Resource Legislation Amendment Bill – Committee stage (5) – Part 1

Resource Legislation Amendment Bill – Committee stage (5) – Part 1

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honey trying to explain why twenty-three-year-old see under parliament and but I’ve waste the time it looks bigger can I just finish off my speech motor smashes up movers head the members head to cools yeah but it’s a lot of enthusiasm vice mission to me but you mean but the member can have another guy you’re only about two at a time according to the standing room well I move I move too far i move happen yeah well that’s a little bit rich a retrograde step because exactly what this member has described as a retrograde step straight back to colonization oh my goodness lock up your children cuz here come the Mary’s we should all be very scared oh my gosh mr. chair I do not understand why people are so worried about having a mighty voice come and sit at their table what is the fear what is the fear about that I tell you what that they are the only ones that are protecting many parts of the environment in this country and while the member mecha fight City might want to say that they can do it now that is not the standard across the country it is variable and if you’re lucky enough to have your treaty of waitangi settlement signs then you may just have some arrangement over a river or some arrangement over a mountain you might have some co governance arrangement if you’re lucky enough to have that negotiated into your treaty settlement you might have that but that’s not consistent and that’s not consistent for consenting over everywhere heat up through that you might deem to be sacred to you there’s not consistent across this country so mr. chair we believe that the of an arrangement which has been written by the e-way written by the technical advisers of the Erie and we have negotiated with this government to get them in you can’t tell me they don’t support it I tell you now they were willing to support this bill without the carve-out for GE they were willing to support I can send you the email if you want to see it but this is the e we say into their country you do not have to worry about this consent already requires consultation with Erie under the current RMA but invariably what happens is that local councils may forget to go and consult or notify that ninety-five percent of notifications don’t even go to EE so I’m not sure what the irrational fear is about because if they’re only been notified of five percent of the consenting issues and only been asked to consult over five percent of current consent in issues then what is the fear this provides an opportunity under monofocal hollow arrangements for those agreements to be nutted out at the beginning of the process and not left to het hazard local and regional councils who decide when and when not they might want to consult and I can point to a number of different examples all I can wadded-up er where the local council said I’m not sure should we be dispersing the overflow from our sewage treatment plants into your river into the local river that our tofu of large Kahungunu key to running upper and when they went and consulted and the e we see it knows you cannot be putting your surridge into our ancestral river they said well thank you for your consultation here’s a tick we gonna do it anyway and every every family and the wounded upper could have been protected I could have had the safety of that River upheld could have been able to swim in that river not fearful for whether they might get sick or not could have drank from it like we used to 60 years ago when we lived on its banks they cannot now because II we while consulted had no opportunity to sit at the table and agree front up that here are some places we would like you to at least come and talk to us about have some agreement about and take that seriously and that is the variability that happens around this country on a daily basis this is nothing to fear and this is an added protection measure because before there was the Green Party they were Maori before there was environmentalist they were Marty in this country born of opportunity their ancestral mother it is up to them as kotaku tanger we have secured kaitiaki tunga those sections that refer to their endless bill untouched for the benefit of all New Zealand that is value add that is not a rich or a grade step back to colonization where you need to sit in the corner Thank You Marty Mar and not have any say whatsoever because that’s what happened 60 years ago we set next to pristine water 60 years ago we were struck out of the allocation model in this country so we should worry about that in the bill the bill allows us under monofocal ha no arrangement to make that stipulation up front and must fight City you’ll be happy to know that naughty Cahoon who are wholly supportive and so are just about every other EV around must achieve murmur pop Thank You mr. chairman the mother 10 arrangement has been designed by ely written by ely endorsed by ely to ensure that we can at least have a say around the resource management in those areas for our people that’s what it’s about all of us together because we’re part of the community to but that may have been forgotten over the years when resource consent process go processes go back but only ninety five percent of them are notified so we had the opportunity to do this then mr. chair if I can draw your attention to the actual part if the member was talking about it tells you quite clearly there is a collaborative process it’s not one person trying to assert their rights over top of another it is a collaboration where we get to discuss and agree a pathway forward for the benefit of the entire region where all stakeholders get to sit at the table that’s what a mother or no arrangement is and Seaton’s us a bro ah cracy of the elite embody those mighty eb chairs have been mandated by their happy to represent them at a national table so should we dismiss those hapu those Moroi who have mandated there eerie cheers to speak on their behalf are we going to tell nahi we don’t want to sit down sir you don’t speak for us of course we are not that is not an elitism that is not a bro bakra see that is fair representation fair representation from the people who vote for their early cheers they’ve been voted for they’ve been voted for in a faster for political process than this we know that of habbo and morrow I come to the table they get to vote for their each year very which air represents their interests and they do so on behalf of all the people in region and I think it’s disingenuous of the member to say that that is elitism as disingenuous of the member to say that that is a bro opera see that is merely representation mr. chair representation of the people over which they have the mandate to represent special rights let’s have a look at what happened in the last hundred and seventy years oh that’s right no rights Becca nuttin we need to remind you that we signed mr. chair we need to remind the members that we signed a treaty it guaranteed us some rights to have a say over our resources and we have the ability to do that through a collaborative process where we can speak together as adults call it or al waha that is not making it up that is what the eb chairs are put in here the guiding principles and initiating developing and implementing a horn or are all here they’re participating authorities must use their best endeavours to achieve the purposes to use an integrated process to have coordination of resources to ensure that we can sit together that’s what a mother horn air horn or water or hear arrangement is is about ewee participation at the table is to ensure that we add value to our region’s add value to the local government add value to the environment add value to this nation and it’s not something to be feared that fear is absolutely irrational and to say that it is a richer greed step as just merely catering to some stale male pale a vote that they seem to go after because the member stood up at Ottawa made a speech to people two days after he didn’t see anything in that speech to the Marty people he stood in front of so I’m talking about the speech that you referred to the member referred to in her speech when he talked just before so mr. chair the on idle here the hanel utterly arrangement is a mechanism to unite ewee and local authorities to join together to give to agree and record the way that the land and the resources are managed under this act and that is a huge achievement so if somebody has a problem about oil drilling they have the opportunity to make that statement here in the on water arrangement if somebody has a fear about fracking they had the ability to do that under the huddle here arrangement this is a place for them to have a voice and something that people fear to say that it is brown mailing or is it merely recognizing that they have a voice because to bring up the the civil rights movement from back in the day to say we’re going away from separatism this is not separatism this is distributed democracy this is giving a voice to minorities who otherwise would not have the voice mr. chair that is giving rise to the desires of a people who have been marginalized in their own countries shiver chip the Honorable dr. max I must

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  • Don Jacobs Post author

    man, I struggle to listen to the racist garbage being spouted by this woman..she just doesn't get it. Kaitiaki is a made up word which wasn't even around before the 1980's. Article of the second says: "Ki nga tangata katoa o Nu Tirani" …AND ALL THE MEN OF NEW ZEALAND" what part of that does Ms Fox not understand?

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