SPOUSAL VISA | 3 WAYS TO BRING YOUR SPOUSE TO US | Immigration Lawyer in New York (2019)

SPOUSAL VISA | 3 WAYS TO BRING YOUR SPOUSE TO US | Immigration Lawyer in New York (2019)

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hi friends in this video I’m going to speak about the three ways that you can bring your spouse to the United States you don’t want to miss it stay tuned friends thank you so very much for watching mcbean immigration TV I love having you with me I’m an immigration lawyer for those of you who are new to me and I’m here in New York in Elmont New York and this channel is devoted to providing information about the immigration process here in the US I teach how to apply for a green card how to get US citizenship and certainly how to get yourself out of difficult situations along the way right how to apply for waivers how to defend yourself an immigration court so this is where it happens subscribe subscribe subscribe if you have not yet done so so let’s just go right to it how do you bring your spouse to the United States your spouse may be in another country and may have been visiting you here in the US since you’ve been here and you’ve come to the point where you’re thinking I need my spouse with me who doesn’t need their spouse with them and so what are those three ways the first way certainly is to apply for a green card for your family to initiate or start the green card process green card is also known as the immigrant visa so you would follow the i-130 petition family petition and your spouse will go through the consular process back in your home country if you’re eligible only if you are eligible to petition for your spouse can you do this meaning that you of yourself must either be a green card holder or a US citizen otherwise you cannot file the i-130 petition to allow your spouse to get an immigrant visa and come to the United States permanently number two the second way to bring your spouse to the u.s. is through what we call non-immigrant the now non-immigrant visas are temporary visas meaning that there’s a duration on it right the spouse may be able to come here for three years six years depending on the type of visa that you have sought for him or her what are those types of visas anyway what are those non-immigrant visas that you can consider applying for for your spouse well first of all you must be the primary holder of the visa right you must be the principal applicant meaning that you already have this visa and you’re not bringing your wife and maybe your children who are under 21 and unmarried you’re bringing them here to stay with you for that duration of your visa so for example that e1 or e2 visas those two visas that you one visa is for spouse and children of e1 traders e to visa is for the spouse and children of e to treaty investors then you have the f2 which is a more common visa you may be familiar with the f1 which is the student visa so the f2 simply is the visa that will allow your spouse and children to join you here in the US and of course you’ve heard of the H visas that h-1b right temporary worker visa programs there’s the h-2a there’s the h-1b which is for aliens and specialty occupation or profession there’s the h-2a which is agricultural workers who are performing certain agricultural services that are unavailable here in the US there’s the H to be again agricultural workers then you have the l2 visa which is for spouse and children of l1 visa holders and it goes on and on there’s the old visa the old three visa which will allow you to bring your spouse and children under that visa category and my free mini guide which is linked below go ahead download that guide for a better full list of those visa categories that you can consider based on your status if you are l1 visa holder certainly you can bring your spouse and children over here on the l2 visa so take a look at my free mini guide to see what those different categories of visa holders are and then thirdly the third way that you can bring your spouse to the u.s. is through a regular b2 visa which is the visitor’s visa if your spouse wants to come here on vacation or a very short stay he or she can obtain the b2 visa to come visit with you maybe for the summer and then go back home strategically let’s back up back up and think about this from a strategic standpoint you have to ask yourself several questions before you could even think about bringing your spouse to the United States first of all you have to ask yourself what is my status what is my status do I have a green card obviously am i a US citizen what is my status because your status will determine what strategy you can employ right so for example if you have a green card or US citizenship you could petition for your spouse for permanent residency number two are you as the petitioner are you eligible to be a sponsor if you were to petition for that person for a green card meaning are you earning enough money here in the United States to be eligible to file for your wife or your husband there’s a very very helpful tool on USCIS s website there’s it’s a nice table that tells you what the income requirement is with respect to the affidavit of support I’m going to put a link to it below in the description box check that out as well so that you can check your income to determine whether or not you’re eligible to sponsor your spouse the other strategic question that you need to ask yourself is how long do I want my spouse to stay here in the u.s. do I want my spouse to come here temporarily if so obviously and your non-immigrant you have an on and Fiza certainly you could bring your spouse along for a temporary stay here for the duration of that visa as well or if you just want your spouse to come here for the summer or for the holidays then it just makes sense to have him or her apply for the b2 visa rather than going through a lengthy process to obtain another visa type those are the questions friends that I would say you need to ask yourself when you’re thinking about bringing your spouse to the United States did you find this helpful if so go ahead comment below and tell me what way did you use or pathway did you use to bring your spouse to the u.s. friends I’ll see you in the next one thanks so much for watching bye bye [Music] you [Music]

27 thoughts on “SPOUSAL VISA | 3 WAYS TO BRING YOUR SPOUSE TO US | Immigration Lawyer in New York (2019)

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    Thank you thank you thank you😀

  • SunshineThruMyEyes Post author

    I will be filing I-130 for my spouse. I am a U.S. citizen. While the green card visa is being processed, would I simultaneously be able to file a tourist visa so he and I can spend time together while we wait?

  • Juliet Okoroigwe Post author

    Thank you for your help your video is always helpful.

  • Debra Kinnard Post author

    I'm using the i-130 petition to bring my husband over from Nigeria so far I am waiting now on the interviewit seems like it's never coming because they keep sending me stuff saying this is not right send them this send them that just really getting on my nerves I'm hoping soon that we will have an interview date and he will be here with me it's been two years I filled out all the paperwork on my

  • max matthews Post author

    Very good

  • SAMUEL AWENTI Post author

    If you meet all the requirements to bring your Wife and you initially filled an I -130 petition on Her behalf and the case was completed but is taking forever for an interview to be scheduled at Consular section overseas, can you apply for B2 visa so she can be with you in the main time while waiting for interview appointment overseas? We’ve been waiting for interview letter to no avail and no time frame is giving to us but we keep waiting indefinitely. 😭😭😭
    Please help us Ma’am. 😭😭😭😭😭

  • dhariq ahamed Post author

    Hii I applied for i130 for my wife she is in India and service center in Texas service center so I like to know what process time I have submit may 23 this year I like to that when process finish she is under 21 pls any one can tell me would be great o

  • Gurdeep Jhutty Post author

    Hlo mam I have an question and m a green card holder I did petition for my husband about year and half ago m still waiting from uscis …. if I apply for him for tourist visa is this gonna b effect my other case ??your answer will b helpful 🥰Thankyou again

  • r. willie Ramirez Post author

    Thank you for the info. Since you mentioned the income requirement of the petitioner, does the affidavit of support CO SPONSOR still applicable? ( when the petitioners income do not meet the poverty guidelines or not enough income) thank you very much atty.

  • Cleonie Mcfarlane Post author

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  • ANTOINE ALHARBI Post author

    Hi, I am from Saudi Arabia I need more information about the fiancé visa. I don’t know how long take. Please tell us all the information we need in video

  • Meme Post author

    I am using I 130 for my husband in Nigeria he just got approved for his Visa but now they want him to take DNA test for his son he has there in South Africa with a women he use to see in Nigeria. Now we have to get his son to take the DNA test so the Embassy will give him his Visa. So I wanted to added I submitted my application for my husband back in April 2018

  • Chuck Anazodo Post author

    Quick question… You said a Green card holder can bring his/her spouse to US? I applied as a Green card holder for i-129f and was denied based on the fact I wasn't a citizen. I got my Citizenship about a week later and applied for Motion to reopen. It's been 4 months now. Latest USCIS forwarded my application to AAO but AAO 5old me they sent it back to USCIS. Still waiting for am update.

  • Rabin Suryabanshi Post author

    i think it will b good if u provide the time duration for each case

  • Robinson K Samuel Post author

    Thank you for the video. May I know if one could apply for multiple visas simultaneously. For example, an F2 and CR1 or B2 and CR1.

  • Karen Abinsay Post author

    How long does it takes after i received my notice of action? When can i expect my date of interview? My husband is an LPR

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    Hi mc beans i want to know that public charges affect family immigration. Make one video . Thanks mam.

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    Tried the b-2 tourist visa was rejected quickly

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    Hi McBean, hope you are well? I have this question….My fiancé is an American citizen based in NY and Working as an accountant. We have been together for 2yrs and got engaged last March. What kind of visa procedure can you recommend us follow..? I am based in Athens Greece.

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  • mina lopez Post author

    Hi.Maam.i.just want to.ask to you about my friend case .she already have her nvc case number and now shes on the process preparing her official Documents and waiting her interview interview schedule but suddendly her fiance (petitioner)died of motor accident. So is there any chance that.she allow to apply for tourist visa.to visit and attend the burial of his fiance? Incase yes what she need to do.shes totally heartbroken.thank you.so much

  • Jollett Brown Post author

    What is your number please

  • Matthew Ng Post author

    Hi, my girlfriend is planning to visit in the NYC in September next month. I'm a US citizen and I was planning on proposing to her while she was staying in NYC, is that advisable if I want her to stay in the US with me?

  • Sanie Butler Post author

    If I have a B1/B2 visa and got married to my US citizen Husband do I still have to fill out I-130 or just apply for adjustment of status? Which forms should be filled out. I returned back to my home country. Husband is in Florida

  • pierrette Casseus Post author

    @meme How long ago did you file for your husband ! I am doing the same I live in NYC Did it take long or a couple months for him to get approved

  • ymitchell66 Post author

    Hello Mrs. Mcbean I have a question, My husband had his interview on June 11th and he was denied his immigration papers they said he would become a public charge, I want to know if we go back with a sponsor will that help us, I don't work I'm On Disability SSDI, The lawyer New that And sent us to the interview income was well over the income limit .before October 15th is it possible for us to go back with a sponsor, My brother said he would sponsor him. But will he still be A public charge.??? Thank you.

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