Straight Talk: How Much Leverage Do the In-Laws Have?

Straight Talk: How Much Leverage Do the In-Laws Have?

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– This man’s mother told her soon to be daughter-in-law that she should dye her naturally red hair for the wedding so that they don’t have
the same color hair. – I’m all set. – How much leeway should
you give your in-law? – Not that much, sorry. – You don’t wanna be
their puppet for sure. – I have a whole different take on this. I agree that the mother-in-law
should not be doing that but here’s the issue I have. Why is she then posting
this on social media? Because she then immediately puts her husband to be in a no win situation. – Bad. – Well there is a win. – No listen, because he is then he is forced to choose
to either tell his mom you can’t do that or tell his wife to be- – Wait a minute, hold on. –
But let’s preach about that. – She should have a
conversation with him first. – I think it’s actually
an easy conversation. – This is easy. Break it down.
– Go ahead. – The bible says this is
– I give it to him. why a man will leave his
Leave and cleave. father and mother and cleave
to his wife. – That’s right. – So the decision is, my wife
(audience cheering) to be, my wife to-be. It’s
her decision if she gon’ color her hair or not. And mom, I love you. But this is not your marriage, and we gotta create
boundaries. – And that’s his conversation to have with the
– Because mother.
– That’s right. That’s right. – I mean it puts him on the
carpet, but that’s exactly right. I’m glad you backed
it up with the bible. But from, I’m not gonna argue.
(all laugh) – You had to tell him. – You have a point. – I’m at a place in my life
where my kids are marriage age. So I have to make the decision
what kind of in-law am I gonna be. I raise my
children as best I could, to know their own truth
and find their stuff. My kids have respect for
it. If they’re in love, they obviously are in love with
somebody that’s worth while. It’s not my choice who they
date, if he does her wrong, I’mma kill em. (all laughs) – Ok cool. – I need to
hear that. – That is great. – Okay I wanna hear what the
ladies say on this because the wedding day is theirs. – Right. Right.
– Yes. – So ladies where are you at on this? – So here’s the thing, when
I first heard this story I thought that was out of
line for the mom to say that. That told me several things
about the relationship. That obviously the husband
– Yes. doesn’t have enough
boundaries set because the mother should never even
said it in the first place. – Ask how can, since you know
your mom better than anyone, how should I approach
her. Because it’s my day. – You have that conversation
– It’s a slippery slope. with her, and you don’t
say it the right way? First of all, she’s not gonna
receive it from you anyway. She’s jealous. She’s jealous
– That’s right. cause she don’t like your
hair and she think you cute. And I’m the momma and I’m
the. That’s all she’s doing. That’s all she’s doing. –
Her son is marrying someone on straight talk so she
gon’ get it straight. Hello. (audience laughs) – But you
need your man to be able to step up to his mother in a respectful way and say this is my wife and
– Exactly. Respectfully. that made her feel uncomfortable
and we can’t do this. This doesn’t work for us.
– Right, right, right. – Long before it gets posted.
– Yes. – Look, marriage the thing
that’s made this one successful for me. This is number 3. (all
laughs) – Third times a charm – Yeah, I’m good at this now.
I’ve done done a lotta wrong stuff. What has made this
marriage successful from day one, is we made a commitment to
form a two-handed circle. No one is in that circle but
me and Margie. – All right. – The kids ain’t in it.
The two handed circle in a marriage is the best approach.
When the in-laws are in it, it’s gon get messed up. This
woman had no right to go to this young lady and
tell her dye her hair on her wedding day. Are you
crazy? – Yes. – Yeah. – Now but Steve, I’m not gonna
– You know, defend her. Right? I’m
not gonna defend her. But I think underneath
it, it is hard when you’re a parent trying to let go of your child. – Yeah. – Sure. – And
that’s what’s happening. – That’s all that. – Hey folks
this has been a great one. This was a really good time.
Thank you all for being here. Keep it down everybody
we’ll be right back. (upbeat music)

69 thoughts on “Straight Talk: How Much Leverage Do the In-Laws Have?

  • itzzzanas Post author


  • emmanuel fagbile Post author

    Don't u hate when people say


    Like whyyyyy. And the sky is blue u don't hear me bragging.😞

  • yahno sanon Post author

    The husband gonna die hahahah

  • zero Post author

    none. simple as that

  • Tamika Oliver Post author

    I agree with the man in the middle. The men said it way better than the women. I notice that the women are taking it way too personal.

  • Terrell Carmouche Post author

    The women are taking it way to personal.

  • True Son of Africa Post author

    Ugh. What a world 🤔

  • Ya Boi Yung John Post author

    All that over hair color??? Wow ok 😂

  • Over50andFantabulous Post author

    Whose wedding is it again ? Come on now.

  • BadBoyStrife Post author

    Cari Champion looks like a taller slimmer dark skin version of nicki Minaj

  • Salma Khalid Post author

    Why should the bride dye her hair, why can't the mother in law dye her hair rather than enforcing it on the daughter in law. Everyone should set boundaries for sure.

  • No One Post author

    Them 3 ladies are sexy especially the one with the Roses on her dress❤

  • Ferzhq Post author

    that blonde woman looks like someone i want to have my children

  • Day23J1k Post author

    Jealousy is not cool. The mother in law should never ask the bride to dye her hair. It's her wedding not hers and she step back let be. The mother in law could wear different color red color red wig so they hair won't be same color if she that jealousy. I agree with Devon and Steve on these on.

  • aideen o rourke Post author

    Cheeky mother-in-law

  • Laly Gómez Post author


  • T Calvin Post author

    Mother-in-law needs to take SEVERAL SEATS all the way in the back.

  • Wonderwoman Diana Post author

    Steve & Marjorie have very precise similar pasts, AND he wont ruin this marriage because she is 17 yrs younger than he. Steve has become wise just not 100 percent. He is human.

  • Oluwafisayo Ajanaku Post author

    The bible is the only way

  • Ivaylo Iontchev Post author

    Teddi Mellencamp looks fine.

  • Limau Gajah Post author

    From a female psychological point, the real reason why the lady asked the supposed "queen" of the day was to indirectly make her feel a little powerless. She knows she gonna lose control of her son on that day, so she tries to exercise some power, control and bullying on the bride. Let's be honest here, many women are very possessive over their sons and in their mind, another woman is going to take away their man when they get married. That's the truth. Many mothers see daughter in laws as the other woman. It's sick but it's true.

  • rochelle thundercloud Post author

    I had this issue,multiple times. In fact,my ex,before I got with my current guy,his mother actually physically attacked me. My former mother in law was horrible. When I married her son,I was 23,with 2 kids.not his. She was about 45,50. She wore club wear all the time.totally wrong body type.she dyed her hair .It looked likea rainbow fright wig.

  • Kisha Jones Post author

    There seems to be a bigger issue here. Maybe the soon to be mother-in-law is always over stepping because this just didn’t seem like that big of an issue. Yes, it was a strange suggestion but just say no and keep it moving.

  • Waheedah's Recipes Post author

    You better get your mama
    she done went to FAR!

  • Shaw Mou Post author

    It’s! Still! There! Your! Own! Beard!

  • celeste matthews Post author

    Mother in law needs to have several seats and know her place.

  • Moniqa OneGod4all Harris Post author

    The God states to honor and respect your parents, never show them disrespect, do not even say umf to them, obey them and The God, except when they try to force you to believe in other than The God (disobey not disrespect). (Quran)
    With that being said, it is the parents jobs to be the best parents they can be, meaning, teach, guide, warn, advise, etc. But when the kids are adults, respect them and treat them as such. Knowing what to say, when to say it, how to say it and when not say it. Knowing that since The God commands us to obey, honor, respect, never show disrespect, to them, then, don't treat kids in such a way that it causes them to disobey The God. We know as parents, there's not much you can control, embarrassing us, spoiling the grands, etc. But show respect, as you wish to be respected. Put yourself in their shoes, think and reflect before acting. Would you like if your parents did such and such? How would you feel? How would you respond? So, yes, you are the parents, but that doesn't mean you can treat your kids however you want, this doesn't only apply to adult hood. Honor and respect is earned. So be the best parent you can be from day one.

  • J Q Post author

    WTF?! Literally 5 seconds into the clip and I'm already PISSED. This is a record. The NEEEERRRVE!!!!!

  • Allen Russell Post author

    Leave the bible outta it thats a cop out. Use common sense

  • nibizi joselyne Post author

    The mother inlaw shouldn't had told the bride to dye her hair, it's the bride's wedding not hers . Period!!!

  • Valerie Linares Post author

    This isn't about hair. This is about the mother-in-laws "need" for attention and control.

  • dammee Post author

    The guy on the right is not marriage material.

  • Imersiion Post author

    Forgot how religious America is relying on it for so much….

  • vonb Post author

    The way this asshol e talked to Monique is disgusting
    and completely hypocritical

  • 'Ammarah May Post author

    Why does anyone have to Dye their hair. Why can’t both have their hair colour. I find that weird. The mother in law is crazy

  • Tiny Towz Post author

    Married couples have gone from their parents's homes to starr their own homes.

  • Mahmoud Abubaker Post author

    These women are way out of line these days by disrespecting their husband's mothers. Men these days need to stand up for their mothers and stop letting these millenials get disrespectful. If the husband goes to prison the one person who will keep visiting him year after year is his mother. Every wife will move on with her life but a mother will never move on from her child. #yawlmusthaveforgot

  • Ladi Dodi Post author

    I think that women who were the only child/only daughter or come from a fatherless household tend to be enraged in situations like this.
    Would this get on my nerves…well, it would make me laugh and tell my mother in law that my style is already set for the wedding and no changes to it can be made.
    If this is the only time momma has got out of line then I'd tell my husband to talk to her more and show her some love because she seems to be thinking that she is loosing a son, not gaining a daughter.
    I ultimately feel the IDEAL situation is being with someone who cares about what and who you care about and that includes in laws. Of course this is not always the case but it's definitely something I pray for. Heck, my kids are 9, 10 and 11 and I've already started to pray for their spouses.
    Life's transitions are not easy. If you're blessed enough you will be giving your child away to marriage as well. It's an emotional time. Be kind to others so others will be kind to you when it's your turn.

  • All T Post author

    I don’t get it, why can’t you have the same color hair as someone else?? Lol

  • David Stephens Post author

    I agree with that guy. She shouldn’t have posted it on social media. Should of sorted that out by themselves

  • sabrina smith Post author

    A simple discussion can change this

  • 00shyshy Post author

    Megan girl! You got a good one

  • Lydia Renee Post author

    Agree w/ Devon…mama trippin

  • jen bradley Post author

    In laws should know their boundaries from the start. Regardless of whose side both the husband and the wife should set boundaries that their parents should not be allowed to over step. Their should always be a circle between a husband and wife that NO ONE should be allowed to breakthrough not even the children. Many marriages don't succeed because the couples allow too many people to interfere in their union.

  • Hey Y'all Post author

    Dye my hair bich please.

  • Flowergirl Power Post author

    What!!!! You colour your hair

  • Rashard Stallworth Post author

    Number one, the boy can't tell his mama what to do cuz she's not going to listen to him. Number to the mom is testing the daughter-in-law so all the girls got to do is hold her ground

  • Danielle Greer Post author

    Who tells people to dye their hair??

  • Tiny Towz Post author

    DeVon is right!

  • La Jo Post author

    Could the MIL have been kidding around?

  • Beautiful Girl Post author

    It depends on the situation. I have an EVIL sister in law from HELL. Witch talks so much crap and acts like almighty please stay far away witch craft. lol So I say both mom and sister in law are out of line and out of control. That's why they said a daughter is for life and a son is gone after wife lol

  • Mama Africa Post author

    Our African mothers think That They are greater than Life itself. I think its kinda like we grow up In different settings, our mamas fends for us until we are stable. No 18 year old is getting a job in my country, few people start working at 24(lucky ones). So if my mama says you ain't marrying into my family like heck yeah you not.

  • The Mandinka Family Post author

    I respect Devon. He never fails to provide true answers. And I agree, the solution is quite simple.

  • brooklynforever1990 Post author

    Some MILs are monsters. They have no boundaries.

  • SuJu_Mimi Post author


  • yanniizmmy Post author

    It should be three hands Steve yours hers and God's

  • Toni Woodburn Post author

    She tried it. Who does she think she is? Furthermore, it’s not her wedding. He needs to check his mom & that’s it.

  • Toni Woodburn Post author

    She tried it. Who does she think she is? Furthermore, it’s not her wedding. He needs to check his mom & that’s it.

  • LadyLuda03 Post author

    If she was comfortable asking the bride to color her hair, then it's because she's already been doing stuff and the son hasn't checked her and the daughter to be hasn't stood up for herself. There's no way this is her 1st reach.

    I'd say it's time to check your fiancee so y'all can have a united front or walk bc he's clearly not ready to be a husband to you. It's either walk or prepare to fight your own battles…in which case I'd say fight dirty and ugly bc ain't nobody got time to prep for battle every damn day!

  • Journey Yes Post author

    I absolutely LOVE Devon Franklin! Have him on the show more 👏🏾👏🏾

  • Rasha Abushaban Post author

    I am trying to understand the outfit with the flowery two pieces dress 😀

  • Tyler Cartwright Post author

    This isn’t even that serious! 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ they’re all up there ASSUMING how it was said and the intent. The absolute wrong in this situation was the daughter in law to be, posting this on social media. Your dog, cat, cousin or whomever can make any type of suggestion they want! It’s life. We don’t know the spirit in which it was given or what type of woman the mother in law to be is. She could be the sweetest person on the planet. The daughter in law to be was wrong for posting it. If she disagreed with her, she should’ve just said it and kept it moving. We as a society are offend way TOO much. Whenever someone says/suggests something we disagree with, we feel the need to play the victim. Grow up. It’s not that serious. We get offended and hurt by the simplest of things. Then, when we grow up and lose our job or if someone talks about us, we lose and get depressed or do harm to ourselves. This all goes back to not being able to take the smallest/simplest of things or so called “adversity” the daughter in law needs to learn how not to post every single breathing moment of her life on social media. That’s my take but who am I? 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Andreanna Post author

    Nah, I agree with what the preacher said. It’s not a hard topic to discuss. The mother shouldn’t tell the bride what to do with her hair and the bride shouldn’t post the story online. It’s out of line and the husband needs to address that so the relationship between his wife and mother are with respect

  • HFR83 Post author

    If you go into a wedding saying "it's her day". You already messed up. If it's just her day why should the groom even show up? Stupid logic

  • OMSTV Post author

    In-laws are something else….

  • Miss highter Post author


  • bam Glam Post author

    Shady!! Mother in laws always trying it. Always got something mean to say

  • Precious Muchemwa Post author

    you want your hair to look different then dye yours simple why should the bride compromise its her wedding her day

  • Carrol Whyte Post author

    Should tell your son not to date any red hair girl, ridiculous mother inlaw, the bible never wrong

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