Sesame Street: The Missing M (Law & Order Parody)

Sesame Street: The Missing M (Law & Order Parody)

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– [Narrator] In the alphabet
system there are 26 letters, the detectives who investigate these ABCs are members of an elite squad called, the Special Letters Unit. These are their stories. (double booming) (phone ringing) – Okay gather round
everybody, gather round here. – What is it Captain? – We’ve got a missing letter
and it looks like this. – I know that letter. – Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,
me too Captain yeah. I’ve seen it before. – M, it’s the letter M. – Right M. – Good that’s right, now go
out there and find that M. – You got it.
– Today. (double booming) – Captain, I found the missing M. – Where is it, where is it? – Right here. – This doesn’t look
anything like the letter M. – Oh yeah, well listen to this. – Moo, moo. – See that, moo starts with the letter M, so this must be the letter M. – Maloney this isn’t the
letter M, it’s a cow. – It is? – You can go now Bessie. – The name’s Murray. (double booming) – All right come on, come
on, come on, come on. Hey Captain, look at this,
I found the letter M. – Where, where? – Right here. – This isn’t the letter M, it’s a duck. – Not just any duck, I am a mallard. – That’s right, and mallard
starts with the letter M. – Well that may be Muntz
but it still isn’t an M. It doesn’t look anything like an M. – Hey see that’s what I tried to tell him but who listens to a
talking piece of poultry? (double booming) (snoring) – He’s asleep. – Yeah, yeah well you better wake him up. – I aint gonna wake him, you wake him. – No way. – Hey I know, can you do
that chung chung thing again. (double booming) – What where is that missing letter M? – Sorry Captain, we looked
everywhere but no luck. – Yeah we just couldn’t
find the missing M. – Excuse me could you tell me which way to the men’s room. – Sure down the hallway to the left. – Hey wait a minute, hold it right there. – What? What’d I do? – You’re the missing M. – No I’m not. – Sure you are, you look
exactly like the missing M see. – Yeah but I got a mustache see. (murmured agreement) – Oh yeah. – Mercy! – It’s the letter M. – All right, all right, I
confess I am the letter M. (double booming) – We did it.
(double booming) – We found the missing M.
(double booming) – Right.
(double booming) – All in a days work for Law and Order, Special Letters Unit.
(double booming) – You know that chung chung thing can really get on ones nerves. (double booming) Okay enough chung chunging already. (double booming)
Mommy! Make it stop, please. (double booming) (bright upbeat music)

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