SHOCK: Trump Promised Pardons if People Break Law for Him

SHOCK: Trump Promised Pardons if People Break Law for Him

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There is an extremely disturbing report in
the Washington Post, which confirms actually exactly probably what we would expect from Donald
Trump, which is that Donald Trump told officials he would pardon them if they break the law
in order to start building that dumb, stupid border wall that he has completely failed
to make any progress on. Now, you might’ve forgotten about this because
Donald Trump lies so much and he promises so much that he’s never going to do that. Donald Trump promised his supporters that
he would have by election day of 2020 built at least 500 miles of that fence or border
wall. It’s not going well because nothing is happening. There’s been about 60 miles of border wall
replaced that was old and needed to be replaced. No new wall has been built, so Donald Trump
now in an act of pre-election desperation, I guess we would call it, is directing people
to break the law to make at least some of the wall happen and he is reportedly dangling
pardons in front of people in advance for crimes that they would have to commit in order
to make it happen. This includes seizing private land for the
wall. This includes English, ignoring environmental
rules. It includes fast tracking, billions of dollars
in construction contracts that have not gone through the actual approval process and the
way that multiple officials officials told it to the Washington Post. Trump calls people into meetings and he tells
them what they want. He says, start doing it, do what you need
to do and build this damn wall, and people say, you know, Mr President, we can’t just
start doing that. Some of what you’re suggesting is illegal. Some of it is political, politically impossible. We just really can’t do it and Trump says,
start doing it and if there are crimes, I will pardon people quote, don’t worry, I’ll
pardon you. He has told officials about just starting
to build the wall. Once again, the White House was asked for
comment. They do not deny it. Later. Trump calls it fake news, which is a denial
that is worth absolutely nothing. The most important thing is the White House
asked to comment and they say, oh, it was just a joke. They don’t deny that it was said. Now I know that because we’re also desensitized
to the scofflaw nature of this presidency. I need to be explicit here. This would be impeachable. This is depending on who you talk to, conspiracy
to obstruct justice on a large scale. Uh, this is something that the Trump ist right
will defend by saying they all do it. Look at Obama. He ate fancy mustard and wore a tan suit. And on another day, uh, it’s every single
day. It’s another absolutely insane headline that
would have seemed unbelievable before the Trump era. And now it doesn’t even get the attention
that it should because we have been so desensitized and the constant endless scandal has been
so normalized that it barely makes a blip. It’s getting some attention, but it’s not
getting nearly the attention that it deserves. Now, one thing that we’re learning is that
front and center, this administration has shown us there is way too much gray area about
what is legal for a president to do a lot of these academic legal questions about what
are the limits of executive power? Can a sitting president be indicted or not,
uh, does anything a president, uh, um, uh, does any action a president takes, become
legal by virtue of the president doing it? The infamous if the president does it, it’s
not illegal. These, with some very rare exceptions like
Richard Nixon, which ultimately was not tested because the guy resigned. These were academic hypothetical’s in the
Trump era. These are real practical questions and what
is abundantly clear is there, it’s just that there’s just too much gray area here. We’ve not had presidents before, tried to,
uh, uh, flaunt the audacity to stretch the limits of presidential authority and responsibility
this blatantly. Now we do. And it’s clear that it needs to be dealt with
because he is flaunting his lawlessness on the world stage and so far to almost no consequences
whatsoever. This is an impeachable offense. It’s impeachable bribery. Some would call it again, conspiracy to obstruct
justice by preemptively saying, commit crimes and all pardon you. Letting them know ahead of time. This is a yet another one of these crises
and it’s getting, you know, some, some news coverage and it’s going to be, uh, eclipsed
in the next six to 12 hours for sure. By the next thing that happens, things need
to change and things need to change quickly at all levels. The Gray area of presidential authority needs
to be made less gray. Donald Trump needs to be removed in November
of 2020. This is only the beginning and yet it is not
stopping. It’s getting worse every single day.

100 thoughts on “SHOCK: Trump Promised Pardons if People Break Law for Him

  • Kazimierz Wróbel Post author

    Is anything shocking anymore?- Yes, I know, this should not be the new normal.

  • Jeremy Haas Post author

    Why am i not suprised

  • marti-grecia Odalyz Post author

    So, if this is impeachable, who's going to do the impeachment?

  • Brenan Class Post author

    This comment is going to get so much hate but I don’t care. The border wall is actually going up. There is a company (can’t remember the name) that has been building it on private land. I myself do not agree with decision but there is no reason why it shouldn’t go up. I hate to say it but this guy is telling fake information. You should find a different liberal news outlet try Tim cast or something.

  • V. Sandrone Post author

    With the power of forgiveness, Trump acts more like a medieval Catholic Pope than a modern dictator.
    How long before he starts selling pardons?

  • Vallon Skyles Post author

    My main worry at this point is that he's going to get away with it, Democrats in the mainstream media are going to try to silence this narrative and it's going to become part of the norm the way the Patriot Act and permanent War have become part of the narrative. I'd be willing to bet the Democrats would like this to become part of precedent so they can include this in their powers if they get a sitting president. This is what history has shown us tends to happen and this is how people in power shift the Overton window.

  • miz layne Post author

    Why can't they begin impeachment proceedings with this or invoke the 25th Amendment at this point?

  • Rachel Hale Post author

    Yeah cuz he's so trustworthy. Anyone that listens to him is an idiot

  • John Weekes Post author


  • Itsyuh Post author

    Trumps last second resort as damage control before his term ends to defend his "honor" by the way a lot of trump supporters are saying that the wall is already being built lmao.

  • lovemoviesful2 Post author

    Meh, all those land that they will be taking are Trump supporters anyway. They get what they ask for.

  • Frank Campolieto Post author

    Donald Trump is a moron, but he is just smart enough to know, if he doesn't get reelected, he's going to prison. In his tiny brain he thinks a border wall, will get him reelected. It won't, because he doesn't understand, the people he wants to seize land from were Trump supporters. Good luck Donny. You can't afford to lose any more votes, or your prison nightmare will be coming soon.

  • Alex Donald Post author

    How is this not straight up impeachment and Trump in cuffs

  • Nalidus Post author

    The most criminal President in American history.

  • buck baumann Post author

    25th amendment

  • Tristan White Post author

    Look at obama and his fancy suit. startin 5 wars and gaining 9 trillions dollars in debt an shit. What a fancy man he was ruining the country! Obama also did great with the border oh wait….. awkward

  • thricefan89 Post author

    trump is the worst president ever

  • Shadowstalker55 Post author

    If Trump wants walls then we should send him to prison.

  • Dutch2go Post author

    Even if they tried this it would never fly because it would be immediately challenged under the APA as an abuse of discretion by the agencies involved and it would be enjoined by courts prior to it getting off the ground.

  • InformantNet Post author

    He's completely lawless! And the 60 miles is FENCE, not wall.

  • Greg Anderson Post author

    If I was a Trump administration employee, Id get my pardon up front. Trump never follows through on his promises after you do his dirty work

  • Lone Wolf Post author

    I would give you a thumbs-up, but I would have been the 6-6-6th. 😛

    But seriously, I read about it yesterday and was physically ill. Please, PLEASE everyone, vote like you'll be paid $1 million. We have to do something or it could mean the end of what America is supposed to have stood for, and goodbye to democracy by the time our children grow up.

  • Chuck Brewer Post author

    Build the wall I'm sure Mexico Central America & South America will be glad its there as protection from the Great North American Refugee Caravan heading South when THE SUPER VOLCANIC EXPLOSION happens at YELLOWSTONE. KARMA is a Bitch!


  • rich2rock Post author

    Oh, by the way when is that caravan getting here?

  • Still Deubell Post author

    "'Look at Obama, he ate fancy mustard and wore a tan suit…'" 😱😂

  • YTWanderer Post author

    Let him do it. Then bust his ass when he has to leave office and imprison him for the rest of his shameful life.

  • taxiuniversum Post author

    Behavior of a dictator.

  • A. Westenholz Post author

    And the US wonders why the rest of the world would rather find a way around the US now? And most likely a permanent solution to the problem that the US poses in geo-political relationships. Because no matter what or who gets voted in next, there's still Congress to deal with and the parties, and the whole US political system which is totally corrupted by corporations and needs to be fixed. Who knows how much is done, and who the fickle American voters will vote for next time. The rest of the world needs to limit the damage and impact of US politics on the global stage. The US can't even enforce its own laws at this point when it should and clearly needs to. Total failure of the US political system and body, and no one would trust such a government with good reason.

  • Carolyn Pagliuca Post author

    I know you will not believe this but you maybe a atheist and because what they do.
    The false idea he is ruling on
    The book of daniel is a false prophecy
    Because red heifer birthday was yesterday
    Mohammed's daughter Fatimah died on this day
    And he is not a Christian and lying to the people that he is bringing in an alien domination
    Because of MEDJUORDIA appirations of Mary
    But he is worshipping his daughter ivanka over it.
    My biological mother worships this too.
    She has put him in over the deceit of my certificate
    Look at Obama he has falseness
    His daughter now arrested 2x already
    This is not a joke
    Killed JFK
    And I was in her womb it makes no sense that the world needs to be warned of the psychopaths ruling over innocent lives. Please thank you for hearing my call.

  • TheBlarggle Post author

    I bet Richard Nixon is pissed he didn't have Trump's republican cronies. Ya know, if not for the 'being dead' thing.

  • RandomRobin Post author

    Imagine if OBAMA said any of this. Fox News would talk about it every single day and after many years pass it down for the next gen of Fox hosts to keep talking about it.

  • John Smith Post author

    He won't be impeached. He gets away with everything.

  • beesee Will Post author

    Build a wall around trumps ugly face.That would be the solution to a lot of problems.We need a break from that face and that mouth.
    Sir LIES A LOT is not the law and order president.

  • Sable Burden Post author

    Isn't that obstruction of justice???

  • Robert Dougherty Post author

    The law is for losers.

  • CD Smith Post author

    If there ever comes a day when Trump does the 'right' thing about a thing, that's the day I'll be surprised.

    "Oh, he's gone down personally to the border to straighten out the whole 'kids in cages' mess once and for all?" — call me shocked.
    "What's this? He's showing he cares about the rest of Americans by ordering Mitch McConnell to pass bipartisan legislation that will in fact reduce gun violence in a significant and meaningful way?" — Christ, I'll drop dead of a heart attack over that much surprise.

    Let me know when he does something right. So I can prepare myself for the shock.

  • juicer67 Post author

    Trump is officially untouchable.

  • Doug N Post author

    Who would trust Trump to issue a pardon?

  • Lyle Gardner Post author

    If republicans had an ethical bone in their bodies, we'd be dealing with all the issues of a 46 Paul Ryan presidency. It's a scandal how long this has been allowed to continue.

  • panalytica Post author

    Hey David.. maybe we should talk about the Democrats. You know.. the ones on our side?

  • BennI Hope Post author

    It’s super concerning to see the likes and views disappear due to the new algorithms! Your shows have less then a 1,000 now and they used to get several thousand wtf is going on YouTube!?!?

  • Lou Robin Post author

    We are witnessing the fall of the American Empire! 😔

  • 9 LizaDay Post author

    Has anyone considered that the actual builders of the wall will not only break the law and have a criminal record (pardon or no pardon) but they will likely not get paid either?

  • tidewell Post author

    I can't imagine what it would be like teaching Civics/Government to young students these days…

  • Rodney Smart Post author

    I just ran twenty red lights. I'm gonna keep breaking whatever laws I want whenever I want, and when I do get caught I'm gonna ask the judge, "why am I held to higher standard than the president or his cabinet?"

  • Bianca Bloom Post author

    I can’t keep up anymore!
    Every day is equally as ridiculous as the previous.

  • Greenpoint1337 Post author

    🎶🎵🎶we didn't start the fire🎶🎵🎶

  • James Hirtz Post author

    David Pakman is a filthy liar. @

  • James Hirtz Post author

  • Robert Smith Post author

    Pelosi won't do a thing.

  • JTugginz Post author

    So gross it gives me physical stomach aches

  • Johngamer 1992 Post author


  • John sweda Post author

    Opposite is the case fake news, when Donald Trump says it is a get out clause for him, what hes meaning is that it is true nothing fake about it. He uses a lie to mask the truth

  • Asa Coe Post author

    This is Trump's AMERICAN FASCISM!!!

    Fascism doesn't take over in a day!!!

    It is a slow process that gets people, normalized to the radicalization of nationalism.

    Wake up, this isn't the first step to Trump's American FASCISM!!!


  • Space-Cadet David 'Spanky Bonespurs' Dennison : Post author

    Trump THEN: “So if you see somebody getting ready to throw a tomato, knock the crap out of them. Just knock the hell — I promise you, I will pay for the legal fees. I promise. I promise.”
    Trump LATER: “I didn’t say that. I haven’t looked at it yet. And nobody’s asked me to pay for fees. I never said I was going to pay for fees.”
    Anyone who believes a pathological liar to get them out of trouble is a fool.

  • Noel Logan Post author

    Yeah well if you're dumb enough to take trump at his word then good luck.

  • Coco Crisp Post author

    Remember that piece of shit criminal Reagan, I think the Orange Russian Traitor is definitely going to pass Reagan. Reagan still holds the record as the most corrupt administration in United States history. Fact

  • D SP Post author

    There are very few limitations to the pardon power, and one limitation is that a pardon is null and void when it is issued by a pardoning officer (be it a state governor or a president) who was a co-conspirator in the crime that the officer was purporting to pardon.

    Thus, for instance, neither a president nor a state governor can say “I don’t want to be married anymore, go and kill my wife, I will pardon you if you get caught”.

    If you are stupid enough to do as stupid tells you to do, and you go and kill the wife of the pardoning officer, you and the officer are both guilty of murder, and the pardon is null and void because the crime involved the pardoning officer.

    Richard Nixon was successfully pardoned for his crimes by his successor Gerald Ford because Ford wasn’t involved in the crime for which Nixon was pardoned.

    This is simple sh*t, people.

  • Sitou Dien Post author

    I'm gonna build a great wall you can see from China. – Drump

  • Old Woman Post author

    Conspiring to commit a crime, is a crime, definitely impeachable

  • John Chedsey Post author

    Any dumbass who falls for this and breaks the law expecting a pardon is going to be very very disappointed. Trump is a blowhard with no loyalty except to TV ratings.

  • Geronimo Cruz Post author

    Those ranchers by the border voted for this blowfish.

  • Doug Boyer Post author

    If Trump was the captain of a naval vessal he d be charged with mutany and then in the brig

  • Doug Grinbergs Post author

    America desensitized to barrage of berserk (:-(

  • Thomas Martin Post author

    Sounds as if Trump has no idea what a pardon actually is or does

  • Darlene McHugh Post author

    Does trump really think building the wall will make a difference to most voters ??? I think building the wall is for his own satisfaction!

  • dootu Post author

    He realises Pelosi is an utterly useless corporate stooge. So it's pedal to the metal crime lord like in the old days.

  • jjmiettunen Post author


  • Sans Jeux Post author

    Damn, you lie so well it's almost impossible to spot it. Congrats!

  • D Neal Post author

    "You know, he doesn’t look at people—and by the way, if you and I were in his field of vision and he had a cold and the two of us had to die for him to get a Kleenex, you’re fucking dead. I mean, there’s no chance. You understand that, right?" Anthony Scaramucci

  • Martin Guajardo Post author

    All you guys are stupid, punks full of shit. Ooooo and all y’all are retarded. Trump 2020!!!!

  • Mirai Post author

    Does trump understand what a civil suit is? If his cronies did any of this, the people who are affected can easily sue his administration, a pardon won’t help you there.

  • Worrywart Post author

    Just one reason why building the wall would increasingly be a waste of time AND money:

  • loofah troopah Post author

    hes a disgusting piece of shit

  • Hogyouku Monster Aizen Post author

    We have a fascist neo nazi leader in a fascist corporatocracy by the wealthy, a military government that's completely bought and owned by corporate elites. No one is getting impeached for anything here.

    When will the ignorant, apathetic plebs finally catch on to what they signed on for with decades of capitalist neo liberalism…

    Nothing short of a people's/workers revolution will put a stop to what we've set in motion. And Senator Sanders is the only politician who has the guts/integrity to admit it.

  • Marie Lovegrove Post author

    Guess Mexico’s cheque bounced.

  • vinto34 Post author

    Corrupt like the rest…tells so many lies he forgets what he said.

  • Jaime Sherrill Post author

    Ordering a crime to be committed.
    Crime boss in the Whitehouse.

  • Biffa Bacon Post author

    Orange Retard

  • Andy P Post author

    When Trump is out of office he will move straight to Russia and get citizenship. You wait.

  • Ru 52 Post author

    Shocking but not surprising

  • Ru 52 Post author

    I really hope they as he said, because 1) he cannot pardon them for breaking state law and 2) Trump will get impeachment started.

  • steve ducell Post author

    lol this crap happens in the corporate world all of the time.
    It is the favorite tool of the malignant narc.

    This and then proclaiming that "I was just joking"

  • Zarbazan Zarbaev Post author

    Trump is fascist

  • Dana Merritt Post author

    You meant to use the word "flout" (to defiantly disregard law or convention), not "flaunt" (to provoke envy).

  • BlueLagoon Post author

    You gave a half truth when you said no new wall has been built. Yes new wall has been built and the stuff you're talking about that was replaced was not even considered a wall.

    You talk about lies. Your media including Washington Post has been lying continually about Trump since 2015. You've collected 1000s of lies and now all of a sudden you're right about something he did illegal? BULLSHIT!~

    I'm going to call it how I see it. You want socialism and to bat for your particular political baseball team. You will lie, cheat, steal, deceive, and even murder to achieve your goals.

    If you were real Americans you would push your side to build a wall.

  • 1Tomrider Post author

    Gee, if Barack Obama were president and had promised that Mexico would pay for something, like a wall, whatever, I wonder if Republikkkans and tRump supporters would be saying anything now?

  • Jayden Louise Nicholas Townsend Post author

    I legit forgot all about the wall. Jesus christ what a blast from the past.

  • Riteous Right Hand Post author

    Just another in a long line of impeachable offenses. Nothing's going to happen, though. Makes you wonder how bad it's going to get, should he actually win a 2nd term(nevermind the voices that are, currently, calling for a 3rd).

  • Craxin01 Post author

    If our founding fathers could have foreseen a Trump presidency, or one like it, they would have spelled things out a LOT more. They thought that there would be an educated electorate which would also have an educated representative body and that they would understand what the constitution meant. Alas, humanity proves that where there is vagueness there will be abuse.

  • R Nickerson Post author

    I'm always torn on your videos whether I should Like or Dislike… I like that you're teaching us these things and reporting on what needs to be reported, but I dislike almost everything you talk about because of the facts of the case.
    Any time I get really angry, I dislike. Nothing to do with you, David. I just hate this world now and these facts upset me.

  • Linden Stromberg Post author

    The Trump Presidency reminds me of Season 3 of Fargo… which is a black comedy.

  • Gustav Gnöttgen Post author

    I'm sure sometimes he would, sometimes he would act like he didn't know anything, and sometimes he genuinely would forget about it.

  • Becky Weisfeld Post author

    Obama ate fancy mustard? Oh my God, at first I thought you said "fantasy mustard."

  • Steven Brown Post author

    That’s not a shock, that is exactly what he always says.

  • Smoot Watkins Post author


  • The Nothing Nobody Post author

    And keep in mind, the Democrats OFFERED HIM A DEAL. Like…20 billion I think to start? To build the damn thing along with just wanting some actual immigration reform, and he refused.

  • Ruben Bolt Post author

    So Drumpf has dictatorial tendencies… shocker

  • Martijn Keulen Post author

    Hope he gets a heart attack cause of stress

  • Kalana Herath Post author

    This has gotten way too out of hand, it might even come to a conjecture where we might have to use desperate measures against this despotic maniac

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