Roy Cooper statement on unprecedented legislation introduced in the special session

Roy Cooper statement on unprecedented legislation introduced in the special session

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North Carolina is better than this. Discrimination is wrong, period. That North Carolina is making discrimination part of the law is shameful. Not only does this hurt North Carolina families, but it hurts our economy as well. We have seen how this played out in the state of Indiana when they tried it Business left the state, or thought twice about bringing in new jobs, and millions of dollars in revenue was lost. Governor McCrory started us down this path, promising legislative action for political gain. Now the legislature is taking unprecedented actions that will threaten our economy. The Governor lit the match then stood aside while the fire grew out of control. It’s a time for leadership, but Governor McCrory is now on the sidelines, while the loudest, most extreme voices are running the show. North Carolina deserves better. We need a governor who will put our state first, not wait to see which way the political winds are blowing.

35 thoughts on “Roy Cooper statement on unprecedented legislation introduced in the special session

  • JB Bell Post author

    Well said, Mr. Cooper. Let us hope reason and compassion will prevail.

  • jssherrard Post author

    Mr. Cooper's words are entirely correct; however, this is presented like a self-serving political ad without any suggestions for immediate real-world solutions. Mr. Cooper, what do you propose as a solution in the here-and-now?

  • Sean Sorrentino Post author

    Discrimination? It's now a negative thing to ask people to use the appropriate bathroom? Or to use single person bathrooms?

    I'll tell you what's shameful. What's shameful is an Attorney General, running for Governor, who points the finger and calls people names when they have legitimate concerns about predators pretending to be transgendered in order to have better access to their victims. What's shameful is a politician who will sacrifice those potential victims on the altar of political correctness.

    If you were a real leader, Roy Cooper, you would be seeking solutions that everyone could agree on, not supporting the most radical policy possible while pointing fingers and calling names.

  • Kenny Cook Post author

    The bible thumping idiot lawmakers think people are just going to accept this. it shows how ignorant they are. The state will lose revenue through boycotts and through legal fees once the discrimination lawsuits begin.

  • Robert Martin Post author

    Please run against Governor McCrory. AG Cooper. Gov McCrory NEEDS to GO!!

  • yriafehtivan Post author

    McCrory is weak and spineless. He needs to step down.

  • Gwen Samelson Post author

    Agree! Well said! Thank you.

  • Pyrrhus Epirus Post author


  • Jason Phillips Post author


  • Jason Phillips Post author

  • Joseph Ballin Post author

    Republican Party is the modern day Nazi party.

  • Corey Mondello Post author

    Federal laws should protect all people. If states feel the need to make laws, to try and trump them, they should have sanctions put in place, and be considered enemy of the USA. Until I can treat anyone I want the way some people think they can treat minorities, no one is to be given this right. Equality for all means just that, if the law allows one group to discriminate LGBTs, I should have the same rights to discriminate those who believe they have the right to do that. Why would I want to support in any way, with my forced taxes, a group that doesn't want me to have equal rights, or doesn't believe everyone deserves equal rights? F_ck the all! I like to remind people, ever since the USA was created, and throughout history for that matter, Conservative Christians have been demonizing minorities, making laws that oppress them, taking away any equal rights they may have and denying any they fight for and may have gained. This is not my opinion, it is history, hence how Un-American, Conservative Christians are. There is good reason why they have been deemed the American Taliban for many years now. They have never done anything good to help the USA become a better country, for all people. They are the enemy of America!!

  • MrAudienceMember Post author

    Seems NC GOP has forgotten that slogan on license plates: First in Freedom. Or, maybe it just doesn't apply to everyone?

  • Jet Gardner Post author

    Exactly what kind of sick ignorant people live in North Caroline where it has become so much of a problem of men using women's bathrooms that the legislature had to become involved???  It is time for gays to get a divorce from the T in LGBT. Trans consider themselves neither Gay or Bi and for years they threatened to tear down everything that Gays and Bisexuals have worked and sacrificed for. Now every bible-thumping ignorant Southern Redneck is using them against us.

  • Captain Mintbeard Post author

    First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Socialist.

    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.


  • Debbie Sheegog Post author

    This is NOT how we want to be represented, Gov., and I hope you are replaced in the next election. It's shameful to have a secret session to pass a law, maybe not even legal, that discriminates, and using $40,000.00+ to hold such a meeting of our legislature and yourself. We are on the road to a place no one will be proud of. I'm not leaving, I love N. C. YOU Go away, McCrory, you are not a credible or ethical person.

  • Brian Chapman Post author

    Roy Cooper has my vote in November

  • Charles Hogan Post author

    They are suppose to grab your ear and hold a gun to your head making you squeak like a pig before passing a law like this ….

  • Charles Hogan Post author

    now with this law , the only way to get LBGT job and housing protection reinstated will be to regain a majority in both the house and senate and repeal . with gerrymandering that may take a while.

  • Christine Gasser Post author

    You make such a great AG that I was saddened to learn you were leaving to ruin for governor -and then this! We need you!

  • Moo Post author

    Governor Roy Cooper !!

  • Lex5576 Post author

    Cooper could've beaten McCrory if he'd have kept his mouth shut.  Taking this stance will get him smoked in November.

  • Lex5576 Post author

    I say make all restrooms single occupancy only, then everybody can shut the fuck up about this issue.

  • Wilbur Wallaby Post author

    You have my vote. Impeach Pat McCrory

  • LGBTQ Archive Post author

    Thank you for speaking out and for being on the right side of history on this issue.

  • Medical Student Post author

    This fucking idiot,

    Discrimination is firing bullets into a crowd of people who share different views. Discrimination is putting in prison and torturing your prisoners who share different views. Discrimination is being killed and your head chopped off, or your family butchered, all because you have a different religion. Discrimination is forcing a certain ethnic group off their house and out of their country as immigrants. You Americans have no IDEA what discrimination is.

    -Love Myanmar

    (and by the way, this politican is playing on your anger. I'm surprise you're all stupid enough to fall for it).

  • Jet Gardner Post author

    Okay, alright, I'm just going to blurt out what millions of gays are saying unjustifiably or not. The vast MAJORITY of gay people are so normal in appearance and behavior that you couldn't pick them out of a crowd if your life depended on it which is why "Christians" are so convinced there's so few of us. But for some reason the media and especially the far right concentrate on the flamboyant clown-parade fairy queens in drag and rainbow wigs, and gender confused amongst us and use them against us like North Carolina, Mississippi and Tennessee are now. It's not fair to us gays who lead an uncloseted but uneventful life with our lovers, husbands, wives and loved ones because of the prancing lisping fags that just hunger for attention.  There I said it

  • Abdulai Bah Post author

    So called conservative leaders in NC have failed their people.

  • J from Carolina USA Post author

    The democrats need to win this one. Let's rally !!! Roy Cooper for governor.

  • Dat Man Drew Post author

    We love you roy! Take that evil man down!

  • razumfrackle Post author

    Roy Cooper is a fucking idiot. Since when are male and female bathrooms "unconstitutional"? Transgendered people are no more "protected" than people who dress up in furry animal suits or tattoo lizard scales on their faces. This is just nutty.

  • banjomaniac Post author

    Cooper is just running his campaign, he just wants to be Governor, its all politics and the same old Unites States of the Offended!

  • stelle202 Post author

    "Discrimination is wrong, period."

    That statement makes you just about the dumbest jackass, on this planet! How does an ignoramus that doesn't even understand the meaning of a simple term like discrimination, manage to hold such a high governmental position? How does a parasite like you get into politics? Please share with us just how many people you're willing to betray, to keep your job? And have you ever had an ethical bone in your body? What exactly wouldn't you do to make a dollar? If the people of Carolina elect an imbecile like you to Governor, then they deserve what they get. Hopefully, they are far to smart to be deceived by a festering, pus filled boil like you. Here's hoping the good people of the state you work for, vote your bigoted ass out of office.

  • mountainboy1980 Post author

    As a Charlottean who grew up within an hour of here and who personally knew Jim Holshouser I had great hopes for McCrory because as mayor of Charlotte he was a real stand up man. However, as governor, and more importantly someone who gave him my vote he has done nothing but disappoint. From the I77 toll road disaster that it will end up being to the shamefully self governed HB2 he is what makes the Old North State a laughing disgrace. I mean seriously if the governor of GA has enough common sense then this is why we are the laughing stock of the nation. Georgia! Come on seriously!!!! Think about that a minute. Roy, you've got my vote and I hope and pray you'll do this state better than he has. More or less a lifelong republican here and on a federal level I will likely remain (from a gay man that's a helluva a statement) but enough is enough.

  • chronicman06 Post author

    Please concentrate on what this governor and the republicans have done by neglecting our roads and streets. They even increased all DMV fees that hurt working people. Highlight this and the people will follow because it affects them.

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