author


  • Wes Pepple Post author

    It's been a sham from the start,rushed through by crooked liberals and obama lie on live TV and said u can keep your provider and your dr lol and for me not wanting healthcare I was fined for it they stole money from me out of my tax returns.UNCONSTITUTIONAL

  • Barbara Witchey Post author


  • robertk2007 Post author

    How can a law that was passed and signed by a president be unconstitutional??

  • Chris A Post author

    They figure they'll wait till October once the coronavirus has eliminated much of the perspective pool.?

  • Margarita Bill Post author

    I say good riddance! Since my wife retired early on social security, I'm no longer covered through her employee plan. So I attempted to purchase Obamacare. Well, Obamacare insurance just for myself, went from $280 per month with a $1500 deductible, (wife's company plan) to $1100 per month with an $8000 deductible under Obamacare. Even better a yearly salary of $40,000 makes me too rich to qualify for any help in grants. So for the first time since college, I'm uninsured now at 52 yrs old. I didn't get to keep my doctor, now I just have no doctor at all. 🤨 Thanks Obama

  • Conner Studio Post author

    Obamacare works for me and millions of people…and I got to keep my doctor and it was better and less expensive than what I had…so no big lie from my perspective…
    And you can't just get rid of it without a replacement.
    Going on 4 years of trump…where is this great plan? Remember trump said it would be so easy and better…

  • SA SA Post author

    Recall California Attorney General X. Becerra
    Massive increased public safety risk by continued undermining of the United States Constitution, allowing the erosion of the California Constitution, and defying Federal Immigration laws, allowing laws and policies protecting and helping illegal aliens.

  • Sam Post author

    A mandatory requirement of health insurance must be banned and should not issue penalties for not having it!

  • SA SA Post author

    On average, nearly three homeless people are dying daily in the county, nearly double the rate of deaths by homicide. Illness, addiction, accidents, suicide and the ravages of being unsheltered are among the primary causes of death.

  • Vanessa Costa Post author

    Why M4A is more crucial now, than ever. Voting Bernie tomorrow!

  • materialclassified * Post author

    Remove everything that has Obama's name attached to it.

  • SA SA Post author

    California’s ‘free’ health care for illegal immigrants — courtesy of the taxpayers.

  • MEP M Post author

    Yeah… Seems like a good time to get rid of Obamacare… 🤔😡

  • Born Villain Post author

    GOP: "But there's a new virus and nobody is getting rich off of it?!"

  • Clayton Barfield Post author

    I dont have nor do I want anything Obama has to offer.

  • I.P. DAILY Post author

    FACT: If Trump were a democrat,he would be a rockstar to you people !!

  • necro maniac Post author

    I guess the military needs another 100 million dollar missile

  • Gloria Jésus Post author

    Obama has already no more legacy right now. And with the end of the useless Obamacare, history will remember him just as the first black president, period. For 8 years this jerk was a total joke, he will go down as the worst president ever with zero legacy.

  • Bronx Bjorn Post author

    Republicans have demonstrated they do not care what happens to these people who would be hurt.

  • ellison rector Post author

    Stop Obamacare was and is a joke

  • 3rdEyeXrayVision Post author

    Take it away and we will definitely acquire MEDICARE 4 ALL🙌🏾 #ForThePeople

  • Kat Deluxy Post author

    If the Trump lawsuit is successful, it will strip coverage from MILLIONS of Americans, raise premiums, end protections for people with pre-existing conditions, and force seniors to pay more for prescription drugs.

  • Peter Jeffery Post author

    Delayed, deferred, defused and hidden away for this years election…the Trump/Barr DOJ wins again and the clear political bias under lying SCOTUS shows itself once more. Is there a more important case before the court RIGHT NOW? What's the actual SCOTUS rationale for NOT HEARING THIS ON AN EXPEDITED BASIS as requested? More of the legacy of the Bush V Gore debacle. BTW if Trump wins, think about the eventuality of SCOTUS going from 5-4 to 7-2 .The stakes couldn't be higher. Pick a winner DEM"S!

  • Ducati Dave Post author

    What we really need is machine guns on the completed 30 yard-wide "wall" … with a snake and alligator moat, and doomsday prepper trumper tea-bagger maga morons shooting people in the knees

  • Lucky 13 Post author

    Doesnt matter anymore peeps. You wont get care. Dont matter anymore. Maybe in 18 months we will talk again. Hope so. Good luck all! Trumps history. Remeber when they bailed on Bush 2 after the finianical didaster he ushered in? Well, that's gonna look like HEAVEN, boys and girls. Its a new world we are living in. I know you heard that at 911 – but that was a walk in the park. Good luck brothers and sisters. And there will be justice. We won't forget.

  • Mykola Rieland Post author

    All that we are is the result of what we have thought
    Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment

  • Smug Smugly Post author

    Nancy Pelosi went back inside and made herself a nice drink of pumpkin whiskey, with a splash of Covid 19.

  • george hunter Post author

    can you believe this is the United States where only rich get health care and poor get death and bankruptcy

  • Roldan Gonzalez Post author

    The perfect example of your government getting pay to do nothing , but they are here to help you

  • Real Talk76 Post author

    That's a slippery slope the GOP is trying to climb. Jeopardizing pre-existing conditions, no replacement for Obamacare and making mandated insurance "unconstitutional" will effect more than just Obamacare.

  • Sarah McCoy Post author

    Better enjoy what health care you have now. This time next year, you will not have health care. Thanks to the Republicans!

  • Real Talk76 Post author

    The GOP has no healthcare plan other than to make it unaffordable and unobtainable for those that need it.

  • J Russ Post author

    Trump so badly wants to end Obamacare! However it did seem to be all about the middleman insurance companies not the people. Bernie2020 Medicare for all F the insurance/pharmacutical moguls! We don't need them making billions off of suffering. EVIL!!

  • Bill Proctor Post author

    First off, if you think about it. If Obama care isn't constitutional , then car insurance is also. If abortion is legal because it's a woman's body and she has the right to decide to have a baby. Then seat belts are against the law because it's your body and you should have the right to decide. As for health care, the politicians like the money they receive from legalized bribery. In other words from health care lobbyist. They don't care about the people, just their bank accounts.

  • Lucky 13 Post author

    Can we get a gofundme going to get Ruth into safety, PLEASE. She is a national hero.

  • Just A Guy Production Post author

    Trying to get Americans off health care during a pandemic? Is the trump cabinet run by Bowser and Dr. Eggman?

  • Charlie Lopez Post author

    Awesome. Government mandated anything is is the worse thing to happen to America. Yall do realize more people had private insurance before obummercare than people who actually paid for their obummercare.

  • Ashley Swall Post author

    If you can't afford insurance buy a maga hat should help lol

  • Donald Allen Post author

    Just like the Republicans to take away our insurance /Healthcare and let us die

  • Junior Harry Post author

    I do not enjoy writing, i'd rather speak.😈.
    Me, you are mandated by a law to be a licensed driver to be able to drive, legally operate a vehicle(car, motorcycle), you are also mandated by a law to have vehicular insurance while driving, to legally operate a vehicle(car, motorcycle), you are mandated by a law to not be able to purchase alcohol or tabacoo cigarettes, if you are under the legally mandated age of 21 and 18, you are mandated by a law to have a firearm permit to be legally in possession of a firearm, althosugh it is explicitly written in the u.s.a. constitution that you have a right to bear arms, etc, etc. Are those mandated laws also unconstitutional.😂😂😂.
    Go ahead and open up pandora's box and see what happens.😂😂😂.

  • JoAnna S. Diamonds and Pearls Post author

    This country Supreme Court can intervene on healthcare taxes but can’t or won’t do anything about the atrocities and blatant corruption that trump and his administration are doing nor his taxes but let us not cooperate with our taxes they’d be ready to take your home or any other asset you may have! SOMETHING IS SURELY WRONG IN WHITE AMERICA!!🤔

  • John O'Neill Post author

    In 2015-16 Trump said that he was going to have a health care plan, everyone would be covered and it would be great. When does he expect to roll it out?

  • Rene Rigney Post author

    Bernie 2020!! Medicare For All will save $450 billion annually according to Yale University study! Come on Bernie!!!!

  • youngprogressive23 Post author

    the American legal system is a joke

  • Israel De Los Reyes Post author

    Still waiting for that really great healthcare Trump said he'd replace obama care for

  • Steve Fairweather Post author

    When gov controls your healthcare they control you

  • Cade Redfield Post author

    Well 😿😾 I WAS FINED FOR THE LAST 4 YEARS,,, WHILE DOING MY TAXES FOR NOT HAVING HEALTH INSURANCE,,, what GOD giving right do u people have 2 punish me for NOT having healh insurance 🙀 working at a grocery store min. Wage,,, u people that force fines on people for NOT having health insurance WILL burn in the lake of fire ,,,, u HAVE NO RIGHT FORCING ME TO GIVE U MONEY FOR NOTHING IN RETURN??? !

  • Richard Bishop Post author

    It is unconstitutional. It always was. The fact that it was ever passed proves that there is a large segment of American society who simply do not understand that the government if a free people can never force anyone to buy anything. Even if it is something they need.

  • My Friends Post author

    1 John 5:11-15 And this is the record, that God hath given to us eternal life, and this life is in his Son.
    He that hath the Son hath life; and he that hath not the Son of God hath not life.
    These things have I written unto you that believe on the name of the Son of God; that ye may know that ye have eternal life, and that ye may believe on the name of the Son of God.
    And this is the confidence that we have in him, that, if we ask any thing according to his will, he heareth us:
    And if we know that he hear us, whatsoever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we desired of him.

    John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

  • SidTheKid Post author

    Imagine ruling healthcare is unconstitutional

  • Cade Redfield Post author

    People in the video 😾 are You gods???,,, what RIGHT DO u folks have??? !

  • Joe Romo Post author

    Imperative to vote out traitor trump on nov 3rd

  • Cade Redfield Post author

    Well,,, 😽 my backdrop is the WHITEHOUSE,,, and my poo-poo does not smell,,, and I'm so d*** PERFECT??? !

  • Rickey Calhoun Post author

    Lol propaganda panic over a 100 year old flu bug. Lysol spray says on the back. Kill's Corona virus.

  • Kaizaro123 Post author

    I could have sworn Trump said the other day, and I quote, "I'm the one who saved pre-existing conditions" knowing all the time that his administration is challenging Obamacare in court. The man's a pathological liar, plain and simple.

  • Cade Redfield Post author

    and,,, 🙌 ohhh,,, look how PERFECT the people are at the beginning of the video,,, everyone wearing black,,, and so PERFECT,,, there poo-poo does NOT smell 4 sure,,, 🙌 they are GODS,,, and have every right to punish me 4 years in a row for NOT having health insurance,,, 🙌 because they are PERFECT,,, and have that right??? !

  • sacred squirrel Post author

    Obama care is terrible but they can't just take away health insurance from the few that have it.
    Someone needs to reign in medical cost so all people can afford at least the basic health care.

  • paulafrazer Post author

    I want to put the money I spend on insurance every month into pooling it with other Americans so all Americans can have healthcare instead of throwing it away monthly on my individual premiums, copays, being denied certain services even with good insurance, minimums, prescriptions etc.. – our power is in our numbers. We should be pooling our resources to improve the lives of all Americans because for everyone to be healthy enough to support their families benefits us all. The insurance companies love that they have brain washed us to think "we can't afford Healthcare for all" when we are paying so much more then many countries that do have it. We are wasting our money individually instead of pooling it for more power – besides also being nickel and dimed by insurance with copayments, denied services etc… Many who have a sudden health crisis in their family – an accident, cancer etc.. , even those with insurance, go bankrupt all the time because of the health care system in America is a corporate sham. It's gambling with your health and finances even when you are paying for insurance. America needs to do better for all Americans.

  • Laura Lafauve Post author

    Medicare for all Americans
    Because we're sure gonna need it!

  • madboyreadynow28 Post author

    We have to end this idea that a new administration can USE the Supreme Court to uphold a ruling they have decided twice is now law if the land. If it’s over turned by the now right leading part of the Supreme Court we all know our Supreme Court is now compromised and illegitimate to the American people our laws and Constitution.

  • Mian Azfar Post author

    More of reason we need to elect Bernie

  • Billylantigua Post author

    Bye-bye Obamacare! remember we now have an extreme “Alt right” Supreme Court.

  • Gym Jordan's Hairline Post author

    Imagine that! Why am I not surprised. The well-paid CONservative judges busy at work. They'll probably dismantle it just in time for the Coronavirus pandemic. Don't ever let it be said that America is not self-destructive – you can't blame the Russians or Chinese fir this.

  • David Motyka Post author

    Repeal Obamacare.

  • Louis White Post author

    Sounds like the Republicans are delaying to further stack the supreme Court to garantee repeal of aca bill. Also to not cast negative affect on 2020 elections for Republicans. Even if they are voted out. This will garantee their extinction for 💯 years. Either way the American people win. Good riddens. Republicans you're mascot is ashamed of you. Their Solis is that they are smarter than you.

  • Andrew Daley Post author

    It'll be delayed. If Trump wins it'll die and be replaced with half-baked rubbish.

  • Paul Cheek Post author

    The amount of greed and ignorance in America is shocking. The country is doomed

  • Radwulf Eboraci Post author

    I suspect your SCOTUS is not up to ANY challenges. Heaven forbid they anger the Messiah of the Morons, L'il Donnie Trump. Putting this off to 2021 may seem like a favor, but Obama Care has had its head in the guillotine for over 2 yrs. What are they going to do about the ruling on Trump's taxes and DG banking? Say they need to think about that till after the election?

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