#Salient Features of Indian Constitution- ഭരണ ഘടന- PSC Basics-Malayalam- Part 2

#Salient Features of Indian Constitution- ഭരണ ഘടന- PSC Basics-Malayalam- Part 2

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hyphens elaborate completely basics and it pudina dare take a case of him Kylie has linen will discuss a constant assembly in uniform J to add in the history embark occurring or can even double mocha mocha method Indian Constitution Mutulu constitutional Tammy and then a difference and then in the mood a constitutionally extra features Orleans on LaDonna a poor either the patent data Ito pick in the fact Agatha would carry the director to the question John Casilla bugger an indirect at the question joking around making questions Ito pick an item sure brother ok Panama coast at a and Glossop eleven even an item and slapping down and Manning could complete an ease our topic in the were in the question superior together okay for still sadly the filters of Indian Constitution refers still and clear straight unconstitutional anomaly indica nodded at either somebody great the Constitution or a written constitution Anna a dialogue memory Constitution damn the type under the constitutional a constitution for the way around the typhoon their own namitha their eternam yonder mother then no written one Eliza Naumann leaky the Piranha garnet and amethyst a leaky top and a felony or indeed other or a leaky top ienaga need a written constitution Anna at the bony American you read unconstitutional even at the indeed allocate to money local attorney a tumour Gabbana indeed a constitutional unconstitutional either included a two-inch area a written constitution Americanism are any non written constitution example add either and Akita fire guard and he killed our drift under them Israel one okay rather than Israel every Carlton and pitcher would travel shoe or Oh rolling and end up I mean I will show you the card on the ad Tina or Oh Stella toss it in a little room Malcolm ah darlin I do not know they need no unwritten Constitution in the panocha blend of rigidity and flexibility as I the number of constitutional rigidity on are the bones and a flexible one as I don’t know can they have a tie in here the mithril demise the Constitution others change the rigidity major learn them I love the planner other number could change here for cheap price on all right the Caribbean but the goal of the knee can be amended one can come and teach a an important person har did he can invite him Karan the creature will power the procedures of the mood along the Parliament is commendable it should go to more I’ve never to move along Gotham everyday Lasogga Megan if the Rapanui bucks and I know you three own Thank You Bertram would you know the parser Canopus Aki orienting your amendment anybody calls you sugar come back take a look at the kannada kareena flexible on okay to indium Putnam bucket challenge’ another finding it difficult to process or no forget the rhythm on a turkey recently many mother ami the McCook constitutional change IAM but at all we had at the portion did parliamentary form of government anonymity Constitution pariah then um but a dim door Montgomery the parliamentary formula dynamically unblocked so far as it’s ever been your president in for the chair until now parliamentary formula let your men dynamic or another even I got the parliamentary loss of failing remembers minimally people’s in a military medical move in animal eternity Cunha al-qaeda lattice fail our curry and the bone a tiny you’ve been in the are a present in afternoon or later we will fa da da cunha phenomenal parliamentary sister numbering determine the constitutional parameter in the air the further independent and integrated judiciary judiciary the case Indian or a linking game Constitution departing the judiciary independent honor but she in decorate the world at either numbered a register mium uncle pickle do called Santa then I got the Supreme Court on the supreme authority recorder in a state in their supreme authority on a high culture we need the script in their district court of cater even complain they affected independent artists in the Gilliam nice way to combat in the capital T Romano to combat them per se their love in the great run at either will meet your love orotate man order other and judiciary independent and integrated on the rock are a dozen course a federal state ax men and of course a federal state alike Nam Korean federal cisterna killer the number of states Arnim you or estate in him or oh the caramelizing our out take care chaos take a break another example America American Islamic Korean American states ally USA will general United States of America on a per federal sister never wore Oh state in a more o ad occur on a pro-rata on a federal system action nombre de la Orana allah federal sister enough moving Teresa stone that tender cut of meat say the toll Alana federal states under at the poly a banana controlling a major center of government order and I do it is semi federal cistern of the para I met him at the corner a normal number a constitutionally in Armidale again Indian Constitution a noble cause see federal state cistern if you save in the for another course if retro means is semi federal system in mind okay undeterred secular state an OK secular state means mata mata Mata endure a ordinay Madera – Dominic ok secular state means MIDI the register as either number area to Ricky LaRue Pakistan and every Slavic country and like the Muslims Amaro islamic andrea bartoli learn universe general Ripper and every country Islamic country and the person hombre India the woody part where they got that Nana totally cotton – I got em – Shakima regards Iman India Indira MIDI the restaurant Durov indras – Alamos latest releases Tristana a new trio till Pierre Nicola guru secular state and mother Maharashtra India other to specify the parameter he said cool armor and I automatically thought the army will 42nd amendment number a preamble is the Jabulani secular enemy okay out of the very first state and then first it’ll just Sheamus with a number of states in a shame I think mainly don’t know what a constitution an opportunity to take a part in the constitution other hundred eps PRI the directive principles of state polls will mark and when they strike at that wrong okay a party I’m gonna nominate Constitution Constitution a feature actor then University adult affranchi’s and which a transitional charge in the meaning been the whole thing or thing in an oath of a Gaussian a man writes to work I’m gonna practice and the meanest odd either number a India it will pardon it to my SIA for any other route Jackie Jo dirty mother cholera guru Mathai so that they equalized the pardon attorney suppose the Italian in denial about compassion Constitution special feature on okay after the emergency province at either RDM parameter can be cannot effective Constitution throttle anything in aru sample take a brush Moondoggie enlisted in and Thank You Larry problem okay I like in the middle government is I’m gonna make a move nothing and the killer is the president I mean and then get or depression I would enough emergency track kappa can write detective ID and arasta again there are some eight the fundamental rights in a poem forgotten lack the fundamental rights no Cassandra me laptop worst aromaticity number a native muna title emergency at home look okay about the homo kinematic lastly at the Canada specia it travel it to important title uh Constitution the salient features ok polenta still return Constitution Anna agility and flexibility parliamentary form of government independent and the heated judiciary judiciary Casa federal state secular state their first eight University and scientists emergency pros answers okay well the numerical if they don’t know the title apportion sana need a Lanka Stinson look of either the video slip fault ok on Madonna and labrum eerie reach the per turn limit any key supporting led little English I’m a subscriber and the macrame key for the placid and I tripped over and Ocotillo okay louder peace of mind let me my friend Simon Evie by the sherry antibody like um okay thank you

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