Shadow Work and the Law of Attraction (my experience)

Shadow Work and the Law of Attraction (my experience)

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this video I’m gonna show you shadow
work and the law of attraction I’m gonna show you how you may be attracting
things depending upon your shadow I’m gonna show you how to bring these things
into the light and how this changes everything welcome back to another video
my name is at Odom again and I hope people expand their consciousness now in
this video I’m gonna be sharing with you that of shadow work I understand a
little bit more about what this concept is that Aaron speaks of in third person
and why shadow work is the key to you really not attracting things that you
really don’t prefer to experience a lot of it actually has to do with the
identity and this is something I’ve realized more and more over the last two
or three years I’ve been making YouTube videos as as time goes on I realize how
important the shadow self is and your self image there’s a little bit about
your shadow self and the self image now here’s what I’ve become to realize okay
is that there’s different levels of my own personality at different levels of
my own shadow that have been bringing things to my awareness and let me share
with you a little bit about what that is now for those of you that don’t know
what a shadow is the shadow is the part of us that’s unconscious the part of us
that we’re not aware of and many times the shadow has kind of a negative
connotation it’s the unconscious part of us that is many times projected out a
lot of times people will actually perceive in other people parts of their
own shadow for example I get pretty irritated when somebody says they’re
gonna be here on a certain time if I for example my lawn right now is pretty long
and I pay a person to come here once a week to trim the grass and I’m wondering
to myself well I’ve been paying weekly but yet last week he didn’t come and
maybe he didn’t come a couple weeks ago and why am i paying if it’s not being
done on time now another aspect of it is he says he’s gonna come every Wednesday
today is Wednesday and anytime there’s these things in my life where people say
they’re gonna come on a certain time but then they don’t
it irritates me and this even has to there’s another aspect of this as well
there’s a guy that comes over like a handyman he’s actually a really cool guy
I really like him but he says oh I’m gonna be over at your house at one
o’clock he will not show up till 3:30 or 4 and it’s always like that with him and
so maybe that’s a story I tell myself I don’t know but he anytime I have to be
very firm with him I said you need ok if you’re gonna be here at 1:00 to be here
at 1:00 because I’m gonna be going somewhere and I can leave him at my
house to do work but I need to check show them what it needs to be done you
know whether it’s hanging up something or whatever it is but that really gets
under my skin for some reason now that’s part of my own shadow because I myself
sometimes don’t show up on time I know sometimes I’ll go work out with Victor
we’ll say okay let’s show up at 12 o’clock I’ll roll in at 12:15 12:30 so I
had that’s part of my own shadow I’m aware of that
now when you become aware of this is when you bring the shadow into the light
bring the shadow into the light now there are aspects of our personality and
I think this video is going to be very empowering video video for you because
you’re gonna give yourself more permission to be yourself by the end of
this video now understand with the law of attraction we attract things into our
life depending on our vibration some of our vibration may be totally unconscious
we not we might not be aware of it so I’m attracting situations into my life
like being people being late coming to me I might have a story about that I
tell myself that people never show up on time or a lot of times don’t but then
today I have a haircut for example my hair’s getting a little bit long and
when I go to get my haircut sometimes when I show up I’m like five ten minutes
late and I and I so beat myself up for it because I so especially because I’d
become more busy as time goes on I’m pretty busy now that I’m doing like I’ve
been doing daily videos I mean you know I’ve got a lot going on so my time is
very valuable so if I do that to someone else I feel really bad I feel really
guilty about it now but like I said what I perceive in other people I also
dislike because it’s also a part of myself so in a way it’s like I’m walking
around with this charge inside my energy field that says this rule is is people
better not be late people better not be late
people better not be late and then when people are late I get there’s this
charge and I’m like oh why are people late but then I also have part of my own
personality is sometimes I’m not completely on time I notice as well it
has to do the priority as well if it’s something I really want to go to then I
will be on time but I like one of the gym but I don’t know it’s one of those
things now let me share with you a different aspect of this as well this is
what I’ve realized this is what I’m gonna encourage you to look at with your
shadow what is your relationship with your parents I’m gonna wait I’m just
kidding what is your relationship with your parents now the reason that I asked
this is our relationship with our parents or the people that raised us
those are the first relationships that we ever had in our life those are the
way that relationships that we had with them in a way very much influenced a way
that we relate to self the way that we relate to ourselves
and the way that we relate to other people now let me share with you an
aspect of my own shadow that I’ve become aware of over the last honestly like
four or five days I’ve really become aware of this and I’m really being
proactive at bringing this shadow into the light so many of you know my story I
know I say my story you know most a whole bunch of videos because because
I’m trying to show people a lot of times that you know you can go through these
things you come out on top come out more powerful you know what I mean
now just part of my story growing up between the age of 7 to 15 years old I
had an abusive stepmama in my life she was very controlling she’s very
manipulative and my dad’s a fire investigator he wasn’t home very often
so me and my brother had to deal with her and we weren’t allowed to have
friends we weren’t allowed to watch TV we weren’t allowed to go to school
activities we had to earn it she was physically and mentally abusive so she
was a very dominant female and we weren’t even really allowed to have a
relationship with our real mom who was amazing who now I have of course have a
relationship with and this is what I’ve realized recently I’ve been paying
attention to my own energy and realizing that part of my personality
is I am what is called a fixer I try to fix people I try to fix even people my
life that come to me I want to help everyone all have people in my family
whom I love very much who come to me for help who come to me and express certain
things to me and I want nothing more than to help them to fix them and to
them make them better whether that’s giving them money to help
them get back on their feet whether that’s helping them emotionally
in helping them move through things I realize that this this personality trait
of being a fixer comes a little bit for my dad my dad is a similar way my dad is
the nicest guy in the world he will do anything for his kids and he has in many
situations however a lot of times he doesn’t take care of himself when I say
that what I mean is nobody thinks he wants to do he will put out everything
on the back burner for anyone else great guy but sometimes the answer is for him
to have more of a firm mentality have boundaries but in a way he had kind of
he let the x-step mom run the show back in the day he didn’t have as much
boundaries he didn’t have the boundary to say these are my kids do not treat
him like that he didn’t have that boundary or to have the boundary to say
this is what I want it was in a way just let her run the show now me growing up I
noticed this in him and I had the except mom in my life for 7 to 15 years old so
I developed a personality trait of becoming a people pleaser I want other
people to be happy I that is also part of the fixing mentality my dad has that
plus in a way I have that I want to fix people when a lot of times the answer is
to not fix people to let people go through their own stuff and to be there
as maybe an emotional support system but not to just give it’s like you can teach
someone to fish but if you just give someone fish they’re just gonna keep
coming back to you to more fish and then you got to consistently give your fish
that you Nord normally used to eat if you eat fish you get the you get the
analogy so for this what I’ve been realizing
recently is my personality there are times when I emphasize certain aspect of
my personality but recently I’ve been realizing that I’ve had more of this
people pleaser mentality wanting to make everyone happy wanting to make sure
everyone’s okay wanting to fix other people and that’s been manifesting in my
life in many ways one of those is having a lack of boundaries having a like being
afraid to say no to people I’ve always been kind of afraid to really say what
like here’s there’s a paradox within here I’m a very blunt person I’m a very
sarcastic person I like to have fun I like to joke around so a lot of times
when it comes to these things if there’s something on my mind I just say it and
even if it’s a little bit harsh I say it with good energy so normally people
don’t mind but in general even just from first off meeting someone I if somebody
said something that I don’t like there are times that I feel afraid to say what
I really think because I just met this person all of this stuff but that comes
from a people-pleaser mentality it comes from trying to make other people happy
and being afraid to really express myself because if I would have expressed
myself back in the day when my except woman is in my life I would have got
pain I would have gotten trouble I would have got taught or a told that I should
have talked back I would have got told that that my opinion didn’t matter and I
would have got told to go outside and do yard work that’s what would have
happened back in the day those same unconscious shadow aspects of me are
still in my life today in some ways and some of this includes what I’m sharing
with you right now you may notice that this video has a more direct and
masculine feel than some of the more recent videos that I’ve done well what
I’ve realized is I’m bringing this shadow back into an into my awareness
into the light and I’m transforming it because a lot of those aspects as well
are more feminine aspects when you’re trying to to please other people it’s
more being it’s being much more soft and I’m a masculine person so I noticed
that sometimes what happens is I will we both we all have masculine and feminine
within us every single one of us now the thing with spirituality did I notice a
lot it’s kind of a side tangent but thing I noticed a lot in spirituality as
many people become very very spiritual they’ll start meditating and sometimes
what happens is they go so far on the other side of the spectrum that they
become very soft they become very like a little bit more Airy
I just want to meditate all day just send love to the planet which is a very
good energy it’s amazing but this is about having a balance not an equal
balance sometimes the polarity is good but it’s about being authentic that’s it
it’s about being authentic my best videos in my opinion are the ones where
I have a lot of passion a lot of energy I’m just myself I don’t care what people
think that’s when the energy is the best that’s when you could probably feel my
energy is the best or at least you feel the most energy now there are times it
goes up to a different way maybe I’ll just be more more flowy you know we all
have masculine and feminine aspects within us but I find that I am most
comfortable when I have the kind of energy that I have in this video right
now which is more based on a predominant masculine energy which is more direct
doesn’t have to mean masculine is male and feminine is female masculine is
direct masculine is decisive masculine just doesn’t care what people think
feminine is more open-hearted it’s more flowy it’s more empathic they’re both
just as not ones worse than the other but what I realized in myself is when I
was growing up I was observing my dad and I had a very masculine female in my
life who was my ex stepmom who was in a way like an Army Surgeon
Sergent no army sergeant sergeant I think that’s the word very strict very
regimented very angry all the time so so I would because I resented my ex
stepmom for many years I would do my best to be the opposite of that I don’t
ever want to be that manipulative and mean to people and I just wanna I’m see
invalidation from people oh if I just do enough I’ve always had that mentality as
well when I have you know like like friends I do a lot to add value to them
as if I’m not good enough already I’ll either give them things and I realize
this in relationship as well buying someone a whole bunch of gifts and then
realizing that that doesn’t really mean anything other than the meaning I put in
it yes it can be a nice gesture but not everyone’s love languages gifts but it’s
also emphasizing that I’m not already whole and complete not that I’m not
going to not give gifts in a relationship but do you see what I mean
the people pleaser mentality is an aspect of my shadow that I wasn’t really
aware of and because I was afraid to speak my truth Express afraid to say
what I would I really think in many situations I am then not being in
integrity to who I really am and to what I really feel like saying so those
shadow aspects is me being a little bit more passive me having a more feminine
edge in many situations maybe not just direct focus person of course there’s a
balance of this I love the business aspect of what I do I love it I love
doing events I love doing so many different aspects of this I love it but
it’s a very masculine thing and there are times that I want a more feminine
like at the end of a long work day the last thing I want to go do is something
else that’s very logical and in masculine maybe I just want to relax but
don’t want to get a massage maybe I want to just just chill and not have a direct
focus on intention behind what I’m doing but what I’m realizing about myself is
I’m becoming more aware I’m gonna share with you the answer to this process here
in a minute I’m becoming more aware of these aspects
bringing them into the light and then they don’t have as much I’m integrating
it I’m not resisting it it’s not like the answer to this is I go around just
tell it everyone you are this way you are this way pointing my fingers it’s
more so I integrate and I realize what’s authentic
for me and I express myself when I want to express myself I’m more detached from
outcome I’m more in my own frame what I’ve realized over this last couple
months is sometimes I get out of my own frame of reality I started hearing to
everyone else’s intentions and I become more like a leaf in the wind more than
having my direction the most successful I’ve been in my life
the most happy I’ve been in my life the most myself I’ve been in my life is when
I am in a certain direction and I am including my masculine frame now this is
the key to this process we all have different aspects of our personality
what I would encourage you to do is to bring some of these into the light and
then to start giving yourself more permission to be you the real you not
the mask you not them asked you the mask you is the one of the kind of person you
think you should be the kind of person that you become maybe because of your
relationship with your parents maybe some of those are positive things but be
aware of the personality of traits of your mom the personality traits of your
dad their interaction with each other be aware how that shaped the way you see
relationships the way that you see yourself and by being aware of that you
can then see did I take on certain traits maybe Europe you know we’re in
2019 now so when we talk about feminine masculine traits it could be a touchy
subject for many people we all have masculine and feminine energy within us
the key is being aware of which is your dominant frame which are you more
polarized to and become aware if you’re wearing any masks depending on your
childhood experiences whether you became a people pleaser and you started to take
on these more feminine roles as a guy because you’re trying to make everyone
else happy that’s not even really who you are you are a being as I’m not
afraid to put out your your thoughts express yourself but you’ve learned
growing up that it’s fearful to do so so you created this this mask that buffered
and has allowed you to then be a certain way maybe on the feminine side maybe on
the feminine side when you were growing up you were learning that you had to
control situations you had to take on a more
masculine role maybe instead you can learn how to balance that out into how
to become more free more flowing how to integrate more of that into your psyche
so there’s this polarization with the shadow work that I really wanted to
express in this video because a lot of those masks come from the way that we
think we should be the way that we were given with pain and pleasure growing up
but what you can realize now is you can just be yourself whatever that means
but the real you not the mask you now to you that you think you have to be if it
feels good to people please then cool me I realize that that’s a mask and that’s
something that’s not really taking out everyone else’s problems and trying to
figure it out myself isn’t really my passion and now that I’m more aware of
it the energy has shifted within me now the energies flowed much easier the
videos I’m doing are much more in alignment with the way I prefer to do
videos so I feel more in alignment than ever and I could just give myself
permission to be myself there’s something I want to say I say it there’s
something I want to do I do it I’m in my own lane and that crate contains a
certain a certain level of gravity plus I now have better boundaries and I don’t
feel guilty I used to feel so guilty about boundaries but oh this is what I
want to do well what do you think about that is that okay is that okay you I
know No now it’s just this is what this is
what I’m doing I have self compassion doesn’t mean that you know I’m shutting
off this feminine side of myself but for now what I’m focused on is really
integrating with shadow work it’s about integrating these unconscious parts of
myself so that I can start to attract things into my life that are more in
alignment with the way that I prefer to be so the law of attraction and shadow
work we always attract to us a reflection of our vibration part of our
vibration may be unconscious the keys becoming aware of these masks these
stories we tell ourselves about who we are and as we become aware of these
unconscious stories we then are able to bring the shadow into the light we’re
then able to integrate these different darker sides of our personality so that
we could be more at our core so by realizing this
being aware of it that’s where the power is now as I explained this story right
now what you’ll notice is that a lot of this has to do with patterns of the past
that haven’t been completed there is a completing the past meditation that if
you listen to for 21 days I think it will transform your life
read the comments in this video to see what I mean and see what is possible
it’s gonna be right in the top of the scription box below let’s do it for 21
days and watch what happens when you complete the past you no longer repeat
it and most of the negative patterns in our life come from feeling unworthy so
this meditation will help you to complete that past also if you haven’t
already the only way I don’t know why YouTube does this but it does the only
way to see the daily videos on YouTube is to hit the notification Bell I have a
lot more good stuff coming I’m excited to share it with you if you haven’t at
the notification Bell yet you can hit it somewhere right below other than that I
hope you enjoyed this video feel free to like it if you liked it subscribe if you
haven’t already and as always peace much love

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    I understood the law of attraction before I learned shadow work, but didn't come full circle with my spiritual knowledge until I implemented it into my life. Now I not only use shadow work daily to move through the emotions that arise, but I teach others to do the same. Can't say enough good things about the process.

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