SET UP THE DISCIPLINE – Best Motivational Video

SET UP THE DISCIPLINE – Best Motivational Video

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[Music] there were no role models it didn’t matter I was built different why is being different found upon by the majority the majority aren’t where they want to be but for some reason they still want you to be down there with them you should be proud to be born with something off-center something different from the rest you should be glad you have a mind of your own to have the courage to never follow a path that was paved for you but instead choose to pave your road you are different that is your greatest power don’t you ever forget that I don’t feel I win or I learn that’s to most failure is the end it’s an excuse to me it’s a lesson it’s fuel to my fire its motivation to be better next time and don’t see things like the rest because I thought one to live like them I learned from the best and I have what the rest I know with the majority – and I do the opposite they tell you good grades lead to good life but real life requires more than that they require self education and self-awareness real growth doesn’t come from grains it comes from within if you want to be like the majority the majority who are not happy where they are in life is easy just do what they do focus on getting a safe education that leads to a safe job watch TV like they do avoid our self-development and you’re set for life it won’t be a happy life but it will be an easy easy in the sense that you’ll never challenge your true potential but in reality much harder because you have to live with that inner knowing and knowing you never reach that potential on the other hand you can’t use distance you can choose to throw that story away trial the excuses and burn the limitations your results in life our entire perfection of your choices if you’re fair results make better choices make different choices learn different work different could different believe different and you will be comfortable no Roman no better I am built different no silver spoon no matter I feel different no handle no matter I am built different no frenzy education I am built different no easy Paul no matter bill different whatever happens a soldier Oh however darn tickets I know the light is always on with the end I don’t focus on where I am or how hard it is right now I focus on where I’m going and how much better it will be when I get there different I mean complain about what I don’t there I am grateful for all that I do have and I’m always hungry for more be different when challenges come I don’t get scared because I’m prepared I put in the time no I still can stop me nothing will get me out track time laser-focused black piano Macomb nothing else matters grow grow grow I put in the time put in the drug I decide how far I go settle for average no no no no no no my only focus to grow Yomi myself my results to become better now better than others better than yesterday greater every single day I don’t make excuses I get my head down and work the harder I work the luckier I get have bet on myself the only safe bet I worked is I learned I am built different I built this mindset this didn’t happen overnight it took sacrifice it took years it’s a blood sweat and tears but I still get our love and get moving forward because I knew one day one day all the work it will all pay off maybe not immediately but absolutely and definitely the proof is always in the pudding and you can never fake quality work you can’t fake results setbacks will come keep lurking obstacles will be everywhere don’t stop for anything challenges are everywhere find calm play there’s always a way no excuses work word way that’s all there is dedication to learn desire to work and persistence to win no excuses fake different learn different work different being different different is a blessing I am NOT the Sheik I am a freak proud to be a freak a freak of nature not an excuse Laker and results creator I don’t quit I worked until are we I learned until I win I believe it is within that is the truth at least that is my truth take action not hasty if it isn’t required but don’t lose much time here’s the time to act when the idea is hopped and the emotion is strong that’s the time to act say mister honor I’d like to have a library like yours see if you feel strong about that what you’ve got to do is get the first book and then get the second book before the feeling passes and before the idea gets dim action pronto action immediate action as soon as possible because if you don’t here’s what happens we call it the law of diminishing intent we intend to when the idea strikes us we intend to when the emotion is high but now if you don’t translate that into action fairly soon now the intent starts to diminish diminish diminished and a month from now it’s cold year from now can’t be found so act set up a discipline when the emotions are high and the idea is strong and clear and powerful that’s the time to set up the discipline somebody talks about good health and you’re stirred right I need to get a book on nutrition get the book before the idea passes and boom for the emotion gets cold go for the book start the library start the process fall on the floor do some push-ups action gotta take action otherwise the wisdom is wasted otherwise the emotion soon passes unless you put it into a disciplined activity capturing disciplines is called how to capture the emotion and how to capture the wisdom and translate it into equity disciplines now here’s what’s important about disciplines all disciplines affect each other in fact here’s a good philosophical phrase everything affects everything else nothing stands alone you’ll be naive in saying well this doesn’t matter I’m telling you everything matters there are some things that matter more than others but there isn’t anything that doesn’t matter we all pity the man who says this is the only place I let down not true key to take home every let down affects the rest of your performance every let down affects the rest this was part of the educational process on personal development if you don’t take the walk around the block and probably won’t do the apple a day if you don’t do the apple a day you probably won’t consist you know start building your library if you don’t build your library you probably won’t keep a journal and you won’t take pictures and you won’t do this and won’t do wise things with your money won’t do wise things with your time won’t do wise things with your possibilities and relationships and the first thing you know six years of that accumulated and we say you have messed up so the whole key to reversing that process now is to start picking up these disciplines now here’s the positive side every new discipline affects the rest of your disciplines every new one affects the rest that’s why action is so important the least action the smallest action take it because when you start accomplishing and the value starts to return from that one action that will inspire you to do the next one and the next one and the next one you start walking around the block it’ll inspire you to get an Apple you get an Apple it’ll inspire you to get a book get a book it’ll inspire you to get a journal get a journal it’ll inspire you to grow develop some skills all disciplines affect each other every lack affects the rest every new affects the rest the key is to diminish the lack and set up the new and you’ve started a whole new life process deep also one more thought on discipline here’s the greatest value of discipline self-worth self-esteem beaver teaching self-esteem these days but they don’t connect it to discipline the least lack of discipline and it starts to erode our psyche one of the greatest temptations is to just ease up a little bit right the the the slightest lack of doing your best starts to erode the psyche instead of doing your best doing just a little less than your best sure enough you say well it’s just going to affect my sales no it’s gonna affect your consciousness it’s going to affect your philosophy now you’ve begun in the slightest way to affect your own philosophy here’s the problem with the least neglect neglect starts as an infection and if you don’t take care of it it becomes a disease and one neglect leads to another and the worst of all when neglect starts it diminishes our self-worth our self-confidence our self value you say well how can I get back my self-respect I’m telling you don’t have to go to 29 classes all you have to do is start the smallest discipline that now corresponds to your own philosophy like I should and I could and I will no longer will I let neglect stack up on me so that I will have the sorry scenario six years from now giving some excuse instead of celebrating my progress that’s the key to discipline okay let’s get kids involved in the least of disciplines one more and then one more and then another one and then another one and then some more and the first thing you know you’re starting to weave the tapestry of a disciplined life into which you can pour more wisdom and more attitude and more strong feeling more faith and more courage now you’ve got something a vessel in which to put it and now the equities start to flow and the early return I’m telling you if you’ll start this process the early return will have you so excited you’ll commit yourself to this strategy for the rest of your life you’ll never go back to the old ways join a new crowd join a new group the disciplines to do it take action I recommended the last time I was here the little book richest man in Babylon and I said I’ve lectured now to over three million people in the last 33 years and I’ve recommended this little book to almost all of them I think guess how many have actually gone and got this little book answer very few my best guess is 10% such an easy thing to do in that last seven all right I suggested this little book number one is easy to find number two it’s easy to buy the most you can pay for it six seven eight dollars you can borrow that from your kids and number three it’s easy to read it’s in story form that’s why I use it for teenager teaching them how to be rich by forty thirty five if you’re extra bright much sooner if you find a unique opportunity but if it’s easy to find and easy to buy and if it’s easy to read why wouldn’t everybody go get it we don’t know what do you know you don’t know I don’t know nobody knows here’s how profound it is some do and some don’t now here’s the numbers about ten percent do ninety percent don’t or won’t we don’t know the mystery of that and I’m telling you ten years from now those numbers will still be the same ten percent well ninety percent won’t the numbers don’t change only the faces change you’re looking at one of the faces I used to belong to the ninety percent who couldn’t be bothered even if it was easy guess how many people have a library card wisdom of the world available transform your life in any value amount you want by the way how much is a library card in Texas free here’s what free is easy I mean it can’t be any easier than free somebody says what would you bring it by well know at least you got to go get it no wisdom of the world available transform your life spiritually socially personally economically in every other way teach you how to be rich and powerful and sophisticated and healthy influential how many people have a library card answer three percent ninety five ninety seven percent couldn’t be bothered guy specializes in happy hour but he doesn’t have a car and now readily and quickly blames the government blames his company and blames policy and blames the pay scale when if he only knew if he joined the 3% here’s my advice to you today walk away from the 97% don’t talk like they talk don’t act like they act don’t go where they go don’t specialize in what they specialize in throw away the blame lists they cling to start you a new life you say well is it is simple it’s getting a library card and join the 3% the answer is of course of course that’s how easy this stuff is this is so easy it’s so simple it’s not complex you don’t need a two thousand-year-old guru you don’t need multitrack affirmations I’m telling you don’t affirmation without discipline is the beginning of delusion don’t let somebody sweep you into some contrary way to nature itself says unless you labor the miracle of the seed and the soil and the seasons and God and all the other stuff that’s available sunshine or rain that’s not available to you by affirmation it is only available to you by labor so labor well okay learn well discipline yourself well and you can have all the treasures you want the stuffs easy and simple it’s not ocean waves and seagulls you don’t have to move to Sedona where all the force fields comes together in Arizona let’s teach our kids the simple ways to transform their health number one their economics number two their ability to communicate number three their life and treasure and lifestyle number for spirituality number five and the list goes on and on let’s not leave out any of the least of disciplines that encourage us to do the next one to do the next one to do the next one first thing you know this whole scenario for you is spinning up instead of out of control on the negative side this is all you got to do it’s as simple as this it’s as simple as a start committing yourself to life change and once you start down this road I promise you you’ll join the 10% in the 3% we’re gonna talk financial independence in just a little while guess how many people can retire from the income of their own personal resources when it comes time to retire answer five percent in the most independent country in the world ninety five percent are dependent five percent are independent take charge of your own retirement I’m telling if you take charge of your own retirement through personal development and all these skills we’ve taught today plus what’s coming up financial independence I’m telling you take charge of your own retirement you can multiply it at least by five maybe by ten maybe by twenty maybe by a hundred let the governor take care of it some company take care of it you got to divide by five take charge of your own life take charge of your own day take charge of your own conversation take charge of your own family take charge of your own possibilities and learn these skills develop this kind of strategy and I’m telling you life will open up for you join the 3% join the 10% join the 5% walk away from the 95% in our leadership weekend we teach find out what poor people read and don’t read it I’m telling you don’t talk like they talk lend a helping hand but don’t fall into the Dare poor philosophical scenario don’t blame what they blame don’t use the excuses they use it’s called the language of the poor switch gears switch language switch ideas switch strategy start with the simplest of disciplines and don’t be mean any of these disciplines the smallest of discipline starts the process of life change and if you’ll invest in this thing called discipline you can have whatever you wish it’s called the beginning of a miracle now here’s the last clue on discipline do the best you can we covered earlier but here’s a good scenario for the dude the best you can I’ve got a good question for you is the best you can do all you can do and the answer’s no strangely enough if we all fell on the floor right now and did as many pushups as we possibly could and let’s say for some reason and you haven’t been into push-ups lately I can’t imagine why but let’s say and let’s say the best you can do is 5 and you look up at the rest of us and say hey 5 is the best I can do we can tell the look on your face that’s probably true 5 is the best you can do now he’s 5 all you can do the answer’s no if you rest a little you can do 5 more and if you rest a little you can do 5 more and if you rest a little you can do 15 more how did we get from 5 to 15 it’s a miracle and if you rest a little you can do 15 rest little you can do 15 rest little you can do 20 how did you get from 5 to 20 it’s a miracle did you know you can keep doing that do a little more rest a little do a little more rest a little and finally get up to 50 pushups is it possible to get up to 50 pushups course how do you go from 5 to 50 it’s a miracle how do you get a miracle going number one do what you can only about what you can from writing a letter to your mother in Florida start cleaning it all up to doing the push-ups go from five to fifty it’s a miracle number one do what you can number two do the best you can here’s number three rest very little don’t rest too long why the weeds take the garden kids have got that figured out you can’t rest too long here’s the clue make rest a necessity not an objective the objective of life is not the rest the objective of life is to act think of more disciplines think of more ways and means in which to use your own wisdom and your own philosophy and use your own attitude your own faith your own courage your own commitment your own desires your own excitement invested invest it invest it invested in discipline so that it’s not wasted the smallest of discipline thereby transform your life join the five percent join the 10 percent join the three percent guess when I went and got this little book richest man in Babylon the same day I heard about it I went God somebody says well mr. owned does that make you different than most other people and the answer is yes somebody says well why is that we don’t know we don’t know what do you know you don’t know I don’t know none of us knows some do and some don’t the numbers don’t change only the faces change from those who get in on a seminar like this listen to a dynamic sermon read a book listen to consume cassettes take seriously the next conversation of a friend who wants to level with you and do something about it you can walk away from the 97% not live there anymore because if you don’t the next six years of your life will be like the last six mr. Schultz said to me mr. own six years now you’ve been working I’m telling you the next six years your life is gonna be like the last six unless you take advantage and start making these personal changes I made the changes totally revolutionize my life so take a look at the next five years of your life it’s gonna be like the last five unless and last and last and last you change and if you will change everything will change join the five percent ten years from now the numbers are going to be the same but I’m telling you some faces in this audience can change and start showing up in the three-percent crowd and the five percent crowd and the 10 percent crowd and thereby dynamically affect your life in your future develop these strengths you

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