Social Workers Registration Legislation Bill – First Reading  – Video 3

Social Workers Registration Legislation Bill – First Reading – Video 3

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a mandatory social worker registration thank you Joe Hayes before I start my contribution I want to add my farewells and thanks to you as the speak as the detective Speaker of the House being the city the last time they’re speaking the 55th and so I do want to say thank you very much for your guidance to you in Lindsey Tosh as well so as I say I stand to take a call on the social worker registration legislation bill and even though I wasn’t on the Select Committee at the time that the inquiry was done I come with a background in this area Mr Speaker many moons ago I did a first year degree the first year of the Social Work degree at Massey University I never continued I did pass my papers but never continued because I saw there but perhaps I would not make a very good social worker with the bluntness that I did I bring to the type of person that I am so but I do applaud those who do do the four-year degree at it does challenge you and it does bring about that professionalism that to Cherie qualifications and bid and people mr. speaker my other experience around social workers as a supervisor I was a supervisor for a number of social workers that had graduated from or we’re in their second and third and fourth year placements through the youth one-stop shop and Palmerston North and those young people came out they were very keen and very open and willing to work with pharmo that needed help and young children so I do take my head off to hard work that they do and I do support this but I think it’s about time that social workers became registered I think that it may have been a long time coming but it is here now I think that the social workers Registration Board will will actually put that professionalism back into the the role of social worker protecting the actual name of social worker and Mr Speaker I also want to add my support around the criteria the changes around the current criteria for appointment to the board the social workers our registration board that includes someone who will actually represent employers are of socially Lucas as well as social workers themselves mr. speaker and the fact that the board numbers will actually reduce from 10 to 7 so it will make it a very tight very focused and registration board Mr Speaker I too add my voice to the minister’s about um police beating of social workers I think it’s very important social workers are no different to any other health professional and and in legal professional anyone that actually does that the tomb of studing does gain their credibility and around the professionalism muster mr. speaker so without any further ado I agree with the previous speaker and our minister there I do look forward to their the spill going through the slit committee and the new tomb I too hope that I will be back in Parliament and participating and through the speeches around this bill mr. speaker and so without any further ado I too want to add my voice to recommending and commending the bill to the house Thank You mr. speaker a wall to no creative

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