Senator Kamala Harris: Mike Pompeo Is On The “Verge Of Obstructing Justice” | The Last Word | MSNBC

Senator Kamala Harris: Mike Pompeo Is On The “Verge Of Obstructing Justice” | The Last Word | MSNBC

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100 thoughts on “Senator Kamala Harris: Mike Pompeo Is On The “Verge Of Obstructing Justice” | The Last Word | MSNBC

  • Jan Peckinpaugh Post author

    And let’s see you are on the verge of telling the truth ….. no …..

  • Yang Gang Post author

    I like Harris as a Senator and hope she stay as that.

  • Stephen Grange Post author

    Kamala Harris is methodically plucking the chicken.

  • Patriotic Asian Populist Post author

    🙄Oh STFU you LYING, DISHONEST low-life pieces of TRASH!

  • eb17816 Post author

    And now for something totally different

  • Teddy Peterson Post author

    So pathetic how you lemmings latch onto every word these socialist facists spew.

  • Russ Post author

    "Stop that hammering "

  • Mark Anderson Post author

    If anything Kamala's horse face is on the verge of obstruction of justice. Lol

  • Thomas Chambers Post author

    Niggala needs to shut her trap. She’s on the down hill slope to being counted out

  • Matt Renfro Post author

    On the verge is not actually doing

  • the82spartans Post author

    Hoe be mad.

  • John Townsend Post author

    Pompeo is an Army veteran (first in his class from West Point), a
    Harvard Law grad, and a former CIA director. Clearly a sterling resume
    here does not equate to sterling character.
    What else has Pompeo lied about? What is he hiding and why? He must be
    subpoenaed without delay and unfettered access to State Department
    witnesses commenced forthright. There’s no telling what damage this man
    will do if he is allowed to continue as Secretary of State.

  • Bret H Post author

    Hilarious extrapolation MSN bombastic bu||$}{/* at its best !! 😆🤣😂

  • Bret H Post author

    This weird women who is running for United States president should go and read mr pompeo's resume ! Just trying to cloud the pool is not going to cut it with this gentleman

  • Mike Heffernan Post author

    On moats,shooting immigrants dead or in the being mentioned at ALL! Never mind as viable policy is yet ANOTHER example of how unfit to govern Diaper Donny the Dope is.Although we all know this….Rex Tillerson you were ABSOLUTELY correct in saying: “ He’s a f..king” moron.”

  • John Moore Post author

    Another female that thought she would be president.

  • Murray Gibson Post author

    Kamala kunt and u all know it

  • Butch Mitch Post author

    Good luck to this woman.
    A curious lack of charisma & striking force of lack of ability to manifest a compelling case to present to Americans why she should be elected our nation's leader. A frankly boring woman of color.
    There is nothing wrong about that, and she makes money for her family.
    But to campaign on demographics alone is pathetic.
    A brand is not a solution.

  • Sharon Post author

    Freedom of speech, you can’t change the constitution

  • Hush Money Post author

    I feel sorry for the people she kept in jail..

  • G Fisher Post author

    Democrats already look like left-wing journalists did on the night of the 2016 election! Sanders is out, Biden is mentally incompetent, and so they are left with Warren? LOL! This is too rich! Kamala Harris knows they are already defeated and will sit there bitter and depressed until the election and then throw her hands up and cry once President Trump (this is for you Hillary) WINS THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE AGAIN! Total losers, playing moot court on "TV" as a coping skill? LMAO!

  • G Fisher Post author


  • Cameron Macdonald Post author

    The demoncrats are panicking because Ukraine is explosive.

  • Wond Erful Post author

    warning someone in a letter about legal consequences is NOT bullying,
    but is STANDARD PRACTISE when communicating to a legal foe.

    it is in fact HELPING the foe, by forewarning them of bad legal things that can happen if they dont cooperate,

    I had a long running dispute with a company, and in some cases I didnt warn them about legal consequences because I needed to trap them, but other times I would warn them, eg I warned them that their monetary demand as it stood would not succeed, that I may have to pay them money but not the amount they demanded, that this would lead to them getting a county court judgement (CCJ) and that they would then have difficulty getting loans or forming contracts with big companies, because the first thing they do is a credit check, and the first step is to check for CCJ's

    in both cases I was maximising my own position, but in the first I did that by not telling them consequences, and in the latter by telling them consequences.

    they had done their own version of this saying in one letter that its best if we dont go to court, because if we go to court the only people who win will be the lawyers!

    bullying would be a threat which isnt part of legal process, eg if you dont reduce your demand by 1000, I will start playing really loud music outside your house at night so you cannot sleep.

    but telling someone the legal consequences of a particular decision is not bullying, especially if those legal consequences are factually accurate. eg when they arrest someone they say "you have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law",

    the person being arrested cannot accuse the police of bullying by saying that!

    they are just warning the person that what they say can be used against them, and the person ought to say:
    thank you for telling me that, I will be more careful what I say,

    when I was a kid I once bought a book from a newspaper advert, the book was sent and I never paid up. I thought I had the book for free, then one day I got a letter from them saying if I didnt pay up they would issue a county court summons. I didnt really have the money, so I posted the book back to them! and nothing further happened.

    so by warning me of the legal consequences if I didnt pay up, that forced me to cooperate. Much better than actually receiving a county court summons!

    they only wanted something like £6 but I didnt have that much money.

    in any case it is an irony for team Trump to accuse others of bullying, when Trump is the biggest bully of all!

    Trump also believes in an eye for an eye, so it would conform with Trump's values to bully him and his team!

  • Jonathan K Post author

    I'd LOVE to see Kamala question Trump…to say it would be UGLY is an understatement…She'd tear him a new a**hole.

  • Paul Kelly Post author

    trumps protection racket and arms sales for world dominance.

  • Bugsea Post author

    Go get him Kamala!

  • Mike Riggs Post author

    What hurts is Trump held up the money to fight Putin's supported Russian rebels. Trump holding up the money to war off his real good, special friend, his idol, he even sent his Son and Son in law to meet, excuse me RUSSIANS to help sling s— in the media to trash Hillary, in his building and the compulsive liar, everybody with a nickle of a brain knows he was knowing of the meeting. The lie is ridiculous .

  • James Conley Post author

    Did someone say Verge! are you fu*king kidding! he's way pass verge! lol….

  • Bugsea Post author

    This is better than the house of cards, lmao

  • Yellowbeard Post author

    We want to hear about the IRS whistle blower.
    Trump's taxes. Something we need to know.

  • G Rated Post author

    Ask Senator Harris "Whats the Gutsiest thing she's ever done" she was ahead of the game months ago on what we are seeing in the Barr Hearing. Talk about a direct hit. Prosecute the President will be a best seller one day famous words spoken by the Congress Women Fearless.

  • Alternative Headlines Post author

    Now everytime Harris appears I see Maya Rudolph

  • G Rated Post author

    Kamala Harris just reached across the Isle 7:58 she compliments Chuck Grassley when he puts his mind to it he sticks to it.

  • GuildBankLooter Post author

    TRUMP 2020

  • Zika Track Post author

    Pompeo coward and liar

  • Pearl Barkley Post author

    Pompeo should be ashamed of himself… but of course… he is drunk with power!!!

  • Lairdriver Post author

    Congress has the power to remove him. I think it's time they started enforcing their legal actions in a far more aggressive way. With law enforcement in tow and jail cell. If we as citizens ignore court orders like a subpoena, we end up in jail with a multitude of charges. By ignoring the request, he is essentially taking a dump on Americans.

  • Leonardo Rivera Post author

    Putin for President. He is not as soft as Trump. He would have it under control in no time.

  • Charles Post author

    Special congrats to Gavin Newsome today. The courts ruled his unconstitutional "tax return requirement" to be on the presidential ballot well.. um… UNCONSTITUTIONAL. The court is LAUGHING at Newsome and California

  • Clement Smith Post author

    Kamala long way to Harris Trump.

  • Tim Brand Post author

    I'm surprised kamala could even talk with that wicked bruise in the back of her throat after well you know…

  • Alex Odusanya Post author

    Thank God Kamala only goes after poor darker skinned people for low level offences or Mike could have been in real trouble

  • 1307scooter Post author

    She is such a phony person, thank god she will NEVER BE PRESIDENT!!!!

  • WTF Again? Post author

    I like Kamala Harris. She would make a very good President which means the Democrats won’t select her.

  • A Engo Post author

    The Golden Rule states, "tweet others the way you want to be tweeted".

  • dave etcetera Post author

    I love that exchange of Kamala and Barr. It's like a mother trying to get a child to admit he's lying when they both know it.

  • CREvoTheGreat Post author

    she should plant some marijuana on him n then jail him…….

  • CREvoTheGreat Post author

    so this newsreader is non binary?…..

  • Cathy Raney Raney Post author

    Thru this entire presidency and the rush to destroy america

  • Lambert Starr Post author

    Pompeo and Barr are bigger idiots than trump ever was…….they work for trump and think nothing will go wrong…….trump is fighting for his life by breaking the law and barr and pompeo are throwing their lives and future and country down the drain helping trump save his own skin by using and abusing both of them as his gopher boys!

  • NY Giants 4 life Post author

    Have anyone ever seen someone that was hurt but still put up a front like everything was ok this this lady and her whole crew

  • santiagobenites Post author

    A moat filled with alligators! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Oh, that crazy stable genius. The madness of King Donny!

  • CyeOutsider Post author

    Jail them all.

  • p l Post author

    Put the Honerable Barr in with everyone he has jailed over his life an let god sort it out 🙂

  • Rick Brosky Post author


  • Wally McAllister Post author

    Obviously, she doesn't believe in the First Amendment.

  • Sonia Post author

    Strong lady. Prayers.

  • Boyd Post author

    Who cares about snakes, motts or anyother bloviated crap. The lazy fat golfing slob has no wall. 60 miles of Obama repaired fence.

  • Bob Fischer Post author

    omg. could you imagine Twitter suspending Drumpf's account? His head might actually explode if he weren't able to vent on Twitter. It would be so worth it I'd have to get a bucket of popcorn just for that time.

  • Boy Wonderbk Post author

    Why is she still in the race?

  • gap949 Post author

    Lying "jock strap" Pompino is still spinning untruths trying to cover up ! Thanks to Rudi he's been exposed !

  • Terry Post author

    Bill Barr, do not pass go, go directly to jail, take Pompeo with you.

  • Gerhard Rinkens Post author

    Bolton could very well be the whistleblower.

  • Dre Day Post author

    Can't wait to vote..TRUMP 2020

  • Guard Booth Post author


  • Living and loving life Post author

    Russian collusion and now UK collusion. I guess Democrats won't be talking about how they plan to fix problems like infrastructure, healthcare or any other issues. Collusion, collusion, collusion. US politics is a joke. In the end, nothing will happen to trump and the country will be in the same condition it's in right now.

  • Lyse Moka Post author

    Mrs Harris is smart, educated, articulated, and experienced as a black beauty. She is perfect in this Trump era. I really think she should be the 1st woman President. She can do this. Easy.

  • Emily Live Post author

    Kamala Harris can't help herself she lost her cool when she had the dumbest idea of writing that letter to the CEO of Twitter. Doesn't she know that Twitter is a public platform where "everyone" has the right to practice their freedom of speech including the President of the United States? It seems to me Kamala Harris doesn't realize the American people are seeing her true intentions for this country. Kamala Harris looks drunk and dumb all the time, she does not and will not represent me as a woman running for President. For a more serious and qualified candidate, I recommend the Democrats put all their eggs in Tulsi's basket.

  • Kevin McCauley Post author

    kammie has a new hair do ..the hard working woman look LoL

  • Maria Hammarström Post author

    Citing the law is bullying?

  • JAY HUITING Post author

    She can laugh and a person can see the quality of her soul…with 45 there is never a bright place, always darkness.

  • Silencesma Tomsom Post author

    Mrs Harris Kendall Geiger is sick of paying the price for the shootings from the era 76

  • James Madison Post author

    Larry…well known lying stooge.

  • margaret hall Post author

    Why did Soros-tied Ukrainian arms dealer, Igor Pasternak, hold a fundraiser for Adam Schiff? (Held July 18, 2013 at Pasternak's Wash D.C. residence)($2,500 per plate)

  • keith johnson Post author

    Kamala needs something in her mouth so all you hear is mfmmmfmmf

  • keith johnson Post author

    Anyone can lie and say they are whistle blower. What kind of blower is Kamala.

  • D M Post author

    Trump 2020

  • Terry Brennan Post author

    Watch the Roger Waters movie " Us and Them" . Profound and scary. I can see why Trumpsters walked out. Watch out for another false flag operation to remain in power. The man is sick!

  • Île-de- France Post author

    Watch "Ukrainian-American businessmen in Florida linked to Rudy Giuliani" on YouTube

  • Cedric Jones Post author

    Wow!! Barr is a liar and he should be locked up with his President and Vice President and everyone else who is involved

  • ElusvOptmst1 Post author

    Lock them up! These GOP traitors need to be arrested and charged with treason and other high crimes. Our Democracy is at stake, vote Blue in 2020!

  • Toni Jones Post author

    When Kamala Harris ask the AG if anyone at the WH ever asked him to lie or cover up I bet in his mind he was tussling with yes no yes no

  • Sandi Billingsley Post author

    Kamala Harris rocks♥️

  • Sandi Billingsley Post author

    Long time ago Stephen Colbert did a bunch of skits on building a moat at the border fire and fireproof alligators.

  • Dazz Rat Post author

    MSNBC's remaining audience just laps it up, year after year. It's sad, really.

  • rolback Post author

    Kamela would know about obstructing justice, the same way she did as a prosecutor destroying the lives of thousands of young men obstructing their ability to defend themselves in court by disallowing evidence, witnesses and police setups.

  • Bill Keogh Post author

    Trump is getting re-elected. Can't wait for election night 2.0.

  • Duncan McGee Post author

    Says the person that wants to obstruct the first amendment

  • wily wascal Post author

    Toxic Traitor Trump was a big bully
    Sent to the Oval he sought to sully
    A pervert that likes to expose
    The truth everyone all knows
    His sick propensity for the gully
    After punched in the nose
    With repeated hard blows
    He learns respect for laws much more fully

  • wily wascal Post author

    With President Nero, it was never a question of if, rather only how long it would take him to generate enough heat for his inevitable meltdown. Self-immolation was preordained, but amount of time requisite varies widely, dependent upon afflicted individual and circumstance.

  • wily wascal Post author

    Extremely Stable Genius (TM) looking now to extort China to fabricate dirt on his political opponent, blissfully heedless how he's strung himself up by the balls for them, while they hold the prospects for his reelection and any trade deal–along with American's economy and security–in the palm of their gleeful hands, resting on the tightening winch he's using to elevate himself.

  • William Schuman Post author

    Typical lying racist aoc stupid crap weasel demonRATS

  • Montana fishing Fun Post author

    Stop screwing around and start arresting these crooks.

  • Tom Mathew Post author

    Princess Jasmine staffers routinely tell everyone "you have to meet her white husband".

  • Tom Mathew Post author

    Princess Jasmine knows it all.

  • Moss Stirling Post author


  • Deplorable Post author

    Ole willie brown didnt pick her for her brains….bet she sucks a mean one

  • feree M. Post author

    We need to see the transcript of Trump Phone conversation with turkeys President the night before attacking Kurds.

  • Jeanne 54 Post author

    Bullying? THEY’RE accusing Dems of what THEY DO every day? Integrity? The GOP has ZERO! They’re getting worse & are becoming just as sick as Trump! It’s HIS psychopathy making his contacts ill from Trumps Narcissistic Abuse!

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