Safest Way To Clean Your Engine Without Water!

Safest Way To Clean Your Engine Without Water!

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welcome back to stop for garage guys today’s video is a highly requested one we’re going to be doing an engine bake cleaning waterless style and when I mean by waterless is we’re not going to be using a hose to rinse it down we’re not going to be using excess water that’s going to get into your connectors into your coil packs into your distributors into those places that you do not want water that’s going to make up your engine not run not start cause issues and cause electrical damage the car we’re going to be doing an engine bait cleaning on is a 2014 honda odyssey with about 52,000 miles on it definitely has some road wear and tear from just water and dirt build up over highway miles but all I can say is guys check out this before and after and this is what your engine can look like if you follow this process and before we get started guys go ahead and smash that like button below turn on notifications subscribe to my channel because I have some awesome detailing content coming out and I want to make sure you guys don’t miss out on it and I also want you to let me know in the comments below what detailing video do you guys want to see next so the items that you’re going to need today for this engine – greasing video is some sort of dish detergent some sort of degreaser brake cleaner and engine degreaser are always nice to have around if you have like an oil saturated engine from drips or from leaks you need some warm water in some sort of container they’re going to need several soft bristle brushes some miscellaneous wire brushes if you have oxidation on your head or your block gloves some cloth rags and then a vacuum is also extra handy when you have some collection of dirt in certain spots over trying to wipe it up when it’s once it’s wet so the first step to any engine cleaning video is to get on your rubber gloves and begin removing the panels and the different components that are easily accessible and easily removed so in my case the snorkel covers my battery for the intake it’s super easy to pull out and it makes it easier to clean once it’s out of the car and do a more thorough job one of the biggest things that you need to do whenever you do an engine cleaning video is to remove the battery I can’t stress that enough because having electrical current flowing through the car even if you’re doing a waterless cleaning you still have the possibility of shorting out of connector causing yourself some super big pain when it comes to troubleshooting an electrical fault or an electrical issue so remove the battery and it also makes it easier to remove underneath the battery in your battery tray where there is usually a collection of some sort of dirt or battery acid corrosion or anything like that and in my case you can see here on the bottom the battery tray how much dirt is actually collected here this is where the shopvac comes in making it super easy to suck all that dirt up get it out of the way without having to wipe it up or deal with it this is also a perfect opportunity to go around the rest of the engine bay with your vacuum to get into those nooks and crannies where dirt and sand has collected and go and use the vacuum for it instead of trying to wipe it down later once we’ve had the soapy water applied it makes it super easy super convenient and gives saves you some time in the long run by doing this step upfront so now let’s go ting get started with the actual cleaning process here I have my warm water I’m adding some dawn liquid detergent to it and I have my soft bristle brush that i’m going to use to mix up the water and to do the rest of the cleaning job in the engine bay [Music] even though we’re not using a hose or a large amount of water to clean the engine bay I highly recommend covering the intake to your engine some sort of blockage for it here I’m just using a rag to cover it to ensure that no dirt or anything else gets in there but now it is time to grab that bristle brush in soapy water and begin going around the engine bay in a small like quarter section of what you’re working on and start using the brush and the soap to agitate the dirt and the grease that has built up on your engine and move it around before we get to the next step the real reason why you want to work in a small area is because you’re not using a ton of water here and you don’t want that soapy water and that dirt to read here back to the surface and dry out so before you get too far along grab your towel and wipe down those surfaces and dry up that soapy water and that dirt and lift it off the surface and if you have to repeat the same process in the same area if you still have grease left over you could always bust out the engine degreaser or the brake cleaner if you have on some sort of metal part if you need a more serious cleaning but for the most part I think using the dawn or using the brushes that I’ve showed here should be sufficient like I mentioned earlier newer cars in particular they have these plastic panels like this one shown here that covers the radiator they’re super easy to remove so I recommend just pulling them off the car and working them on a different surface it also allows you access to underneath those panels where dirt is also built up as you can see here [Music] by removing them it allows you to get to all surfaces on your car even if you would typically not ever get to them I can guarantee that if you remove your valve cover and we’re working on your spark plugs or working on something underneath there having it cleaned will make it a much more pleasant experience [Music] [Music] aluminum intake manifolds or any head or block in particular here this is where the wire brushes come in handy because of oxidation that aluminum naturally has just from the environment or if you have grease caked on the wire brush is definitely come in handy in this case [Music] [Music] there are several places around the engine that I feel people neglect to even consider cleaning like in this case underneath the windshield wiper cover underneath you know around the brake fluid container those are areas that you most likely will touch more often than not so go ahead and take the extra step to clean them it’s like when you’re doing an exterior engine cleaning or you’re actually drying your car after car wash wipe down your door panels wipe down on them around the door trim right down behind the gas cap cover because to be honest if you get in and out of your car the next most often place visited is probably your gas cap but by cleaning those areas you get just that extra added benefit of having a clean vehicle [Music] so this step is where that act so that earlier step will remove the valve cover piece and that front cowling comes in handy because right you have it off the vehicle you can use extra water extra soap to get the dirt and grime off and then when it comes time to rinse it off you can just go use the hose and rinse off the soap and water so if you have the opportunity to do so I highly recommend it it allows you to get to 90% of the engine bay by doing this because this I mean this is the biggest components in this vehicle in particular it might not be for your car so take that for a grain of salt but if your vehicle does have the opportunity to take off these larger pieces and do it off the vehicle it’ll make it for a much better finish [Music] so those large pieces were the last piece of the puzzle for me once you have everything kind of cleaned up it is now time to reassemble everything the first step is to kind of put your battery back in the car hook up your electrical connectors and put everything back on including your battery time then start reassembling that cowling Arion start installing the valve cover piece any of those components that you removed to clean off the vehicle now is the time to put those back in [Music] so for those of you have been subscribers to my channel know that I really like using the 303 products and in this case I’m using the 303 aerospace protectant to spray on the engine spray it across the entire surface every nook and cranny to cover all those components because one I don’t like a greasy finish and 303 aerospace protectant leaves more of that matte black bright finish that I like the most and also has a UV protectant so that’s why I use it on my interior if you guys are interested in picking up this product and using it as well I have a link in my description box so make sure you guys go check it out if you want to pick it up but once I’ve sprayed it on the entire engine I’m using a rag just to kind of wipe up the surfaces that have collected the excess liquid so that way it’s not leaving any streaks or anything like that [Music] minivan engine bay guys you have to admit the finish and the actual end result is hugely different than when we started as you can see here everything is cleaned up the plastic shines the color is more bright and to be honest if you ever had to work in an engine bay that’s clean it makes it so much easier to work on because it’s pleasant to look at whereas a dirty engine bay and if you’re working on a valve cover gasket or something you got to worry about contaminants and dirt getting in there so having a clean engine bay is more than just a cosmetic appearance I think it’s common practice that everyone should exercise because you want to have a clean surface to work on so you don’t damage other components it’s just a typical maintenance practice that everyone should follow [Music] so these before-and-after shots don’t do it justice in person it looks ten times better than it does here and the end product was amazing and guys I want you to leave any comments below of any questions you have on your specific engine what you should do and if you guys have any suggestions on what you would do differently leave them in the comments below I’m always open to new tips and advice and different criticisms on what I could do differently to make it look even better and here is that before and after shot again and that we showed at the beginning it looks amazing and if you guys haven’t subscribed hit the subscribe button and I’ll see you guys in my next video thank you so much for watching bye guys

100 thoughts on “Safest Way To Clean Your Engine Without Water!

  • Bostonian Now Post author

    $2.85 engine cleaner in 10 minutes. Armorall tire foam (cleaner and protector). Spray everything, let soak for 2 or 3 minutes (or one 12oz beer) wipe bad areas with clean rag and blow rest off with air hose or leaf blower. Looks brand new. (New cars have mostly plastic covers under the hood.) If it has never been done may have to do it twice. (Grab a six pack). I throw a blanket on the windshield to keep it clean.

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    Dawn dishsoap is a petrol product and so are many of your cable coverings and wires, this will cause the dishsoap to eat away at your seals and make your cables/wires harden and crack.

  • John Wright Post author

    great job Man I like the no rinse idea you use… don't let the naysayers bust your balls man that is a great method, I think it will be how I do mine next…. I'm a fan of the pressure washer method but this is a nice deep cleaning and thorough job!! love your vids keep up the great work!!

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    Best way to clean an engine is to use compress air and then carburetor cleaner. No water needed!

  • John Williams Post author

    I've watched a lot of engine bay cleaning video's, yours is by far one of the better videos. The engine and bay look absolutely fantastic! I like the idea of using minimal water, while it is true that you can cover alot of the electrical components and go nuts with a pressure cleaner, I would not take the risk. I value my mustang and don't need any trouble. Thanks for the video. 👍

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    Thing is, That you simply do not want to use a pressure washer on your engine or engine bay when it is "hot" after driving your motor vehicle, as with a pressure washer you would be "localized" in a particular section, and that indeed could cause some undesired results, such as Steaming and blistering of you cars paint, Use common sense. And Pressure wash your engine anytime while the vehicle is cooled down and you will get excellent results. Period. You sir, this time, are mistaken.
    Thanks for making this video, and you actually did do a decent job cleaning that engine bay.

  • geekbruin Post author

    Nice editing. Speaking of small details, do you ever have your clients change the air cabin filter? Makes a huge difference if it’s been neglected and even the cleanest car will still smell bad if it needs changing.

  • DrDysfunctionaL88 Post author

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    2. This would be a good time to use a wire brush on the battery terminals and connectors
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  • Auto Detail Surgery Post author

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  • LT7 Automotive Post author

    A little caution goes a long way. From my experience, directing water away from or covering the distributor (if you have one) is the only precaution needed. You present an good option here for those who are unsure or are extra cautious. Personally, I want to rinse the soap residue off. Long term effects of something like dish soap is to dry out plastics, rubber, and finishes. The 303 rinse and wipedown helps.

  • LT7 Automotive Post author

    Your battery connections would benefit from wire brushing and battery connection sealant. Your valve cover would benefit from a metal cleaner/sealant or any paint polish/wax/sealant to slow down oxidation. Cleaning off the existing oxidation without covering it with something exposes new metal so that metal will now oxidize. The oxidized layer actually protects the aluminum from further oxidization and the long, long, long-term effect of removing it without protecting the newly exposed metal is erosion.

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