Statutes Repeal Bill- Committee Stage- Clause 3  – Video 8

Statutes Repeal Bill- Committee Stage- Clause 3 – Video 8

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finis O’Rourke chairman I wanted to take part in the debate on the two SOPs there in front two of the SOPs that are in front of us first one is the blasphemy SOP if I could put it that way New Zealand first would support that change we feel that it’s contrary to the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act one of one of the articles and that act refers to quote freedom of thought and conscience freedom of thought conscience and religion and that it’s clearly this this so-called crime of blasphemy is contrary to that and similarly it’s contrary to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which contains similar declarations of freedom and it’s out of place in a 21st century in New Zealand because I think that few people these days would accept a prosecution for blasphemy in fact I don’t even think it’s possible to properly define in this day and age what blessed for me would be because of the huge cultural diversity we have in the country so quite plainly this is this as a section in the Crimes Act which is thoroughly out-of-date and incapable of prosecution and should be dispensed with Forth Worth and so will support the elimination of that however turning to the sentencing council SOP New Zealand first will oppose that SOP because we think that the sentencing council should be removed not just because it’s never been used but because it’s probably incapable of ever being used and having said that I will say the reasons why first of all and when I look at that particular act I see in Section 8 what the purposes are and the purposes are to produce guidelines about sentencing and parole to consistency and so on and to enable development of sentencing and parole policy to be based on a broad range of experience in expertise it’s difficult to understand exactly how that would work and what sort of policy would would be would come under that under that section so I can understand why it’s never been implemented because it seems to me a particularly difficult piece of legislation to put into place and when I look at the functions under section 9 and it talks about guidelines on sentencing principles whatever they may be seen dancing levels which I think actually are for Parliament to decide and not that council particular types of sentences again which i think is for Parliament to decide and not that Council and so on and it’s also in 9 1 C talks about assessing and taking account of the overall costs and benefits of the but of the guidelines and I have no idea why that exercise should be undertaken or why it should be undertaken by that Council and then in Section nineteen quote any guideline not being an inaugural guideline may be discipline of the House of Representatives passed more than 15 days and so on so the house can then undo whatever it is that the council decides to do I think it’s a nonsense piece of legislation I think it’s impractical I think it’s inappropriate and it’s certainly not New Zealand first policy so we’ll vote against it members the question is that Clause 3 stand part all those of that opinion will say aye those against no the eyes have it question now is that Clause 4 Stamper Chim sorry took me a minute mr. chairman

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