Russian Lawyer Who Met With Jared Kushner, Don Jr. Admits To Being An Informant | NBC Nightly News

Russian Lawyer Who Met With Jared Kushner, Don Jr. Admits To Being An Informant | NBC Nightly News

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18 thoughts on “Russian Lawyer Who Met With Jared Kushner, Don Jr. Admits To Being An Informant | NBC Nightly News

  • Edward Jeansonne Post author

    Why I do not believe this: she is still alive. Russians poison anyone who turns on them.

  • truthseekers Post author

    MORE FAKE Russia Russia Russia propaganda

  • Meno Passini Post author

    She was a client of Fusion GPS. They did work on a law suit she was involved in. This is old News.

  • wandering spirit Post author

    Don't forget to tell your viewers that this Russian lawyer met with Fusion GPS(the firm the DNC paid $12 mill
    to using Russian sources to smear Trump) TWO DAYS BEFORE and TWO DAYS AFTER her meeting with
    Trump Jr. Trump Jr did not solicit her-she solicited him. She was also in the USA without a visa and photographed
    with numerous members of the DNC at the time. Please tell your viewers the whole story for once.

  • Jack The Skipper Post author

    How long till she's found with two bullets to the back of the head somewhere in Moscow? Putin won't like this

  • Андрей Гришенко Post author

    LOL Fluffy peecock is a silly tabloid! It's not even propaganda. You folks are not journalists or even reporters. You are newsmakers. Silly, fake newsmakers. I feel dirty for watching a minute of your "work"

  • Ancel Rick Post author

    This is just more Russian disinformation. The fact that she's saying this NOW is not coincidence. More confusion, more fear, more uncertainty, more doubt. Party over country rules the day and they know it. The Russians continue to do what ever they want and stupid Americans just blame each other.

  • truthseekers Post author

    MSM is propaganda, it's all Madison Ave. FAKE stories.
    It's a shame you have to get the TRUTH from media from other countries. Fake Russia Russia Russia. NO PROOF!

  • Leo O Post author

    You are FAKE NEWS. Again you are making, not reporting the news. Why? To cover up that you lied EVERYTHING about Trump?

  • Ethan Hill Post author

    What was missed by putin-trump ticket is checks and balance system of government here. trump can't take over the Republic in a manner similar to putin's take over of Russia. trump, obviously a poor student of American civics, history and political science, must had been duped into believing he could be putinesque here in the US. putin has won. trump will not triumph.trump will be vilified. Benedict Arnold has a friend in American history.

  • Elliott Post author

    Why would an informant confess that they are an informant?

  • benvw Post author

    It's all fake we need to see the full interview to make head or tail of this clip don't be sucked in by their bias. Also need a independent interpreter.

  • David Barnes Stuff Post author

    I would really like to see the full interview. Not just bits and pieces.

  • irrational sage Post author


  • Fallen Shaw Post author

    If I lie and say I was an informant and write a book about it, does that mean I instant become a famious millionaire too?

  • Jack Brown Post author

    Body Language Analysis No. 4273: Natalia Veselnitskaya and The Trump Tower Meeting – "I am an Informant" – Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence

  • Jethro Brown Post author

    NBC is such a hack. It might help to ask who paid her, could it be someone tied to the Clintons. "Q" is exposing all the corruption

  • garet claborn Post author

    russian fear mongering, disgusting
    how interesting that it turned out there was an FBI "informant" after this came out

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