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  • FlyryrooRyan Post author

    Hey Paula , would love to see more of the India and BollyPaul that you're showing us !   It would be amazing to play some shows in India with your crew sometime , especially if there was an ET connection !!

  • Susan Parkes-Hunt Post author

    Hi Paula, seeing India through your eyes and experiences is a great idea. I have always thought that travelling and viewing India would be something I would like to do. I have a friend, Sushill Medury, who has always told me I 'need' to go to India, that I would love it there. It feels like it might not happen now, but I treasure you doing this and giving me an opportunity to see India in a way I would more than likely not. Thank you. As question occur to me, I will ask them. <3

  • Fiona McGlynn Post author

    Love the Mogambo shots! That cat is so entertaining. Super interesting slice of life! Maybe add a quick teaser or outline of what show will cover in beginning.


  • Kristine J Post author

    omg! anurag kashyap! I almost dropped my phone!

  • Kaushik Guha Post author

    @8:40 marathi actor is a celebrated actor in bollywood also. 🙂

  • 朱元璋 Post author

    indian average IQ is something atrocious, just a reminder. PISA testing administered by the OECD in tamil nadu and himachal pradesh pretty much correlate the overall average genetic low IQ of indians. intelligence (e.g., brain size, cognitive verbal and visio-spatial abilities) is pretty much 90%+ genetically correlated, not environmentally-based or education-boosted as frequently promised by global do-gooder institutions. i mean, there's reason pajeet is shitting in the designated street still in india, yet China is pretty much having relatively little difficulty in urbanizing its population en masse today. shanghai has absurdly high PISA scores, india has absurdly low ones on par with sub-saharan africa (ghana). it's scary to think about this mass of 1 billion ~80-85average IQ mass dragging down the world along with sub-saharan africa in the 21st century durka durka, poo 2 loo (lol), "india should win a noble prize for filth". even with the "flynn effect", Chinese average IQ has always been close to or above 100 (maxing out around 108-110, on average roughly 103 at this point). indian average IQ peaks out in the mid-80s, on par with african-americans and other violent criminal low IQ demographics globally that have been unable to maintain a contemporary civilization to any successful degree.

  • Mayur Kulkarni Post author

    Even after seeing so many people who were extremely fortunate enough to be born in developed world ( Trust me, there are billions who would like to be in your shoes) destroy and lose their life in third world countries, I still haven't been able to understand what makes them take such unwise risks. Isn't North America great enough? Isn't Europe blessed with art, culture and cinema? You are a beautiful soul, I love your work but more than that, I would love to see you safe. Wishing you a happy life!

  • Sameer Kadam Post author

    Hi Paula hi dear if i am not wrong u have played one character in marathi movie pindadaan alongside with sidhharth chandekar right. Is it u i have watched trailer only. ohh god its u right. I didnt knew u had youtube channel. I loved our ganpati dance.

  • Vishal Wadje Post author

    try short movies , i also want to but don't know how …. i will (hopefully) some day in future, i want to make movies that make a difference & impact society in a good way.

  • rohit bisht Post author

    firstly, your cat is really funny. 😁
    Since you asked for any requests, I would like you to do a vlog at Dharavi. I bet you've been there as you've lived in Mumbai for almost 3 years.
    I just want to watch your experience there as I haven't been to Dharavi but have heard a lot about it.
    although it's a humongous slum area, there is a multi million dollar industry that resides there, involved in manufacturing, packaging etc.
    plus the kids are running around all over the place.

  • RTK Post author

    why she not upload new videos.?

  • Gowtham K Post author

    nice Paula , thumbs up for you.

  • Shriram Salunke Post author

    Since u r looking out in film industry, you should start doing Movie Trailer Reaction videos with your insight..Hmm like what Jaby Koay and Achara Kirk does. It will be interesting to have your prospective since you have lived in Mumbai and have been associated with the industry

  • Kushal Khandare Post author

    Was that Anurag Kashyap himself

  • suzod Post author

    Thank you for your contribution in marathi movies …very glad to see you in it with awesome marathi language..fab..

  • Error 404. Name not found. Post author

    7:27 Latest food blogger on YouTube 😛

  • swapnil sapre Post author

    मोगॅंबो नावाचे मांजर एकदम आळशी आहे. तरी त्याला एवढा भाव का दिलाय…

  • Sarang Chavan Post author

    Cute Cat!

  • Your Foodie Kitchen Post author

    Why no more videoes by you ?? You can start your own you tube channel with new vision. You are a good actor. I saw your movie.

  • akshay ghodke Post author

    Hi , how u doing

  • Top 10 treading Top 10 Post author

    Hi I also like to join bhadipa

  • Rajesh Sawant Post author

    Hi Paula – I appreciate your words when you said to Nilesh Sable in Chala Hawa Yeu dya "Chesta kartos kaay mazi"… I liked it.

  • shailesh indrale Post author

    Mogambo is so lasy.

  • chetan pawar Post author

    Hey miss manners…ur doin grt!!

  • ashwin dhole Post author

    i really like ur interest in marathi movies and web series

  • PUBg BOT Post author

    Well tell us about yourself paula…
    Are u settled here in india ??

  • Aniket Bothe Patil Post author


  • Atharva Kodape Post author

    What did you like? Mumbai or Pune??😁😁

  • santosh mondkar Post author

    Now days you are busy

  • Tanmay Ghadge Post author

    Love your video Paula.. I hope you get all the happiness in the world

  • Brownie on weight loss Post author

    Hi Paula, Love your vlogs! watching this in 2019. Love to see India and especially Pune from your eyes! (BTW I'm the opposite of you where in I am from Pune and live in Vancouver. Next time you're in Vancouver would love to meet up!)

  • pranav raman Post author

    Is that you in the music video Blush?

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