Reality TV Stars Who Completely Destroyed Their Careers

Reality TV Stars Who Completely Destroyed Their Careers

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These once-popular reality stars managed to
ruin their fame by spreading vicious rumors, getting locked up, and threatening to harm
their co-stars, among other offenses. Here’s how your former favorite TV personalities
ruined their careers. “Hey girlfriends! Why don’t we all have some drinks and talk
about how I think Portia has no class. Yeah, you heard me Portia!” Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino made his ascent
into B-list celebrity status after appearing on the MTV reality series Jersey Shore. His bizarrely charming personality and rock
hard abs proved to be bankable assets, so the cash started pouring in. “As far as I know, everybody loves The Situation. And if you don’t love The Situation, I’m
gonna make you love The Situation.” Apparently, neither Sorrentino’s abs nor
charm worked on the federal government. According to TMZ, the reality star’s life
did a 180 when he was nabbed by the IRS for failing to pay taxes on nearly nine million
dollars in earnings. Forbes reported that Sorrentino entered a
guilty plea on one count of tax evasion in January 2018 while his brother, Marc, pleaded
guilty to one count of aiding in the preparation of a fraudulent tax return. The disgraced reality star began his 8-month
prison sentence at Otisville Federal Correctional Institution in Otisville, New York in January
2019. But before he left, The Situation had one
final farewell shindig: his November 2018 wedding to longtime girlfriend, Lauren Pesce,
followed by a honeymoon in the Santa Catalina mountains. It’s bittersweet the newlyweds will spend
their first few months as husband and wife away from each other. Luckily, once Sorrentino’s sentence is over,
he can reunite with her and his Jersey Shore Family Vacation cast mates, since MTV gave
the reality show reboot the green-light for Season 3. Prison first, but GTL forever! In an iconic video clip from Teen Mom OG,
executive producer Morgan J. Freeman tells Farrah Abraham that if she continues to work
in the adult film industry, Teen Mom will not continue to have her on the show. Abraham, who’s never been one to back down,
immediately claps back: “Who are you to tell someone to choose one
thing? F—ing shoot me for being who I am.” Who is he? Well, he was your employer, Farrah. Abraham refused to agree to the stipulations,
and with MTV’s cameras no longer documenting the mother of one, her life flipped upside
down. According to TMZ, Abraham signed 5-year leases
in 2016 for two boutiques she operated at a mall in Lakeway, Texas. After shutting their doors, Abraham allegedly
stopped paying rent on both storefronts and was sued for owing over one hundred thousand
dollars in past due rent. RadarOnline stated Abraham was also sued by
her lawyer in November 2018 for an outstanding bill, and an additional twelve thousand dollar
lawsuit was filed by a promoter after she backed out of a boxing match. After being hit with multiple lawsuits, Abraham
reportedly had to move in with her father and his fiancée. People magazine confirmed that Brandi Glanville
had been given the ax after season 5 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills due to a
series of tumultuous verbal altercations with her castmates. A source told People: Another source told Us Weekly that the show’s
executive producer, Andy Cohen, was also a bit peeved with her, stating: Perhaps Glanville should’ve put in more effort
to play nice, because without the show, she’s suffered from some pretty intense hardships. While speaking to TMZ after her firing, Glanville
revealed her financial situation had been strained since she left the program. Being sweet and cordial is probably a better
move in terms of job security, but without Glanville, the show is definitely missing
the dramatic, combative villainess. Teresa Giudice seemed to have it all when
she made her debut on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. She had oodles of cash at her disposal and
a mega-mansion that she shared with her four daughters and her husband, Joe. Giudice was living quite a charmed life…
up until the IRS caught wind of her and her husband’s shady dealings, which included bankruptcy
fraud, mail fraud, and conspiracy to commit wire fraud, to name a few. Giudice and her husband pleaded guilty to
the charges, with Teresa looking at up to 27 months in prison. “I got stuck with being involved.” Her husband began serving a 41-month prison
term in March 2016, and faced possible deportation back to his native Italy after he admitted
to failing to pay nearly one million dollars in taxes. The Real Housewife was ultimately sentenced
to 15 months behind bars herself, beginning her prison stint on January 5th, 2015. She was also ordered to pay four hundred thousand
dollars in restitution and thirteen-million dollars for her bankruptcy. Her prison days may be behind her now, but
Giudice’s dodgy financial mistakes could leave a stain on her reality TV career forever. When you think of MTV’s The Hills, you probably
instantly think of Heidi Montag and her boyfriend-turned-husband, Spencer Pratt, the couple better known to
fans as Speidi. On the series, Spencer was the bad boy, and
Heidi was the one who so desperately wanted their relationship to work out. Despite her BFF Lauren Conrad calling Spencer
a “sucky person,” Montag stood by his side, causing major discord in their friendship. Unlike a few of the other celebs on our list,
Montag’s descent from fame had to do with her own desire to be famous. Even the reality star’s husband revealed: According to The Daily Beast, the plastic
surgery-obsessed Montag and Pratt blew through all of their money after their MTV days were
over and the paid nightclub appearances dried up. They even had to resort to shacking up in
Pratt’s parents’ beach house. Her failing superstardom, which was once her
bread and butter, left her broke, created rifts with her family members, and made other
reality shows hesitate to book her for gigs. “But you have to realize what I’ve been
through, and you have to realize that I’ve been through so much pain.” We’re interested to see how things will
fare for Montag on MTV’s The Hills: New Beginnings. The drama here started on season 9 of The
Real Housewives of Atlanta when cast member Porsha Williams gossiped behind castmate Kandi
Burruss’ back, insinuating that Burruss was an undercover lesbian. Once news got back to Burruss, she revealed
that she and Williams had actually shared a kiss after a boozy night at an after-hours
club, and also alleged that Williams had offered to perform a sex act on her that same night. This caused Williams to go on the defensive
and unleash a fury of accusations, including a rumor that Burruss had a kinky “sex dungeon”
in her home. “She said I had a sex dungeon! You know if I had one, I would tell everybody
about it because I don’t care!” During a cast trip to Hawaii, Williams said
she heard a rumor from an unnamed person that Burruss and her husband, Todd Tucker, had
plans to drug Williams and their mutual friend Shamea Morton in order to have sex with them. During the reunion episode, cast mate Phaedra
Parks confirmed she was the one who “repeated” the rumor after receiving the information
from another unnamed source. Bravo TV executive producer Andy Cohen revealed
to E! News that after the season wrapped, none of the cast mates agreed to film with
Parks for season 10, putting an end to her time on the show. Derick Dillard, who starred alongside his
wife Jill Duggar on TLC’s Counting On, took to his Twitter to discuss Jazz Jennings, the
transgender star of TLC’s I Am Jazz, in an insensitive and hurtful tweet. Dillard’s tweet read: Jennings’ fans clapped back in her defense,
which prompted Dillard to dig his hole a little bit deeper, tweeting: Online users were disgusted that he purposely
used the wrong pronoun to refer to Jennings, but before the verbal fisticuffs could escalate,
TLC released a statement via Twitter in which they told viewers Dillard would no longer
be featured in the series, writing: Dillard seemed to take the firing in stride,
but less than a month later, he decided he needed to clear things up in a tweet that
read: Uhhh, whatever you say, dude. In 2000, Richard Hatch outsmarted his competition
to become the first winner of the American version of Survivor, winning one million dollars. Unfortunately, he neglected to pay taxes on
his earnings, something which he admitted to Forbes. Hatch stated he asked for an extension to
file the IRS paperwork through his accountant, and although he claimed to be in communication
with the federal government, they slapped him with an indictment for willful evasion
two years later. Instead of taking a plea deal like he was
advised to do, Hatch decided to go to trial where he was eventually found guilty on all
ten criminal counts. The Survivor champion was looking at 47 years
in prison, so we’re sure he breathed a sigh of relief when he was sentenced to only three
years. Upon his 2009 release, he headed back to reality
TV to appear in various shows, including Celebrity Apprentice. But Uncle Sam came knocking once again after
Hatch failed to refile his 2000 and 2001 taxes and neglected to pay an outstanding tax bill
of two million dollars. He was sentenced to an additional nine month
jail term in March 2011 and was given 26 months of supervised release, which means he missed
out on watching the finale of Celebrity Apprentice in the comforts of his own home. “That’s just life.” Fans of Bravo’s Southern Charm were floored
when Thomas Ravenel’s September 2018 arrest for second degree assault and battery was
reported by People magazine. The alleged victim, known as Nanny Dawn, had
also been featured on the series. Police began investigating the charges in
May 2018, after Dawn claimed Ravenel “corralled” her into his bedroom, “dropped his pants,
blocked the door,” and allegedly “ripped [her] clothes off.” Following Ravenel’s arrest, Bravo confirmed
that he had been axed from the show. An insider added in a follow-up article by
People that his Southern Charm co-stars were, A second woman claimed in a blog post that
Ravenel also sexually assaulted her mother, Debbie Holloway Perkins, in 2015 after they
matched on Tinder. The former reality star denied both allegations
in a statement through his lawyer, though he allegedly paid Debbie a two hundred thousand
dollar settlement in June 2016, according to Us Weekly. Things only got worse from there. While entangled in a bitter custody battle
with his ex-girlfriend and fellow Southern Charm cast member, Kathryn Dennis,The Blast
reported that Ravenel sued Bravo and the show’s producers in November 2018 to prevent them
from “airing unaired footage,” leaving many fans to wonder what else the disgraced reality
star was trying to hide. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Nicki Swift videos about your
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