SolGen says fishermen dropped writ of kalikasan plea | ANC

SolGen says fishermen dropped writ of kalikasan plea | ANC

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at the resumption of the Supreme Court's oral arguments Tuesday on a petition seeking to compel government agencies to enforce Philippine environmental laws in the West Philippine Sea Solicitor General jose caleda dropped a bombshell he submitted affidavits of 19 fishermen disowning the petition he also accused the integrated bar of the Philippines one of the petitioners in the case of deceiving the court and their clients and Co petitioners the fishermen from palawan and Zambales voiced an egregious deceit not only on the fisher folk petitioners but also on this honorable Court they bastardized beloved the ideas of IPP when they use it as a battering ram to take down the dirty administration one thing's sure human rights lawyer Chau Chak know who acted as collaborating counsel with IBP initially objected to the submission of the affidavits citing violation of a lawyer-client privilege since the office of the Solicitor General appears to have contacted the fishermen without a knowledge of their lawyers Kelley they explained it was a fisherman from PAGASA Island who approached the Bureau of fisheries and aquatic resources in Puerto Princesa which in turn provided osg with the fishermen's affidavit he also showed a video recording of the fisherman's statements upon interpolation jacques neau said he talked to three of the petitioners who all appeared willing to file the petition including one from zambales whom querida now says denies being part of it IBP lawyer Andre Palacios for his port said he relied on the IBP local chapter who talked to the petitioners the revelation prompted Associate Justice Marva Cleo Ninh the justice in charge of the case to require the whiskey to submit affidavits of the persons who prepared the fisherman's affidavits as well as the IBP local chapter officer who helped prepare the petition he warned the court will not take the allegations slightly in destroyer before I was counselor before I became member of this board I think you know that and I think part of our responsibilities to be able to talk to all the clients we show them the Apple finish on the beautifier seems that you are blind with respect to your clients the justices also held a closed-door meeting with the lawyers of both camps and unanimously decided to suspend the oral arguments speaking to reporters corrida claimed the lawyers of both camps agreed to have the case dismissed the parties petitioners and respondents agreed that the case be dismissed by the Supreme Court to us that's a win because we are the respondents this is the fastest Supreme Court case that appeared the petitioners counsels however made no reference to an agreement to dismiss but said both sides were given until Friday to explore the crafting of a joint motion Supreme Court spokesperson Brian Keith Osaka denied the dismissal but said the court could not confirm the agreement between the parties in its petition the IBP and fellow petitioners had hoped that the writ of cally Carson would be the remedy to what they call the massive destruction of marine resources in the West Philippine Sea by Chinese flag vessels the Solicitor General's revelation puts in peril that plea for protection from the highest court in the land Magna Valeo abs-cbn News you

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